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Q: Finding published names in the companies and the internet ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Finding published names in the companies and the internet
Category: Business and Money > Advertising and Marketing
Asked by: mr459-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 25 May 2003 13:45 PDT
Expires: 24 Jun 2003 13:45 PDT
Question ID: 208571
I am looking for the most optimal way to search and find the published
names of different professionals, whose names are published on the
companies' websites, conference listings, speaking/public engagements
and generally on the internet.
For example, I am looking to identify the sales professionals that
work for various Tech Security companies in the United States. 
Previously, I used the following search queries, which yelded limited
1.  security sales + (John OR Michael OR Kevin OR Greg OR David OR
Robert OR Michael OR Trevor OR Scott OR Mark OR Craig OR Robert OR
Jennifer OR Steven OR Jason)
2.  security technology speaker speakers OR sales
3.  (company name) sales + 
4.  sales

Please advise if there is a better wa to google out these names from
the various resources on the internet.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 26 May 2003 12:52 PDT
Some databases will allow a search on email addresses, such as
addresses that begin with "Sales".  For instance, the system returns
the following:

Aburialeh, Ahmad  (AA622-ARIN) +1-305-474-8355
Aghjayan, Helen  (HA144-ARIN) +1-818-500-8291
ALEXANDER, LARRY  (LA83-ARIN) +1-606-286-5756
Alves, Jose  (JA564-ARIN) +1-305-468-8283
Amatore, Ed  (EA51-ARIN) +1-937-296-4096
Andrew, Andrew  (AA308-ARIN) +1-631-696-9300
Asaner, Chuck  (CA1556-ARIN) +1-610-239-7391
Atchinson, Susan  (SA409-ARIN)
Attia, George  (GA164-ARIN) +202-5783263

...and so on.  There are several hundred names all told.

Would the full list be of use to you?  If so, I could post it as an
answer to your question.

Clarification of Question by mr459-ga on 28 May 2003 09:51 PDT
Hi pafalafa,
Thanks for looking into my question.
The full list of names could definitely be of use to me.  However,
what I am interested to learn is how to perform this search by myself
at any given time.  The contents of my queries change from time to
time, depending on my requirements. Thus I am looking for a particular
way/algorithm/formula that would allow me to formulate my query to get
the needed results.
There are millions of names posted on the internet.  My aim at this
point is to find/isolate the names specifically related to the sales
in the IT Security sector.  Next week I might need to look up the
people that specialize in Wireless R&D field, etc, etc...
Please let me know if you need more qualifications.


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 28 May 2003 11:24 PDT
Here's the full list I mentioned earlier...if you'd like, I can post
instructions for how to access and search the database yourself, in
order to update the list, or generate different lists.  Let me know if
that would be a satisfactory answer.

As for scouring the internet itself, it is notoriously hard to do for
email addresses, esepcially if you want them to be topic-specific. 
Your best bet is to find someone who has compiled it already for your
topic of interest (conference organizers are a good starting place)
and buy their list from them.  There are also a number of commercial
mailing list services that include targeted email lists in their

Here's the "sales" list:

Aburialeh, Ahmad  (AA622-ARIN) +1-305-474-8355
Aghjayan, Helen  (HA144-ARIN) +1-818-500-8291
ALEXANDER, LARRY  (LA83-ARIN) +1-606-286-5756
Alves, Jose  (JA564-ARIN) +1-305-468-8283
Amatore, Ed  (EA51-ARIN) +1-937-296-4096
Andrew, Andrew  (AA308-ARIN) +1-631-696-9300
Asaner, Chuck  (CA1556-ARIN) +1-610-239-7391
Atchinson, Susan  (SA409-ARIN)
Attia, George  (GA164-ARIN) +202-5783263
Bahr, Michelle  (MB1396-ARIN)
Bailey, Clint  (CBA8-ARIN) +1-480-778-0277
Barberino, Stephen, Sr (SSB1-ARIN)
Barnett, Mike  (MB996-ARIN)
Benko, George  (GB400-ARIN) +1-718-707-0210
Berge, Brent  (BB1793-ARIN) +1-520-296-8535
Bible, Patrica  (PB982-ARIN) +1-423-586-5758
biehn, richard  (RBI1-ARIN) +1-714-423-1767
biehn, richard  (RBI-ARIN) +1-714-423-1767
Biesecker, Adrian  (AB458-ARIN) +1-800-635-4477
Bir, Flora  (FB115-ARIN) +1-877-346-6060
BLAIR, MATT  (MBL10-ARIN) +1-309-274-4112
BLAIR, MATT  (MBL11-ARIN) +1-309-274-4112
Bostwick, Johnathon  (JB1838-ARIN) +1-631-696-9300
Bostwick, Johnathon  (JB2563-ARIN) +1-516-696-9300
BREWER, LAMONT  (LB372-ARIN) +1-702-433-0862
Brody, Michelle  (MB995-ARIN) +1-631-696-9300
Brown, David  (DB1970-ARIN) +1-801-686-2468
Brown, Mike  (MB1064-ARIN) +1-323-931-1321
BUBASH, TIM  (TB461-ARIN) +1-636-343-8518
Burbak, Boyd  (BBU10-ARIN) +1-208-852-4075
Burbak, Boyd  (BBU11-ARIN) +1-208-852-4075
Burgess, Tony  (TB185-ARIN) +1-416-777-0007
Burmnett, Lynne  (LB138-ARIN) +1-423-927-6358
Button, Steve  (SB765-ARIN) +1-714-937-5500
Cabe, John  (JC2984-ARIN) +1-562-595-7411
Cain, Charles  (CC900-ARIN) +1-903-769-5401
Cain, Mitch  (MC4209-ARIN)
Campbell, John  (JC2243-ARIN)
Caouette, Brian  (BC184-ARIN) +1-207-786-3207
Cardullo, Joe  (JC303-ARIN) +1-603-726-2040
Chao, William  (WCH33-ARIN)
Choate, Brian  (BC715-ARIN) +1-703-591-4232
Chopick, Bob  (BC815-ARIN)
Chugh, Indra  (RC1394-ARIN) 91115682817
Clark, Marty  (MC1036-ARIN) +1-605-642-4705
Clarke, Christina  (CC1052-ARIN) +1-416-485-8173
Clasby, George  (GC687-ARIN)
Coleman, John  (JC791-ARIN) +1-650-261-9242
Collings, James  (JC2486-ARIN)
Colville, Cindy  (CC1116-ARIN)
Copaloff, Charles  (CC159-ARIN)
Cordero Moncayo, Miriam Andrea (MAC7-ARIN) 523-343-80-5
Cottrell, Jason  (JC1767-ARIN)
Cowling, Robert  (RC1316-ARIN)
Cox, Michael  (MC1104-ARIN) +1-408-286-0904
Cronin, Joseph  (JC206-ARIN) +1-508-477-6181
Davie, Matt  (MD1306-ARIN) +1-562-463-9200
Davis, Lynn  (LDA23-ARIN) +1-909-340-1299
Deam, Marv  (MD889-ARIN) +1-612-939-0510
Dinato, Charlie  (CD300-ARIN)
Dittbenner, Greg  (GD219-ARIN)
Ellsworth, Dean  (DEANE-ARIN)
Epstein, George  (GE144-ARIN) +1-603-447-5453
Erskine, Mark  (ME519-ARIN) +1-954-340-3537
Feiesman, Allan  (AF147-ARIN) +1-916-325-1690
Ferman, Steve  (SF485-ARIN) +1-973-743-3510
Gaffney, Thomas  (TG457-ARIN) +1-805-563-8501
GALANG, DONNA  (DG1102-ARIN) +1-213-627-7344
GARCON, SAIBEN  (SG950-ARIN) +1-305-371-7177
Gareau, Monique  (MG1210-ARIN)
Gault, John  (JG760-ARIN) +1-610-325-9631
George, Ray  (RG778-ARIN)
Ghadially, Nevil  (NG145-ARIN)
Gibbs, Geoffrey  (GG660-ARIN)
Glassman, Larry  (LG268-ARIN)
Gowing, Brandom  (BG390-ARIN) +1-213-749-2115
Graham, Bill  (BG819-ARIN) +1-847-345-6666
Gramley, Phil  (PG17-ARIN) +1-714-688-2540
