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Q: Amway Tape Codes: SOT, DBR, GCS, CDE, INET, PN, RP... [Speakers, Titles] ( No Answer,   1 Comment )
Subject: Amway Tape Codes: SOT, DBR, GCS, CDE, INET, PN, RP... [Speakers, Titles]
Category: Business and Money > Small Businesses
Asked by: sxd-ga
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Posted: 16 Sep 2003 13:04 PDT
Expires: 16 Oct 2003 13:04 PDT
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The Amway/Quixtar company (and semi-affiliated organizations which
generate and manage teams of Amway sales reps) has produced thousands
of audio cassette tapes recording of motivational/eduational speakers
to assist with "continuing education" for enrolled Amway salespeople.

The Amway cassette tapes follow a standardized coding system:  as I
understand it, the letters represent the tape's publication group and
the numbers represent the tape's order in the series/sales line.

***I seek a comprehensive listing of Tape Code inventory codes, with
corresponding speaker information and tape title. I am sure that all
this inventory information has been published online on a sales
website, Amway member's personal page, etc.

(All in all, there should be many thousands of unique tape codes /
speakers / titles.  The answer should consist promarily of copying and
pasting data)

If possible, please try to provide the listing in the following
Tape Code <-> Tape Speaer <-> Tape Title (please use <-> to seperate
the data fields)

To assist with the search process, below is a (very incomplete)
listing of some tape code data I have already collected from various

Thank you!


NOTE:  Elements of the information may be inaccurate (i.e. tape code
data corresponding to wrong speaker / title data)

BPB-102	Wayne & Suzanne Callender	FED '97 Greensboro
BPB-105	 Rocky Covington 	The Superbowl of Life
BPB-128	Bill & Sandy Hawkins	Spokane FED '97”
BPB-62	Clyde & Maureen Daniels 	Britt Spring Leadership '96 (New
BPB-64	Patt Conditt 	Choices
BPB-72	Bill & Kay Wallace 	Put It In Gear, Get Off Your Rear, & You'll
Be There
BPB-75	Tom & Estelle Joachim	Fight the Fight
BPB-76	Women's Diamond Panel	Britt Family Reunion '97
BPB-77	Larry & Linda Riley	Rally
BPB-82	Ray & Caroll Youngblood	Whoooeee!
BPB-83	Paul & Debbie Miller	Clash or Cash
CDE-0001	Mark & Tami Crawford, Don & Janet Hull	Don’t Underestimate
the Power of the Basics, & Building it Mouse to Mouse
CDE-0002	Brad & Vera Doyle	We Haven't Seen Anything Yet
CDE-0003	Brock/Dale Rutledge; Steve/Lisa Stokl	A Cadillac In the
Teacher's Parking Lot / Diamond Is Not the Destination, It's the
CDE-0005	Hans/Debbie Frick; Francisco/Geovana Bazan	Reset Your Dreams
/ Aim for the Stars
CDE-113	Ziglar	You Can Have Everyting
CDE-22	Planck	Addition or Multiplication
CDE-23	Thornton	The Person Who Risks Nothing
CDE-9901	Brad/Kim DeHaven; Steve/Cindy Johnson	Start Believing / A New
Level of Everything
CDE-9903	Scott & MJ Michael	Michael's Miracle Finish
CDE-9904	Don & Nancy Wilson	Hard Work & Integrity
CDE-9905	Meadows / Haugen	Do You Have A Dream / Claim Victory
CDE-9908	John & Barbara Sims	The Power of the Dream
CDE-9914	Tommy & Lesia Harper	Are You Smoking or Are You On Fire?
CDE-9915	Brett & Fran Deimler	I'll Race Ya!
CDE-9916	Sherrill & Kathy Lambson	Government Worker Turned Diamond
CDE-9917	Don & Ruth Storms, Jim & Julie Jones	High Tech, High Touch&
Pigs of the Past
CDE-9918	Jack & Effie Reed, Bernice Hansen	Change, Adapt, and Embrace&
When it All Began
CDE-9919	George & Ruth Halsey, Steve & Elaine Gardner, Dennis
Delisle	Breaking Mental Barriers/On Your List & Off Your List& 3
CDE-9921	Goldberb/Marble	A Winner by Choice/Your Long-Distance Group
CDE-9922	Reid	Is The Cart Before The Horse?
CDE-9923	Randy & Valorie Haugen	A Very Unique Situation
CDE-9923	Haugen	A Very Unique Situation
CDE-9923	Payne	Width
CDE-9924	Don & Nancy Wilson	Nine Toes In The Green, Green Grass
CDE-9924	Wilson	Nine Toes in the Green, Green Grass
CDE-9925	Victor
CDE-9926	Payne	Width
CDE-9926	Payne	Width
CDE-9927	Martin	The Power of Volume
CDE-9929	Don & Ruth Storms	If You Want Something, Get It Yourself
CDE-9929	Storms	If you Want Something, Get it yourself
CDE-9930	Ramiro & Barbara Areces	The Great Equalizer
CDE-9931	Dexter & Birdie Yager	One Step At A Time
CDE-9933	Brad Doyle	Unlimited Possibilities
CDE-9934	Setzer	Evolution or Revolution
CDE-9937	Bruce & Wendy Anderson	Commander Sudzy
CDE-9938	John & Susan Haagen	Running for our Life
CDE-9939	Brian & Judy McConnell	Life Is A Do It Yourself Project
CDE-9940	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	You Fail If You Don't Try Again
CDE-9941	Bob & Bonnie Howard	Commited to Success
CDE-9942	Mark & Sandy Day	Different Process, Same Principles
CDE-9943	Randy & Valorie Haugen	Paddle Now!
CDE-9944	Billy Florence; Jim Martin	The Evolution of Quixtar / Net
CDE-9945	Don & Ruth Storms	The Technological Tradition
CDE-9945	Storms	The Techniological Tradition
CDE-9946	Jody & Kathy Victor	IBB Baby!
CDE-9947	Shoffler / Bryniawsky	Grab Your Baby & Hold On / Edification
As A Way Of Life
CDE-9948	Doug & Julie Cassens	Harmony
CDE-9948	Cassens	Harmony
CDE-9949	Delisle / D'Amico	Follow the Fruit On the Tree / We Built It
CDE-9949	D'Amico-Deliske	Follow The Fruit On the Tree/We Built it
CDE-9950	Wiese / Harper	African Dreams & Other Things / Are You
Passionate or Pass'in It?
CDE-9950	Wiese	African Dreams &Other Things/Are you Passionate or are
you Passin' it
CDE-9951	Garry/Kim Coles; Scotty/Terry Rummell	Get Connected to a Team
/ Plug In & Power Up
CDE-9952	Don Storms, Jody Victor	We’re Smoking& Can You Handle This?
CDE-9952	Don Storms; Jody Victor	We're Smok'in! / Can You Handle This?
CEC-0045	Carrol & Norma Rea / Nick & Estelle Leno	Love ‘Em & Lead ‘Em;
and Stumbling Through Failure on to Success
CEC-0046	Glenn & Pam Shoffler	We All have the Same Plan
CEC-0047	Dr. Richard & Marilynn Morgan	No Hill for a Climber
CEC-0048	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	A Passion for this Business
CEC-0049	Jack & Effie Reid	Where are you going?
CEC-0050	Mike Murdock	It’s Found in Your Daily Routine
CEC-0051	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	What are you going to do Today?
CEC-0052	Len & Beatrix Griffin	You Don’t Know What you Don’t Know
CEC-102	Don & Ruth Storms	Almost
CEC-125	Halsey	We're All In The Same Business
CEC-134	Pannel	First Steps to Diamond
CEC-26	Argyris	What is High Tech
CEC-27	Rumnell	Get Up and Win Your Race
CEC-28	Griffin	Flat Earth Thinking
CEC-30	Michael	Being Mission Driven
CEC-31	Goetschel	18-Months
CEC-33	Haugen	Ever Had That Feeling?
