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Q: internet dating in the UK ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: internet dating in the UK
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: londonconsult-ga
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Posted: 11 Aug 2003 06:54 PDT
Expires: 10 Sep 2003 06:54 PDT
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I'm doing some research into the UK internet dating market for which I
need two types of information.

The first is market data: the size of the market, how many users, how
these are likely to grow over the next few years?

The second is idenitfying and finding contact details for the key
management at the leading UK internet dating sites: I would like to
get hold of the business development director, or commercial director
(or equivalent) at:;;;;;; For this I would need a name
(CEO is also useful, then I can find the relevant person), and, almost
more importantly, a phone number where I can find them.

I'd be really grateful if someone could find this information for me
in the next couple of days. My price reflects the amount of work
required to do this.

Also, I need this information by the end of Tuesday 12th August 2003 -
so please don't answer unless you can do it by then.

Thanks v. much.


Subject: Re: internet dating in the UK
Answered By: bobbie7-ga on 11 Aug 2003 18:27 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Conrad,

UK internet Dating Market

The number of UK singles is currently on the rise. 

“According to a report by the Guardian earlier this year (Guardian
14/02/03), there are currently 11 million single adults in the UK and
this figure is set to increase to 16 million by 2010. And as reported
in the Observer Magazine last year, a third of all net users turn to
the web in order to establish some sort of relationship
(Observer Magazine, 30/06/02 – Research by Bath University)

Source: The Future Network


Online Dating:

“According to Jupiter Research the Western European online dating
market is worth €40m this year, rising to €117m by to 2007.”

“The UK bit of this is worth around 3m (€4.5m) a year, rising to 14m
by 2007.”

“There are 10 million single people in the UK.”
Source: The Register


United Kingdom and Ireland

“Jupiter Research estimates that the online dating market is presently
worth almost GBP3 million a year in the UK and is set to grow to GBP14
million by 2007. There are over 10 million single people in the
country, which will help fuel the growth of the online dating industry
moving forward.”

"There are tremendous growth opportunities for online dating in the UK
and we believe that Yahoo! Personals is well positioned to be a
success in the European marketplace," said Josephine Adams, MD, Yahoo!
Personals Europe. "Yahoo! UK & Ireland already attracts over 15
million users each month, the majority of whom are ABC1 young
professionals between the ages of 18-45. This is Yahoo! Personals'
core target and an increasing number of them are beginning to realise
the benefits that online dating can provide."

Source: Yahoo


From CNN:
Online dating booming in Europe
February 15, 2002

 “Dating sites were reporting great increases in registered members as
people become more confident using the Internet.”

“Analysts say people seeking partners online are willing to pay a
subscription fee for quality services -- and ones that charge fees are
more likely to survive in the future than free sites.”

“There is a healthy growth in online dating due to a booming Internet


“Online dating only appeals to a segment of the population, and he
doubts whether the UK will ever see membership numbers in the

Daniel Stevens of Jupiter Media Metrix predicts there will only be a
handful of sites left in a few years.

"Most sites will probably have to charge for their services -- but
people who use off-line agencies are used to the costs, and others
will realize that they will have to pay for quality services," he

Source: CNN


From The Guardian February 2003:

 “The UK dating services industry is worth around 600m. Growth in the
commodification of romance has been swift and unprecedented, rising
exponentially alongside the increase in single people. There are
currently 11 million single adults in the UK, predicted to increase to
16 million by 2010, and fairly evenly split between genders.”

“One in five of them use a dating service, a figure that is expected
to double within the next five years.”

“ customers are predominantly 25- to 45-year-old city
dwellers, tertiary educated and earning more than average.“

Source: The Guardian,12868,894723,00.html


Yahoo! moves into internet dating
June 2003

“Online dating is one of the few profitable areas for dotcoms, which
have realised single people are willing to pay up to 20 a month to
search for partners on the internet.”

“A recent report from Jupiter Research suggested the internet dating
market in the UK was set to grow from 2.6m to 14m in the next four

“Companies such as, which was bought last year by Barry
Diller's USA Interactive, are already generating significant

“Yahoo internet dating service will launch first in the UK, France and
Germany and there are plans to expand it to other European countries.”

