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Q: Mattress Enclosure For Person With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Mattress Enclosure For Person With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Category: Health > Alternative
Asked by: nerv-ga
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Posted: 01 May 2003 15:24 PDT
Expires: 31 May 2003 15:24 PDT
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I'm looking for a mattress enclosure (twin size) that is capable of
sealing out (or at least help to seal out) fumes and outgasssing from
materials used in mattresses, such as foam, rubber and plastic.  I
have only been able to find enclosures that seal out dust, etc., but
not fumes.  Using an organic mattress is not an option as I have
fibromyalgia, and the only mattress I can sleep comfortably on is an
air mattress, such as those made by Select Comfort.  I'd be grateful
if someone could help me find such an enclosure.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 01 May 2003 20:06 PDT

We have a ton of natural goods company catalogues lying around the
house (there's even one that ships organic sushi overnight
express!!!), but I don't see anything along the lines of what you

To tell the truth, I'm hard pressed to even imagine such a cover.  The
only material that I can think of that can form so complete a seal
would be plastic of some sort -- the very material you're trying to
get away from.

It seems likely that doubling up a plain old anti-dust cover (that is,
putting a cover within a cover) would be a fairly effective barrier
against off-gassing -- not 100% effective, but it should cut down
emissions quite a bit I would think.

I'll keep looking, and if anything comes up, I'll post more
information here.  If you're lucky, maybe another researcher can come
up with something that I've missed.

All the best...


Clarification of Question by nerv-ga on 01 May 2003 20:52 PDT
Hi pafalafa-ga,

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.  Doubling up on the enclosures
might be a good idea.....and do keep me posted if you think of
anything else!

Best regards,

Subject: Re: Mattress Enclosure For Person With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Answered By: umiat-ga on 02 May 2003 00:38 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello, nerv-ga!

 I believe I have found a suggestion that might work for you.  Mylar
space blankets! They are used in hospitals to cover the mattresses of
patients who are severely allergic to plastic emmissions.


From "Guide for Hospital Staff in Caring for Persons with
Canadian Society for Environmental Medicine. Discussion Draft.
(September, 1997)

Cotton mattress pad and/or double bottom sheets should serve to
protect from the plastic mattress cover for most sensitive patients,
but occasionally the patient may supply his/her own aluminum sheeting
(Mylar - Canadian Tire) to cover the mattress if plastic is


From "Tips for Anesthetics and Hospitalization for People with
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities," by by Susan Beck (June 6, 1999) 

"Anything you cannot remove may be covered with mylar (survival
blanket) to keep the odor contained. The mattress is a good example of
something that should be covered with mylar and I always do this by
taping the mylar sheets together and to the underside of the bed.
Hospital mattresses are usually plastic and tend to absorb cleaning
products and be moldy. Mylar will stain sheets black but this washes
out easily. I also bring my own bedding and pillow."


Mylar Space Blankets:
(You should be able to tape several of these together as suggested
above to completely cover you mattress, and then cover with a
hypoallergenic, zippered mattress cover)

Available from:

County Comm
"Opened Size: 84 inches by 52 inches" - $2.00 each 


Read about the hypoallergenic mattress covers at "Euphoria Organic."

Could this mattress topper possibly make an organic bed possible
despite your fibromyalgia? Just a thought!

"Euphoria organic wool & latex mattress toppers or pads are
hypoallergenic with natural latex foam surrounded by pure lambswool.
Mattress topper has elastic straps to fit and protect all mattress
sizes, including twin xl and full xl mattress topper. Non electric
mattress pads are available in all bed sizes. Good luxury mattress
toppers for allergy, MCS, multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers."

"Wants to add a soft, luxurious feel to a firm mattress thanks to
natural latex foam.
** Has general stiffness or an aching back, fibromyalgia, chronic
fatigue, arthritis, or work related injury and needs support for body
to help relieve pressure from joints.**

Prefers to make their firm mattress softer without the expense of
buying a new mattress.
Has chemical sensitivities, allergies, or MCS, and wants a completely
nontoxic, chemical-free, hypoallergenic mattress topper for a
comfortable and healthy nights sleep.
Wants a 100% organic and odorless surface to sleep on. 
Would like to extend the life of their mattress with a protective
mattress topper.
Wants to discourage growth of mold and mildew on their mattress - wool
lined mattress topper helps wick moisture away.
Wants a mattress topper that has a dust-mite repellent core - natural
latex contains an antibacterial substance that is a natural dust-mite


You could also use hypoallergenic silk mattress covers over the mylar,
like the ones sold by "National Allergy Supply Incorporated."

Though the silk covers are for dust and mites, they seem as if they
would be extremely non-irritating and comfortable for you

"This barrier fabric is woven from fibers so tiny that it takes seven
of them to equal the size of a human hair! Then a patented Milliken
process gently sands the fabric to make it luxuriously soft to touch."


From "How Safe is Your Bed? The Healthy Bed Quiz More Environ. Health
& Safety Solutions," by Annie Berthold-Bond, 

3. Do you put the bedding on the bed without a plastic encasing around
your mattress and pillow?
Encasing will help reduce exposure to mattress emissions and protect
against small allergen particles including dust mite and animal
allergens. * However, the plastic itself will outgass chemicals, and
natural cotton barrier cloth is much preferable. *

4. Do you have a plastic encasing around your mattress? 
* Note that the plastic itself will outgass chemicals, and natural
cotton barrier cloth encasing is much preferable.*



I am sure you have researched all the types of bedding to ease the
discomfort of fibromyalgia, but here are a few suggestions just in
case! It does seem, however, that an air mattress is a favorite for
many sufferers!

"Sleeping with Fibromyalgia."

The Powell Sleep Solutions Company

Discussion board about mattresses for Fibromyalgia



I hope the suggestion of mylar space blanket sheets taped around the
mattress, covered with a zippered cotton hypoallergenic mattress case,
will provide you the protection you are seeking. Mostly, I wish you a
comfortable night's sleep!

Best of luck, and good health!


Google Search Strategy
cover for plastic mattress +multiple allergies
cover for plastic mattress allergy protection
mylar space blankets
mattresses for fibromyalgia
nerv-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Thanks umiat-ga, for a well researched answer.  The space blanket is a
GREAT idea, and the various links you provided will be of much
help....and an extra thank you for the additional links.  :-)

Subject: Re: Mattress Enclosure For Person With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
From: pafalafa-ga on 03 May 2003 05:43 PDT

I'm glad to see this worked out for you (and I'm not surprised it did,
since your question was answered by one of GA's best researchers). 
Sleep well!

Subject: Re: Mattress Enclosure For Person With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
From: orbitald-ga on 09 Jul 2003 20:20 PDT

You might also try Mcroskey mattress company in San Francisco. They
make their own mattresses and don’t use foam. They might be able to
make a special mattress for you??

Best of luck,

Subject: Re: Mattress Enclosure For Person With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
From: nerv-ga on 09 Jul 2003 20:41 PDT
Thanks for the tip, orbitalD, I'll look into it!

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