CEC-35	Coles	This Is The Fight Of Your Life
CEC-37	Hartis	Uncle Fred's Compensation Plan
CEC-38	Wilson/DeHaven	Discretionary Time/Respect and Profit
CEC-39	Hullender	Living Without Financial Stress
CEC-41	Bryan/Day	We Build Networks of People/Its About Your Future
CEC-42	Holland	Fine
CEC-43	Goldman/Mazzeo	Get it In Your Heart/Prove Your Commitment
CEC-44	Law	Enjoy the Journey
CEC-45	Rea/Leno	Love'em and Lead'em/Stumbling Through Failure to
CEC-46	Shoffler	We All Have The Same Plan
CEC-47	Morgan	No Hill For A Climber
CEC-48	Meadows	A Passion For This Business
CEC-50	Merdock	It's Found In Your Daily Routine
CEC-51	Meadows	What Are You Going To Do Today
CI-101	Coleman Orr	Dream Night Rally Dallas Dec 80
CI-106	Pat Russell	Talks About Sking Care
CI-185	Dr. Denis Waitley	Poetry
CI-191	Doug Wead	What Makes God God
CI-312	Jack & Effie Reed	Bank Vice President
CI-318	Dexter Yager	Set You Goals, Decide Where To Be
CI-323	David Toma Belknap	Free Enterprise – Dallas 1982
CI-337	Dexter & Birdie Yager	The Power of A Dream
CI-352	Dave & Jan Severn	Positive Wife = Power
CI-355	Louis & Mamie Caldwell	Emerald Direct
CR-49	Jim & Dinah Martin	Keep The Eagle Free
DBR-1007	Louie & Kathy Carrillo	The Secret Is Tapes Books Functions
DBR-1015	Jim & Barbara Hayes	You Don’t Remember the No’s When the
Rewards Kick In
DBR-1020	Kelly & Connie Robbins	 Activate the Warrior
DBR-1023	Jim & Sue Pare	One Moment In Time
DBR-1026	McEwen	 How About This…You're Fired!
DBR-1036	John & Barbara Sims	Interesting How Simple It Is
DBR-1038	Nealis 	Where The People Are Genuine
DBR-1039	Foster	 Hit It!
DBR-1041	Huffer	 Follow Through With the Dream
DBR-1043	Hughes	 Geographic Diversification 
DBR-1048	Scott & MJ Michael, Brian & Judy McConnell	A Bigger Purpose&
Where Do You Get Your Information?
DBR-1049	Hank & Alicia Gilewicz	Now That You’ve Seen the Business
DBR-1052	Dominick & Pat Coniguliaro	The Bondage of Low Self-Esteem
DBR-1054	Curtis & Virginia Ledbetter, Joan Kachel	Find Your Magnetic
North& Focus, Focus, Focus
DBR-1056	Reid	 It's The Little Things That Getcha
DBR-1061A	Walker	 Hot and Wealthy, Or Cool and Broke
DBR-1061B	Walker	 Hot and Wealthy, Or Cool and Broke
DBR-1062	Wulfenstein	 5 Things to Help You To Be Free
DBR-1067	John & Susan Haagen	Traveling on a Full Tank of Belief
DBR-1078	Dexter Yager	Mistakes & Money, I’ve Made ‘em Both
DBR-1080	John & Pat Terhune	It's a Business of Inspiration
DBR-1081	Casey & Cathy Combden	The System Indicators
DBR-1084	Bob & Bonnie Howard	For Those Who Will Make The Time…
DBR-1085	Rummel	 Commitment Is Crucial
DBR-1086	Fish	 Where Do Solid Relationships Start?
DBR-109	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	Heroes
DBR-1091	Tommy & Lesia Harper	Don't Try To Do It Alone
DBR-1099	Jerry Meadows	Small Steps
DBR-1101	Tedd & Naomi Fish	Fight Your Fears
DBR-1105	Bo Short	It's Called Practice
DBR-1105	Brad & Vera Doyle  	Energize Your Follow Through  
DBR-1105	Bo Short	It’s Called Practice
DBR-1106	Mark Day	There's Nothing New Under The Sun
DBR-1119	Don Wilson	Biscayne Boulevard
DBR-1125	Sims; Wulfenstein; Ence; Lambson	Issues & Principles: A
Diamond Discussion
DBR-1127	Darryl/DeLaine Rupe; Jim/Kathy Paullin	Celebrate Yourself /
Tools Are An Investment
DBR-1131	Steve & Angela Ferraez, Gary & Amita Smith	Increase Your
Volume& Duplication Makes it Powerful
DBR-1137	Darrel & DeLaine Rupe	Rupe's Fast Food
DBR-1143	Dexter & Birdie Yager	The Freedom to be You
DBR-1144	Ron/Toby Hale; Tony/Sue Renard	Skunks Stink / So-o-o C'mon
DBR-1145	Bill Childers	No Gain Without Pain
DBR-1146	Ledbetter; Victror; Storms; Michael, etc	Leadership, Loyalty
& Love - Diamond Ladies Tackle Tough Issues
DBR-1147	Hughes; Payne; Griffin; Foster	The Diamond Zone
DBR-1148	Chuck & Linda Vogt	What is Your Brick Wall?
DBR-1148	Coleman Orr   	Dream Night Rally, Dallas
DBR-1148	Chuck & Linda Vogt	What is Your Brick Wall?
DBR-1149	George & Ruth Halsey	Somebody Needs to Hear Your Story
DBR-1150	Andy & Nadia Argyris	Hey Boys, How's it Goin'?
DBR-1154	Pipkin; Carrillo; Joye; Lambson	Exploring Your Potential -
Successful Entrepreneurs
DBR-1155	Plauck; Joye; Kerr; Kelm	Discovering Your Potential -
Distinguished Achievers
DBR-1161	Rob & Stephanie Terrell	Beyond the Break Line
DBR-1162	Greg & Pat Howard	Why Not Us? Why Not Now?
DBR-1163	Eligio & Betty Gonzales	The Purpose of this Business is to
Make Money
DBR-1164	Dom & Pat Coniguliaro	Concentrate on Solutions
DBR-1165	Roland & Molly Hughes	Wheel of Fortune
DBR-1168	Glenn & Pam Shoffler	If You Stick Around…
DBR-1168	Glenn & Pam Shoffler	If you Stick Around
DBR-1171	Various	Generation Diamond
DBR-1172	Martin; Bishop; Marble; Goldman; Hansen	Focus on Products:
Securing Your Business Through Personal Use
DBR-1172	Jim & Dinah Martin; Denise Bishop;Kathy Marble; Diane
Goldman;Tom Hansen	Focusing on Prodicts: Securing Your Business
through Personal Use & Merchandising
DBR-1176	Randal Ross	Dealing With the Fear of Success
DBR-1180	Peter & Lynne Maddison	Chasing Your Dream
DBR-1182	Panel	HSD Can Revolutionize Your Business
DBR-1183	Brig & Lita Hart  	Gathering Rhinos & Creating Excitement
DBR-1183	Brad & Vera Doyle	Energize Your Follow Through
DBR-1184	Ed & Rose Knickman	Showing the Plan, Not Telling About It
DBR-1184	Ed and Rose Knickman	Showing the Plan, Not Telling About it
DBR-1184	Ed & Rose Knickman	Showing the Plan, Not Telling About It
DBR-1185	Dennis & Lori Plauck	What's In Your Heart?
DBR-1186	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	Patience with People
DBR-1187	John & Jodi Myers	Posture with Sincerity
DBR-1190	Angelo D'Amico	You've Got to Know Why
DBR-1191	Bill & Janice Kerr	Stay Up When You’re Down
DBR-1192	Billy Florence	Who Do You Know?
DBR-1199	Don & Jent Held /Tom & Lorre Hansen	Understand the System /
The System Puts It All Together
DBR-1200	Dennis & Sharon Delisle	Committing Not Quitting
DBR-1200	Dennis & Sharon Delisle	Committing Not Quitting
DBR-1201	Reid, Stouffer, Larrimore, Huffer	Making Calls to Meet Your
DBR-1203	Various	Exploring Your Potential - Successful Entrepreneurs -
Vol 2
DBR-1205	Tim Tower	Making Life a Great Adventure
DBR-1205	Tim Tower	Making Life a Great Adventure
DBR-1207	Covino; Storms; Kerr; Teske; Brown; Sipe	All In The Family: A
Perspective from the Next Generation
DBR-1208	Tommy & Lesia Harper	Reaping the Harvest
DBR-1215	George & Marian Bryniawsky	I Knew We Were Going to Win Again
DBR-1216	Pat Coniguliaro	Ring Your Life with Life’s Riches
DBR-1219	Bruce & Wendy Anderson	2 Pats on the Back for Every Slap on
the Wrist
DBR-1220	Don & Ruth Stoms	Undeniable Truths
DBR-1221	Jody & Kathy Victor	The People You Meet
DBR-1222	Dennis Delisle	White Shirts & Red Ties
DBR-1223	Nick & Estelle Leno	Give It the Heat
DBR-1026	Terry & Yvonne McEwen	How About This…You're Fired!
