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Q: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English. ( No Answer,   9 Comments )
Subject: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
Category: Reference, Education and News
Asked by: fizgig-ga
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Posted: 09 Nov 2002 23:20 PST
Expires: 09 Dec 2002 23:20 PST
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I would like to have some Hieroglyphs Translated.  Where can i send a
.JPG of them and get results, quickly and affordably.

Request for Question Clarification by aceresearcher-ga on 09 Nov 2002 23:44 PST

Try registering for free, and uploading your images at:

Then come back here and post the URLs of your images, and Researchers
will be glad to try to help you out!



Clarification of Question by fizgig-ga on 10 Nov 2002 08:28 PST
The Picture can be located at It is about 600 kb.  It
will fit on a standard 8.5 - 11 piece of paper.  But it is easier
(larger) on the monitor to read.
Thank you,

Request for Question Clarification by aceresearcher-ga on 16 Nov 2002 07:30 PST

Can you tell us the title and author of the book where you got this page?
If not, can you at least tell us what kind of book it is? 


Clarification of Question by fizgig-ga on 18 Nov 2002 10:49 PST
I would rather not say.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: tehuti-ga on 11 Nov 2002 08:50 PST
I did once know of a mailing list for people who were interested in
learning hieroglyphics.  That would have been the ideal place. 
Unfortunately, the web site connected to this list does not seem to
exist any longer.

Where are these hieroglyphs from?  Some of them look a bit strange and
a lot of the usual ones you tend to see are missing.  Also, they do
not all point in the same direction, as would normally be the case.
Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: fizgig-ga on 11 Nov 2002 20:00 PST
THey were from a book I was just curious as to what they might say.  I
still would like to know if there is a person or place where I could
sent them to hae them looked at professionaly
Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: sublime1-ga on 11 Nov 2002 20:24 PST
Here's a site that allows you to translate English
letters into hieroglyphs. This table of letters
doesn't seem as though it will help you, however, 
since, the letters w o and u all have the same glyph.
Additionally, there are glyphs in your image which 
have no correlation in the table:
Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: tehuti-ga on 12 Nov 2002 01:03 PST
Sublime, the chart you reference is simply a gimmick which uses the
hieroglyphs which were equivalent to a single sound to represent the
same sounds in the Roman alphabet. So someone whose name is Pam would
get the open square, the vulture and the owl.  However, Egyptian had
thousands of hieroglyphs.  Some of them represented sounds of two or
three syllables, and many of them represented concepts or objects.
That is one of the reasons why the language is so difficult to learn.

Fizgig, I asked where the hieroglyphs were from, because if they come
from a genuine ancient Egyptian text, it might be possible to find a
translation of that text somewhere. However, I am puzzled by the fact
that the hieroglyphs in one block of text do not face the same way.

I have found the new site for the list I mentioned. This might be the
best place to start as participants range from enthusiastic amateurs
and students to professional Egyptologists: "a dedicated forum for the
discussion of the ancient Egyptian language(s) and texts. Topics that
have already come up include: learning/teaching egyptian, useful text
books, hieratic, coptic, grammar, phonology, meanings of words."
Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: fizgig-ga on 12 Nov 2002 07:49 PST
Thank you Tehuti. I will see what they can do for me on this site.  I
have a feeling that they may be nothing important.
Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: fizgig-ga on 16 Nov 2002 07:21 PST
I'm Still looking for someone who can translate these.  If you can
help or know someone who can help I would be very greatful.
Thank you,
Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: tehuti-ga on 18 Nov 2002 19:38 PST
fizgig, quite honestly, I don't think these hieroglyphs say anything
in particular.  Now, I am not a professional or an expert, but I am an
enthusiastic amateur.  As I have already mentioned, the convention
used by the ancient Egyptians was that all hieroglyphs depicting
living beings would face the start of the text.  This was a practical
measure to tell people where to start, since hieroglyphs could be
written from left to right, or from right to left (as well as up to
down, but not down to up).  So, for example, the top of column 189
already makes me suspicious because the two figures with papyrus
blossoms over their heads are placed back to back. The figures
themselves confuse, because one is holding an ankh, the other not. 
The figure with an ankh would be a ntr, ie an Egyptian god form.  As
to which god, well Hapi, when represented as the god of the Nile of
Lower Egypt was shown with papyrus flowers on his head.  Hapi was a
hermaphrodite god and had fertility connections as well, which linked
with the Inundation fertilising the land. But... the smaller figure
without an ankh, and seated with his back to the "Hapi" figure does
not ring true.  The next thing that makes me wary is the lack of
certain set expressions.  Hieroglyphs were used for lasting writing,
ie they were carved on stelae and, even more frequently on the walls
of temples and tombs.  In such situations, you nearly always see names
in cartouches, which is not the case here.  You also see titles of
Pharaoh, such as "Son of Ra" which is shown as a goose and a sun disk,
and "Nswt Bit" (Lord of the two lands) in which you see a picture of a
reed and a bee.  These do not feature at all, which again implies to
me that this is possibly not an authentic text.  However, some of the
hieroglyphs are recognisable.  The pot on legs stands for wab = clean,
pure.  One of the ranks of the Egyptian priesthood was a wab priest,
who ensured everything was clean and pure before a ritual started. 
The first sign in column 71 represents the god Re or Ra (the sun god).
 Next to it is jr, either meaning the letter R or representing an eye.
 Let's say it is an eye.  We could translate this as the "Eye of Ra"
(possibly, although a real expert might shoot me down!).  On the next
line down, there is a cat, although it's not next in line to be read,
because the two "Hapi" figures get in the way. However, if we do take
the cat next, she could be the goddess Bast (except you would expect
to find the hieroglyph ntrt (goddess) next to this sign).  Well, Bast,
together with Sekhmet and Hathor, bore the title "Eye of Ra", so that
sort of figures.  But since it doesn't have the ntrt (goddess)
determinative, maybe it just means mjw, ie cat. Staying with column
71, I run into problems with the figure next to the pot on legs.  This
looks like Set, god of destruction, but he is holding a crook, which
is normally associated with Osiris, god of resurrection and rebirth. 
Under that, come 3 vertical snakes, which do not feature at all in my
textbook of Middle Egyptian.  The upside down ankh next to the snakes
is also a mystery. The symbol next to that is udjb, which means
wealth.  The chap kneeling with his hands up, and a feather on his
head is the god Heh who supports the sky, or alternatively was used to
symbolise "one million".

I guess what I'm trying to say is that some of these hieroglyphs are
genuine, others puzzle me (like the one that looks like a towel being
wrung out into a bucket).  The layout of the hieroglyphs puzzles me
too.  I think this could be something written by a modern student of
Egyptian, in which case you need to be aware that it might contain
errors, as so treat it accordingly, and take care if you think to use
it with any particular intent in mind.  Remember how Maspero
emphasized the importance of being "true of voice".  I'm afraid I do
not have either the time or the knowledge to attempt to give you a
full translation, even if it were truly possible to do so.
Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: sublime1-ga on 18 Nov 2002 20:07 PST
Thanks for your informative response to my comment.
Pardon my naivete...
Subject: Re: Hieroglyphs - Translated to English.
From: fizgig-ga on 20 Nov 2002 14:18 PST
Tehuti, WOW. Thank you for the information. I to was leaning towrds
them being false, and or something "IN CODE".  It just doesn't seem
possible for them to be any sort of "code" though.  Thank you again.

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