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Q: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?) ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   12 Comments )
Subject: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
Category: Business and Money > Advertising and Marketing
Asked by: bnc_user-ga
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Posted: 12 Dec 2002 12:29 PST
Expires: 11 Jan 2003 12:29 PST
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I am looking for a name for my future company. The company will be
offering branch-network consulting services. This means for example if
a company decides to open up new branches,locations,point of sales
then we will tell them where to do so.

The same applies for branch or location reduction or merger
strategies. We are able to tell companies which branches to close,
which ones to keep based on client base and potential in the local
markets. We are achieving all this through a very analytical / data
based approach which is cutom tailored to a company's needs.

The product itself is either consulting which can be a board
presentations, reports, or it can be a software package enabling our
customers to do the analysis themselves.

Potential customers include financial services (retail banks,
insurances), gas stations, malls/retailers, rental cars and other
national companies. Our customers within the companies are high level
executives, like head of sales, head of marketing.

Competitors are as it seems the large consulting companies and some
software companies (which on the other hand only sell instruments but
no solutions)

I would like as many propositions as possible on how to name my
company. The names can....
1) ...emphasize the consulting part of our business
2) ...emphasize the general IT part of our business (more modern).
3) ...focus on the analytical part of our business.
4) ...explain the benefit for our customers (f.e. "check free" for a
company whos products are replacing checks)
5) ...sound great and be positive and professional
or 6) that symbolizes what a customer would expect from us.
7) integrated into a nice looking logo...
8) ...have a free domain name (would be nice to have)
9) derived from or same style then a competitors names
9) be whatever you think would be appropriate.
(This some ideas/wishes what the names can be like)

Also please let me know which ones of your proposition are your
favorite names - and explain why.

In order to answer this question you should be creative and have some
experience with names or marketing and creativity etc... In the past I
have worked with professionals in this business. Most people think to
be creative... so did I, until I met a Pro. I know that I can not
expect a Pro in here, but you should be a lot better then average!!
What I have seen in here - some(not all) do an excellent job in here
with naming products or companies... thats why I give it a try..

If my name is going to be one out of your proposition then there is a
+25$ or more tip in for you.(I rather have you then google have the
money). Feel free to ask me questions if you need more information.
You can also give me an initial selection I tell you what I like so
you know what to look for.

/and please only answer this question if you think that you are the
right person/

Request for Question Clarification by omnivorous-ga on 12 Dec 2002 17:17 PST
Bnc --

Are you in the U.S. or another country?  Will your operation be
primarily in that country?

Best regards,

Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
Answered By: rippo-ga on 13 Dec 2002 18:40 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the opportunity to focus exclusively on this one. Let's use
the question clarification section to continue the dialogue from here.
Below are 26 new and unique names, as well as 6 recommendations from
those 26 based on your feedback.

As for "flock", unfortunately, it has a very different connotation in
English - a flock of sheep, or a herd, etc. This seriously strays from
the desired connotation of driving a stake into the ground.  While
there are opportunities to play with the "flock of sheep" connotation,
I sense you wouldn’t be willing to explore that side of the English
meaning, which, I assure you, is a natural association for most
English-speaking individuals.

Glad to hear "group" works for you though. I agree it lends a warmer
feeling to the traditional consultant nomenclature, and feels more
personal. "Partners" is a similar word that I've found works well.
Let’s work with both.

Below is my latest batch of suggestions:


Assertia Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Datavolve -- .com/.net/.org available
Datavolve Partners -- .com/.net/.org available
Datavolve Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Evolutia Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Evolutia Solutions -- .com/.net/.org available
Equilibria Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Foundground -- .com/.net/.org available
Growthcycle Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Newground Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Newground Partners -- .com/.net/.org available
Newpath Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Optima Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Advanceground -- .com/.net/.org available
Advanceground Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Forwardground Partners -- .com/.net/.org available
Foreground Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Foreground Partners -- .com/.net/.org available
Neuplan Group -- .com/.net/.org available
Soundground -- .com/.net/.org available
Thinkforward Solutions -- .com/.net/.org available
The Vollenden Group -- .com/.net/.org available