Gray, Dave  (DG1215-ARIN) +1-408-734-5505
Grimaldo, Alma  (AG649-ARIN)
Grimes, Steve  (SG1090-ARIN)
Grow, Adam  (AG726-ARIN) +1-770-949-6600
Guess, Clair  (CGU3-ARIN)
Hachmeister, Oliver  (OH14-ARIN) +1-250-785-3590
HAIRSTON, CHARLOTTE  (CH1177-ARIN) +1-979-244-3201
Hall, Glen  (GH722-ARIN) +1-905-765-2882
Hamoen, Dirk  (DH712-ARIN) +1-905-689-5905
Hamrick, Molly  (MH1076-ARIN) +1-702-871-9500
Hansen, Franck  (FH212-ARIN)
Harrel, Heidi  (HH229-ARIN) +1-805-383-1683
harrison, freddie  (ZZ3701-ARIN)
Hart, Linda  (LH441-ARIN) +1-201-307-3856
Hilliker, Jodie  (JH525-ARIN)
Hirano, Cliff  (CH494-ARIN) +1-714-596-4488
Ho, Emily  (EH379-ARIN) +1-626-918-6767
Hogan, Roger  (RH1535-ARIN)
Homer, Rick  (RHO5-ARIN) +1-623-487-1777
Howard, Jennifer  (JH551-ARIN)
Inns, Scott  (SI112-ARIN) +1-416-255-5521
Intraspatial  (INTRA-ARIN) +1-973-815-2799
Jacobs, Barry  (BJ444-ARIN) +1-631-254-0200
Jankovics, Robert  (RJ309-ARIN)
Jantel, Linda  (LJ110-ARIN) +1-519-595-8331
Jeffers, David  (DJ188-ARIN) +1-512-335-6400
Jordan, Dave  (DJO12-ARIN)
Jordan, Dave  (DJO11-ARIN)
Kalman, Bernard  (BK348-ARIN)
Kantor, Mr Jeffrey (MJK3-ARIN)
Kappel, Joe  (JK1661-ARIN)
Kay, Kevin  (KK234-ARIN) +1-604-877-8558
Kehm, John  (JK1007-ARIN) +1-303-679-6142
KELLY, RICH  (RK781-ARIN) +1-630-852-1190
Kendall, Keith  (KK645-ARIN) +1-636-938-2000
Khassin, Alex  (AK479-ARIN) +1-707-579-2010
KIM, CHARLES  (CK569-ARIN) +1-847-970-7669
King, Dave  (KINGD-ARIN) +1-480-990-8700
Kinper, Gene  (GK244-ARIN) +1-908-952-1940
Klimas, Joseph  (JK1690-ARIN)
Koifman, Sharon  (SK934-ARIN) +1-514-816-4146
Kolbe, Rick  (RK4-ARIN) +1-515-733-5252
Krueger, Bill  (BK740-ARIN) +1-718-439-6300
Kumar Chugh, Rajiv  (RK760-ARIN)
Landgraf, Ray  (RL333-ARIN) +1-916-369-8692
Laney, Scott  (SLA9-ARIN) +1-360-567-0130
Laney, Scott  (SLA10-ARIN) +1-360-567-0130
LaVasseur, Dave  (LAVAS-ARIN) +1-605-886-7070
Laya, Steve  (SL353-ARIN) +1-630-495-9770
Leonard, Mike  (ML561-ARIN)
Lepler, Carolyn  (CL814-ARIN)
LeVasseur, Dave  (LEVAS-ARIN) +1-605-886-7070
Liebler, Rich  (RL1096-ARIN)
Lima, Vinnie  (VL587-ARIN) +1-410-663-1557
Lin, John  (JL1224-ARIN) +1-626-575-3322
Lorensen, Jon  (JL2010-ARIN)
Lowers, Stephen  (SL554-ARIN) +1-714-892-6389
Lynch, Michael  (ML1404-ARIN)
Mack, Anthony  (AM312-ARIN)
Mallory, Thomas  (TM523-ARIN) +1-419-332-6677
Marcel, Jesse  (JM1998-ARIN)
Marcus, John  (JM1501-ARIN) +1-310-478-1134
Martz, Dave  (DMA17-ARIN) +1-480-545-8484
Matevish, Darryl  (DM1034-ARIN)
Matt, Dov  (DM1325-ARIN) +1-818-994-3668
Mazza, Steve  (SM1720-ARIN) +1-508-998-7778
McBride, Ryan  (RM1882-ARIN)
McCullum, Carl  (CM1395-ARIN)
McNeil, Sonia  (SM1168-ARIN)
Meng, Rob  (RM1909-ARIN) +1-805-585-6350
Miller, Larry  (LM825-ARIN)
+1-719-598-2222,  (ZZ3460-ARIN) 5551212
Moore, Jim  (JM127-ARIN) +1-817-267-3577
Murphy, Michael  (MM2296-ARIN)
Nagrabski, Stephen  (SN261-ARIN) +1-916-988-3261
Nappe, Gary  (GN152-ARIN) +1-954-545-0247
Neipris, Steve  (SN188-ARIN)
ngo, Mike  (MZ274-ARIN) +1-626-581-2277
Niazi, Zaryab  (ZN95-ARIN) +1-714-523-4000
NIETO, CARLOS  (CN241-ARIN) +1-305-446-4456
Norris, Joe  (JOENO-ARIN) +1-816-564-0056
Norris, Joe  (JN549-ARIN) +1-816-420-9977
OLVER, DAVE  (DO319-ARIN) +1-623-386-1412
