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Q: Associations ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: Associations
Category: Reference, Education and News > Consumer Information
Asked by: 211563-ga
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Posted: 14 Sep 2003 08:00 PDT
Expires: 14 Oct 2003 08:00 PDT
Question ID: 255693
I'm looking for a listing of trade associations.  Examples would be
The National Association of Vegetarians or Nat. Assoc. of
Bowling...etc.   I found several things like National Directory of
Magazines and while it gives some associations, it mostly gives
regular magazines found on newsstands and this isn't what I want.  I
found a site and it too was similar to what I was
looking for but not.  I understand there are over 200,000 associations
on file in Washington DC with someone.  How would I get a list of
these or as many of these as possible.  Thank you.  By the way, thanks
for info about our puppy.  She died last week but she lived without
pain for some three months that she would not have if it hadn't been
for the lady from Georgia that answered my request for help.  Thank
you so much.

Request for Question Clarification by techtor-ga on 14 Sep 2003 08:28 PDT
There does not seem to be any directory listing all associations of
all kinds, but there are lists of associations under different
categories, such as associations of stained glass makers, associations
in specific sports, associations of auctioneers, etc, on the Internet.
Would you like me to list as many of these as possible for an answer?

Clarification of Question by 211563-ga on 14 Sep 2003 11:11 PDT
Yes, that would be fine.  How are you doing.  I appreciate all your
help in the past.

Clarification of Question by 211563-ga on 14 Sep 2003 12:14 PDT
Please let me clarify...It would be nice if I could find, with your
help, what I'm looking for that has little or no cost....mabey there
is a US Govt. publication listing associations...I'm fairly sure
associations have to list at some entity in Washington that
would be great because I could take info and reprint and send out to
my people....I know this is more work but I'll tip a hundred dollars
if anyone can find this.  Thanks the way, Gale was
great and I was surprised to find it was based in Iran and another
publication they offered was concerning espionage....however Gale is
expensive for my purposes and if I can find something more affordable,
it sure would help....Randy

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 14 Sep 2003 16:17 PDT
Hello there,

If you would be good enough to clarify a few things, perhaps one of
the researchers here can help you find the right list:

1.  When you say you want a "list", what do you mean?  Is just a list
of names sufficient, or is there other information you need?

2.  Do you want a list that's in a print book, on a website, or one
you can download and use yourself?  Many internet lists are available,
but are sometimes only accessible a few at a time (e.g. ten to a page,
then you have to click to the next page).  Would that suit your needs?

3.  Not all associations are trade associations...can you clarify what
types of associations are of most interest to you?



Clarification of Question by 211563-ga on 14 Sep 2003 21:42 PDT
thanks, any type association is needed...not just trade.   I need list
with name, address, phone, email, and advertising info such as rates,
circulation, etc.  I need it in book and disc form.  thanks...I think
we are geting close.  Randy

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 15 Sep 2003 10:56 PDT

I'm not sure if we're getting closer or farther away!

There is a sort of master list of associations kept by the federal
government.  It's a massive database of about a million organizations.
 A subset of these are business-type associations and there are about
200,000 listed -- this is probably the database your heard mention of.

Problem is these are huge electronic files that are ordinarily only
handled by professional programmers and database specialists.  They
are not the type of thing you can download to a spreadsheet, or
publish on a CD.  If they were printed out as a book, it would
probably fill up half a library!

So...I don't think you're going to get a CD or print version with all
the information you're looking for, especially at low cost.

I do know a source that has information on about 10,000 major
associations.  The information is available online, if you're willing
to step through it.

The list of association names appears in alphabetical order, and looks
like this:

American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management  
American Association of Healthcare Consultants  
American Association of Home Based Businesses Incorporated  
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging  
American Association of Immunologists  
American Association of Independent News Distributors  
American Association of Industrial Management of Connecticut  
American Association of Law Libraries  
American Association of Law Libraries  
American Association of Meat Processors  
American Association of Medical Assistants  
American Association of Medical Society Executives  
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators  
American Association of Museums  
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians  
American Association of Neurological Surgeons  
American Association of Neurological Surgeons  
American Association of Neuroscience Nurses  
American Association of Nurse Anesthetists  
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc  
There are twenty association names listed per page, so you'd have to
click through a lot of pages to see all 10,000 names.   The list can
be accessed for the nation as a whole, or for individual states.  You
can also select particular categories -- energy, medicine, etc.

Each name in the list is clickable, and takes you directly to the
organization's website.