Conquest Group -- .net/.org available
Dimension Group -- .net available
Dimension Partners -- .net/.org available
Evolutionpartners -- .net/.org available
Equilibrium Group -- .net available
Forwardground -- .net/.org available
GrowthCycle Partners -- .org available
Intellifocus -- .net/.org available
Intellivolve -- .org available
Prospect Parnters -- .net/.org available
Prospect Group -- .org available 
Panorama Group -- .net/.org available

Of the above options, I have selected 6 that may be most appealing to
you/your company. For the record, while I am offering suggestions on
art work, my preferred logo is simple, elegant and professional text
in a font that embodies or shines those three qualities. (You will
have to speak to your graphic designer about achieving that aspect
though, as well as any design potential for any given name.)


1) Optima Group
Sound: clean, bright, innovative, precision context, refreshing
Meaning: Optimal, desired, efficient
Logo Potential: An O is a wonderful letter to have as the first letter
of a name, because it is circular, which implies a cycle or
completeness. There are many variations on this that a graphic
designer can work with.

2) Equilibria Group
Sound: scientific, exact, balance
Meaning: equilibrium, or striking an efficient balance
Logo Potential: Plenty of balancing metaphors, from a scale to
parallel axes. You can also have the first "i" and second "i" in the
word act as points of light with arrows pointing at them from opposite
ends of the word driving inward toward the center of the name.

3) Assertia Group
Sound: momentum, control, opportunity
Meaning: Modification of assert, with pleasant-sounding suffix
Logo Potential: "A" is the company's signature letter. The name is
bookended with two "A"s, which affords a nice symmetry to the word
that can manifest itself in numerous ways.

4) The Vollenden Group - 
Sound: Sounds official and distinctive. The "V" sound is unique and
the "ll" rolls well.
Meaning: Vollenden means "complete" in German
Logo Potential: "V" is the signature letter in this name. The double
"l"s offer opportunity for symmetrical logowork, perhaps the top and
bottom of each "l" expanding to the left and right of the rest of the
name along the top and bottom, creating a thin border along only the
top and bottom (sides are not enclosed.)  In this scenario, the V can
extend beyond the border for emphasis. (Or, no border and the "V" can
be two arrows or lines pointing down to a foundation.)

5) Neuplan Group
Sound: Friendly and familiar name. Pronunciation is "Nooplan",
emphasis on the first syllable, so it sounds more like "Nooplen",
which rhymes with the "oo" sound in "group".
Meaning: Neu is german for "new", so it literally means a new plan -
this seems to typically be a reason why companies would engage your
services, because they need a new plan to deal with revenue growth or
Logo Potential: The N is the signature letter, along with the G. NG
might have some logo potential - the round G with the hard lines of
the N.

6) Datavolve
Sound: Confident. Intelligent. The "D" is a strong first letter and
the signature letter.
Meaning: Hard core information (data) combined with the word "evolve",
which is innovative growth.
Logo Potential: D is an easy letter to emphasize. Again, you can work
with the "l" along the top or bottom of the word as a thin border. I
imagine a forward lean to this one, emphasizing progress or forward

Those are my preferred names from the top column (total domain
availability.) As for the names in the bottom column, there are some
compelling suggestions (e.g., Prospect Group; Conquest Group;
Intellivolve, etc), but I will not elaborate on them unless you state
that you are comfortable not having access to the .com domain for any
of these.

I look forward to your thoughts/concerns/clarifications so we can
narrow down this list and/or find a new set of names to focus on.


Request for Answer Clarification by bnc_user-ga on 14 Dec 2002 07:27 PST
Dear Rippo

Thank you for your new proposals. I liked Optima a lot.

I was thinking maybe

Optima - Branch Management Solutions    or
Optima - Branch Network Solutions
Optima - Geo Solutions
Optima - ....

Where Optima is the "Company Name" and then with a smaller font
underneath the Optima - the add-on "Branch Management Solutions or
something like this."