Ottinger, Craig  (CO109-ARIN)
Otto, Jon  (JO126-ARIN) +1-770-591-8999
Owen, Troy  (TO1052-ARIN) +1-972-578-1515
Paez, Manny  (MP1355-ARIN)
Palfi, Endre  (EP105-ARIN) +1-818-717-1989
Patel, Ben  (BP401-ARIN) +1-713-835-0211
PEREL, OLEG  (OP45-ARIN) +1-913-685-9294
Perla, Gene  (GP486-ARIN) +1-908-439-9118
Perleberg, Cathy  (CP364-ARIN)
Perry, Robert  (RP489-ARIN) +1-401-435-0200
Peterson, Andrea  (AP548-ARIN)
Phillips, Brian  (BPH9-ARIN) +1-480-456-4800
Phillips, Brian  (BPH10-ARIN)
POLEN, SCOTT  (SPO4-ARIN) +1-330-453-6002
POOL, HERMAN  (HP103-ARIN) +1-361-729-2323
Powley, Rosemary  (RP699-ARIN)
Pressman, Jerry  (JPR5-ARIN) +1-978-531-2391
Priestman, Bob  (BP78-ARIN) +1-905-731-2389
Priyank, Lakhia  (LP398-ARIN) +1-877-818-2746
Raad, Don  (DR570-ARIN) +1-631-696-9300
Rafieha, Abby  (AR449-ARIN) +1-310-377-2982
Reagan, Paul  (PR139-ARIN) +1-501-521-5127
Regal, Ken  (KR271-ARIN)
Rexin, Art  (AR618-ARIN) +1-734-663-3309
Ricciutelli, Sonia  (SR1050-ARIN)
Richards, Russell  (RR554-ARIN)
Riley, Brad  (BR994-ARIN) +1-602-277-7098
Rosenfield, Louis  (LR104-ARIN) +1-202-234-0317
Rosenthal, Fred  (FR117-ARIN) +1-908-241-6500
Rosso, Kathleen  (KR607-ARIN)
Russell, Jim  (JRU6-ARIN)
Sahakian, Eli  (ES602-ARIN) 818-961-00
Sales  (SA592-ORG-ARIN) +1-416-253-5555
Samuelson, Claude  (CS472-ARIN) +1-415-892-9295
Santen, Jack  (JS615-ARIN) 31-20-691 8545
Savio D'Silva, Dominic  (DS1720-ARIN)
Schnell, Ron  (RS1164-ARIN) +1-954-559-7822
Sekhri, Sumir  (SS938-ARIN) 911 169 62129
Sellers, Robert  (RS2268-ARIN)
Sieber, Aaron  (AS598-ARIN)
SIEMON, LEE  (LS895-ARIN) +1-505-998-2104
Silverman, Burt  (BS523-ARIN) +1-516-226-6000
SLAVIK, ROBERT  (RS1673-ARIN) +1-814-339-7701
Smith, Bob  (BS1161-ARIN) +1-216-292-2666
Smith, Danny  (DS2582-ARIN) +1-407-331-4861
Smith, Neil  (NS48-ARIN) +1-604-997-5125
Steele, Ed  (ES145-ARIN) +1-248-857-6611
Steiter, George  (GST10-ARIN) +1-818-703-8892
Stewart, Richard  (RS1245-ARIN)
Stillwell, John  (JS3190-ARIN)
Su, Sophia  (SSU8-ARIN) +1-626-839-8998
Su, Sophia  (SS1755-ARIN) +1-626-330-0086
Suarez, Rolando  (RS1717-ARIN)
Swenson, Barry  (BS1714-ARIN)
Tailleur  (TAILL-ARIN) +1-909-681-4707
Tinklepaugh, Carolyn  (CT552-ARIN)
Todalen, Dewayne  (DT403-ARIN)
Toeppen, Dennis  (DT260-ARIN) +1-217-328-7955
Travis  (ZT124-ARIN) +1-858-581-4000
TRELAND, KATHY  (KT278-ARIN) +1-847-885-9050
Tunali, Tom  (TT173-ARIN) 44-118-934-9993
Ullah, Wazi  (WU8-ARIN) +1-281-531-0990
Underwood, Todd  (TU43-ARIN) +1-623-566-9602
UPTON, EDWARD  (EDWAR6-ARIN) +1-434-246-4134
Van, Son  (SV253-ARIN) +1-623-204-2330
Vasilev, Boris  (BV137-ARIN) +1-623-434-5894
Vatman, Ilya  (IV15-ARIN) +1-212-842-6700
Veith, James  (JV214-ARIN)
Wagener, Dan  (DW844-ARIN) +1-812-330-5394
Waterman, Penny  (PW480-ARIN) +1-909-737-3199
Waterman, Penny  (PW513-ARIN)
Watson, Chris  (CW311-ARIN) +1-604-879-6466
White, Bob  (BW634-ARIN) +1-210-828-3237
Williams, Patricia  (PW700-ARIN)
Wilson, David  (DW1486-ARIN) +1-480-367-9200
Wolfe, Eric  (EW281-ARIN) +1-909-925-3860
Wong, David  (DW1220-ARIN) +1-604-736-8890
Yonemura, Kumiko  (KY90-ARIN)
Zammit, Bryan  (BZ19-ARIN) +1-905-522-1220
ZUCCALA, GINA  (GZU1-ARIN) +1-631-924-8231
ZUCCALA, GINA  (GZU-ARIN) +1-631-924-8231