Source: Guardian Newspapers Limited 2003,7496,975182,00.html


The UK is a key market for online dating services

“, along with many others, identifies the UK as a "key
market" for online dating services. Indeed, some even suggest that the
UK population is uniquely suited to this type of dating. Not only is
there now a larger number of female web users (according to March
figures from Jupiter Media Metrix, 42% of British women use the
internet), but it has been suggested there could also be something
about our national character that makes us "compatible" with dating
sites. "We tend to be more reserved in the UK, so online services are
bound to be more popular than their offline counterparts.” says the
founder of, Toby Jones.

Source: The Guardian,7369,778362,00.html


From CNET Investor:

Yahoo! Personals launched in Europe in June 2003 with sites in the
United Kingdom and Ireland (

United Kingdom and Ireland 

“Jupiter Research estimates that the online dating market is presently
worth almost GBP3 million a year in the UK and is set to grow to GBP14
million by 2007. There are over 10 million single people in the
country, which will help fuel the growth of the online dating industry
moving forward.“

"There are tremendous growth opportunities for online dating in the

"Yahoo! UK & Ireland already attracts over 15 million users each
month, the majority of whom are ABC1 young professionals between the
ages of 18-45. This is Yahoo! Personals' core target and an increasing
number of them are beginning to realise the benefits that online
dating can provide."

Source: CNet News



Dating Direct – Over 850,000 active profiles - 1000 profiles posted daily - Over 6000 members join every day.
Make Friends Online - 160,000+ members 

Source: Limesearch - 190,000 UK members,12868,894723,00.html



- 69% of respondents thought that the gym was a good place to meet new

- 68% thought work was either very good, good or ok for meeting new

- 57% thought dating agencies were a poor way to meet new people, 

- 56% of respondents also thought that all of Personal ads, internet
chat and blind dates were bad ideas.



Speed Dating

“Speed dating is the latest craze to hit the UK dating market. Speed
dating offers a great and fun way to meet lots of other single people
who are looking for a date.”
“Speed Dating is the latest dating craze to hit the market. Already
popular in the States, it's now starting to catch on fast in the UK.”
On the following webpage Speed Dating sites are listed with rankings
which are based on site usability, service and price.


=========== dating sites with local language and currency support are
now live in: United Kingdom

Joe Cohen is Vice President and General Manager of
Tim Sullivan is  president of

“ now has a localized presence on six continents, offering
billing support in local currencies and providing personal profiles
and content in more languages than any other dating site," according
to Joe Cohen, Vice President and General Manager,

"Internationally, online dating represents a largely untapped market
that we are aggressively pursuing with the launch of, localized sites," said Tim Sullivan, president of "The launch of these twenty-five new international sites
improves our traction outside of North America and keeps on
target to meet our earlier stated goal of a truly global offering by
year's end."

Source: CNET News

Joe Cohen, VP & general manager, International

Contact Information:
176 Finchley Road, Suite 23
London, NW3 6BT
Phone: 020-7483-6945

Email contact form regarding Partnership Opportunities and/or  Media
President - Tim Sullivan
Vice president of romance - Trish McDermott
Director of dating, - Kathleen Roldan
Spokespersons - Dennie Hughes and Alex Michel

Trish McDermott - Vice President of Romance
Phone: 925-254-2307

Kathleen Roldan - Director of Dating
Phone: 415-913-3136

Tim Sullivan, President, 
“Tim Sullivan is President of, a leading subscription-based
online dating site, offering adults worldwide a fun, private and
secure environment for meeting other singles.’s personals
businesses claim more than 724,000 paying subscribers and more than 8
million members with profiles posted or who are active users. As
President, Sullivan oversees all aspects of the business in
the United States and international markets.”

Source: USA Interactive

“, which was founded in America in 1995, and is now active in
27 countries, runs on a similar subscription-based business model,
with 190,000 UK members paying around 17 a month to contact others on
the service via email. Globally, the company received an average of 75
reports of marriage a month last year. “

"People come to us with different goals," says vice-president Joe
Cohen. "Each month, 5,000 people resign, telling us that they've met


“ customers are predominantly 25- to 45-year-old city
dwellers, tertiary educated and earning more than average. "They're
not lonely hearts," he insists, "but they're busy and don't have time
to meet people outside their existing social schedule. We're not
match-making. We're just giving them access."