What I like about Optima is as you described that it sounds positive
and open, it goes well with the add-on, and it describes together with
the smaller addon what the company is doing. Besides of that Optima
works in a lot of other languages as well (f.e. French and German)

So great proposition, I think we should stick with that. Which add on
would you suggest? And what Ideas would you suggest for logos?

Clarification of Answer by rippo-ga on 14 Dec 2002 14:33 PST

Great to hear Optima is to your liking. It was my top choice in the
list as well (hence, it was #1), and I agree it works well with an
add-on. An add-on will also help ensure that we can find a unique and
available domain name, which is great.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that there are legal concerns
you need to be aware of before selecting a name. If a name is too
similar to a competitor in your desired field, you can run into a
legal situation. (For example, there aren't a lot of McDowell's fast
food chain restaurants because the name is too similar to McDonalds.)
I have taken some time to explore the major variations on the Optima
name: - Optima Fund Management (Investment Advisory
Firm) - Optima Infrastructure Management
(Pavement/Roadways) - German Optima company (Data Security) - Peripheral services (printers,
etc) - Optima Technologies (Customer
Relationship Management systems) - Partitioning company (cubicles, etc) - Nothing there (domain is actually for

A Google search on "Optima" should allow you to further explore
competing nomenclature, but the most logical competitive names above
indicate that there is little associative overlap in your field of
branch expansion services (which is good news!) However, you should
consult a lawyer before finalizing your decision. On to the add-on

The word "branch" seems important to you to have in the first word of
the add-on. I agree it is compelling because it gets to the point of
your business today. However as I mentioned, if you expand your
business focus in the future, you may find such an add-on limiting,
and it will be annoying and expensive to fix. I'll let you decide if
you wish to take that risk by selecting from the names below.

So we'll have a first word that describes your company's focus (e.g.,
branch, etc) then a word to describe how your company deals with that
focus (e.g., network, management, etc) and finally a word to describe
your value in dealing with that focus (solutions, partners,
associates, etc). Let's look at some suggestions after some feedback
on your three previous suggestions...

Your Suggestion #1: Optima - Branch Management Solutions

Initially, I liked this one. It's very clear as to the company's focus
and the word "solutions" can work nicely. The word "management"
initially seemed passive, with connotations of managing people, which
lent it a somewhat beige feeling, but I think couched between the
right words it's a solid suggestion you should consider. Great
suggestion, but it has the word branch in it.

Your Suggestion #2: Optima - Branch Network Solutions

Again, very clear but the "network solutions" piece of it may cause
problems. It sounds too much like you would be focused on
technological networking solutions. In addition, there is a company
called Network Solutions that hands out domain names.

Your Suggestion #3: Optima - Geo Solutions

Geo does not sit well. I believe the word "geo" strives to achieve a
connotation, but instead feels more earthy. If you feel strongly about
this worldly connotation, we can lean more towards "global".

In order to arrive at the most suitable add-on, let's walk through our
options for a first, second and third word in an add-on:

First word options - Branch, Global, Growth

"Global" or "Growth" seem to be the best options ("Branch" seems to
limit the company's to today's focus.) "Global" gives the name a broad
reach connotation, and "Growth" is the heart of what your company
manages for it's clients - expanding or shrinking growth. My top
choice: "Growth".

Second word options - Strategy, Solutions, Branch, Management

We're looking for a word that works after "Growth". Out of these, I
think "Strategy" is too high level - you are offering your clients
data-driven decisions with an algorithm, not just high level
conference room time, so "Strategy" might not work (please let me know
if you disagree.) "Growth Branch" doesn't work, so try "Growth
Management" or "Growth Solutions"

Third word options - Management, Solutions, Partners, Group, Systems

Let's try a word that works well after "Growth Management".
("Management" was a third word option in case you decided to go with
"Global Branch XXXXX") But we are not on that path. I honestly feel
that any of the remaining four options there...