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 28 May 2003 11:53 PDT
...and jsut for the heck of it, here's what a search on addresses with
"secur" in them looks like:

Adams, Joe  (JA1293-ARIN) +1-717-234-6467
Administrator  (ADMIN124-ARIN)
Adminstration, System  (SA705-ARIN)
Aldred, Wally  (WA107-ARIN)
Asgill, Feyi  (FAS9-ARIN) 23222228989
Auerbach, Sherry  (SA341-ARIN)
Bastian, John  (JB1613-ARIN)
Bender, Michael  (MB1739-ARIN)
Bernier, Mark  (MB162-ARIN)
Bertrand, Jeffrey  (JB221-ARIN)
Bice, Robert  (RB1368-ARIN)
Boling, Steve  (SB1558-ARIN)
Bosveld, Brian  (BBO10-ARIN)
Bosveld, Brian  (BBO11-ARIN)
Brandt, Alan  (AB893-ARIN)
Brian, Bosveld  (BB1115-ARIN)
Bridge, Steven  (SB629-ARIN)
Brittain, Jason  (JB3292-ARIN)

Clarification of Question by mr459-ga on 28 May 2003 12:32 PDT
This is definitely impressive.  yes, I would like to find out how to
do this myself.  Please post.  I gues I could change the email or
company parameters in order to get different results in the future. 
This is great help.

