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Q: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   12 Comments )
Subject: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: pinkfreud-ga
List Price: $7.50
Posted: 11 Sep 2003 17:23 PDT
Expires: 11 Oct 2003 17:23 PDT
Question ID: 254829
Hi, THV!

When I lived in Tennessee I often heard the term "tarheel" used by
residents of a neighboring state. Can you tell me, very briefly, the
meaning of the term "tarheel," and a little bit of its background?

Somehow I have the idea that a person whose username is tar_heel_v-ga
will be able to provide me with a satisfying answer to this question
that has lurked in the back of my mind for several years.

Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
Answered By: tar_heel_v-ga on 19 Sep 2003 09:45 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
My dearest Pinkfreud...

My deepest and sincerest apologies for being so tardy in my response
to your question.  I am truly flattered to have been chosen to provide
an answer to one who, as evidenced by the comments, is so highly
respected and esteemed within the GA community.  The reports of my
demise were greatly exagerrated, however.  I have simply been very,
very busy with real life and have been unable to support my habit of
Google Answers. That being said, let's take a look at your question.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the flagship of the
University of North Carolina system, is the oldest state university in
the United States.  Founded in 1789, Carolina is consistently rated
among the top universities in the United States.  Most people,
however, equate the the success of the athletic programs with UNC. 
While the State has two official nicknames, "THe Old North State" and
"The Tar Heel State", the origin of Tar Heel is a question that we,
even as natives, are asked and have asked all of our lives.

Obviously (maybe not), North Carolina is known as the Tar Heel State. 
The history behind this monicker is one that is surrounded in
controversy and mystery.  There are several versions of how the name
came to be.

More than likely, regardless of the true origin of Tar Heel, the
production of tar-pitch and turpentine, cultivated from the large
population of pine trees in the state, has a direct correlation on the
name.  These trees were burned and the tar would run down channels
that were cut along the sides.  Those that collected this tar were
known as "tar boilers".  Poet Walt Whitman recorded in the late 1800's
that the people of North Carolina were known as "tar boliers". Being
that this line of work was not one that was looked upon with favor,
the term tar boiler was not a compliment by any means.

One of the stories, while far from the most popular, states that when
General Cornwallis' troops tried to cross into North Carolina,
revolutionaries had poured tar into the river in order to slow them
down.  It was then said that anyone that tried to invade the state
would get a tar heel.  This story, howeverm cannot be traced before
the 20th century, so it is more than likely, simply folklore and also
a means to help point to the naming of the Tar River.

The question remains, when did this name, Tar Heel, come to being. 
The most popular stories are both found during the Civil War:

"In a fierce battle in Virginia, where their supportive column was
driven from the field, North Carolina troops stood alone and fought
successfully. The victorious troops were asked in a condescending tone
by some Virginians who had retreated, 'Any more tar down in the Old
North State, boys?' The response came quickly: 'No: not a bit; old
Jeff's bought it all up.' 'Is that so? What is he going to do with
it?' the Virginians asked. 'He is going to put it on your heels to
make you stick better in the next fight.'"
Origin Of Name "Tar Heel"

There are versions of the above that we as native North Carolinians
have been told our entire lives.  One states that soldiers from North
Carolina fought so bravely and valiantly at the Battle of Murfeesboro
that a Union general stated that they must have had "tar on their
heels to hold the line"

After the Civil War, the term Tar Heel was considered somewhat
derogatory, used in a similar way that we might use the term "white
trash" today.  However, as the years went on, the term became one that
North Carolinians used with pride.  In 1893, students at the
University of North Carolina founded a newspaper entitled "The Tar
Heels" (now known as The Daily Tar Heel) and the term has been
associated with the school ever since.

Thanks for allowing my to answer your question regarding my home
state.  I hope that the information I have provided will allow you to
rest easy knowing how your one time neighbor to the East was given the
nickname of the Tar Heel State.



Search Strategy:
tar heel origin

personal knowledge
pinkfreud-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Thank you so much for the educational and entertaining answer! And
thanks also for your assistance on the "Disco Ball" question. It was
most appreciated.

Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: probonopublico-ga on 12 Sep 2003 00:16 PDT
Oh, dear ... Another illusion shattered ... I used to believe that
Pinky knew EVERYTHING.
Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: pinkfreud-ga on 12 Sep 2003 10:03 PDT
Even a person who knows everything has an occasional need for
emergency backup information. ;-)
Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: probonopublico-ga on 12 Sep 2003 10:09 PDT
Right ... That's it!