Growth Management Solutions
Growth Management Partners
Growth Management Group
Growth Management Systems

... sound great. It is a matter of personal preference on your part.
I'll offer some insight into what each of the last words mean, and you
can tell me which you like best:

Growth Management Solutions - Implies a definitive answer for your
clients. It connotes a sense that you will take care of your clients'
growth management needs.

Growth Management Partners - Implies you will be there by your clients
side to help them work through their growth management needs.

Growth Management Group - Implies you have a team of experts who are
focused on solving your clients' growth management needs.

Growth Management Systems - Implies you have a number of technical
solutions to address your clients' growth management needs.

Each of the above names works well. You can explore unique acronyms
and domain names for any of them. For example:

Optima GMS
Optima GMP
Optima GMG
Optima GMS

Needless to say, the symmetry of the third option (Optima - Growth
Management Group) is most appealing to the ear and it may be more
memorable because of the symmetry of the G's. We said we liked the
"group" nomenclature and luckily the word "group" provides a good
final letter in an acronym for your company, so this is my top choice.

As far as logo suggestions, I like the word "Optima" with the add-on
phrase beneath it. It's simple, clear and professional. You could play
with the "O" in Optima if really desired but in my experience the
right font and placement of the words can send the perfect message.

			Growth Management Group
Obviously, the word Optima would be larger in a different font, and
the add-on words more condensed to offset them from the main company
name, but you get the idea.

I've walked you through my thought process on how I arrived at my
suggestion. In case you were curious about other combinations of the
words above I played with, I've listed them below for your viewing

Optima - Global Branch Management
Optima - Branch Strategy Solutions
Optima - Branch Strategy Partners
Optima - Branch Management Systems
Optima - Global Branch Management
Optima - Global Strategy Systems
Optima - Global Solutions
Optima - Growth Management Solutions
Optima - Growth Management Group
Optima - Growth Management Partners
Optima - Growth Management Systems
Optima - Growth Management Solutions

Any of the above may catch your eye, so please - feel free to disagree
with my suggestion of Optima GMG. (Also don't limit yourself to a
three-word add-on... you may consider a two-word add-on such as Optima
Growth Solutions or a one-word add-on.) In the end, this needs to be
your decision. I'm here to help, guide, comment and provide any
desired perspective.

I look forward to your feedback.


Request for Answer Clarification by bnc_user-ga on 15 Dec 2002 07:39 PST
Dear Rippo

Thank you for your propositions of an Add-on. And thank you for your
comments on my propositions. I appreciate your insights about what
certain words can be associated with. As I am not a native English
speaker this helps a lot.

So here are my thoughts about your propositions.

Your Prefference Growth / would be nice as the word is positive and
sounds great. Unfortunately the company does not only do expansion but
also reduction strategies. So if a company wants to close branches we
are able to help them too. So Growth is not possible. Besides of
Expansions, Reductions, we are also able to deal with Mergers. So the
Word Management is the only word I can think of right now that would
include the other things too.

Here a selection of Add-Ons I all like...

Optima - Strategic Management Solutions
(Strategic is kind of Meta-Level, though the Solutions kind of brings
it down) What I dont like here is the Optima SMS abbreviation. SMS is
a too popular abbreviation for Short Message Service (at least in
Europe and probably soon in the US too). Though here I would still
have the possibility to just work without an abbreviation.

Optima - Tactical  Management Solutions
Here I dont have the SMS Abbreviation, TMS sounds actually nice. Now I
dont know how common the word Tactical is used in Business. I would
think of it more as a word which is used in the Military and Warfare.
But I might be wrong here.

Optima - Branch Strategy Solutions
The Word Branch does not sound that nice.But other then Branch,
possible words could be POS or Locations - out of these Branch is
still the best. A huge plus is that this Add on exactly describes the
services of the company.. solutions to implement Branch Strategies! So
this is kind of my favorite.

Optima - Strategy Implementations
More open , has a nice open end for an abbreviation. Alternatively
Branch Strategy Implementation. Though Solutions sounds more positive.
But Strategy Implementations would be my number too after BSS.

