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Q: Find a Name for SMS messaging software that is used by business ( No Answer,   5 Comments )
Subject: Find a Name for SMS messaging software that is used by business
Category: Business and Money > Small Businesses
Asked by: message4u-ga
List Price: $150.00
Posted: 18 Jun 2003 02:53 PDT
Expires: 18 Jul 2003 02:53 PDT
Question ID: 218695
I require a catchy name for our software. It would be best if we had
10 - 20 options we can choose from.

The software sends and receives SMS messages. It can receive replies
and 'delivery reports' showing when the message was received on the
phone. It can link to the phone book of outlook. It can import lists
of names and numbers and send broadcast messages. This software is
aimed at small / medium and large businesses. It is a premium product
compared to cheap web-based services. It is very easy to install and
simple to use. Its functionality / appearance is quite similar to
Outlook. The program is used primarily to communicate with workforce
though increasingly it is used to send messages to customers. Messages
travel via the customers internet connection to our SMS gateway and
then to the phone(s).

I can send a screenshot of the program if required. 

Examples of competitor product names in Australia are:
Office SMS
Mobile Messenger
Mobi Marketer

Our primary market is Australia and New Zealand - though we may market
it further internationally.
We will pay the fee if we adopt the name for our product.
There is no answer at this time.

The following answer was rejected by the asker (they reposted the question).
Subject: Re: Find a Name for SMS messaging software that is used by business
Answered By: j_philipp-ga on 18 Jun 2003 08:29 PDT
Hello Message4u,

Here are my name suggestions for your software:

 - Thoughtshare SMS

 - QuickMessage

 - MessageManager

 - Textalk

 - Newsfresh Messaging Software

 - SMS Manager

 - SMS Office

 - EasyMessage

 - QuickSMS

 - SmartSMS

 - Fastforward SMS Software

 - Communic8

 - StatusQuo Express

 - AceMessage

 - Cannonball Messaging

 - Hotwire Messaging

 - IdeaFlow SMS

 - point2point

 - BrainConnect Messaging

 - Public8

 - Newsend

 - NoteSend Messaging Tools

 - Fastwire

 - Pipeline

 - TidalWave SMS Tools

 - InfoBoost

 - InfoWire

 - u2Me

 - WordTransfer

 - MessageTransfer

 - GatewayX

 - GatewaySMS

 - MobileTalk

 - MobiMessage

 - here2there

 - MoNet [Mobile Network]

 - sNet [SMS Network]

 - messageNet

 - Infolert [Information Alert]

 - FingerSpeak

 - Souldrum

 - ReadyNet

 - SMS2Go

 - Outsend

 - byteSMS

 - Infobite

 - Messagebite

 - Messageboom

 - MessageSoft

 - SMSoft

 - Mobilead [Mobile - Lead]

 - Groupshare

 - 160c [160 characters SMS]

 - c160

 - InifinSMS [Infinite SMS capabilities]

 - InifiniMessage

 - GlobalSend

 - Walktalk [walk and talk, mobile messaging]

 - DigiSMS [Digital SMS]

 - Sendbyte Express

 - Infosend Office

 - Notif [Notify]

 - Notifier

 - Serviceboost

 - Message Office

 - Gateway Control

 - Thumbthought [Typing SMS with thumb]

 - SMS Suite

 - CrossWork

 - CrossNet

 - xNetwork SMS

 - Knowit! SMS Office Suite

 - WhatsNew SMS Manager

 - Networ SMS Office

 - InYourWords

 - Conversit SMS Office

 - Dragonbyte

 - SMS King

 - PhoneBiz Manager

 - Message Mastertools

 - RedSMS

 - GreenSMS

 - rootSMS

 - Telecore

 - AceMS

 - Ace SMS

 - InsideOut SMS

 - Mermaid SMS Manager

 - Groupthought SMS

 - SMSoffice

 - officeSMS

 - compuSMS

 - PCSMS Messaging Software


 - Terratalk SMS Tools

 - Whisper SMS Soft

 - Crossroad SMS

 - Netlane SMS

 - Messagehorse

 - Lighttalk SMS Office

 - RainbowSMS

 - Babyblue SMS

 - Zeitgeist SMS Tools

 - Giantnet SMS Networking Tool

 - Shadowtalk

 - Ideapaint

 - Wheelsoft SMS Tools

 - Jabbertalk

 - Thoughtburn

 - Xon

 - xOn

 - 1-2-3 SMS Office

 - Wiseowl SMS Networking

 - SMS-Master

 - Fluidtalk

 - Quicktalk

 - Cleartalk

 - Massenger

 - Mass Message Office

 - Messageguide

 - SMS Automation 2003

 - sCast

 - Messagecast

 - Phonecast

 - TextCall Manager

 - Wordburst SMS

 - Textrun

 - RunSMS

 - Bird SMS

 - Freemessage

 - Outworld Messaging Office

 - Channel SMS

 - Ring SMS

 - SMS Center

 - HandySMS ["Handy" is mobile phone in German]

 - proSMS Suite

 - proSMS 2003

 - Mailway SMS

 - Datagather

 - PowerMessage

 - mind2mind

 - Goodnews

 - System-SMS 

 - Joymessage

 - Infoserv SMS

 - ServMessage

 - Sortmess SMS Suite

 - Paladin SMS Office

 - Bote ["Bote" is "Messenger" in German]

 - GetIt SMS Tools

 - Pronto! SMS

 - Newscarry SMS Software

 - Castbroad

 - Carrynews

 - Summonews

 - Newsummon

 - mSMS [More SMS, Master SMS, ...]