Subject: Re: Finding published names in the companies and the internet
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 28 May 2003 19:22 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello Mr459-ga,

Thanks for your question.  I have a collection of bookmarks of sites
that do unusual things, like allowing the type of searching that
produced the results above.  Not many sites that I've found so far
have that kind of capacity, so I'm happy when a question comes along
that allows me to put them to use.

The site in question is ARIN -- American Registry for Internet Numbers
-- one of the major Internet Registry sites.  The ARIN homepage is:

At the top of the page is their WHOIS search box...this is more
flexible than many other WHOIS systems, as it allows a search on email
addresses contained in the registrants record.

For instance, a search on [ sales ] (without the brackets...I just use
that here for convenience) will return many sites with "sales" in
their name, as well as email addresses containing "sales" in them.

To search for *only* email addresses, use a "p" in front of your

[ p sales ]

The full help file for ARIN searches is at:

They have a trailing wildcard character (only used at the end of
words) which is an asterisk, so that a search on [ p secur* ] returns
addresses with "secure" "security" "securities", etc.

Unlike many searches, ARIN also recognizes the @ symbol.

For instance, this search [ p @tech* ], gives a list that begins as

Abel, Kevin  (KA132-ARIN) +1-250-395-8773
Abernethy, Robert  (RA709-ARIN)
Adams, Mark  (MA340-ARIN) +1-801-636-3606
Adams, Matt  (MA908-ARIN) +1-801-423-7966
Afridi, Khurram  (KA257-ARIN) +1-781-933-1846
Allen, Llyn  (LA127-ARIN) +1-703-279-6100
Allie, Salman  (SA545-ARIN) +1-408-944-9600
ALRED, RON  (RA314-ARIN) +1-480-778-2400
Andrews, John  (JA560-ARIN) +1-716-243-1541
Angerame, Chris  (CA389-ARIN)
Angerame, Chris  (CA403-ARIN)
Ashworth, John  (JA1090-ARIN)

A search on [ p @wire* ] yields:

Administrator, Net  (NA345-ARIN)
Agent, Mike  (MA372-ARIN) +1-408-504-6082
Allain, Marc  (MA686-ARIN)
Ambrose, Kathleen  (KA272-ARIN)
Andresen, Pat  (PA329-ARIN) +1-770-416-7595
Anez, Humberto  (HA107-ARIN)
Askew, Jeff  (JA832-ARIN) +1-404-876-7583
Banham, Jeffrey  (JB1420-ARIN)
Barnes, Wayne  (WB319-ARIN) +1-301-883-9460
Barrett, Sean P (SB1182-ARIN)
Barrios, Luis  (LB569-ARIN) +1-305-592-0209
Beach, Jacob  (JB2795-ARIN)

...and so on.  Note that by clicking on any given link in the list,
you can pull up a full record which usually has the mailing address as

I hope this is clear, and turns out to be a useful tool for you.  Let
me know, through a request for clarification, if you need any
additional information beyond what I've provided here.
mr459-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
The answer is precisecly what I was looking for.  Now I know exactly
what to do to get more specific results in my searches for people on
the internet.  I not only did I get an example of queried results, but
also the "how to".  I would like to have the knowledge of more than 1
database that I can access for my searches of the people in the
companies, but what I have here will still do the job more than
sufficiently for me.
I am now equiped to achieve the results that I was looking to get for
a long time.  Thanks!

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