DBR-1230	Various	Getting the Facts from the People Who Have Them
DBR-1241	Ron Hale, Roland & Molly Hughes, Brad & Vera Doyle	The 4-Gear
Concept, The Seven Secrets of Follow Through, Evergize Your Follow
DBR-1244	Ed & Charlotte Courtney	Time to Grow
DBR-1248	Don & Ruth Stoms	With the Dreams in Front of Us
DBR-1249	Randal Ross	Ten Mistakes Leaders Make
DBR-1251	Lance & Tracey Smith	Why Amway Is Our Success Vehicle
DBR-1252	Ron & Toby Hale	Impossible to I'm Possible
DBR-1254	Jack & Lise Proctor	Standard Operating Procedures
DBR-1266	Bert Gulick	Interactive Commerce as a Business Choice
DBR-1267	Randy & Valorie Haugen	Leadership & Duplication
DBR-156	Yager	Wealth Thinking
DBR-205	Tim & Connie Foley	Our Story - From Knocking Heads to Coaching
a Real Dream Team
DBR-350	Jim & Beverly Manor	Oh Harry
DBR-350	Jim Mainer	Oh Harry!
DBR-376	Dave Severn	Pigs Don't Know Pigs Stink
DBR-377	Jim Dornan	Making the List
DBR-380	Jan Culkins	A Peep Over The Pail
DBR-385	Ty Boyd	Your Financial Options with Ty Boyd 
DBR-396	Tim & Connie Foley	The ? Is:Where r u going 2 be in 5yrs?
DBR-408	George Halsey	This Is Diamond
DBR-434	Bill Florence 	Building your network with posture
DBR-450	Meadows	What Next
DBR-447A	Tim & Connie Foley	Attitude And Specifics
DBR-447B	Tim & Connie Foley	Attitude And Specifics
DBR-504	Ty Boyd	Economic Choices for Today
DBR-528	Haugen	Who do you know named Moe
DBR-534	Don Wilsoon	Are You a Quitter, Carrier or a Builder?
DBR-599	Tim & Connie Foley	How We Got Started
DBR-604	Carlos & Carmen Marin	Once Upon A Time
DBR-654	Tim & Sherry Bryan	Some Advantages We've Found
DBR-659	Louie & Kathy Carrillo	The Powe of a Dream
DBR-672	Tim & Connie Foley	Daily Dozen 
DBR-692	D'Amico; Douglas; Parker; Romano	Professionals at Hilton Head
DBR-696	Jerry Meadows	Misery Loves Company
DBR-709	Vince & Beth Sommers	People Change
DBR-731	Randy Haugen	Driving Width
DBR-735	Randy & Valorie Haugen	Investments Vs. Expenses
DBR-752	Randy Haugen	The Ten Things
DBR-761	Bev Johnson	What Ever Happened to Easy Street?
DBR-767	Louie Carrillo	Forks In the Road
DBR-793	Ken Stewart	Diamond In 29 Months
DBR-797	Haugen, Florence & Stewart	The Prospecting Factor
DBR-805	Jody Victor	A New Beginning
DBR-809	Ty Boyd	Time & Money I
DBR-812	Paul Zane Pilzer	Economic Paradigms & the Power of
DBR-815	Scott & Terri Holland	It's Not What You Get, It's What You
DBR-817	Jack Reid	Gold Bars Personal Finances
DBR-826	Pat Zifferblatt	What's In It for You 
DBR-829	John Zullu	If I Had A Choice…Change or Stay Broke
DBR-837	Frank Mazzeo & Al LeBlanc	Analyze In…Personally
DBR-840	Tim Foley	Will This Work, Continue to Work, Work Here and Work
For Me
DBR-841	Bumstead, Dobbrastine, & Richardson	New Diamonds
DBR-847	Brian & Judy McConnell, George & Ruth Halsey	Follow Up, Not
Foul Up& The Facts Did Not Count
DBR-864	Mike Jakubik	Swing Till You Hit
DBR-868	Al & Helen LeBlanc / Jim & Connie Agard	Taking Responsibility
/ Habits
DBR-871	Kenny Stewart	New Crown Direct - Who Wants To Be Average?
DBR-877	Bob & Bonnie Howard, Jim & Bev Kinsler	Commitment &
DBR-886	Terry & Yvonne McEwen	A Networking Frenzy
DBR-888	Jim & Dinah Martin	Network Marketing-The Wave of the Future
DBR-911	Don & Nancy Wilson, Randy Haugen	We’ll Walk the Beaches, and I
Do Mean Walk & This Lifestyle Ain’t Too Bad
DBR-915	Billy Florence	Advertise Your Business
DBR-916	MJ Michael	The Dream of the 90's: A Husband And Wife Business
DBR-917	Rob Terrell	How to Use Your Upline Effectively
DBR-926	Jim Jones	This Sounds Good, But
DBR-932	Randy Haugen	This is Amway
DBR-936	Rick Setzer, Billy & Peggy Florence, Jerry & Peggy
Boggus	Follow Through (Convince Me)
DBR-944A	Bubba & Sandy Pratt	Fight For Their Future
DBR-944B	Bubba & Sandy Pratt	Fight For Their Future
DBR-948	Les Brown	It's Not Over Until I Win
DBR-969	Jim Martin & Rick Setzer	How To Ignite Your Business With The
Business Trends 2001 Video
DBR-994	Ron & Melanie Rummel	More Than Money
DBR-995	Randy Haugen	Financial Common Sense
DBR-960	Randy Haugen	The Art of Depth
DBR-963	Ed & Charlotte Courtney	You Have to Learn to Love 4 Things
DBR-965	Kelly & Connie Robbins	From Tragedies to Triumphs
DBR-968	Storms	Family Matters
DBR-972	Bubba & Sandy Pratt	You'll Get More Instruction From A Story
DBR-995	Haugen	Financial Common Sense
DBR-996	Casey & Cathy Combden	Do Everything with Specific Intent
DBR-999	Jerry Broering	1000 Names
DBS-50	Angelo and Claudia Nardone	
DD-032	Rich DeVos	Decisions That Led To Success
DD-049	Kay & Caroline Fletcher	Determine the Why – OKC Seminar 8/20/83
DD-053	Robert Schuller	Go and Hit A Home Run
DD-057	Zig Ziglar	You Plus God Equals Enolugh
DD-058	Rick & Sue Lynn Setzer	The Fight for Freedom
DD-061	Doug Wead	Do Something
DD-094	Kay Fletcher	Want More, Get More
DD-105	Rick Setzer & Kay Fletcher	Stability & Security
DD-133	Skip Ross	You Can Be A winner
DD-224	Tony Glass	Excitement
DD-226	Rick Setzer	Phases of the Business
DD-239	Zig Ziglar	You Make the Choice
DD-243	Kay Fletcher	This Business Awars You For What you Do
DD-256	Ty Boyd	Why Amway?
DD-55	Tony & Luise Glass	Where Eagles Fly OKC Dodd FED 10/1/83
DD-56	Denis Waitley	Seeds of Greatness
DD-60	Doug Wead	The Ten Commandments
DD-68	Doug Wead	Make A decision for Diamond
DS-4	Storms	High Tech, High Touch 
DV-78	Gooch Reunion ‘80	John Crowe Seminar
DY-1	Dexter Yager	How to Get Started
DY-59	Jack & Effie Reid	Rally
DY-60	Ron & Toby Hale	From Air Force Recruiter to People-Builder
DY-78	John Crowe	John Crowe Seminar
EA-83	Dr. Lucky Garvin	No Apologies
EC-11	Felix	Quixtar: The Internet Gold Rush
EC-6	Newell, Leazer, Craven 	Tips on ECommerce
EC-8	Snipes	High Tech, High Touch
EC-9	Scott White	ECommerce:  An Insider's Perspective
EM-53	John Sestina	Planning a Successful Future
FDC-428	Burt Gulick	Habits
FDC-428	Burt Gulick	Habits
FDC-459	Dave & Marge Lewis	Long Distance Sponsoring
FED-9	Jim & Nancy Dornan	How We Went Crown
GCS-102	Marshall & Diana Douglas	Keep Your Eye On the Target
GCS-104A	Ron & Melanie Rummel	No Rules
GCS-104B	Ron & Melanie Rummel	No Rules
GCS-106	Chuck & Linda Vogt	Magical Success Points
GCS-107B	Jim Nealis / Ariene Nealis	Run The Race / Keep The Noodles
GCS-108	Tony & Wilda Morales, Al & Lourdes Rivera	New Diamonds
GCS-110	Tim & Cindy Kline	The Other Side of the Coin
GCS-117	Ed and Rose Knickman	There is No Secret
GCS-118	Dave & Marge Lewis	Decide Where You Wanna Be
GCS-124	Ed and Rose Knickman	Things Change
GCS-127	Terry & Yvonne McEwen	What is Your Job
GCS-140	Greg & Pat Howard	We've Been Waiting There Before
GCS-149	Steve & Annette Woods	You Can’t Jump off a Falling Ladder
GCS-154	Don & lavita Kennemer	What Difference Will You Make?