Oh and Branch Management Solutions / is still a favorite too

Oh and your proposal

Growth Management Group

looks and sounds nice too... hmm I still like this Group at the end
specially in combination with the Management - sounds nice...

Lots of possibilities...

Let me know your thoughts as well as your prefference... then I decide
which add on its gonna be.

Clarification of Answer by rippo-ga on 15 Dec 2002 10:07 PST

Happy to be of help here, and thank you for the clarifications. I
think we're close.

First, a quick response about the word Growth. I suggested this with
the idea that your company will be consulting about positive
expansion, negative expansion and mergers. While the word "Growth"
alone does connote only positive expansion, the phrase "Growth
Management" expands the meaning of "Growth". It implies the ability to
expand or contract growth in accordance with a company's needs (e.g.,
adding or reducing branches, etc.)  In the end, companies that are
reducing branches are doing so so that they can manage their future
growth better. I will let you make the final decision as to whether
you agree that a "Growth xxxxx" actually has this expanded meaning.

And a quick word about the add-ons: You will have to decide whether
your corporate identity will be "Optima - add-on" or "Optima - add-on
spelled out". It makes a huge difference in selecting a name/add-on.
Some add-ons spelled out below sound GREAT. Others don't sound as nice
in acronym form. (e.g., Optima - Branch Strategy Solutions sounds
GREAT, but Optima BSS does not work well at all.)  On this front, be
aware that you will likely have to get a domain name with the acronym
attachment, as is taken, but any acronym add-ons to it
(e.g., isn't.) Thus, you should consider names with
acronyms that are appealing.

Some feedback on all the suggestions on the table, both yours and

Optima - Strategic Management Solutions 
I agree that "Strategic" is a better word to use than "Strategy" -
nice improvisation. However, yes, SMS does conjure up Short Message
Service images. While this suggestion is an improvement on any
suggestions with the word "Strategy" in it, the add-on has a certain
vanilla sound to it that isn't catchy to the ear. Plus, we can find
one that doesn't constrain the add-on acronym potential (whether you
decide to use it or not, you should pick a name that affords you that

Optima - Tactical  Management Solutions 
Unfortunately, using the word Tactical implies that you do not deal
with strategic solutions. It's a "catch-22" as they say. If you say
"strategic", people don't think "tactical"; if you say "tactical",
people don't think "strategic". And again, the add-on name doesn't
appeal to the ear as well as it could.

Optima - Branch Strategy Solutions 
(I'll avoid further warnings about using the word Branch because you
clearly like it!) And I agree, this add-on is the clearest and sounds
great when you spell out the add-on. However the acronym - BSS - has
the letters "BS" in it, which I strongly caution you against using,
due to its more colloquial connotation meaning crap. This is
unfortunately, but because this add-on sounds great when it is not an
acronym, you should consider the trade-off of not being able to use
the acronym "BSS" versus the clarity of the phrase "Branch Strategy
Solutions" - which sounds great.
Optima - Strategy Implementations 
This seems quite vague. Strategy Implementations doesn't describe your
business focus at all. What kind of strategies are you implementing?,
is the first question I would ask. Unfortunately, This one doesn't
seem as strong a candidate as Branch Strategy Solutions.

Optima - Branch Management Solutions
Again, this one rolls off the tongue nicely, however I have to say
that if you consider the words "Management" or "Strategy" as a second
word, "Strategy" is just more compelling. The trade-off here is that
Optima BMS sounds is the clear alternative to Optima BSS.

Optima - Growth Management Group
You must decide whether you agree with my assessment that "Growth
Management" better reflects your business focus than just the word
"Growth." The symmetry with the GMG works best, in my opinion, and
yes, the word "Group" is desired.

Let's put a few additional ideas on the table that are a variation on
the ones we like above that have some issues...

Optima - Growth Strategy Solutions
Again, following the word "Growth" with "Strategy" expands the meaning
of "Growth" to mean managing growth rather than just positive growth.
Optima GSS might work well too. On this front...

