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Q: The Triad Commission: Truth or Fiction? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: The Triad Commission: Truth or Fiction?
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: josefus-ga
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Posted: 25 Dec 2002 18:31 PST
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Dear Answerer:

I recall reading and hearing stories about an organizatoin that was
referred to as the "Triad Commission". Mention of this group first
appeared during the early-to-mid 1970s. This group was discribed as
being very powerful and influencial within the world monetary system.
I would like to know if, 1) Such a group actually existed, 2) What was
the extend of their influence, and 3) Does this "Commission" still
operate (in whatever configuration or by whatever title)?

Most Sincerley,
Joseph C. Dopson

Request for Question Clarification by voila-ga on 25 Dec 2002 19:00 PST
Are you requesting information on the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group?
Subject: Re: The Triad Commission: Truth or Fiction?
Answered By: sublime1-ga on 25 Dec 2002 23:55 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

This extremely powerful group is known as the 
Trilateral Commission.

1) Do they exist?
3) Does this "Commission" still operate (in whatever
configuration or by whatever title)?

Yes, and yes.

Here's their homepage:

Their self-description:
"The Trilateral Commission was formed in 1973
 by private citizens of Japan, Europe (European
 Union countries), and North America (United
 States and Canada) to foster closer cooperation
 among these core democratic industrialized
 areas of the world with shared leadership
 responsibilities in the wider international
 system. Originally established for three years,
 our work has been renewed for successive
 triennia (three-year periods), most recently
 for a triennium to be completed in 2003."

2) What was the extent of their influence?
As indicated by voila-ga, the Commission was
closely tied to the Bilderberg Group, as noted
on this page, titled "Trilateral Commission: 
World Shadow Government" which states:

"Rockefeller [David] first introduced the idea
 of the commission at an annual meeting of the
 Bilderberg group, this one held in Knokke,
 Belgium in the spring of 1972. (The Bilderberg
 group is similar to the Trilateral Commission
 in that it is funded and heavily influenced by
 the Rockefeller empire, and composed of
 international financiers, industrialists, media
 magnates, union bosses, academics and political
 figures. However, the much older Bilderberg
 group's membership is strictly limited to
 participants from the United States, Canada and
 Western Europe: i.e. the NATO alliance.)"

"A succinct summary of the commission's intent has
 been outlined by Holly Sklar who has conducted
 extensive research into the history and background
 of the Trilateral Commission in her book,
 'Trilateralism: the Trilateral Commission and
 Elite Planning for World Management'":

"The Commission's purpose is to engineer an enduring
 partnership among the ruling classes of North America,
 Western Europe and Japan -- hence the term 'Trilateral'
 -- in order to safeguard the interests of Western
 capitalism in an explosive world. The private
 commission is attempting to mold public policy and
 construct a framework for international stability in
 the coming decades."

"To put it simply, Trilateralists are saying: The people,
 governments and economies of all nations must serve the
 needs of multinational banks and corporations."

"In short, Trilateralism is the current attempt by ruling
 elites to manage both dependence and democracy -- at home
 and abroad."

"Another Trilateral critic, now-retired Sen. Barry
 Goldwater (R-Ariz.), views the commission as a
 Rockefeller family operation through and through.
 According to Goldwater:

"The Trilateral organization created by David
 Rockefeller was a surrogate -- the members selected
 by Rockefeller, its purposes defined by Rockefeiler,
 its funding supplied by Rockefeller. David Rockefeller
 screened and selected every individual who was invited
 to participate."