“Cohen perceives two areas of expansion: 18-25 year olds who have
grown up using computers for everything and have a high degree of
trust in the medium, and over-55s, who are single again following the
end of a long-term relationship." The online market is a long way from
maturity," he explains, "and internet participation is still
relatively low in this country." But he predicts future segmentation
along niche interests and seriousness of romantic intent.
Source: The Guardian,12868,894723,00.html

“, a unit of US Internet giant InterActiveCorp, is the market
leader in online dating in Britain and the United States, and has nine
million members worldwide, according to T-Online.”,39020369,39115571,00.htm


“ a Wandsworth-based dating service has revealed more
than a quarter of its internet love-seekers live in south-west

“, in Battersea Park Road, was launched last year as a
new "personality-driven" website focusing on people's likes and
dislikes as well as giving more run-of-the-mill information about
hobbies and interests.”

Toby Jones is the founder of

“Founder Toby Jones said he never imagined his website would attract
so many people local to where the company is based since it was
launched in January 2001. “

Phone: 020 7326 8390

Source: Wandsworth Guardian

Wheresmydate Limited,
Company Number 3983790 
BRB House, 180 High Street, Egham, 
Surrey TW20 9DN 

“” provides an online dating service through the web-site .

For any comments or membership enquiries please contact Jo (Membership
Team Leader) at:

For all other issues please contact Toby Jones at:

Toby Jones 
Company Registration No: 3983790 
Data Protection Registration No: Z5202436



“Date the UK is a new and friendly dating site set up to provide
people in the UK with an interactive way to meet each other. They
offer chat and online flirting, confidential secure mailing services
and picture personals, together with a comprehensive dating search and
match process.

Date the UK covers all areas of England, Scotland Wales - get dates in
London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Swansea, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester,
Newcastle, Brighton and other major towns and cities.”

Source: Faster Love

Date the UK is the trading name of Easy Date Limited.
The Company Number is  4473833.

“Date the UK provides an online introduction and dating service
through the website.

I did an extensive search for Date the UK and unfortunatley there is
practically no information available.

I did a whois search for Date the UK where I obtained the following

Easy Date Ltd 
10 Orts Road
Reading, Berkshire rg1 3jn


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Easy Date Ltd (TURPEVJDOO)
10 Orts Road
Reading, Berkshire rg1 3jn



MakeFriendsOnline Ltd

Make Friends Online is a UK based dating and friendship site with a
very rich list of features and a friendly atmosphere. Membership fees
start at 9.95 for a month and goes up to 39.95 for a year.
Source: Master Love

“MFO, says Rackspace, was started in 1998 by the co-founders of Web
applications development company Primary Drive, and has grown through
word of mouth into a popular online dating community. Traffic has been
doubling every three months for the past nine months, says Rackspace.
The site now serves more than 100,000 members who spend an average of
15 minutes per session online. “
Source: The Whir

Martin Bysh and Marcus Hamilton are cofounders of Make Friends Online
and Primary Drive.

“Online dating agency Make Friends Online (,
affectionately known as MFO to its many members, has grown into one of
the most popular dating sites on the Net witnessing numerous marriages
and engagements worldwide. Launched in 1998 by old school friends
Martin Bysh and Marcus Hamilton who were working together to set up
Primary Drive, a web applications development company, MFO quickly
grew into a thriving online dating community. “

“membership has soared to over 100,000 as word of mouth has drawn more
and more people to the site in search of friendship and romance.
Traffic has been doubling every three months for the past nine and
shows no sign of slowing down.”

For Additional Information 
Contact: Dominic Monkhouse, Rackspace Managed Hosting
(020 8750 1490)

Rebecca Arnold/ Jessica Mani
Portfolio Communications Ltd
(020 7240 6959) /

Contact Martin Bysh and Marcus Hamilton at Primary Drive:

Primary Drive Ltd
Phone us: (+44) 020 8558 3450
Fax us: (+44) 020 8558 3450 
Email us

Here is Martin Bysh’s email address at Primary drive:

Martin Bysh
Primary Drive Ltd
Dynamic Web Design Specialists



“We welcome approaches from members of the press and media who wish to
write or ask about We also welcome approaches from
reputable companies who have products or services to offer which may
be mutually beneficial.”