Optima - Growth Strategy Group
A clean add on, with great symmetry in Optima GSG. It's high level,
implies you are focused on helping clients work through their growth
challenges and opportunities. It also works in the word "Group" on the
end. A strong consideration.

Optima - Strategic Branch Solutions
This one has a clean add-on acronym in Optima SBS. It's very
straightforward and very clear as to what you are offering your
clients. Might want to think about this one as a strong candidate.

Optima - Strategic Branch Management
Unfortunately, this one just doesn't catch the ear, though it has many
of the right words. Also, the acronym Optima SBM doesn't sit well.

Optima - Branch Management Group
More clarity, because of the word Branch in there (which I believe you
prefer.) Optima BMG sounds good, but I believe BMG is one of
Bertelsmann's music companies, so there might be some unintended
connotations with this one. I'd advise against this one for that
reason, but you may feel differently.

Optima - Branch Strategy Group
The only reason I don't like this one is because it limits you to
solely Branch strategy. But I'm hearing you are willing to sacrifice
this potential limitation. Optima BSG is a clean add-on as well, and I
think this is a strong candidate.

All in all, I must admit, I like the word "Solutions" almost as much
as I do the word "Group." If I had to pick my final candidates from
the names above, based on:

+ clarity of business focus
+ appeal when spelled out 
+ appeal as an acronym/domain name

In order of preference, I would consider:

Optima - Growth Management Group     / Optima GMG
Optima - Branch Management Solutions / Optima BMS
Optima - Growth Strategy Group       / Optima GSG
Optima - Branch Strategy Group       / Optima BSG

Any of these candidates are strong, however I am still open to
considering any additional feedback/suggestions on your part. I am
exicted for you as a name appears to be just on the horizon, and I am
here to help you narrow down the final choices as needed!

bnc_user-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $50.00
Thanks for the great work. I am very satisfied with the result. From
here I can continue myself. I will choose between GMG, BMS and Branch
Strategy Solutions.Which one I decide after sleeping about it  a
couple of times. I like the way you are working, was a very nice
experience, very efficient and focused. The tip reflects my

Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: ericynot-ga on 12 Dec 2002 17:05 PST
Some ideas:

Hide 'N' Seek
CoverAge Strategic Services
Expand Consulting Services
Open and Closed Strategies
Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: starrebekah-ga on 12 Dec 2002 17:23 PST
How about Tactical Tech (you can tack on Services, etc, at the end)  I
especially like this because tactical means to strategize/plan where
to put your men (like you are deciding where to expand or remove
branches)  and Tech brings in your newness, and IT.  Services would
make it sound more professional.

I'll keep more ideas coming - let me know if this is the type of thing
you're looking for!

Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: sublime1-ga on 12 Dec 2002 17:31 PST
Bonsai for short (great logo & slogan possibilities),
or Bonsai Branch Management for long.

Google Answers Researcher
Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: sublime1-ga on 12 Dec 2002 17:40 PST
Bonsai Branch Management Services
"We trim and structure the branches of your organization
for optimum elegance of form and function".
Kinda like that.
Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: hailstorm-ga on 12 Dec 2002 21:14 PST
Unfortunately, is already reserved:
Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: denco-ga on 12 Dec 2002 22:56 PST
Branch Locater

To the point, not necessarily "modern" but
pretty self descriptive.

And is available; if you
went this route, I would suggest getting (also available) as well.

Branch Adviser (.com is available...)
Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: rippo-ga on 12 Dec 2002 23:49 PST
Hi bnc_user,

If you are unhappy with the mentor suggestion posted in the "answer"
above, you can ask for a full refund and post the question again. I
held off on posting my suggestions in the answer section, and was
working on a "question clarification" when the answer above was given,
canceling my ability to post a question clarification. Hence this
comment. Here is the clarification I would have posted:

I was a corporate analyst/consultant for a few years and have a
background in marketing. I was responsible for branding/naming new
products at my previous companies. Yours seems to be a worthy
challenge as the name of a company becomes more than a brand, it
becomes your corporate identity. I'm familiar with all of the
requirements you mention for a name, from artwork/logo to domain

As for the names below, I first identified the value of your company's
offering, which I believe to be making corporate structures more
efficient, or optimizing a company's size according to it's present
and future conditions. Your company's core value seems to be allowing
your clients to adapt their corporate structure to changing market
conditions. Most importantly, as you point out, your clients may not
only be growing larger, they may be shrinking so a name must account
for a flexible corporation. In short, your clients must learn to
evolve and reach their equilibrium.

