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Q: Starting a New Rental Business ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Starting a New Rental Business
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: sailguy-ga
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Posted: 06 May 2003 06:07 PDT
Expires: 05 Jun 2003 06:07 PDT
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I'd like to start a car rental business in upstate New York near the
Finger Lakes region. I know nothing about the business or the
industry. I think I'd like to have a fleet with only small size
vehicles and compact pick-up trucks. Any suggestions on how to get
started plus any idea if there are consultants that can get me going.
Subject: Re: Starting a New Rental Business
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 06 May 2003 08:42 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

A bold idea, in a very beautiful part of New York.  I wish you tons of

Fortunately, in addition to Lady Luck, there are other sources of

The State of New York makes considerable information/consulting
resources to small business entrepeneurs.  You should definitely check
into the following:

At this site, is a "start up quiz" to help you assess your readiness
to launch a new small business:


Here, you can request a package of start-up information, that includes
both advice on how to get going, as well as some of the details you'll
need to know...things like how to register a company name:


Perhaps the most valuable service is this one -- the state (and the
federal government as well) operate several programs that will hook
you up directly with a knowledgable advisor who can help walk you
through the stages of starting and running a new business.  Although
there is no guarantee of this, the program go to great lengths to
match you with advisors from exactly the business background that you
are entering -- in your case, the rental car business:

You'll see here that there are four advisory programs listed -- I'd
suggest making use of all of them if you qualify:

New York State Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) are
administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide free
counseling assistance to current and prospective small business owners
through a network of offices conveniently located throughout New York
State. Services include assistance with business plan development,
loan resource identification, accounting, financial planning, export
information, cost analysis, and marketing as well as targeted business
training programs.

Entrepreneurial Assistance Centers (EAC) Empire State Development, New
York State's economic development agency, has established a network of
EACs that provide specialized help to women, minority group members
and persons with disabilities who are starting a business or who own a
firm in the early stages of business development. Contact: 1-800-STATE

US Small Business Administration (SBA) America's small business
resource has programs and services located throughout the United
States for small businesses. The SBA offers technical, financial and
management assistance.

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) is a resource partner with
the U.S. Small Business Administration. The program consists of
retired business executives who volunteer their services to small
businesses. SCORE is dedicated to aiding in the formation, growth and
success of small businesses.


The advisors will assist you in developing a formal business plan,
which is necessary not only to organize your activities, but to
convince potential sources of financing that you are serious in your
efforts.  There's some basic information, and sample business plans,
to be found here:


You may want to consider franchise opportunities through some of the
smaller rental car firms.  The chief advantage here is that they know
the business as well as it can be known, and can step you through all
the necessary details.  The main small players are:
Franchises are granted only after a prospective franchisee has been
given an opportunity to review our Uniform Franchise Offering
Circular. Franchises are offered by prospectus only. To learn more
about the opportunity to own a Rent-A-Wreck franchise please contact
the Director of Franchise Sales at (800) 421-7253 x 407.

A franchise is much more than the use of an established name. It
offers a business concept that has already been tested.

Starting a new business can be very risky. Most studies show that over
90% fail within three years. One of the primary reasons the failure
rate is so high is because the owners have to go through the learning
curve of running that particular type of business. The market place is
not very lenient with an inexperienced operator and you can quickly
find your competition taking over your business.

With business format franchising, the franchisor has already gone
through the series of trial and error and has passed the learning
curve. All of the knowledge that has been learned by the franchisor is
then passed on to the franchisee thus minimizing risk and enhancing
the chance of success.


We appreciate your interest in the fastest 
growing international car rental company. Considered the greatest
opportunity during the evolution of the Internet, the Payless brand
offers unprecedented income for the entrepreneur...


Of course, the larger firms like Budget, Avis, etc. also offer
opportunities, but if you're looking to start small, the firms listed
above are probably your best bet.

There's an article from Entrepeneur magazine about one businessman's
experience with a car rental franchise:,4453,277887----1-,00.html

(I looked for similar articles/information about setting up a
non-franchised small rent-a-car business, but there were none


I hope this provides you the information you need to get a jump-start
on your plans.  If anything requires additional information or
elaboration, just let me know through a Request for Clarification, and
I'll be happy to assist you further.