GCS-159	Marshall & Diana Douglass	Noah Built His Own Ark
GCS-161	Casey & Cathy Cambden	A Funny Thing Happened   
GCS-161	Bryan & Roxanne Parks	You Have Your Hands on Something Special
GCS-164	Mario & Betty Orsini	They Called Me Colonel Suds
GCS-165	Gary Schneider	A Map to Direct
GCS-168	Steve & Heidi Sarkela	Go to the Major Function – Period
GCS-172	Parker & Cindy Grabill	Little Victories
GCS-178	Ron & Lily Brown	This is a Victory Celebration
GCS-180	Brig Hart   	Change Makes You Grow  
GCS-180	Brig & Lita Hart	Gathering Rhinos & Creating Excitement
GCS-184	Ed and Rose Knickman	I Wish - I Can - I Will
GCS-187	Pedro & Patsy Lizardi	Plug Into the System
GCS-188	Bryan & Roxanne Parks 	You Have Your Hands on Something
GCS-188	Brig Hart	Change Makes You Grow
GCS-189	Gerry & Sharon Betterman	This is it!
GCS-190	Ron & Lily Brown	Diamonds Together
GCS-191	Bill Childers/Jimmy Dunn	Dreams Must Become Needs/5D's to
GCS-192	Bryan Parks	As You Perform, So Shall You Bonus
GCS-194	John & Teri Hall	Big Promoters-Big Business
GCS-196	Ed and Rose Knickman	Back to the Dream
GCS-198	Gary Schneider	We Wanted to be Part of This
GCS-199	Mark & Patty Middleton	Where We Came From
GCS-200	Jim & Grace Nealis	Pass the Torch
GCS-202	Jim & Tricia Richardson	Then and Now
GCS-203	Cliff & Cheryl Dobbrastine	This Pushed Our Dream Button
GCS-204	Marshall & Dianna Douglas	An Escalator to Success
GCS-206	Brig & Lita Hart/Parker & Cindy Grabill	Going Gold and
Beyond/A year of harvest
GCS-209	Tom & Jackie Redmond	Belief
GCS-210	Ron & Lily Brown	From Head to Heart
GCS-213	Seth & Sharon Weintraub	Don't Negotiate with the System
GCS-214	Jim & Grace Nealis	This Business Is Like Cookies
GCS-215	Bo & Sandy Short	Simple Truths
GCS-216	Mark & Patty Middleton	It's A Business
GCS-29	Louie & Kathy Carrillo	Where'd Bud Go
GCS-39	Bubba & Sandy Pratt	Hook Up The Horses
GCS-52	Ed and Rose Knickman	Sweetie, This Dance is for You
GCS-55	George & Ruth Halsey	The Climate For Diamond
GCS-65A	Louie & Cathy Carrillo	Don't Walk Backwards
GCS-65B	Louie & Cathy Carrillo	Don't Walk Backwards
GCS-67A	Denzil & Kathy West	Just Take Some Action On This Stuff
GCS-67B	Denzil & Kathy West	Just Take Some Action On This Stuff
GCS-68	Kenny Stewart	You Keep the "F", I'll Keep the Dream
GCS-69	Tim & Cindy Kline	You've Got the Winning Ticket
GCS-72	Ed and Rose Knickman	From Macaroni to the Mansion
GCS-76	Ron & Melanie Rummel	Just To Pay Off Sears
GCS-77	Louie & Kathy Carrillo	You Run On Someone Else's Proof
GCS-79	Byron Parks	As You Perform, So Shall You Bonus
GCS-83	Tim & Connie Foley	The Business Encompasses Everything
GCS-85	Roxanne Parks	My Diamond Dozen
GCS-87	Marc & Shelli Hellinghausen	Story
GCS-88	Barry & Luronda Joye	Expectations
GCS-90	Pedro & Patsy Lizardi	Do Something About It
GCS-91	Gary & Nana Schneider	You Have Found the Edge
GCS-92	Bubba & Sandy Pratt	Have the Faith Of a Child
GCS-93	Dave & Marge Lewis	Focus On Where You Want To Be
GCS-94	Jack & Jan Carduff	The Wizard of Oz
GCS-95	Marshall & Diana Douglas	I Was on A mission
GCS-96	Brig & Lita Hart	Go Higher, Further, Faster
GCS-97	Jim & Tricsh Richardson	Success Is Past the Splat
GCS-98	Andy & Polly Andrews / Bubba & Sandy Pratt	Find A Reason To Get
This Done This is It
GCS-99	Ed and Rose Knickman / Steve & Heidi Sarkela	Put Some Time Into
This / Forgetting What is Behind
GLN-193	Jim & Pattie Guldberg	I'll Guaran Flat Tee You
GLN-269	Bert Gulick	Interactive Distribution as a Business Choice
GLN-279	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	Is It Worth It?
INET-011	Gardner	You Don't Shoot Them Here, Do You?
INET-012	Howard	Mental Floss
INET-014	Doyle Yager w/Ken McDonald & Brad Doyle -
the future of business
INET-015	Combden	The System Is Still The Secret
INET-016	Glenn & Pam Shoffler	Leaders Always Lead
INET-016	Shoffler	Leaders Always Lead
INET-019	Coniguliaro	The Eye of The Tigress
INET-021	Billy & Peggy Florence	A Turning Point
INET-021	Florence	A Turning Point
INET-022	Victor, J	Stepping Out & Stepping It Up 9.1.99
INET-023	Victor, J	E-Commerce
INET-024A	Doyle Yager/Panel	Quixtar IMC Hawaii Interviews
INET-027	Michael	People Of Integrity
INET-031	Johnson	Just Get Over It
INET-033	Libby, T	Unique Digital Destination
INET-035	Tim Bryan, Gregg Howard, Tedd Fish	Contacting for Today’s
E-Comm. Business
INET-035	Bryan, Howard, Fish	Contacting For Today's E-Com
INET-038	Dexter Yager	Developing Self Image and The Art of Credibility
INET-039	Haagen	Ape Reality
INET-040	Lance & Tracey Smith	Point & Click
INET-043	Bill Epperhart	7 Keys to Reaching Your Dreams
INET-043	Brad/Kim DeHaven; Nick/Estelle Leno	The Best Cards Are In
Your Hands / Investing In you & Your Business
INET-044	Chuck & Coleen Goetschel	Paying The Price For Freedom
INET-045	Jeremy & Cory Anderson	Computer Basics
INET-046	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	We're Not Just Telling You What To Do
INET-048	Paul Zane Pilzer	The Power of .com In the New e-conomy
INET-049	Tyler & Debbie Libby	Watch Out For the UPS Trucks
INET-051	Scott/MJ Michael; Don/Ruth Storms	Picture All The Good Things
/ From the Horse Buggie to the Rocket
INET-052	Brett & Fran Deimler	The Power Of Mentorship
INET-058	Chuck/Coleen Goetschel; Dan Williams	Look At What We Have to
Offer / The Principles Don't Change
INET-059	Quentin Schultze	Weathering the Web With Wisdom
INET-063	Brad DeHaven / Scott Rummel	FAQ's
INET-064	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	Dead Or Alive?