Our Business Development Manager and Press Co-ordinator is Richard
Conway. Ring him on 07050 136137.

Telephone enquiries:
UK office on 0870 748 1410 during office hours. 

Fax enquiries
Fax our UK office on 020 8390 2255.

Contact Richard for further information using our contact us form.

Whois Search:
Status: production
Organization: Limited
address: PO Box 630A
City: Surbiton
Postal-code: KT6 4YX
Country: GB


Mel Morris is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of uDate.

“uDate is a global online personals group based in Derby, England,
which provides dating and matchmaking services through its two web
sites: and For the nine months ended
September 30, 2002, uDate reported revenue of US$29.2 million,
representing growth of 135.6% over the same period in 2001.”

"We are pleased to join the USA family," said Mel Morris, Chief
Executive Officer and Founder of uDate. "We believe the opportunity to
combine our efforts with USA's collection of strong online brands is
truly exciting. The support and backing of USA will enhance our
ability to fully capitalize on this rapidly growing category."

For further information: 
Eleanor Krivicic Inc.,

Tel: +44 (0)1332 268 731

April 2003
“USA completes acquisition of”

Ron Sato, USA Interactive Corporate Communications, 212/314-7254
Roger Clark/Lauren Rosenfield, USA Interactive Investor Relations,
Eleanor Krivicic,, Inc., 888/214-8133, ext. 916

“On average more than 6,000 people join udate every day making it the
fastest growing romance, matchmaking and dating site on the net. udate
offers the very latest and most comprehensive matchmaking facilities
enabling you to quickly identify and communicate with people who meet
your exact criteria and where you also meet there's.”

“More than 100,000 new people per week sign up to Internet Dating
sites all over the world. As many as 50,000 with udate alone”

Contact Information

“The Site and the Service is operated by Limited, a company
registered under the laws of England, whose registered office is New
Enterprise House, St. Helens Street, Derby, DE1 3GY United Kingdom
(VAT number 716598793).”

If you have any questions about the rights and restrictions above,
please contact us at

Sammie Becker, Inc.
tl. : +1-877-815-2955

Mel Morris PDG

“USA Interactive said it is acquiring the UK's Inc for abut
$150 million in stock.”


“The Derby, England-based uDate provides dating and matchmaking
services on the internet and posted $29.2 million in revenues in the
first nine months of 2002.”

IAC/InterActiveCorp (Nasdaq: IACI), formerly USA Interactive, is
comprised of the following operating businesses: Expedia, Inc.
(Nasdaq: EXPE), which oversees Interval International and TV Travel
Shop;; HSN; Ticketmaster, which oversees Evite and
ReserveAmerica;, which oversees;


(877) 815-2955 Inc
Mel Morris, CEO/PR finiance

Martin Clifford-Executive Vice President 
Mr Clifford joined, Inc. in Spring 2000
Duane Dahl-CEO Internet Dating Division
Geoff Shingles-Non Executive Director
Ken Olisa-Non Executive Director
Lee Zehrer-Non Executive Director
Founder and former President of, Inc.,



“ became the largest dating service in the UK, a
position that has been maintained to this day.”

Darren Richards
CEO and Co-Founder Ltd. 
About is operated by Limited and is based
in the UK, our address is: Limited
P.O. Box 100
B3 1PS

For further information about, please contact:
Rachel Powell or Sin Dobson at Hill & Knowlton on
0207 973 4438 or at

“Darren Richards (36, professional, enjoys travelling and water
sports) is one of the success stories of the extraordinary upsurge in
the dating services industry.

“Chief executive of, the UK's largest dating service
with more than half a million active members, which last year reaped a
profit "at the high end of seven figures".

Source: The Guardian,12868,894723,00.html

“ is the UK's largest dating service with over 875,000
active members each having a detailed profile.”


