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Q: Chatroom and Cellphone SMS Neologisms ( No Answer,   2 Comments )
Subject: Chatroom and Cellphone SMS Neologisms
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Asked by: mediopogi-ga
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Posted: 26 Feb 2003 22:50 PST
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of neologism (traditional),
modern-day neologism (neologism used in internet chatrooms and text

examples: neologism(traditional): fantastic + fabulous = fantabulous
          neologism(modern-day or infotech related): gtg = gotta go,
brb = be right back, u = you, are = r, wer hav u been? = where have
you been? and other example that involves omission of vowels to
shorten a word...can you cite more examples?
There is no answer at this time.

The following answer was rejected by the asker (they received a refund for the question).
Subject: Re: Chatroom and Cellphone SMS Neologisms
Answered By: jbf777-ga on 27 Feb 2003 09:41 PST
Hello -
This answer is not finished until you're satisfied with it.  If you
need additional information/clarification, please ask before rating
this answer.  Thank you for your understanding.
One advantage of neologism is most readily seen in one's ability to
quickly convey a short-hand version of what it is he's trying to say. 
Another one is the power of uniqueness.

"Using a neologism as a brand name offer several advantages. A
neologism helps to prevent against this congenital disease, the
anteriority. Sure enough, in creating a word made up out of the full
cloth, the probability to encounter a concurrent trademark in the same
class is reduced. In addition, when it's time to create a new product
or service, it is logical to associate a tailor-made word. Finally,
the number of possible combinations become tremendous if we switch
from mixing words or roots to free letter arrangements.

But beyond this prophylaxis, the neologism blazes the trail to an
unknown world. Must we then resort to magic, cabalistic formula,
cryptic naming, alchemy? Who will find the magic formula which will
open the cave of the Forty Thieves? Do the Tibetan monks will discover
the real name of god? Get out of the dictionaries and reach the power
of pure creation.

The word power is immense, a simple word and you reach a concept. A
simple neologism is enough to define an invention, a new service, a
new product, a new profession..."

Taken from:
Cyberwise Research

"A neologism, or new word, is a word that is created. Examples of
neologisms are Pepsi and Xerox. 

Advantages of Neologisms:  

a) The distinctive nature of new words would mean fewer trademark
difficulties. “Extremely inventive products and companies that
represent new ideas can make their names almost synonymous with the
industry itself.” (, 2001) Companies like Kleenex
and Xerox practically invented their own product class. 

b) Most neologisms can be understood and recognized in different
languages, thus neologisms are considered to be globally friendly. 


a) One problem with neologisms is that they have no meaning when they
were first introduced. This means that a company must invest more in 
the advertisement of its name.

b) Most of the time, neologism does not speak of the product’s key
benefit, thus missing the opportunity to position the product using
its name.

c) Neologisms might encounter difficulties in spelling and
pronunciation, when first introduced. Most of the now famous
neologisms were mispronounced when they were first introduced, a
typical problem when introducing new words. "

Taken from:
IPO Philippines - Tips on Choosing Your Brand

Comprehensive Listing of Neologisms here at Aether Lumina

Here is another list of examples:
Virtual Gardens

See more on neologisms here:
Volume VIII- Winter 1998

Search Strategy:
neologism advantages

Request for Answer Clarification by mediopogi-ga on 27 Feb 2003 10:47 PST
Need more info:
1. Neologism used in the internet-chatroom/sms messaging.
Advantages/disadvantages that might affect the use english language in
terms of GRAMMAR; does it promote the ignorance of spelling and
correct grammar usage of the English language?

2. Also need emphasis (advatages only) on the use of neologism
following the trend of technology. Example: the created words like -
LASER, INTERNET, cyberspace, compactdisk/cd, dvd, MRI, GPS....etc.

THNX, hv a gud day/nyt!!! I aprciate it. <-----neologism in sms/chat

Clarification of Answer by jbf777-ga on 27 Feb 2003 11:28 PST
>Need more info: 
>1. Neologism used in the internet-chatroom/sms messaging.
>Advantages/disadvantages that might affect the use english language
>terms of GRAMMAR; does it promote the ignorance of spelling and
>correct grammar usage of the English language?
Here are 2 links to chat room abbreviations:

Graduate student at Baskin School of Engineering
COPD International 
The use neologism in chat rooms is really user-dependent in terms of
its potential promotion of "ignorance."  There's really no way to
quantify that.  For example, a well-learned English student who
frequents chat rooms might use neologism all the time as a means of
short-hand.  Because this short-hand is written, it wouldn't affect
his oral diction.  Even in written circumstances, he needs to know
what the ORIGINAL spelling is in order to abbreviate it.  "Hv a gud
day/nyt" is an abbreviation of something he already knows how to
spell.  If, over a period of many, many years, he never used the
correct spelling, effectively relearning a new "language," this may
potentially have an effect on his grammar/spelling skills.  This would
be no different from writing in a second language at the expense of
one's mother tongue.  If one, as an English speaker, stopped writing
[and reading] English, and instead wrote in Spanish exclusively, then
over several [10-20?] years this could affect his English writing. 
He'd simply forget how to write correctly.

However, in a situation where one is a bad speller of common words on
the onset, he may be more influential to the incorrect use of
spelling, and should avoid deliberate misspellings of words wherever

Typical situations that require one to write in his native language
would reinforce proper grammar.  Reading also reinforces the proper
usage.  In general, chat room abbreviations are atypical usages that
are transient in comparison to the long term, more consistent use of,
and exposure to, correct grammar/spelling.

Neologism might also be annoying/aggravating to those unfamiliar with
it.  If a sentence is so highly abbreviated so as to not be
recognizable without some sort of supplemental dictionary, it may be
more detrimental to a chat room discussion than beneficial.  Also,
some might deem a person as too lazy to "type the real thing out,"
especially if the user is overusing it.

2. Also need emphasis (advatages only) on the use of neologism
following the trend of technology. Example: the created words like -
LASER, INTERNET, cyberspace, compactdisk/cd, dvd, MRI, GPS....etc.
THNX, hv a gud day/nyt!!! I aprciate it. <-----neologism in sms/chat

The links I gave you with regard to companies using neologism will
touch on this concept.  In general, it gives a company an
identifiable, possibly "musical/rhythmnic" association with their
brand or product, which will facilitate memorization and
commercialization.  If a word has a specific "sound" or "ring" to it,
it has a greater potential of being remembered.  This is true in
technology and in other industries.

In the technology sector, Neologism affords people an ability to coin
phrases for things as they develop.  Technology is ever evolving,
which presents needs, almost on a daily basis, for new, unique
nomenclature.  The more catchy and easier to pronounce, the quicker it
will catch on and be used.  It's also much easier to use the term
"LASER" than "Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of
Radiation."  Abbreviations are almost essential in this regard, lest
conversations become too cumbersome.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask...

GA Researcher
Reason this answer was rejected by mediopogi-ga:
I am not satisfied with the answer. I know the researcher did whatever
he can do and i appreciate his effort; however, he only provided 20%
of the answer i'm expecting. The research was focused only on one part
of the question and the rest are personal opinion.

Subject: Re: Chatroom and Cellphone SMS Neologisms
From: easterangel-ga on 26 Feb 2003 23:30 PST
Hi mediopogi-ga! Are you a Filipino? Just wanted to know.
Subject: Re: Chatroom and Cellphone SMS Neologisms
From: mediopogi-ga on 27 Feb 2003 09:06 PST
Of course! Can you share any idea about by topic?

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