Request for Answer Clarification by sailguy-ga on 06 May 2003 12:46 PDT
Thanks so much for your time. Unfortunately,you may have misread my
question or made certain inaccurate assumption. Your answer misses the
mark entirely. I'm neither interested in how to start a small business
in general(I'm interested in starting a car rental business; I've been
in business for thirty years) nor I am interested in being led toward
a franchise (an all too obvious route that I nether mentioned nor am
interested in). Any thoughts?

Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 06 May 2003 12:53 PDT
Hello again sailguy,

Sorry about missing the mark on this one, but don't worry, I'll make
it right.  Give me some time to do some more research on your
question, and I'll get back to you (probably tomorrow) with a detailed

Mean time, though, I would still suggest you follow-up with the small
business advisor programs, even given your years of experience as a
businessperson yourself.  There is a chance that they can hook you up
with precisely the type of person you're looking for -- someone with
direct experience in the car rental business.

I'll give you a more detailed follow-up reply soon.  


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 06 May 2003 17:03 PDT

I hope you don't mind if we do this in stages.  I want to run two
leads by you so I can get some feedback as to whether they are on the
right track or not.  Look into them at your leisure, and let me know
what you think.  In the mean time, I'm still hunting for more
information, and will update you tomorrow.




The Duffy Group specializes in consulting services to car rental
companies.  Although they emphasize the importance of their services
to existing businesses, they clearly could play a role for a start up
operation as well:

Business Planning 

"We provide a full range of business planning services. Primarily we
focus upon identifying the strengths and weaknesses with the rental
operation. We outline the areas of opportunity and develop an overall
business plan that is used as a guide throughout the plan period.

The plans focus upon three primary areas:


These services are provided on either an hourly basis or a fixed fee
for larger projects and long term commitments.

For more information, please complete the request form below..."

Duffy is in Florida.  I don't know if that would be an obstacle for
you, or not, but that's one of the reasons I'm asking for some
preliminary feedback.


Holidaycar provides off-the-shelf reservations systems to independent
car rental firms, and also seems to have business development
capabilities, as indicated below:

"Holiday Rent-A-Car Reservation System offers an affiliate program for
independent car rental entrepreneurs. Partnership with Holiday
Rent-A-Car Reservation System allows independent auto rental operators
the resources they need to keep pace with the competitive car rental
marketplace while preserving their business' individuality. Holiday
members gain access to technology and reservations systems that will
generate maximum traffic to their location - all at an affordable

Clicking on "enrollment" takes you to: 

"Please complete the following form to obtain information on
participating in Holiday's Reservation System. This is not an
application. Should you qualify and wish to pursue representation, we
will provide you with an application form for consideration by our
Business Development department..."

When you see the form itself, it will be clear that they are reaching
out not only to those experienced in the auto-rental business, but to
newcomers as well.


Again, let me know how helpful (or not) either of these are.  Your
feedback will help me focus my search.

Request for Answer Clarification by sailguy-ga on 07 May 2003 08:24 PDT
It appears you're scratching away at this. What's your search
criteria? I realize there may be no real satsifactory answer but start
with the fantasy link to "how to get started in the car rental
busines: pitfalls and successes" and work down from there rather than
the other way around.

Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 07 May 2003 12:23 PDT
OK....I'm ready for another crack at this....

I spoke with a fellow named Peter at a place called the Auto Rental
Resource Center.  Peter confirmed what I was finding out the hard way
-- there really is not a "how to" manual in existence for starting up
an indpendent car rental business.

This is not to say there aren't resources available -- just that the
resources aren't neatly written down in a compact article, book, or
on-line document.

I will list here several of the resources I have discovered that
should help get you started:


First of all, there's ARRC itself:

"Auto Rental Resource Center, Inc. (ARRC) provides independent auto
rental operations with every service they need to operate. From
insurance to software, ARRC uses its volume buying power to offer
independent operations,quality service and affordable products."