I know this isn't the neat package of information you were seeking,
but I fear that might not be available to you unless you are willing
to purchase or subscribe to one of the sources mentioned in the
various comments.

Let me know if you would like me to post information about accessing
the list of 10,000 associations as an answer to your question.


Clarification of Question by 211563-ga on 15 Sep 2003 12:55 PDT
To my Georgia Peach.. that is a great deal of info to sift thru but I
would like to know how to access the info in case anyone ever accuses
me of proselyting their info.  Thanks as always for your help and
sorry we couldn't find exactly what i wanted but it's close enough to
get me going....Randy

Clarification of Question by 211563-ga on 15 Sep 2003 13:00 PDT
Dickl-Ga...I could be wrong but I'm not stupid enough to make such a
statement knowing it's going out to you experts that could pick it
apart....I'm positive that during my search of Gale, I ran across
material referring to Iran and showed it to my might not be
gale and probably isn't now that you point it out but there is some
firm, owned and operated out of Iran that sells info that I'm looking
for and additional info on clandestine things.  i don't know if I can
find it again but I will try.  Also, I would recommend that you wait
on the tip in the future before you tell the person asking the
question he doesn't know what he's talking about
Subject: Re: Associations
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 15 Sep 2003 20:33 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Randy,

You haven’t said much about why you want such a  l-o-o-o-n-g list of
associations, so it’s a bit difficult, from a researchers point of
view, to know which is the best source of information to steer you
towards.’s a few options to choose from.

Let me know if anything below is unclear, or needs elaboration.

All the best...



First stop is, believe it or not, the “association of associations”
known as the American Society of Association Executives, otherwise
known as ASAE.  This group has a database that I alluded to earlier
with over 10,000 member associations.  You can access the database and
search it at:

Oddly, their site says they have 6,589 associations, but there are
actually considerably more listed in their database!  If you simply
click on the “GO” button (without filling in any information) you’ll
be taken to a results page with the message:

“Your search found 10642 Association(s)”

and an alphabetical  list of the first twenty associations.

You also have the option to specify a state, or a city within a state.
 The results will return all associations within the selected
geographical area.

You can also fine-tune search results by entering text in the
“Association Name Contains” box.  For instance, entering the word
“international” gives you a list that beings this way:

AACE International  
ACA International  
Academy of Dentistry International  
Accion International  
Adventist Development and Relief Agency International  
Affiliated Conference of Practicing Accountants International  
AGN International North America  
Air Movement and Control Association International Inc  
Airports Council International European Office  
Airports Council International NA  
Alpha Beta Gamma International Inc  
Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity  
Alpha Phi International Fraternity Inc  
Altrusa International Incorporated  
AMD Alliance International Inc  
American Councils for International Education  
American International Automobile Dealers Association  
American Management Association International  
American Red Cross International Services Department  
American Society for Industrial Security International 		

Selecting a term from the “Keyword” list seems to work much the same
way.  You can combine search strategies in order to, e.g., list all
the groups in New York State with the word “international” in their

Clicking on any of the association names then takes you directly to
the organization’s web page.


Need more/better/faster information than that?  The ASAE is one of the
few organizations that sells their mailing list.  You can slice it and
dice it any way you want – with or without executive names, with or
without size of association (by budget), geographically, by subject
matter, and so on.  You have to pay, or course, but from what I’ve
seen of other mailing lists, their rates seem reasonable.  You can
find all the relevant details at:

Note that at the bottom of the PDF document are several more links to
additional information.


Another organization with a MUCH LARGER database is Guidestar.  You
can search their database at:

When I entered “association” in the KEYWORD box, the database came
back with a message:

“89,711 organizations were found. Please refine your search criteria
and try again.”

That’s almost 100,000 associations in their (and there are a lot of
other similar groups in the database as well that simply don’t have
the word “association” in their keyword list).

In order to narrow it down to a reasonable number of results, I kept
“association” as my keyword, and made some arbitrary choices from the
pull-down menus, selecting Massachusetts as my state of choice, and
Research Organizations as the type of organization.  The search
returned 41 research associations in Massachusetts, including:

Organizations Found : 41 

Association for Computing Machinery   
Springfield, MA 1119 
ACM is committed to bringing potentially significant technical and
public policy issues to the attention of the ACM membership and the
Association for Computing Machinery   
Boston, MA 2115 
ACM is committed to bringing potentially significant technical and
public policy issues to the attention of the ACM membership and the
Association for Computing Machinery   
Worcester, MA 1609 
ACM is committed to bringing potentially significant technical and
public policy issues to the attention of the ACM membership and the

[this group was repeated about 25 times in locations throughout
 American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, Inc.   
Cambridge, MA 02138 
American Association of Variable Star Observers   
Cambridge, MA 02138 
Applied Computing Systems Institute of Massachusetts, Inc.   
HADLEY, MA 01035 
 Law & Society Association   
AMHERST, MA 01003 
Development sociolegal studies
...and so on.  

