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Q: I want the porn pop up pages to end! ( Answered,   15 Comments )
Subject: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
Category: Computers > Security
Asked by: surfboardal-ga
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Posted: 26 May 2002 15:01 PDT
Expires: 02 Jun 2002 15:01 PDT
Question ID: 18204
When I'm running Internet Explorer I keep getting unsolicited porn
that will open up in another window.  How can I make this stop?
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
Answered By: j_philipp-ga on 26 May 2002 15:39 PDT

Many pages use JavaScript to open up advertisement or poll windows.
In order to silence this unwanted phenomenon, you can download "Pop-Up
Stopper Companion 3.0" (30-day trial version):

I just downloaded the product. After installation, you need to open a
new Internet Explorer window, right-click the upper toolbar and
check-select "Pop-Up Stopper Companion" from the context-menu. I could
successfully test the result on the following page (which always uses
a pop up for quite some time now):

Here's a list of other products similar to the above (some also work
with other browsers than Internet Explorer, and provide additional

"PopUp Eliminator"

"AnalogX Pow",fid,15203,00.asp

"Pop-Up Killer",fid,15220,00.asp

"The Proxomitron vNaoko",fid,8187,00.asp


An alternative solution to get rid of pop-ups is turning off
JavaScript in your browser. However, this has a big side-effect: many
sites that use scripting for other reasons than pop-ups might not work
correctly anymore -- like some e-Commerce sites.
Still, if you want to give it a try you can do so by toggling the
Internet Explorer options:
- Tools (or "Extras") -> Options -> Security ->
    Internet -> Custom Level -> Active Scripting [Disable]

Please request a clarification if you need additional information.
Hope that solves the problem, and happy browsing!

Search terms used:
    pop up killer "internet explorer"
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: jeeagle-ga on 26 May 2002 15:50 PDT
The Mozilla browser, a free open-source program based on Netscape,
includes the option to prevent websites opening any unrequested
windows (including those opened by clicking on a link as well as popup
windows). It's also (as far as I can tell) faster and more stable than
IE. It's available from
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: xemion-ga on 26 May 2002 16:24 PDT
Just a couple notes...

Popups have some very useful purposes so I would be careful disabling
all of them.  That could very well hurt your web surfing.

In my experience, porn pops only popup when you are are looking at
porn websites or warez websites.  If you are not visiting those sites
when those porn popups popup, you probably have some software
installed on your computer that is popping them.

To check for programs running in the background of your computer, try
downloading and running this program:

I'm not entirely sure if this will remove popup software, but it's a
good place to start.  Maybe someone else knows more definitivly what
software removes a program launching popups in the background.
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: josh-ga on 26 May 2002 16:25 PDT
I strongly recommend downloading a program called AdAware.  Many file
sharing programs that are popular now generate revenue by bundling
'spyware' into their programs.  Run it and you’ll be shocked...I
guarantee it.  You can find it at
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: josh-ga on 26 May 2002 16:26 PDT
Heh...great minds think alike I suppose. Looks like I'm not the only
one who likes AdAware.
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: br-ga on 26 May 2002 19:15 PDT

A possible problem might be that some sort of software that advertises
pornograpic websites is installed on your computer (which could have
been installed if you have ever downloaded a "dialer".).

In any case, when this software is installed it loads itself into the
startup in your computers registry so you must remove it to prevent it
from starting up.

To do this, goto Start -> run -> msconfig
Once this is open, goto the Startup tab.  Scroll through the list and
locate any names that you think might be associated with the program
file, however you may want to consult someone who knows which
applications should or should not be in there.  Once you find the
file(s), uncheck them and hit apply.  It will ask you to reboot,
however this is not necessary.

I hope this helps,

Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: ezmathtrix-ga on 26 May 2002 21:32 PDT
We found an excellent free soft ware to download from and it will block the all pop ups and ads. We found
it is very useful. Check it out.
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: mvguy-ga on 26 May 2002 22:17 PDT
As someone has already mentioned, it's an easier matter using the
Mozilla browser to disable popups than it is in IE. It is also quite
easy using Opera, and it's a very quick matter to re-enable them for
when you need them.

Checking for spyware also is a good idea.  Generally, porn ads don't
pop up except on sexually oriented sites, so it's likely if you're
getting them when you're surfing non-porn sites that you have some
rogue program operating.
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: xemion-ga on 26 May 2002 23:44 PDT
Just out of curiousity, mvguy, do you work for opera? :-)  I think
this is the sixth comment you've posted recommending the browser :-) 
(well, maybe fourth)

Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: gjanakiramreddy-ga on 27 May 2002 02:17 PDT
Here are some best softwares which I found using for PopUp Killers.

All these are Freeware. 

Great program! I like the fact that AdsGone, unlike other software,
will allow popups (if needed) by simply pressing the Control key.
Oddly enough, sometimes you do need that occasional popup, and this
feature is easier than having to open other programs up from your
system tray, allow popups, close the program, then reload the page.
Lots of other nice features too. Heartily recommended!