"As an associate of the ARRC network of associates, you have access to
various services and products. You’ll find great savings on insurance,
software, vehicle rental supplies and office supplies. And, that’s not
all. You also receive our helpful newsletter, have access to personal
training, can attend our annual conferences and enjoy the excitement
of interacting with your fellow network members."

ARRC's phone number is 1-800-585-2772

When I called, I explained to the receptionist what I was after, and
she switched me into Peter, who was more than willing to assist.  I'd
suggest you give them a call to get started.


Peter was firmly of the opinion that the absolute best-in-the-business
for seeking advice is a fellow by the name of Jim Schalberg, who
consults to the auto rental business, and has a website at:

From his bio, you can see that this fellow-New Yorker
(well...ex-NY'er) looks to have just the background you need to tap

"...In December 1986, my wife and I opened our first rental car
operation in Fairport, New York with 5 cars. In two years time we
built the fleet up to 135 cars and opened 2 more offices, one in
Rochester, New York and one in Greece, New York. We were named
operator of the year in 1989 and appeared on the front page of the
business section in USA today for our accomplishments.

Since 1992 I have been speaking to and training auto rental operators
and their employees around the country. I have worked with medium to
small car rental companies, franchisees, franchisors, their owners and
employees. In addition to my consulting and training activities, I
managed a seven location rental car operation in Southern California
and maintained a 60 penetration of CDW in all but one location.

I am a former board member of the Association for Car and Truck Rental
Independents and Franchisees (ACTIF) and served as President in 2000
and 2001."


Schalberg holds various types of seminars around the country on a
regular basis -- most of them seem geared towards existing businesses,
but I am assured that there's a great deal of flexibility in how he
conducts his operations.  Contact him directly through the link on his
site, or by phone -- 603-781-7959 -- explain your needs, and see if he
can help out.


Schalberg's bio mentions ACTIF, another valuable resource:

"ACTIF is a professional support organization whose mission is to be
dedicated to the growth and development of independent and franchisee
vehicle rental business owners by providing an organization for these
businesses to pool their efforts and resources, to increase their
buying power, to promote and improve the industry through legislation
and to provide better products and services to their customers."

ACTIF offers a series of virtual seminars (also available on tape):

"ACTIF’s Virtual, or web-based, Seminars are designed to provide
members of the vehicle rental industry with educational and networking
opportunities. Attendees can view educational sessions and stay
up-to-date on industry trends from the comfort of their offices. Each
Virtual Seminar consists of three 30-minute, interactive seminar
sessions followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers."

If you join their organization, you also have access to the member

"Forum - A general discussion forum. Look here to find valuable
information, tips and get your questions answered by people working in
the car and truck rental industry."

Membership also gets you a free subscription to AutoRental News
magazine, a valuable resource in its own right:

On the left-hand side of their website (middle of the page), is a
button for something called "Auto Rental News University".  Peter
highly recommended this as a good educational tool.  It involves
registration, so I didn't pursue it myself, but you may want to have a
look at it.


Lastly, I will mention this link, even though it's quite different
from what you are currently exploring:

"Cloud 9 Specialty Car Rentals Inc. is currently looking to expand
it’s North American operations.  In business in Roselle, Illinois for
just over two years, we are currently searching for entrepreneurs who
are interested in the Exotic Car Rental industry and are  looking for
a turn-key type of operation."

This company is not a franchise, but rather, a detailed business model
that they turn over to anyone interested (for a fee) to help them
start up their own independent car rental business.


Sailguy, I ordinarily like to provide a complete answer for my
customers on the very first try, but on occassion, it takes a few
rounds before I can zero in on precisely what is needed.

I hope I've hit the nail on the head this time.  But if not...just let
me know, and I'll try to delve into it even more deeply.

Good luck with your new venture.

Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 17 Dec 2006 09:11 PST
I came across this list of the Top Franchise Businessess in the US and
much of the rest of the world.  I thought it would be of interest, so
I'm posting it here:

Top Franchise Business Opportunities:

$1.00 Store Services, Inc.
1st American Vending
360 Marketing
60 Minute Money
7-eleven Food Stores
Aamco Transmissions, Inc.
Ace America's Cash Express
Ace/security Laminates
Acme Vending
A Digital U
A Homewatch Caregivers
Aim Mail Centers
Ais Media
Alabanza Business
Allegra Print And Imaging
Allied Dollar Store
All Over Media
All Tune And Lube
Aloette Cosmetics
Alphagraphics, Inc.
American Entertainment Distributors
American Ink
Americare Alliance
Amerispec Home Inspection Service
Andy Oncall
A-pro Home Inspection Services
Atm Franchise
Atomic X
Auction Store
Baby, Usa
Back Yard Burgers, Inc.
Bad Ass Coffee
Badcock Home Furniture And More
Barnie's Coffee
Batteries Plus Americas Battery Stores
Bear Creek Coffee
Ben And Jerrys
Big Apple Bagels
Blimpie International Inc.
Blinds, Shades And Shutters
Border Magic
Brickkicker Home Inspection
Brooke Franchise Corporation
Brusters Ice Cream
Budget Blinds, Inc.
Buffalo Wild Wings
Business Alliance
Business Center Development
Business Connection
Caboodle Cartridge Company
Camp Bow Wow
Candy Bouquet
Candy King Of America
Capital Growth Advisors, Llc
Capital Review Group
Captain D's Seafood Restaurants
Caribou Coffee
Carpet Sculpture Gallery
Cartoon Cuts
Cartridge World
Carvel Ice Cream
Case Handyman Services
Cash Now Payday Loan
Certa Propainters
Charles Sharp Carpet
Chicken Shack
Child Care Choices
Chocolate Graphics
Cit Small Business Group
Classic Handyman
Clean First Time
Clean Force International
Closets By Design
Club Z! In-home Tutoring Services
Coffee Beanery
Coffee Grinder
Coffee Heaven
Colbert/ball Tax Service
Cold Coffee America
Cold Stone Creamery, Inc.
Coldwell Banker
College Assistance Plus
Color-glo Int'l
Color Me Mine
Comfort Keepers
Computer Renaissance
Cottman Transmission
Country Clutter
Coverall Cleaning Concepts
Creative Cakery
Creative Colors International, Inc.
Cruise Holidays International, Inc.
Cruiseone, Inc.
Cruise Planners
Cuts Fitness For Men
Dairy Queen
D'angelo Sandwich Shops
Decor And You
Dei Sales Training Systems
Dickey's Barbecue Pit Restaurants
Dippin' Dots
Discount Party Stores
Discovery Computers And Wireless
Dominos Pizza
Dr. Vinyl And Associates, Ltd.
Dunkin' Donuts, Inc.
Eagle's Nest Homes
Eccellente Coffee
Ecommercials Video
Ed And Joes Restaurant
Edible Arrangements
Edwardo's Natural Pizza
Eg Tax
Executive Tans
Expense Reduction Analysts
Express Oil Change
Express Personnel
Express Tax Service
Family Tree Video Digital
Fantastic Sam's
Fish Window
Fit After Fifty
Fitness Together
Floor Coverings International
Fourstar Pizza
Fun For Life Club
Geeks On Call Computer And Network Services
Glass Mechanix
Global Broker Systems ,inc
Global Internet Communications
Global Travel International
Global Ventures
Gloria Jean's Gourmet Coffees
Gnc, Franchising, Inc.
Gold`s Gym
Golf Etc
Golf U.s.a.
Good Feet Store
Great Clips, Inc.
Grout Medic, The
Guidant Financial Group
Gym Rompers
Hair Saloon For Men
H And R Block
Handyman Matters
Health Career Agents
Heavens Best
Hollywood Tanning Systems
Home Care Assistance
Home Instead Senior Care
Homes And Land Magazines
Home Team Inspection Service
Hometown Threads
Home Video Studio
Honey Baked Ham Co. And Cafă©
House Doctors Handyman Service
Huddle House, Inc.
Hungry Hobo
Huntington Learning Centers
Ifranchise Group, Inc.