Again, the Guidestar site allows you to click on any name that appears
in the search result, to be taken to a summary page that describes the
group in detail, and to links for getting even more information on any
organization of interest.

Like ASAE, Guidestar will also custom-tailor a slice of their database
for you, for a fee, of course.  You can see the details at:

where it says:
GuideStar Data Services                                

Need specific nonprofit data for your research or outreach activities?
Tap into the millions of fields GuideStar has stored in its extensive
database. Tell us what information you need and how you need it—we'll
deliver a customized slice of GuideStar right to your in box!

[They offer a lot more detail elsewhere on their site.  Just click on
the “Data Services” link for additional information].


Finally, I want you to at least be aware of the motherlode of all
association information, though the files here are very large,
extremely cumbersome to use, and best left to data management
specialists.  However, they’re available at no charge, and you’re
always welcome to give them a try.

The IRS is the keeper of the master lists of all tax-exempt
organizations.  Most associations belong in this category, and are
therefore included in the IRS’ “Publication 78" which is the listing
of all organizations in the country (and some international groups as
well) that are eligible for tax exemption in the US.  You can find the
electronic version of Publication 78 here:,,id=97186,00.html

The relevant link on the page is:

Cumulative List of Organizations, Publication 78

The 'Cumulative List of Organizations', an Electronic Version of
Publication 78. This Publication Lists the Names of Organizations
Eligible to Receive Tax Deductible Contributions, as Well as Their
Deductibility Limitations .  ZIP File Includes ASCII Text. Large File
- 11 Megabytes. Updated Quarterly

It is an 11 Mbyte compressed file that extracts to a file over 100 Mb
in size.  It is, for the most part, a name and address file, along
with some IRS coding information that may be of interest, but that I
haven’t fully deciphered.

Note that the page also offers sub-files for each state.  You may want
to try your hand with one of these before biting off the full file.


I hope this is enough to get you going.  You probably had your heart
set on getting perfect information at the get go.  Ahhh...if only the
world were that cooperative.  But these lists should get you off to a
robust start.

Let me know if you need any additional information.  


search strategy:  None.  Made use of bookmarked links and existing
211563-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $50.00
as always, info was exactly as I was wanting.

Subject: Re: Associations
From: dickl-ga on 14 Sep 2003 10:09 PDT
Most larger libraries have the Gale Encyclopedia of Associations. 
I've used it and found that it's quite thorough.  You can get
information at
Subject: Re: Associations
From: sublime1-ga on 14 Sep 2003 11:22 PDT

Expanding a bit on dickl-ga's suggestion, you might
also be interested in Gale's 'Associations Unlimited'.
If you're acting on behalf of a company, you can request
a free trial for the online version here:

A description of the product is here:

And a pdf file describing it is available here:

"Select the modules you need
License the complete database or select modules relevant to
your needs:
- National Organizations of the U.S. - 22,000 organizations
- International Organizations - 20,000 multinational and
national organizations
- Regiona l, State and Local Organizations - more than 100,000
bodies in the U.S., at regional, state and local levels
- IRS Data on Nonprofit Organizations - 300,000 organizations,
agencies and service programs
- Associations Materials - full-text reproductions of associations’
materials (membership applications, mission statements,
etc.) from 2,600 of the most frequently contacted U.S.

It is also available on a searchable CD-ROM.

Subject: Re: Associations
From: dickl-ga on 15 Sep 2003 10:19 PDT
I was surprised at your comment that Gale is located in Iran and sells
books on espionage.  Are you sure you went to

Their site states, "Gale is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, with
additional offices elsewhere in the U.S. and in the U.K., Australia,
Germany, Switzerland and Malaysia."  I can't find any reference to

As far as the cost of the information your're seeking, the Gale
reference books are available for free use at most larger libraries. 
It can't be cheaper than that.  I would doubt that there's a free
CD-ROM available.

Just my thoughts...
Subject: Re: Associations
From: pafalafa-ga on 16 Sep 2003 08:05 PDT
Thanks so much for the generous rating and extra-generous
tip...they're always appreciated.  Glad this answer worked for you,
and hope to see you back at Google Answers one day soon.

Best of luck with your "associations" project.


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