INET-065	John Haagen	eCommerce
iNET-065	John Haagen	eCommerce
INET-068	Jerry Boggus / Scott Michael	The System is More Important
Than Ever / You Can Be Their Hero
INET-071	Bob McEwen	Important vs. Urgent
INET-074	Vince Poscente	The Emotional Buzz
INET-077A	Smith, Emery,Michasl	It's Relationships
INET-077B	Smith, Emery,Michasl	It's Relationships
INET-084	D'Amico	Plugged Into Your Dream
INET-093	Gulick	Family Matters
INET-095	Primski	The Most Powerful Force
INET-096	Grippo	High Hopes
INET-098	Panel	Contacting And Inviting: A Diamond Discussion
INET-105	Haugen	Big Fat Wires
INET-110	Jakubik	Swing 'Til You Hit
INET-111	Combden, Casey	The System Is The Secret
INET-113	Andrews, A	Can I Do This Thing
INET-114	Florence	Attitude & Technique
INET-115	Yager, D	Wealth Thinking
INET-116	Florence	Who Do You Know
INET-117	Gulick	Interactive Commerce
INET-118	Brown, Les	Its Not Over Til I Win
INET-119	Florence	Building Your Network with Posture
INET-120	Broeing	One thousand Names
INET-129	Courtney/Wilson	Buy Principles or By Feelings?/ Depth,
Distance and Balance
INET-130	Haugen/Meadows	Designing Your Future/  Goals and Goal Setting
iNET-157	Dave & Ann McCullers, Craig & Jennifer Hopps, Tom & Robin
Joseph	If you Want to Succeed, Start and Don’t Stop
JM-16	Marybeth Markiewicz, Michelle Leininger 	1999 Markiewicz Summer
JM-9	Larry & Pam Winters 	Raise Your Hand In Your Own Mind
KLG-6	Kanti & Lata Gala	Rally
LBY-89	Rex & Betty Jo Renfrow	Seminar
LPW-56	Larry Winters	Success Is A Planned Event
LVA-341	Dennis Austin	It’s Your Body
MDI-9	Casey & Cathy Combden	The System Is Still the Secret
PM-81	Henry & Sue Skaggs	Rally
PN-0664	Andy & Polly Andrews	The Answer to the Question
PN-1007	Ken Stewart	Stewart Unplugged
PN-1014	Todd Rainsberger	Why Quixtar
PN-2000	Hal & Susan Gooch	More Than Money
PN-2001	Steve & Annette Woods	Build Depth...Build Stability
PN-2002	Ron & Melanie Rummel	It's In the Journey
PN-2003	John Terhune	Take One Step Forward
PN-2004	Ken Stewart	I Knew Where I was Going
PN-2005	Barry & Luronda Joye	Protect Your Attitude
PN-2006	Knickman, Middleton, Nealis, Reardon, Weintraub	Get A
Professional Opinion
PN-2007	Chuck & Linda Vogt	Contacting For the Home Meeting
PN-2008	Louie & Kathy Carrillo	Might as Well go Diamond
PN-2009	Todd & Brenda Rainsberger	Too Good to Be True
PN-201	Seth & Sharon Weintraub	Dr. Skeptic to Dr. Diamond
PN-2010	Dave & Marge Lewis	I Can Handle It!
PN-2011	David & Lisa Mitts	Paradigms
PN-2012	Parker & Cindy Grabill	L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P
PN-2013	Chuck & Linda Vogt	Contacting for the Home Meeting
PN-2014	Marshall & Diana Douglas	A Logical Appeal
PN-2016	Bubba & Sandy Pratt	How We Contact
PN-2017	John & Maureen Minuado	You Can't Go Diamond Without It
PN-2018	Tim & Connie Foley	Turtles, Rabbits & Rhinos…Oh My!
PN-2019	Gerry & Sharon Betterman	How Can Bumble Bees Fly?
PN-2021	Pedro & Patsy Lizardi	The People Are the Business
PN-2022	Ed & Rose Knickman	Build By Multiplication
PN-2023	Carl Reardon	Cross The Rubicon
PN-2024	Rick & Eve Maxwell	I Chose Wisely
PN-2025	Doug Wead	The Right to be Rich
PN-2026	John & Terri Hall	From Music Man to Marker Man
PN-2027 	Marc & Shelli Hellinghausen	Put Yourself in a Postition ot
PN-2028	Jim Pare	Ad-Pack Attack
PN-2029	Jim & Joyce Mercon	A Winner Once is a Winner Twice
PN-2030	Barry & Luronda Joye	We Moved On
PN-2031	Brig & Lita Hart	Going to a Higher Level
PN-2032	Tim & Cindy Kline	Overcome The Dream Stealers
PN-2033	Byran & Roxanne Parks	9 Characters
PN-2034	Ed & Rose Knickman	Awe & Wonderment
PN-2035	Don & Lavita Kennemer	Master Your Game
PN-2036	Andy & Polly Andrews	Observations
PN-2037	Charlie Krazit	Do You Want to Score
PN-2038	Parker & Cindy Grabill	It Was Worth Everything
PN-2039	Bo & Sandy Short	Standing On The Shoulders of Giants
PN-2044	John & Sue Haagen	Running for Survival
PN-2045	Cliff & Cheryl Dobbrastine	Work the Relationships
PN-2048	Tommy & Lisa Harper	We Didn't Have Anything But Tenacity
PN-2050	Marc & Patty Middleton	I Will Do What Others Won't
PN-2051	Tim & Connie Foley	Pronounce Your Declaration of Independence
PN-2053	Eric & Denise Golden	What Do You Gotta Do? Why You Do It!
PN-2058	Hal & Susan Gooch	Dedicated to Winning
PN-2059	Chuck & Linda Vogt	Who Are you Listening to?
PN-2060	Louie & Kathy Carrillo	Eyes On Diamond
PN-2061	Pedro & Patsy Lizardi	Who Wants to Go Diamond
PN-2062	Marshall & Diana Douglas	Our Daisyism
PN-2063	Chuck & Kija Orstad	Structure & Fuel Your Super Car
PN-2064	Andy & Polly Andrews	We Wanted To Forget About The Money
PN-2065	Doug & Julie Cassens	Nine Points to Diamond
PN-2066	Jerry & Sharon Betterman	"Find The Rhinos"
PN-2070	Jerry & Judy Harles	All We Wanted Was An Opportunity
PN-2074	Dave & Jude Hutson	Expect Changes When Persuin Your Dreams
PN-2075	Parker & Cindy Grabill	Smart Choices
PN-2076	Steve & Annette Woods	In the Arena
PN-2078	Jack & Jane Pawlak	I Know I Can
PN-2079	Louie & Kathy Carrillo	Press On
PN-2080	Bob McEwen	Your Contribution
PN-2081	Dave & Marge Lewis	Indy 7500
PN-2082	Bert & Terri Gulick	Finish The Race
PN-2083	Parker & Cindy Grabill	Destroyer of the Business
PN-2084	Jim & Tricia Richardson	Livin' On Easy Street
PN-2085	Don & Lavita Kennemer	United We Stand
PN-2088	Terry & Yvonne McEwen	Playing The Game
PN-2089	Andy & Polly Andrews	7 Defining Actions
PN-2090	David & Lisa Mitts	We Searched for Direction
PN-2091	Mark & Patty Middleton	Example Is Everything
PN-2092	Doug Wead	The Tide of Fortune
PN-2093	Chuck & Linda Vogt	Whats Going On With The Net
PN-2094	Andy Andrews	How to get six over the fence
PN-2095	Bo & Sandy Short	The Art of War
PN-2096	Jerry & Judy Harles	We Have to Eat Breakfast Somewhere
PN-2097	Marshall & Diana Douglas	Door Opener
PN-2098	Pedro & Patsy Lizardi	Just Home & Faith
PN-2100	Tim & Cindy Kline	One A Day
PN-2101	Marshall & Diana Douglas	A Natural Evolution
PN-2102	Howard & Janet Eckman	True-Isms
PN-2103	John Parker	Unveilling Your Future 
PN-2104	Jim & Sue Pare	Time To Dominate 
PN-2105	Foley	Running Up The Down Escalator
PN-2108	Hellinghausen	No More Nos 
PN-2109	Panel	Back To The New Basics
PN-2116	Dan & Angie Blanshan	Blitz Again
PN-2117	John Haagen	Build It Fast
PN-2118	John Hall	Go Fish
PN-2119	Chuck Orstad	Sold Out
PN-2120	Barry & Luronda Joye	We Don't Laugh at Redneck Jokes
PN-2124	Tim Foley	Activate Your People Through Service
PN-2125	Todd & Brenda Rainsberger	Jumping Tandem
PN-2126	John Terhune	Go To The Moon
PN-2127	Andy & Polly Andrews	The Secret of the 4% Bonus
PN-2130	Todd Rainsberger	Psychology of The Plan
PN-2131	Dave & Marge Lewis	Catch 22 And Your Business
PN-2132	Mario & Betty Orsini	Scratching The Door
PN-2139	Vogt	4 Points To Success
PN-2149	Weintraub	Going With The Wright Vehicle
PN-2150		11 Characteristics Of A Diamond
PN-2153	Vogt	How To Get Good
PN-2155	Bubba Pratt	Are You Willing?