Ii Forno N.y. Pizza
Image Sun Tanning
Ink 4 Less
Instant Imprints
Instant Tax Service
Intelligent Tanning Systems
Interior Door Replacement Company
International House Of Pancakes
Internet Recruiting
Isold It - Ebay Drop Off Stores
Its A Grind
I.v.c. Vending
Jack In The Box
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
Janitors World
Java Bucks
Java Grande
Java Jo'z Coffee And More
Jet Black
Jiffy Lube
Juice Stop
Kiddie Academy International, Inc.
Kids Juke Box
Kinderdance International Inc.
Krass Monroe, P.a.
Kumon Math And Reading Centers
Lapels Dry Cleaning
Lawn Doctor
Learning Experience
Lease One
Legal Express
Let's Make Wine
Liberty Tax Service
Lil' Angels Photography
Lincoln Logs International
Link Staffing Services
Little Caesar Pizza
Little Gym International, The
Little Jimmy Italian Ice
Living Art
Local Value Magazine
Maaco Auto Painting And Body Works
Maggie Moo's
Maids International, The
Maids, Meals And More
M And D Gourmet Coffee
Martinizing Dry Cleaning
Marys Pizza Shack
Mathnasium Learning Centers
Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees And Smoothies
Medical Staffing Consultants
Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc
Merle Norman Cosmetics
Merry Maids
Microtel Inns And Suites
Mind Lab
Minuteman Press International
Miracle Method Bath And Kitchen Refinishing
Mocha Delites
Money Mailer, Llc.
Money Movers
Mood Beverage Corporation
Moola Zoola, Inc.
Mountain Fresh Air
Mr. Handyman
Mr. Plant
Mrs. Fields Famous Brands
Music Blast
Musketeer Partners
Napa Auto Parts - Genuine Parts Company
National Imaging Distributors
National Vending Distributors
Navis Pack And Ship Centers
Nestle Toll House Cafe
Nitro Fitness
North American Vending
North Bear Business Cards
Norwalk - The Furniture Idea
Ocean Pacific Wood Products
Oil Can Henrys
Oil Express Fast Lube Systems
On-siteâ?˘ Drapery Cleaning And More
Orbit Drop
Original Owner Builder Network
Our Town America
Oxford Learning Centers
Oxygen Experience
Packaging And Shipping Specialists
Padgett Business Services
Pak Mail Centers Of America, Inc.
Palm Beach Speciality Coffee
Panera Bread Company
Parcel Plus
Party America
Party Land, Inc.
Pay Kiosks
Pay N Go
People's Income Tax
Perma Glaze
Pet Pantry
Philly Connection
Physicians Skin Institute
Pigtails And Crewcuts
Pillar To Post
Pirtek Usa
Pizza Hut
Planet Smoothie
Popeyes Chicken And Biscuits
Porta Stor Portable Storage
Port City Java
Postal Annex+
Postal Connections
Postnet Postal And Business Services
Power Internet Terminals
Precision Concrete Cutting
Precision Tune Auto Care
Primrose School
Princeton Review
Printwear Xpress
Pro-file Tax Centers
Proforma Printing, Promotions, And E Solutions
Pro Golf Of America
Pro Image, Inc.
Promotion Central
Protect Painters
Purified Water To Go
Quik Drop
Quik Internet
Radiance Med Spas
Rapid Refill Ink
Rascal House Pizza
Red Bull Vending
Reformed Products
Relax The Back
Remedy Intelligent Staffing
Right At Home
R.j. Gators
Roly Poly Rolled Sandwich Restaurants
Rotelli Pizza And Pasta
Rsvp Publications
Sandler Sales Institute
Sarah Adult Day Services
Screen Machine, The
Seamaster Cruises
Secure Vending
Senior's Choice
Shine Mark Systems
Signs Now Corporation
Skyshades Usa
Slender Lady
Snelling Personnel
Sona Medspa
Speedy Transmission Centers
Sport Clips
Spray Green
Straw Hat Pizza
Suburban Propane
Subway Sandwiches And Salads
Suddenly Slender, The Body Wrap
Sunshine Pack And Ship
Super Coups
Supercuts, Inc.
Super Pro Vending
Surface Doctor
Sylvan Learning Center
Taco Casa
Tan Company
Tax Centers Of America
