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Q: animals ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: animals
Category: Science > Earth Sciences
Asked by: 1malibu-ga
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Posted: 06 Jul 2003 18:31 PDT
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what are the top ten smartest animals in the world?
Subject: Re: animals
Answered By: juggler-ga on 06 Jul 2003 19:36 PDT

"Besides humans, the ten most intelligent animals are: chimpanzees,
gorillas, orangutans, baboons, gibbons, monkeys (many species,
especially macaques), smaller toothed whales (especially killer whales
or Orcas), dolphins, elephants, and pigs."
source: Wildly Weird Facts, hosted by

According a web log, a recent televsion program on the Travel Channel
ranked the 10 smartest animals (in order of increasing intelligence):
"squirrel, squid, raven, dog, pig, parrot, elephant, monkey, dolphin,
source: cached by Google:

Obviously, this second list differs from the first list because of the
way it lumps certain types of animals together (e.g., gorillas, chimps
and orangutans are all apes). Another reason, though, is that it's
difficult to compare intelligence across different species. Thus,
rankings are somewhat subjective.

"Q What are the 10 most intelligent animals?
A It's difficult to gauge intelligence because of all the factors
involved. While monkeys and apes exhibit the most humanlike
intelligence, studies of ravens and parrots reveal an aptitude for
problem solving and octopuses show an amazing capacity for
memorization. Biologists suggest that overall, mammals are the
smartest. Apes and monkeys are followed in intelligence by large
aquatic mammals like dolphins and whales that are capable of learning
symbolic communication. Cats and dogs match or surpass all animals
except for apes, some monkeys, and large aquatic mammals."
source:  "The Readers Ask" hosted by

Here are a couple articles that discuss animal intelligence: 

"Animal intelligence: how brainy are they? Scientist are learning how
animals talk, think, and feel."
Karen De Seve; Science World, Nov 26, 2001
Available from

"Do Animals Think?"
Clive Wynne; Psychology Today, Nov, 1999
Available from

search terms used:
"smartest animals", "most intelligent animals"
dolphin, dolphins, elephants, elephant, apes, chimpanzees, pig, pigs

I hope this helps
Subject: Re: animals
From: secret901-ga on 06 Jul 2003 21:27 PDT
"My" list of the top three most intelligent animals are:
1. Rats
2. Dolphins
3. Humans

Subject: Re: animals
From: trueparent-ga on 23 Jul 2003 20:02 PDT
In fact, the cetaceans, including all dolphins, porpoises, and whales,
are more intelligent than man, by definition, because the cortex of
their brains, (i.e. the reasoning part of their brains), are 10%
larger than a man's brain.  Since there are more than ten species of
cetaceans, the top ten most intelligent animals would be cetaceans,
but they would be more intelligent than man, not less. These facts are
covered, at:

However, this does not rob man of his top position, in terms of his
relationship with God.  The sharing of Love and Joy, between God and
His/Her sons and daughters, was the purpose of the creation of
mankind.  We have both a "physical body" and a "spirit body", but the
animals only have a "physical body", so they can only go to Heaven
with us, because/if we love them.  No doubt, God put some animals on
Earth with greater intelligence than Mankind, to teach us plainly,
that Love and Joy are much more important than intelligence.  Even the
angels, who can never have a "physical body", but are only spirit, are
in the position of messengers and temporary teachers, and can never
experience the son/daughter relationship with God that Mankind
potentially could, before the Fall of Man.  It is only because of the
Fall, that angels sometimes seem to be "higher" than we are, in
relationship to God.
These spiritual facts, which are needed, to understand that there are
animals that are more intelligent than Mankind, are from the
teaching/worldview of the hsa-uwc, as covered at:

The Home Page is at:

The hsa-uwc teaching/worldview does not mention cetaceans, of course. 
My thoughts about cetaceans in this Comment, are my personal
extrapolation of this most amazing hsa-uwc teaching/worldview.
Subject: Re: animals
From: freepee-ga on 05 Nov 2004 21:35 PST
pigs are smarter than cats and dogs....its humans,primates,dolphins/whales,pigs

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