EMS Free Surfer mk II is a small and well functioning popup stopper
with two surfing modes (natural, strict) that offer different levels
of pop-up protection. The natural mode will close most common popups
and not interfere with your browsing. The strict mode, as the name
indicates is rather strict and will close any type of new browser
window - it can only be bypassed by pressing a hotkey on the keyboard.
Free Surfer offers full IE Integration, allowed sites list with
customizable rules, a handy panic button (closes all browser windows
with one click) and more.

NoAds is a program that detects when Internet pop-up advertisements
appear, and quickly closes them. A popup ad is an ad that appears in a
new web browser window, and requires you to manually close that
window. NoAds is fully configurable, allowing you to specify which ads
you want to be destroyed automatically. It fully supports most popular
web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera
and America Online.

Pop-Up Stopper Stop Internet Explorer and Netscape pop-up windows
without adjusting proxy settings, or adding sites to a list. Surf in
style with this free tool, allowing pop-up windows only when you want
them! Unique control feature makes it simple to allow only the pop-ups
you want, such as opening hyperlinks or new browser windows.

Advertising Killer This program will scan all windows on your
computer, and kill all advertising popups. When a banner hasn't been
killed, you have to add it in the ban list, and it will disappear in a
few seconds ... This new version will also kill popups with special
title (ie : including the date).

All these are Shareware:

Super Popup Killer is a tool to eliminate browser pop-up windows in
Internet Explorer. It allows to keep a white list of acceptable sites
and can also be temporarily disabled with a hotkey of your choice. The
log function allows you to review closed popups and allows to add
selected items to the white list. Super Popup Killer runs in the
system tray and can optionally sound and alert each time a popup is

PopUp Dummy:


If this are not sufficient then go to google  and search it for  “free
best popup killer software download”

Thank u
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: browolf-ga on 28 May 2002 05:47 PDT
Just a quick tip regarding pop-ups, the trouble we all have with those
popups is that shutting them doesnt stop the tide. Another one pops up
in its place.
This is because there is code on the popup page to detect when the
popup is closed.
So with this in mind, the way to stop them would be to shut it before
it has properly opened, ie downloaded the full page. I realised a long
time ago that trying to do this with the mouse just not fast enough,
especially when they popup in different places on the screen. it's
like you're chasing them.
So the way to do it is to use ALT+F4 which a shortcut for closing
You can quickly do it for multiple windows and you can press the keys
a lot faster than it takes for a popup to load and even if it tries to
load another one you can "alt+f4 it" in less than a second :)

I tried a popup blocking program once but it was such a hassle i
eventually uninstalled it. There's no way a program can know about all
good or equally all bad popups. i had to keep disabling it for things
i wanted to see.


Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: noodle_03-ga on 18 Jun 2002 14:01 PDT
Isnt this the responsibility of the webmasters?
I for one avoid sites which advertise in this manner.
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: nraju-ga on 19 Jun 2002 13:29 PDT
There is also another product at, which
effectively blocks all pop-up ads. For home and non-commercial uses
it is free. You have to configure some settings on the Internet explorer
or netscape (like proxy) after downloading and installing the Webwasher software.
Hope it helps,
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: bcw-ga on 01 Aug 2002 14:01 PDT
I believe the best solution is to install the google toolbar 
( ).  This is the simplest solution. 
Once installed, find the "Toolbar Options..." section and then find
the experimental options.  Or you can go here . Check the box in Browser
Control next to "Suppress the onUnload JavaScript event".
The annoying sites that have popups that are difficult to stop are
caused when you close the window and then the JavaScript onUnload
event starts which opens another annoying site.
Note: the toolbar does not seen to stop the onUnload events for sites
that use Frames which is not very many.  Also, the toolbar does not
stop the normal popup windows that do not use the onUnload events.
This is not a big deal because these popup windows are usually easy to
close and you usually don't get repeating popups.  Also, you need to
have the google toolbar showing or else it is turned off.
Google: we need a google toolbar for IE for MacOS X please
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: steph1000-ga on 05 Dec 2002 10:35 PST
<i>Just out of curiousity, mvguy, do you work for opera? :-)  I think
this is the sixth comment you've posted recommending the browser :-) 
(well, maybe fourth)</i>

I am not mvguy, but I'll vouch for Opera and I am not surprised that
it has a fanatical following.

Opera is fast (I don't know why, but it's faster than ie/netscape). It
can easily zoom in and zoom out of pictures and text. And last but not
least, it has the easiest and the most well-thought out shortcut
system for browsing the web quickly.

The only drawback is the price you have to pay for it, or the extra
banner advertisement you have to view in case you didn't buy it.
Subject: Re: I want the porn pop up pages to end!
From: metasquares-ga on 22 Dec 2002 17:31 PST
If you don't want to download anything, but still want a way to block
most popups, there is one. It's not the most straightforward way, but
it works.

Go into notepad. Open the file
"c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts". You will see something that
looks like this:

# Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.
# For example:
#          # source server
#              # x client host       localhost

What that basically does is tells Windows to redirect the hostname
"localhost" to the IP, rather than doing a DNS lookup on it.
We can use this to our advantage...

Let's say I wanted to block doubleclick ads... I'd do so this way:

One for each server I've seen doubleclick's ads coming from. Add as
many lines as you'd like for as many servers as you'd like. Just make
sure that you don't put anything you might actually want to visit in
there, otherwise you'll have to remove it later on.

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