Teamlogic It
The Blitz 20 Minute Total Fitness For Men
The Garage Butler
The Grape Wine Store And Bar
The Mail Box Stores
The Ups Store
Thrifty Car Rental
Tic Tac Vending
Time + Plus
Tim Hortons
Tire Flys
Tlc Stores
Topdawg Pet Supply
True Presence
Truly Nolen Pest Control
Tutoring Club
Uniglobe Travel
United Business Solutions
United Merchants Group
V2k Window Dă©cor And More
Vend Masters
Vend Pink
Vintner's Cellar
Vp Media Systems
Waffle House
Website Connection
Web Stop Terminals
We The People Forms And Service Center
Wheel Fun Rentals
Whisper Creek Log Homes
White Castle International
Wildwood Financial Group
Wine Not Custom Winery
Wine Styles
Wingstop Restaurants
World Imaging Products
World Inspection Network
*wsi Internet
Xynergy Energy Drink
123 Fit Services, LLC:
Ace Hardware Corporation:
Advance Look Building Inspections & Environmental Testing:
AdvantaClean Systems, Inc.:
AIS Media:
All Tune And Lube:
Anytime Fitness:
Auction it TODAY:
Automotive Franchises
Back in Time TV:
Bark Busters:
Big Apple Bagels:
Blind Shack:
Blue Sky Creamery INC:
Brazilian Springs Bottled Water:
BrightStar Healthcare:
Business Card Experts:
Business Services
Captain D's Seafood:
Carnett's Car Washes:
Cartridge Depot:
Cartridge World:
Carvel Ice Cream:
Children's Services
Cleaning & Maintenance
Closets By Design:
Club Z:
CM IT Solutions Inc.:
Coffee Heaven:
Comfort Keepers Franchising, Inc.:
Commercial Property Consultants:
Companion Connection Senior Care:
Computer & Internet
Concrete Coatings Incorporated:
Concrete Technology Inc:
Contours Express:
Coverall Cleaning Concepts:
Creative Colors International, Inc.:
Cruise Holidays:
Cuppy's Coffee & More:
Decor & You:
DEI - Sales Training Systems:
Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.:
Dinners Ready:
Discount Party Stores:
DNA Services of America:
Dollar Stores by Allied Systems:
DVD Now Kiosks Inc.:
Edible Arrangements International:
Educational Outfitters, LLC:
EmQuest Business Brokers:
Environmental Waste Solutions:
Expense Reduction Analysts:
Expense Reduction Consulting:
Expetec Technology Services:
Express Personnel Services:
Extra Innings:
Fantastic Sams:
Fidelity ATM:
Fidelity Bank Card:
Figaros Pizza:
Food Franchises
Franchise Finder
Furniture Medic:
Garlic Jim's:
Geeks On Call:
GNC Franchising, LLC:
Golf Etc. of America:
Great Clips, Inc.:
H2O Evolution Inc.:
Handyman Connection®:
Handyman Matters:
Handyman Network:
Health & Beauty
Health Career Agents:
Home Services
Homes & Land Affiliates, LLC.:
HomeVestors of America:
Hot Pursuit Limo's, Inc.:
Hottie Body Tan:
i9 Sports:
Image Sun Tanning:
Inspect-It 1st Franchising Corp.:
Instant Tax Service, LLC:
Intelligent Ethanol Systems, LLC:
INTERIORS by Decorating Den ®:
Jumpin' Juice & Java:
Kart Trax:
Kiddie Academy:
Kumon North America, Inc.:
LA BOXING Franchise Corporation:
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Lawn Doctor:
Liberty First Services Inc.:
Liberty Tax Service:
Lincoln Log Homes:
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Liquid Capital Corp.:
Mad Science:
Maintenance Made Simple:
Marble Slab Creamery:
Mathnasium Learning Centers:
Maui Wowi:
Max Muscle:
Merry Maids:
Microtel Inns & Suites:
Midas International Corporation:
Molly Maid:
Monart School of Arts:
Mr. Handyman:
Multivend LLC:
Nationwide Signing Service:
Nitro2Go / American Nutrition Centers:
NOVUS Auto Glass Repair & Replacement:
Onsite Franchises
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives:
Oxford Learning Centers:
Padgett Business Services:
Party America:
PI Worldwide:
Planet Beach:
Planet Popolicious:
Porta Stor Franchise:
PostNet Business Centers:
Print Wear X-press:
Pump It Up:
Racing Limos, Inc:
Real Estate Franchises
Remedy Intelligent Staffing:
Retail Franchises
Right At Home:
Robeks Fruit Smoothies & Healthy Eats:
Rotobrush International:
RSVP Publications:
Sandler Sales Institute:
Sanford Rose Associates:
Sarah Adult Day Services, Inc.:
Seamaster Cruises:
Sport Clips:
Sports Franchises
Strategic Research Network:
The Athletes Foot:
The Ding King:
The Drug Test Consultant:
The Glove Lady:
The Hat Club Franchise:
The Homesteader:
The Little Gym International:
The Mail Box Stores:
The Painting Pros:
The Sports Section:
Time+Plus Payroll Services:
Travel & Lodging
UBS Group:
Visiting Angels, Living Assistance Services:
WIN Home Inspection:
Worldwide Merchandise:
#1 WSI Internet
360 Solutions
AAMCO Transmissions, Inc.
Ace Hardware
ACE/Security Laminates
AIM Mail Centers
AIS Media
All About Honeymoons
All Over Media
All Tune and Lube
Allegra Print & Imaging
Allied Dollar Store
AlphaGraphics, Inc.
American Engine Installations
AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service
Bear Creek Coffee
Best Temps
Blue Island Seafood
Booster Juice
Brooks BA
Buffalo's Cafe
Business Card Experts
Business Center Development
Carpet Sculpture Gallery
Cash Plus
Closets by Design
CLUB Z! In-Home Tutoring Services
ColorChef International Inc.
ComForcare Senior Services
Commercial Property Consultants
Concrete Technology, Inc.
Cruise Planners Franchising LLC/American Express
CruiseOne, Inc.
D.E.I. Sales Training Systems
Diet Center Worldwide
Different Twist Pretzel Company
DVDNow Kiosks, Inc.
eBiz Marketing Systems, Inc.
Eccellente Coffee
Ed and Joes Restaurant
Edible Arrangements
Educational Outfitters
Eliza J
Emerald City Smoothie
Express Personnel
Family Tree Video Digital
Fantastic Sams
Filta Group
Flat Rate Realty
Focal Point
Franchise Authority
Franchise Authority Inc.
Franchise Officer
Game Cities
Global Broker Systems
Glove Guy, The
Golf Etc.
Hand and Stone Massage Spa
Handyman Matters
HLS Ecolo
Hollywood Tans
Homes & Land Magazine
Homes 4 Sale By Owner
House Doctors Handyman Service
Huddle House, Inc.
Hungry Heart LLC
Huntington Learning Centers
iFranchise Group, Inc.
Inches A Weigh
Innovative Franchise
INTERIORS By Decorating Den
Its a Grind
Joey's Seafood & Grill
Kleen Seal
L.A. Boxing
Labor Finders International, Inc.
Lawn Doctor
Learning Experience
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Liberty Tax Service
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sailguy-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Three cheers and five stars. I'm off to start a car rental business.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Subject: What is your competitifve advantadge?
From: drpauljbrewer-ga on 07 May 2003 05:23 PDT
e.g., why should you do this rather than just buying
stock in existing car rental companies?

Possibly, you should be reading the annual reports, etc... of the
rental outfits that are still publicly traded as it may yield some
insights.  I had bonds of Budget Group.  They went bankrupt!

Keep in mind that I'm in the peanut gallery, a fellow google
user like yourself.  I'm not the person working on your question.

Good luck!
Subject: Re: Starting a New Rental Business
From: pafalafa-ga on 07 May 2003 13:12 PDT
Thanks Sailguy.  With a name like yours, I suppose you're used to a
bit of rough sailing before you hit smooth seas!

Hope we'll see you back here again one of these days.

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