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Q: names for father and son in foreign languages ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: names for father and son in foreign languages
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: cameronm-ga
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Posted: 05 Aug 2003 08:45 PDT
Expires: 04 Sep 2003 08:45 PDT
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I would like to get ahold of as many words for father and son (or any
synonyms, like dad) in foreign languages that are two or three
letters.  i can sort through a larger list to find the 2 and 3 word
Subject: Re: names for father and son in foreign languages
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 05 Aug 2003 09:48 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello, and thanks for an enjoyable question.

There's a very nice online tool for translating words into multiple
languages in one easy press of a computer key.  The site is at:

Enter your term into the search box, which will bring you to a results
page.  Then click on the "translation" button to bring up a list of
words in an amazing variety of languages (and in the original fonts,
as long as they are supported by your system).

For instance, for the word "father", I get two choices:

--Definition: A man who has begotten a child 

--Definition: To care for or look after someone as a father might 

Selecting the first, and clicking on "translation" brings up a list of
118 translations for father and related words like dad, as follows
[many of the non-standard fonts will not reproduce here, but you can
see them at the site itself]:

 English  father ; daddy ; dad    
 Italian  padre ; babbo ; pap    
 Spanish  padre    
 French  pre ; papa    
 German  Vater ; Pater    
 Russian  ????    
 Arabic  ???    
 Chinese  ??    
 Afrikaans  vader     
 Albanian  baba ; at     
 Asturian  p     
 Aymara  auqui     
 Azeri (Latin Script)  ata     
 Basque  aita     
 Bengali; Bangla  ????     
 Bergamasco  pder     
 Bolognese  pder    
 Bosnian  otac     
 Brazilian Portuguese  pai    
 Bresciano  bub    
 Breton  tad     
 Bulgarian  ????     
 Byelorussian  ??????    
 Calabrese  patre ; patri ; pa ; pap ; papallu ; patra    
 Cal  bat ; bato ; batico ; dad     
 Catalan  pare     
 Chechen  da     
 Croatian  otac    
 Czech  otec ; tta    
 Danish  fader    
 Dutch  vader    
 Dzorati  pre     
 Esperanto  patro     
 Estonian  isa     
 Faeroese  fair     
 Finnish  is    
 Flemish  vader    
 Frisian  heit     
 Galician  pai     
 Greek  pat??a?    
 Griko Salentino  ciri     
 Guarani  tva ; ru    
 Gujarati  ???? ; ???     
 Hebrew  ??? ; ??     
 Hindi  ???? ; ???    
 Hungarian  apa     
 Icelandic  fair     
 Indonesian  bapa ; ayah ; pak     
 Irish  athair     
 Japanese  ????    
 Judeo-Spanish  padre ; baba ; babu     
 Konknni  ?????     
 Korean  ???    
 Kurdish Kurmanji  bav     
 Kurdish Sorani  ???? ; ???     
 Ladino  pere     
 Latin  pater ; papa ; atta     
 Leonese  pai     
 Ligurian  paire     
 Limburgian  vader ; vajer ; pap     
 Lingala  tata     
 Lithuanian  tevas ; pradininkas ; protevis     
 Lombardo Occidentale  bub     
 Lunfardo  viejo     
 Macedonian  ????? ; ????     
 Malagasy  ray    
 Malay  bapa     
 Maltese  missier     
 Mantuan  up ; pap ; babbo     
 Maori  haakoro ; kohake     
 Mapunzugun  chaw ; chao    
 Marathi  ????     
 Mongolian  ????     
 Mudns  pder     
 Neapolitan  pate     
 Norwegian  far     
 Occitan  paire     
 Old Greek  pat?? ; ?tta ; ?ppa     
 Parmigiano  pder     
 Persian  ???    
 Piemontese  pare     
 Polish  ojciec ; tata    
 Portuguese  pai     
 Punjabi  ???     
 Quechua  tata ; churiyaqe     
 Rapanui  matu’a     
 Reggiano  peder     
 Romagnolo  pder     
 Romanian  tata ; parinte ; taica    
 Romansh  bab     
 Saami  hcci     
 Samoan  tama     
 Sanskrit  ???? ; ???     
 Sardinian (Limba Sarda Unificada)  babu     
 Sardinian Campidanesu  babbu     
 Sardinian Logudoresu  patre ; babbu     
 Serbian  ????    
 Shona  baba     
 Sicilian  patri     
 Slovak  otec     
 Slovenian  e     
 Swahili  baba ; mzazi     
 Swedish  pappa    
 Swiss German  Vatter     
 Thai  ??? ; ????    
 Traditional Chinese  ??    
 Triestino  pare     
 Turkish  baba    
 Turkmen  dde ; kaka     
 Ukrainian  ?????? ; ????? ; ????     
 Urdu  ??? ; ????? ; ???     
 Valencian  pare     
 Venetian  pare ; pop ; 'op ; pup ; pap     
 Viestano  attn'     
 Wallon  pre     
 Welsh  tad     
 Yiddish  foter ; tateh     
 Zeneize  po  


Similarly, for "son" (selecting the English version of this word,
since it has different meanings in different languages):

 English  son     
 Italian  figlio    
 Spanish  hijo     
 French  fils     
 German  Sohn     
 Russian  ???     
 Arabic  ????     
 Chinese  ??     
 Albanian  bir ; djal     
 Aragones  fillo     
 Aymara  yuqa     
 Azeri (Latin Script)  ogvul     
 Basque  seme     
 Bergamasco  tus     
 Bosnian  sin     
 Breton  mab     
 Calabrese  figghiu     
 Catalan  fill     
 Croatian  sin     
 Czech  syn     
 Danish  sn     
 Dutch  zoon     
 Esperanto  filo; ido     
 Estonian  poeg     
 Finnish  poika     
 Flemish  zoon     
 Furlan  fi ; frut     
 Galician  fillo     
 Greek  ???? ; ????     
 Gujarati  ?????     
 Hebrew  ??     
 Hindi  ???? ; ???? ; ?????     
 Irish  mac     
 Japanese  *hija??     
 Judeo-Spanish  ijo     
 Latin  filius     
 Mudns  fil     
 Old Greek  ????     
 Persian  ???? ????     
 Piemontese  fieul     
 Polish  syn     
 Portuguese  filho     
 Punjabi  ????     
 Reggiano  fiol     
 Roman  fijo     
 Romanian  fiu     
 Sanskrit  ?????     
 Sardinian Campidanesu  fillu     
 Scots Gaelic  mac     
 Serbian  ???     
 Sicilian  figghiu     
 Slovak  syn     
 Swedish  son     
 Valencian  fill     
 Venetian  fiolo ; fio     
 Welsh  mab     
 Yiddish  zun     
 Zeneize  figgio  


Definitely a site worth adding to your "Bookmarks" page (it's on mine,
which is how I was able to answer your question).

If anything here is not clear, or if you require additional
information, just let me know through a Request for Clarification, and
I'll be happy to assist you further.
cameronm-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $4.50
Thanks so much for a quick and accurate response.  This is exactly
what I was looking for.

Subject: Re: names for father and son in foreign languages
From: pafalafa-ga on 05 Aug 2003 12:50 PDT
Glad to help out.  And thanks for the kind's much appreciated.

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