PN-2158	Mcewen	The Power Of The Vision
PN-2162	Middleton	Right Place Right Time Right Now
PN-2163	Parks	Hang Out With The 5%
PN-2169	Bulick	Are You A 1 2 Or 3 
PN-2172	Douglas	Share Hope Before Information
PN-2174	Krazit	There Is A Price 
PN-2175	Redmond	Redmond Wisdom 
PN-2176	Haggen	High Tech Low Tech No Tech 
PN-2177	Short	This Day We Sailed On 
PN-2178	Kline	The Basics 
PN-2179	Nealis	Its As Easy As 1 2 3 
PN-2180	Lewis	From Doctor To Daddy To Diamond 
PN-2231	Carl Reardon	The Power of Momentum
PN-2296	Ed and Rose Knickman	Green and Growing
R-122	Rick Setzer	The Difference
R-279	Rick Setzer	Setting Your Posture Houston May 80 
R-290	Zig Ziglar	Persuasion
RP-112	Greg & Laurie Duncan	Seminar
RP-118	Roger & Joyce Fix	Seminar
RP-168	Greg & Laurie Duncan	Seminar
RP-190	Jack & Judy Semmens Rally 	
RP-218	Brad & Julie Duncan	Seminar
RP-243	Joe and Norma Foglio	Seminar
RP-260	Bert & Beatrice Block	
RP-262	Mike and Nancy Ostrander	Seminar
RP-268	Ken and Gail Stokes Seminar 1/2 	
RP-276	Greg & Laurie Duncan 	Seminar 
RP-297	Theron Nelsen 	People Skills
RP-305	Greg Duncan 	Maximize Your Profitability By Balancing Your
RP-331	New Executive Diamonds 1/2 	Dave and Jan Severn Rally
RP-363	Martin & Eleanor Brown	Seminar
RP-367	John and Sherrie Athanasakopoulos	Seminar
RP-371	Hal and Ann Golden	Seminar
RP-387	Chuck and Cindy Mace	Seminar
RP-391	Ron Puryear 	Legitimizing Your Business
RP-392	New Diamonds 1/2 	Brad & Julie Duncan Rally
RP-413		Terry and Linda Felber Diamond Seminar 1/2 
RP-421	Ron Puryear 1/2 	Friendship First, Directship Second
RP-435	Owen and Judy Loftus	Seminar
RP-453	Bill Britt 1/2 	How to go Diamond in Two Years
RP-467	Greg Duncan 2/2 	Personal Use- Key to Profitability
RP-469		Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear
RP-471	Ron Puryear 1/2 	How to Do a One on One
RP-475	Mike & Robin Carroll	Seminar
RP-477	Jim and Julie Harstad	Seminar
RP-485	Rod and Penny Alcott	Seminar
RP-519	Glen and Joya Baker	Seminar
RP-521	New Diamonds 	Chuck & Cindy Mace Rally
RP-550	Betty Jean Brooks	How to Establish a Solid Retail Business
RP-552	Scott Harimoto	Seminar
RP-557	Mike and Nancy Mortier Rally	New Emeralds 
RP-56	Ron Puryear 	The How & Why of Contacting & Inviting Prospects
RP-587	John Sestina 	A Financial Planner's Viewpoint
RP-612	New Emeralds 	Martin and Vera Gover Rally
RP-626	New Emerald 	Dean Kosage Rally
RP-630	New Diamond 	Theresa Tsuruda Rally
RP-679	Brad Duncan 	CORE 8 Steps to Financial Freedom
RP-681	Ron Puryear (Two Step Approach) 1/2 	Basics of the Business
RP-684	New Emeralds 	David & Angelique Grosvenor Rally
RP-688	New Diamonds 	Larry & Julie Koning Rally
RP-755	New Emeralds 1/2 	Jesse & Brenda Atilano Rally
RP-755	New Emeralds 2/2 	Jesse & Brenda Atilano Rally
RP-763	Diamond Directs 	Mike & Robin Carroll Rally
RP-769	Diamond Directs 	Al & Kathy Gallo Rally
RP-777	Diamond Directs 	Randy & Sandy Sears Rally
RP-779	Diamond Directs 	Rod & Penny Alcott Rally
RP-788	Diamond Directs 1/2 	Norm & Pam Kizirian Seminar
RP-791	Executive Diamonds 	Joe & Norma Foglio Rally
RP-799	Diamond Directs 	Dave & Mary Timko Rally
RP-805	New Diamonds	Samir & Theresa Attalah Rally
RP-807	Diamond Directs 	Matt & Sandee Tsuruda Rally
RP-808	Diamond Directs 1/2 	Matt & Sandee Tsuruda Seminar
RP-840	Emeralds 	Steve & Chris Cummins Rally
RP-845	Emeralds 1/2 	Dave & Mary Timko Seminar
RP-846	G. Duncan, B. Duncan, R. Puryear 1/2 	Triple Triples 1999
RP-847	1999 F.E.D. 	New Diamonds, New E.D.C.'s, New Doubles
RP-848	Emerald 	Jim Brooks Rally
RP-849	Emerald 1/2 	Jim Brooks Seminar
RP-853	Ruby Gems 1998 	
RP-854	1998 Ruby Gems 1/2 	
RP-855	Executive Diamonds 	Jim & Judy Head Rally
RP-856		Ruby Gems 1998 
RP-857	Greg Duncan 	Amway:  The 21st Century
RP-860	Emeralds 1/2 	Dave & Jo Eggers Seminar
RP-861	Triple Diamonds 	Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear Rally
RP-862	Diamond Directs 	Howie & Theresa Danzik Rally
RP-863	Bill Hawkins 1/2 	Prospecting For The 21st Century
RP-863	Bill Hawkins	Prospecting For The 21st Century
RP-865	Emeralds 1/2 	Randy & Sandy Sears Seminar
RP-868		Ruby Gems 1999 1/2 
RP-869	Severn, Taba, Harstad, Tsuruda, Wells, Woods 1/2 	1998 F.E.D.
RP-871	Bill & Peggy Britt 1/2 	The Secrets of Success
RP-872		E.D.C. Gems 1/2 
RP-873	Bill Britt with Ron Puryear 	The Success Formula
RP-877	Emeralds 	Chuck & Cindy Mace Rally
RP-878	Emeralds 1/2 	Chuck & Cindy Mace Seminar
RP-879	Triple Diamonds 	Brad & Julie Duncan Rally
RP-880	Emeralds 	Terry & Fran Woodhead Rally
RP-881	Emeralds 1/2 	Terry & Fran Woodhead Seminar
RP-885	New Emeralds 	Johnathan & Carolyn Ritson Rally
RP-887	Ron Puryear 	The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg
RP-889	Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear 1/2 	Don't Settle For The Cheap Seats
RP-891	Greg Duncan 	Private Franchising in a Dot Com World (Version I)
RP-892		Ruby Gems '99 
RP-893		Ruby Gems '99 1/2 
RP-893		Ruby Gems '99 2/2 
RP-894	Ron Puryear 1/2 	New Beginning
RP-895	Bill Hawkins 	Power Wave
RP-895	Bill Hawkins 	Power Wave Version II
RP-896	Double Diamond 	Ruby Meyer Rally
RP-909	Diamonds 	Greg & Kathy Gilmour Rally
RP-910	Diamonds 1/2 	Greg & Kathy Gilmour Seminar
RP-913	Grosvenor, Kaneshiro, Golden, Danzik, Severn, Alcott 1/2 	1999
RP-914	Attalah, Harimoto, Shores, Harstad 	1999 F.E.D.