You are now officially demoted from your Goddess status.

Please turn in your badge and gun immediately.

Also, say 'Goodbye' to your pension.

AND no more treats for the cats. (Not even the lioness!)
Subject: pinkfreud demoted from goddess status
From: grammatoncleric-ga on 12 Sep 2003 14:59 PDT
My intuition is that probonopublico-ga has made his summary decision
out of an emotional response.  He should be arrested for sense

In the meantime I would like to congratulate pinkfreud on her
continued dedication to the Tetragrammaton.  See previous comment
posting here:

The Grammaton Cleric
Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: pinkfreud-ga on 12 Sep 2003 16:13 PDT
Dear Grammaton Cleric,

Thank you very much for your kind words. Maintaining 'Equilibrium' is
important to my entire family, but it is not easy, since my gramma
weighs a ton and my dog (who loves to chase cars) can sense a fender.

Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: apteryx-ga on 13 Sep 2003 12:59 PDT
Hey, Bryan,

Don't start repainting that shrine and posting a rental notice yet. 
Not a single crumb of marble has fallen from Pinkfreud's pedestal.

Rather, you have made a false assumption about the epistemological
dimensions of divinity.

Goddesses do not have to know everything.  Like mortals, they just
have to know where to get it.  They also have resources unknown and
unimaginable to the rest of us.  And--they have to know what to do
with the knowledge when they get it, which in my estimation is less a
characteristic of human than of godlike wisdom.

To ask a question does not necessarily mean ignorance of the answer. 
On the contrary, asking a question to which one already knows the
answer is an excellent method of divination for many purposes, as
members of certain professions know very well.  Disarmingly candid,
sublimely inscrutable, our Pinky may have some ineffable design behind
her question that is not for you and me to penetrate.

If I were you, I wouldn't go around tempting her disfavor.  I'd say
better light another stick of incense pretty quick, and maybe even lay
down some jam and muffins and a pot of tea at the foot of that

Advice from a friend,
Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: sublime1-ga on 13 Sep 2003 16:44 PDT
I actually DO know everything...I just can't remember it all at once.
: )
Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: probonopublico-ga on 13 Sep 2003 21:12 PDT

The Comments of various Pinky disciples have been noted ......

BUT, surely, a Goddess of all people should know precisely WHERE to
cast her question?

And, according to my (highly privileged) intelligence tar_heel_v has
NOT responded.

Therefore, I contend that a switched-on Goddess should by now have
redirected her question to tar_heel_vi or vii?

Or am I missing something?

Worried of Hove
Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: apteryx-ga on 13 Sep 2003 23:52 PDT
I'm sorry, Bryan.  Your reasoning does not follow at all.  It's too
narrowly confined by human habits of thought.  You must open up your
mind to other rationalities, you know?

Pinky may have delivered her message or achieved her purpose already. 
tar_heel_v-ga doesn't even have to exist, much less answer when called
upon, for this communication to succeed.  I would not presume to
suppose that the logic of deities must make sense to me unless I were
a deity of equal standing myself.

Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: probonopublico-ga on 14 Sep 2003 00:01 PDT
Got it!

I've sussed it out at last ...

tar_heel_v disappeared on March 3 and has not been seen or heard of

His/her last words at 18.54 PST were 'I am still looking for dedicated
e-tailers with numbers.' (ID 166388)

Obviously, it should not take more than 6 months to answer a $25
question, particularly since tar_heel_v had previously stated on ID
158076 that he/she already had the information.

There's more to this than meets the eye.

Naturally, Pinky was worried about the missing researcher, so she sent
out a CODED message.

Goddess Pinky, you are hereby reinstated.

But now, I'm even more worried about tar_heel_v.

Verily Worrified of Hove
Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: apteryx-ga on 14 Sep 2003 00:06 PDT
Yes.  Coded.  <whew>  The tenth word from the end is a major clue.  I
trust we will see that your discretion is the equal of your

Pinky, I've done all I can do.  It's up to you now.

Subject: Re: For tar_heel_v-ga ONLY
From: probonopublico-ga on 14 Sep 2003 00:11 PDT

tar_heel_v-ga has NOT disappeared ...

A search for tar_heel only brings up the misspellings ...

Now, there's a funny thing.

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