 - m!SMS

 - MultiSMS

 - RecordSMS

 - Retriev SMS Office

 - Drumbeat SMS

 - AnytimeSMS

 - smsWorld

 - Messagecenter

 - Messageworld

 - SMS-Station

 - SMS3000

 - Ready2go

 - Textscream

 - SMS Generation

 - xWord

 - Crossword SMS

 - Wordcross SMS

 - ASAP SMS [As Soon As Possible]

 - Windrun Messenger

 - hotSMS

 - Hurric SMS Office [Hurry, Hurricane]

 - Freshnew SMS

 - Newsboost SMS Automation Managing

 - xPertMessage

 - Rapidtalk

 - Rapidnews

 - RapidSMS

 - Rapido Messaging

 - Flyby SMS Office

 - Straightline Message Communication Suite

 - Fastpoint Message Communication Suite

 - Swiftech SMS

 - Whizsend

 - MessageBrother

 - ViaPhone SMS Suite

 - Accell SMS [Accelerate]

 - Accell Messaging Suite


 - smsXL 

 - MobiSuite

 - Looksmart

 - SMS Commerce Software

 - Distribu SMS Tools

 - SMS Administrator

 - Newtalk

 - Messagehandle

 - Circula SMS Office

 - 2talk SMS

 - SMS Solicitor

 - Idealight Messaging

 - IdeaFlight SMS Tools

 - Broadview SMS

 - Mindmove Messaging Suite

 - Shore Messaging

 - Pushnews

 - Messagepush

 - Messagepull

 - Q-SMS [Quick, Quality, Quantity, ...]

 - SMS Operator

 - Messario

 - Skyrocket

 - Rocketnews

 - NextSMS

 - MessageControl

 - SMS Control

 - Mobigroup

 - Groupwalk SMS

 - SMS Star

 - Trapthought

 - Tapthought

 - Braintap SMS

 - Messageseek

 - Messagefind

 - Twoway SMS Communication Software

 - SMS Mayor

 - SMS Aware

 - PreSend

 - PostSend

 - Tradethought

 - MessageOne

 - Chaintalk

 - DistantNet SMS

 - Fartalk Messaging Suite

 - SMS Meet

 - MessageMeet

I hope this helps!

Request for Answer Clarification by message4u-ga on 03 Jul 2003 23:44 PDT
Hello J_philipp
THanks for your response. We have considered your quite comprehensive
list and unfortunately there isn't a name that we are able to use.

I sense that you compiled this list from the internet - whereas I had
anticipated that someone would apply creative thinking to try to come
up with perhaps 2 or more possibilities, rather that your 200+ !!

As I said in the advertisement "We will pay the fee if we adopt the
name for our product." Unfortunately we will need to ask for a refund.
However, one of those names appeals as an alternative company name /
division name. In the (relatively unlikely) event that we utilise it I
would like to pay you this fee. Can you let me know your email
address. Our website is

Clarification of Answer by j_philipp-ga on 04 Jul 2003 11:49 PDT
Hello Message4u,

I'm sorry the answer wasn't satisfactory.

No, I cannot give you my private email address, as this is against our
guidelines. If you think you will use one of my suggestions as
alternative company name, you can keep this answer unrefunded.

And no, I didn't simply collect the answer from the Internet -- I
actually did creative thinking using brainstorming, Dictionary/
Thesaurus, reading through a lot of things to inspire me (yes, many of
them I found online), taking creative breaks outside, asking friends
and family, and so on. In other words I tried to give you the best
answer possible.

Good luck with your new company, and may it have a great name! If you
think that some of the names I created were especially good, let me
know instead of thinking about a refund, because then I can explore
more possibilities in that direction, and post them here in the answer
clarification spot. Thanks!
Reason this answer was rejected by message4u-ga:
None of the names provided in the answer are suitable for the product
outlined in the question.

Subject: Re: Find a Name for SMS messaging software that is used by business
From: robertskelton-ga on 17 Jul 2003 16:48 PDT
How about sophi-SMS?
Subject: Re: Find a Name for SMS messaging software that is used by business
From: message4u-ga on 17 Jul 2003 19:29 PDT
Thanks but we need a name that while catchy has a very corporate /
business ring to it. Consumers do not use our service - only large
corporates and small / medium sized business
Subject: Re: Find a Name for SMS messaging software that is used by business
From: jbf777-ga on 17 Jul 2003 19:53 PDT
Some options:

Subject: Re: Find a Name for SMS messaging software that is used by business
From: ozforbes-ga on 11 Oct 2003 07:15 PDT
As I went through this process naming our SMS software earlier 03, I
learnt that branding away from the company name is not to your
benefit.  However my favorite outcast name was “TextSend”, as it
clearly defines the purpose of the product.  I clearly see a market
for your software, dependant on pricing I believe it will be highly
Subject: Re: Find a Name for SMS messaging software that is used by business
From: robertlevy-ga on 10 Jun 2004 05:48 PDT
Business Text
Business SMS
Corpora text

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