RP-916	Wells Taba, Carroll, Gallo 	1999 F.E.D.
RP-917	Hall, Baker, Felber, Foglio 	1999 F.E.D.
RP-918	Hawkins, Head, Kizirian, Meyer 1/2 	1999 F.E.D.
RP-919	Nelsen, Woods, Yuen, Wolgamott 	1999 F.E.D.
RY-16	Ray & Carroll Youngblood 	Seminar
SOT-297	Louie Carrillo	Forks In The Road
SOT-309	Ron & Melanie Rummel	Don’t Let Any Flies Get Up Your Nose
SOT-335	Ron & Melanie Rummel	Get A Quick Start
SOT-364	Gerry Betterman	Rhinos Succeed
SOT-383	Dwight & Margaret Ann Smith	Proper Retirement
SOT-388	Bob & Bonnie Howard	This is Fun!
SOT-390	Jerry Huffer	Step VIII: Teaching the Teachers
SOT-392	Jim & Arlene Nealls	Even Doctors Need This
SOT-397	Hank Gilewicz	How We Went Diamond
SOT-415	Ron & Toby Hale / Jimmy & Kay Shirer	What is Good, What is
Best / T.I.P.'s
SOT-420	Hal Gooch, Carlos Marin & Louis Carillo	Jump Your Fences& New
SOT-421	Ed & Charlotte Courtney	Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Until You
Can Afford to Do Otherwise
SOT-425	George & Ruth Halsey	To Have the World at Your Fingertips
SOT-435	Frank & Joan Mazzeo	Where The Action Is
SOT-441	Ken & Donna Stewart	We’ve Always Been Ambitious
SOT-459	Marge Lewis / Dave Lewis	Skills With People / Overcoming Your
SOT-465	Len & Beatrix Griffin	A Bunch Of Bullets In My Belt
SOT-466	Jody Victor	Wave That Checkered Flag
SOT-468	Jack & Effie Reid	Somebody Stuck
SOT-469	Jerry & Polly Harteis	There, But For Me, Go I
SOT-470	Parker & Cindy Grabill / Ken & Retta Kelm	The Only Thing That
lasts The Test Of Time / It Takes Gut Burning Desire
SOT-471	George Peinter	We Had Seen This Business 3 Times
SOT-472	Scott & MJ Michael	Eventually They'll Come Around
SOT-473	Steve & Elaine Gardner	Tony, I Did Something With My Life
SOT-474	Randy & Valorie Haugen	It's An Uncommon Freedom
SOT-475	Frank & Joan Mazzeo	Are There Any Shortcuts Out There?
SOT-476	Tedd Fish	Listen, Relate & Encourage
SOT-477	Terry & Yvonne McEwen	Contacting & Inviting
SOT-478	Merritt & Beth Wiese	Bringing Out The Fight In The Winner
SOT-479	Don Wilson	Get Outside Youself
SOT-480	Vince & Laurita Berland	You Can't Dream Too Big
SOT-481	Bob & Bonnie Howard	Don't wait Until You're Thirsty To Dig
Your Well
SOT-482	Linda Harteiz / Wendy Anderson	I Have Learned To Be Flexible /
Figure Out Your Role And Play It
SOT-483	Jack Pawlah	If You Build It, They Will Come
SOT-484	Jerry & Kay Huffner	Plan A and Plan B
SOT-485	Mark & Sandy Day	Trot Line
SOT-486	Ed & Rose Knickman	Leave A Big Hole
SOT-487	Dexter Yager / Birdie Yager	Winners Don't make Excuses, They
Do Make Decisions / Dex Was Looking For A "Real" Business
SOT-488	Scott & MJ Michael / Ron & Diane Goldman	What Is The Burn? /
Being A Diamond, That's All We Wanted
SOT-489	Bob & Bonnie Howard / Brad & Vera Doyle	The Will Is More
Important Than The Skill / Their First 30 Days
SOT-490	Andy & Polly Andrews	Can I Get In This Thing?
SOT-491	Bill & Peggy Florence / Don & Ruth Storms	Get The Message Out
/ The Best Money Making Oppurtunity On Planet Earth
SOT-492	Greg & Pat Howard	It's More Than Worth It!
SOT-493	Hal & Susan Gooch	How Big Is Your Dream, How Bad Do You Want
SOT-494	Casey & Cathy Combden / Bill & Janice Kerr	Fighting Your Way
To Diamond / The System Will Reaveal It's Secrets
SOT-495	Jody & Kathy Victor / Bob & Sue Covino	To Be Hungry And Driven
/ Fun Is…
SOT-496	Ron & Toby Hale / George & Ruth Halsey	Begin With The End In
Mind / Your Vision Creates Your Reality
SOT-497	Frank & Joan Mazzeo / Al & Helen LeBlanc	Feel The Fear And Do
It Any Ways / You Start With A Goal
SOT-498	George & Melody Peinter	When Your Work Is Your Pleasure
SOT-499	Bert & Terri Gulick	Unlimited, Passive, Inflation-Proof,
Transferable, Global Income
SOT-500	Glenn & Pam Shoffler / Dan Williams	What the System Is,
Depends On Your Percepion / Story Teller
SOT-501	Dexter Yager	The Man With The Plan Shows The Plan
SOT-502	Gerry Betterman	Systematizing Your Group
SOT-503	Cliff & Cheryl Dobbrastine	You've Got To Be Excited
SOT-504	Larry DiAngi	It's Already Yours, Go Get It
SOT-505	Frank & Joan Mazzeo	This Couple Will Be My First Direct
SOT-506	Ed & Rose Knickman	This Might Work
SOT-507	Denny & Kelly Smith	You'll Find Your Six
SOT-508	Don & Ruth Storms	He Who Draws The Most Circles, Wins
SOT-509	Pat Williams	The Only Talent Is Perseverance
SOT-510	Marge Lewis	Never Stop Trying And Never Try Stopping
SOT-511	Tony & Sue Renard / Bob & Irene Bolin	Motive-action / Bottom
Of The Ninth, Bases Loaded
SOT-512	Ken & Donna Stewart	A New Minority
SOT-513	Don & Nancy Wilson	Concepts, Principles And The System
SOT-514	Ron & Toby Hale / Tom Payne	The Genius Of Your Upline /
Distance Creates Credibility
SOT-515	Dewey & Kay Tobias	Keep The Steam In Your Dream
SOT-515	Tobias	Keep the steam in your dream
SOT-516	Don & Ruth Storms	The Spark Of Excellance
SOT-517	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	Has Amway Been Good To Us?
SOT-518	Bob & Bonnie Howard	Yeh, Whatever
SOT-519	Jack Reid	It Tacks One To Know One
SOT-519	Reid	It takes one to know one
SOT-520	Charlie & Dale Krazit	If Variety Is What You Like
SOT-521	Jerry & Peggy Boggus	It's Time To Hunker Dwn
SOT-522	Jim & Bev Kinsler	The Hunt
SOT-523	Jim & Dnah Martin	The Interactive Age
SOT-524	Ron & Toby Hale	You'll Either Be Glad You Did Or Wish You Had
SOT-525	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	Mediocrity Is Self Inflicted
SOT-526	Tim & Lorre Hansen	Start Your Quest
SOT-527	Al & Helen LeBlanc	Only The Serious Need Apply
SOT-528	Bill & Peggy Florence	Get Your Hopes Up
SOT-528	Bill & Peggy Florence 	Get Your Hopes Up
SOT-529	Barry & Luronda Joye	Keep The Dream Wheel Spinnin'
SOT-530	John & Susan Haagen	White Men Can Jump
SOT-531	Gary & Linda Gordon	Mechanics Are Secondary
SOT-532	Jim & Barbara Hayes	A Prescription For Success
SOT-533	Jim & Sue Pare	Hubba Bubba Baby
SOT-534	Ron & Diane Goldman	It takes Guts To Leave The Ruts
SOT-535	Mark & Tami Crawford	You Deserve It and You’re Worth It!
SOT-535	Mark & Tami Crawford	You Deserve It and You’re Worth It!