"The Trilateral Commission empirically exerted influence
 on the World Bank and the IMF in order to advance the
 Trilateralist ideology of capitalist managed
 interdependence and cooperation.  In fact, the first
 Triangle Paper (The reports of the Trilateral Commission),
 entitled 'Towards a Renovated World Monetary System' was
 dedicated to the revision of the IMF as it was chartered
 in the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement, after the post-war
 monetary system formally broke down in August 1971, when
 the United States declared that the U.S. dollar was no
 longer convertible into gold or indeed any other reserve
...from 'Abstracy on the Trilateral Commission' on the 
Freedom Doamain website:

No doubt you're familiar with the concept of 'multinational
corporations' whose global footprints fall outside the 
governmental control of any single nation. There are those
who fear, with good reason, that such corporations are
so influential (in that economies of entire countries are
dependent, to a great extent, upon accommodating the
individual and collective interests of these giants), that
these corporations may influence governmental policies
more easily than democratic processes or even the wishes
of autocratic government leaders.

An excellent example of this was the topic of one of
Bill Moyers' NOW series, on PBS, regarding the use of
NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, by 
multinational corporations, to paralyze the democratic
process. The corporations, and their lawyers, are using
some obscure content in the NAFTA agreement, known as
chapter 11, to sue governments, sometimes at the state
level, for the equivalent of 'breach of contract' should
they, for example, try to opt out of a contract to purchase
chemicals for water treatment which they have discovered,
upon use, to be carcinogenic, or cancer-producing. These
corporations have succeeded, under the law, in enforcing
that the states continue to buy the product or pay damages
to the company equivalent to what the company would lose
if the contract was cancelled. This kind of maneuvering
threatens to bankrupt state governments. The show was
called 'Trading Democracy':

The Trilateral Commission seems to be aligned with the 
interests of multinational corporations, and the expanding
influence of such wealth-oriented organizations, and the
individuals behind them. Hence the use of terms such as 
'World Shadow Government', as noted above, to describe

Please do not rate this answer until you are satisfied that
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the researcher through the "Request for Clarification" process.


Searches done, via Google:

"trilateral commision"

"trilateral commission" influence

"Bill moyers" now

Search for "trade agreement" on

Request for Answer Clarification by josefus-ga on 26 Dec 2002 13:13 PST
Dear Sublime1-ga

I woke up this morning at 1:58am with an epiphany: It’s “Trilateral”
not Triad! I appreciate your having the intelligence and intuition in
making this accurate determination.

I am very pleased with the content and extensiveness of the
information you provided.

Most Sincerely,
Joseph C. Dopson

Clarification of Answer by sublime1-ga on 26 Dec 2002 14:06 PST

Oddly enough, 1:58am is about when I was finishing
up with the answer. Thank you for the great rating
and the generous tip!


Clarification of Answer by sublime1-ga on 28 Dec 2002 23:18 PST

I'd like to correct an error in my information.

I said:

"The corporations, and their lawyers, are using 
some obscure content in the NAFTA agreement, known as 
chapter 11, to sue governments, sometimes at the state 
level, for the equivalent of 'breach of contract' should 
they, for example, try to opt out of a contract to purchase 
chemicals for water treatment which they have discovered, 
upon use, to be carcinogenic, or cancer-producing."

This was from my memory of having seen the NOW presentation
by Bill Moyers. The actual facts, while essentially the same,
are that:

"The California case in point began with a chemical — MTBE —
 that was added to gasoline to help the state clean up its
 air. But MTBE was found to cause cancer in laboratory
 animals. And in 1995, it began to show up in drinking water."

So, the chemicals being purchased were gasoline additives,
which later showed up in the water supply. My mistake.

And something else I should have emphasized:

"An important feature of the Chapter 11 arbitral provisions
 is the enforceability in domestic courts of final awards
 by arbitration tribunals."

Which translates to:
"...corporations have stretched NAFTA's Chapter 11 to
 undermine environmental decisions — the decisions of
 local communities — even the verdict of an American
 jury. The cases brought so far total almost four
 billion dollars."

In other words, the decisions of these small, secret 
tribunals cannot be overturned by the democratic process
or the normal recourse of appealing to a higher court
of law. Very scary, indeed.

josefus-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $15.00
I received a very prompt reply. I plan to use this service again.

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