”Founded in January 1999, is the UK's largest online
dating service” (..) Many of their members are busy professionals in
the 25-45 year age group.”

Yahoo Personals

Josephine Adams, the newly appointed European managing director of
Yahoo! Personals,7496,975182,00.html

Katie Mitic, vice president and general manager of Yahoo! Personals. 
CONTACT: Yahoo! UK & Ireland Press Office, 020 7331 2304

Additional Information that may interest you:

Hitwise UK Internet Report: Online Dating Industry
Price: $750
Published on: July 2002
Published by: Hitwise

Search Criteria:

UK online OR internet dating industry
UK online OR internet dating market
UK online OR internet dating research
UK online OR internet dating revenues;;;;;;

I then searched for information for each of the above dating services
individually using different combinations of words including CEO,
director, manager, founder, address, contact information, telephone.

I hope the above information helps you in your project. If anything is
unclear or if a link does not function please let me know and I'll be
glad to offer further assistance.

Best regards,

Request for Answer Clarification by londonconsult-ga on 12 Aug 2003 06:16 PDT
I foolishly left out one of the biggest UK dating players - - and wondered, since you're so very good at this, if you
could find the key managers and contact details for it, if possible?

Thanks v. much indeed,


Clarification of Answer by bobbie7-ga on 12 Aug 2003 07:24 PDT
Thank you for the five stars and tip!
I'm delighted that my research satisfied you. I'll check out the
additional information you require and get back to you as soon as I
Best regards,

Clarification of Answer by bobbie7-ga on 12 Aug 2003 08:01 PDT
Hello Conrad, is a website which is owned and operated by QSoft
Consulting Ltd.


Mr Demos Strouthos is Marketing Manager with QSoft Consulting Ltd.

"We are very pleased with the relationship we have developed with
GoConnect and look forward to utilising the GoTrek technology for our
members," said Mr Demos Strouthos, Marketing Manager with QSoft
Consulting Ltd. "The GoTrek technology will further enhance
GoConnect's ability to commercialise our unique membership base while
adding additional entertaining content".

Source: Go Connect Press Releases


Mr Henry Badenhorst is Director of QSoft.
Phone:  +44 20 88926999

 “QSoft is a global gay and lesbian consumer communications expert.
QSoft is based in the UK and owns and operates a number of gay and
lesbian meeting portals branded as and a radio network
dedicated to the gay and lesbian community branded as Gaydar Radio.
The Gaydar sites have monthly unique visitors of in excess of 1
million people. According to Hitwise reports, the Gaydar brand of
websites have an aggregate market share of 78% of all UK based
websites dedicated to the gay and lesbian community.”

Mr Richard Li is Chairman of  GoConnect Ltd,
Phone:  +61 3 99937000 
Email: .

“QSoft’s Gaydar brand of websites consistently rank among the top ten
domains in a number of major countries including the UK and Australia.
These sites in aggregate generate a minimum of 25 million page
impressions per day; deliver over 140 million banners monthly, and a
minimum of 150,000 unique visitors per day.”

The Board of Directors of GoConnect Ltd (“GCN”) and that of QSoft
Consulting Ltd (“QSoft”) are pleased to advise that the two groups
have joined forces to launch a gay and lesbian adult video
subscription channel to the global gay and lesbian community.

GoConnect Limited
ACN 089 240 353
Level 6, 43-51 Queen Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Tel 61 3 9993 7000
Fax 61 3 9993 7099

Company Announcement Office: Australian Stock Exchange Limited


QSOFT Consulting Ltd 
6th Floor Queens House 2 Holly Road 
Twickenham MIDDLESEX TW1 4EG 
Tel : 0208 893 9550 
Fax : 0208 893 9553 
First Contact Gary Frisch

Other email addresses:

Queries or suggestion
Advertising information
Questions regarding personals

Search terms used:
"QSoft Consulting Ltd"
"QSoft Consulting” CEO OR director OR manager

I hope you find this helpful.

Best wishes
londonconsult-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
Thanks very much indeed for an excellent and comprehensive answer. I
certainly did not expect such a quality response in such a short time.
It will be extremely useful to my project.


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