Finally, I will warn you that you should NOT embrace a company name
that is too tied to your CURRENT product focus - ultimately, you WILL
EXPAND and your name should not limit you. I have been at a company
that has experienced this brand limitation and it is both annoying and
expensive to fix later.

With all of the above in mind, here are some names I offer for your

Adaptex Group
- Implies adaptation through intelligence and technology
- domain name available (.com)
- "group" is a personable way to say consultants

Evoluate Inc.
- mixes evolution with evaluation
- domain name available
- perhaps too clever

New Equilibriums Inc.
- domain name available
- forward thinking
- softer, somewhat scientific

Optimal Efficiency Inc. 
- focused on achieving precision and balance
- domain name available
- perhaps a bit scientific

Forward Balance Inc.
- progressive
- allows product expansion

Chameleon Solutions Inc.
- Implies adaptation to new environments
- colorful
- does not limit your product focus

Intelligent Adaptive Solutions (IAC)
- acronym domain not available
- very straightforward
- a little vanilla

Taglines for your consideration:

Flexible Solutions for Tomorrow's Companies

Intelligent / Adaptive / Solutions

Of all the names/taglines above, my favorite is: 

Adaptex Group
Intelligent / Adaptive / Solutions

The name implies adaptation, which is your core value, and intelligent
services. Plus, the domain is available.

If you feel any of the above are of interest, feel free to repost the
question and I will repost the answer above there.

Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: rippo-ga on 13 Dec 2002 08:53 PST

Happy to hear you are interested in working with me on this one. Echo
the sentiments. I am more than happy to continue to brainstorm without
posting an answer yet. Just repost a comment/clarification on this
question's page with the new link to your question and in that
question, please let me know which aspects of my assessment of your
company you agree with and which you don't. If you can also let me
know which words you feel embody your company's core value (e.g.,
adaptation, equilibrium, balance, flexibility, efficiency,
optimization, others?) so I'm not assuming on this end, I can narrow
down the options and come up with some more suggestions/explanations
that are more focused on what YOU identify to be your company's core
value to your clients.

These final suggestions will have more than three dashes a piece and
will include art work/logo incorporation suggestions as well.

Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: rippo-ga on 13 Dec 2002 08:59 PST

Apologies, I meant to address my previous comment to "bnc_user", not "tutuzdad." 

- Rippo
Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: rippo-ga on 13 Dec 2002 11:33 PST

Thank you for the clarifications. I am refreshing the main page of
answers waiting for the question to be reposted. When it is, I will
lock the answer and offer new suggestions, with your notes regarding
flock as well as driving a stake into the ground there. We can have a
dialogue in the question clarification section from that point

Talk to you soon,
Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: rippo-ga on 13 Dec 2002 18:32 PST

I have been searching Google Answers for your name in case a new
question has been posted, but have not found one. I have also been
refreshing this page, but have found no changes.

I have a thorough set of new recommendations available, but prefer not
to continue to post them here, as this thread has already become
unmanageable to track feedback. If you prefer, you can open up a new
question that we can work off of, and when your old question comes
back up, just cancel it immediately. This way we can keep moving

Subject: Re: Name my company (25$ or more $$ tip if I like it?)
From: rippo-ga on 15 Dec 2002 15:01 PST

Enjoyed working with you as well, and thank you so much for the very
generous tip. I will keep an ear open to hear about the success of
Optima in the future.

I look forward to working with you again, and best of luck with the
new company!

Happy holidays,

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