SOT-536	Terry & Yvonne McEwen	Is Your Business Meeting Your
SOT-537	Dexter & Birdie Yager	Surviving The Setbacks
SOT-538	Gary & Nina Schneider / Marshall & Diana Douglas	This Business
Starts With Knowledge / Shake It Off & Try Again
SOT-539	Bill & Lisa Bergfeld	Gullible's Travels
SOT-540	Ron & Toby Hale	This Is The Man I Married
SOT-541	John & Pat Terhane / Frank & Dawana Zecher	The Newsletter /
One Word: Determination
SOT-542	Don & Ruth Storms	Turkeys Won't Fly
SOT-543	Don & Hannah King / Tom Payne	Protect Your Attitude When
Showing The Plan / Concepts Of Depth
SOT-544	Ron Goldman / George Halsey	The Four Seasons / If You Want To
Learn About Yachts, Go To The Marina
SOT-545	Dick Hopper & Gary Libby w/Bland, Harrell, LeBaron, A. Burger,
C. Burger, Betterman	Singles Are Not Alone In This Business
SOT-546	Jody & Kathy Victor / Ken & Joan Westenshow	Every Night! / STP
+ Tools = Dreams
SOT-546	Victor	Every Night!
SOT-547	Dexter Yager	D.I.T.'s From Dex: Just A Little Bit More And
You'll Win
SOT-548	Tim & Connie Foley	Just Tryin' To Have Fun
SOT-549	Lennon & Suzanne Ledbetter / Elwyn & Dottie Owen	It's Worth Of
Your Time / No Disappointments
SOT-550	Bob & Sue Covino / Brad & Vera Doyle	What Do You Want And How
Bad Do You Want It? / Go For Your Goal
SOT-551	Columbo & Karen DiSalvatore	The Leader Decided To Lead
SOT-552	Jimmy & Sue Dunn / Joe & Maria Rodriguez	Choices / A New
SOT-553	Jim & Bev Kinsler / Rich & Sue Lynn Setzer	I Opened My Own
Door / Did We Do The Right Thing
SOT-554	Billy Florence / David & Melissa Hullender	Why Do You Say
That? / Keep Your Expectations High
SOT-555	Parker & Cindy Grabill / Ken & Retta Kelm	A Glimmer of Hope
SOT-556	Jerry & Peggy Boggus / Len & Beatrix Griffin	The Tape After
The Meeting / Folks / It Don't Ever Change
SOT-557	Lee & Barbara Waters, Lee & Amy Grant	Find a Diamond Tonight& 
The Most Exciting Time in History is Now
SOT-557	Lee & Barbara Waters / Leo & Amy Grant	Find A Diamond Tonight
/ The Most Exciting Time In History Is Now
SOT-558	Ed & Charlotte Cortney	Learn To Love It
SOT-559	Don & Nancy Wilson	Choose To Be A Rhino
SOT-560	Rich Setzer / Mark & Sandy Day	The System Amplifier / A Box Of
SOT-562	Charlie & Kim Schmitz	Any Dead Fish Can Float Downstream
SOT-567	Don & LaDonna Brennon / Ken & Pat Thornton	What Time is It? /
Don’t Quit, Change
SOT-569	Bruce & Wendy Anderson	A Chrome Dog On a Mac Truck
SOT-570	Don & Ruth Storms, Gary & Linda Gordon	The Heart of an Eagle&
Here’s Why
SOT-572	George & Ruth Halsey / Ron & Diane Goldman	We Can't Slow Down
Now / Dreaming is Beleaving
SOT-573	Mike & Lynn Jakubik	They Were You
SOT-577	Brian & Judy McConnell	The Plow Comes First
SOT-578	Sherrill & Kathy Lambson	The Uh-Huh Factor
SOT-580	Bill & Janice Kerr	This Business is Built on 4 Words
SOT-590	Marshall & Diana Douglas	Diamond is a State of Mind
SOT-593	Casey/Cathy Combden; Len/Beatrix Griffin	The Mission / Leave
Your Cocoon
SOT-596	Bob & Sue Covino, C.L. Foster	Don’t Worry About It & The No’s
Mean Nothing
SOT-603	Jody/Kathy Victor; Andy/Nadia Argyris	Life Begins At 25%, But
Diamond Is Where It's At / A Different Car For Every Season
SOT-603	Andy & Polly Andrews 	Can I Get In this Thing?   
SOT-605	Terry & Yvonne McEwen	The 3 Stages Of The Business
SOT-612	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	The Team's the Thing
SOT-617	Frank & Marilyn Tenerovich	Life Prepares Us for the Nest Step
SOT-619	Kerry & Annette Pipkin	We Bet the System by 37 Years
SOT-621	Jody & Kathy Victor	This is What Makes America Great
SOT-623	David Toma	Dallas 1982
SOT-623	Dave & Mary Hanby	Declare Your Independence
SOT-626	Mark & Teri Crawford	Daily Decisions
SOT-629	Bob & Nancy Stouffer, Jim & Sue Pare	Fail Your Way to Success&
We All Have a Price to Pay
SOT-629	Jim & Sue Park	We All Have a Price to Pay
SOT-633	Kerry & Annette Pipkin	Think Long Term
SOT-635	Bob Covino; Nick/Estelle Leno	Go Out & Help People / Don't Let
the Tough Times Steal Your Dreams
SOT-637	Craig & Kara Loupelle	Turn Up The Heat
SOT-638	Billy & Peggy Florence, Jack & Effie Reid	Dream Chasing& Let
Your Dreams Run Wild
SOT-639	Jody & Kathy Victor	I Wish You Frustration
SOT-640	Bob/Bonnie Howard; Dick Hopper	Stick To It / Financial Freedon
Feels Good
SOT-641	Don Williams, Van Larrimore, Gary & Linda Gordon	On the Front
Line, Price vs. Value, Others Will Follow
SOT-643	Steve & Cathy Wolfenstein	From Pahrump to Paradise
SOT-644	Chuck & Linda Vogt  	What is Your Brick Wall?   
SOT-644	Charlie & Dale Krazit	How to Go Triple Dipple Crown
SOT-645	Casey & Cathy Combden	A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to
SOT-645	Charlie & Dale Krazit 	How to Go Triple-Dipple Crown  
SOT-645	Casey & Cathy Cambden	A Funny Thing Happened
SOT-646	Tim & Connie Foley	Valuable Personal Assets 
SOT-648	Wallentine	Finding A Champion
SOT-649	Ed & Charlotte Courtney	The Constant Dream
SOT-649	Ed & Charlotte Courtney	The Constant Dream
SOT-650	Ed Foreman	Terrific!
SOT-651	John & Barbara Sims	The Difference Is the Dream
SOT-652	Dominick & Pat Coniguliaro	Go & Show Because You Never Know
SOT-655	Lance & Tracey Smith	These 5 Questions Were Holding Us Back
SOT-656	Scott & M.J. Michael, Rob Terrell, Frank & Joan Mazzeo	The
Beauty of the System
SOT-657	Brian & Judy McConnell / John & Robin Garley / Zbig Reh	Long
Distance Dynamite
SOT-658	Randal Ross	Leadership Is a Requirement for Success
SOT-659	Florence; Tenerovich; Covino; King; Reid; Paullin	The Best You
Can Be - A Panel of Diamond Ladies
SOT-660	Bo & Sandy Short	Wood for the Fire
SOT-662	Bill & Kris Grippo	Lucky 13
SOT-663	Philip Smart	The Results 
SOT-664	Bo Short   	It’s Called Practice    
SOT-664	Andy & Polly Andrews	The Answer to the Question
SOT-668	George/Ruth Halsey; Jerry/Peggy Boggus	The Steam in the
SOT-669	Randy & Valorie Haugen	The Beard That Had to Come Off
SOT-670	Merlyn/Ann Usher; Tom Payne; Jim/Bev Kinsler	Say Goodbye to
Your Yesterdays
SOT-671	Don & Nancy Wilson	This Is Our Love
SOT-672	Roland/Molly Hughes; Al/Helen LeBlanc	Make Every Day Count
SOT-673	Jim & Barbara Hayes	From One Soapy to Another
SOT-674	Delisle; Hullender; Leno	Don't Drill Holes with a Butterknife
SOT-675	Greg & Pat Howard	Just 3 More Feet
SOT-676	Bill & Janice Kerr, Don & Hannah King, Brad & Vera Doyle	Get
Up and Do It Again
SOT-677	Dexter Yager	Success Always Comes Back to the Decision
SOT-678	Merritt & Beth Wiese	Flat Broke
SOT-680	Scott & MJ Michael	Catch a Dream
SOT-681	Brian & Judy McConnell	Maximizing Your Success
SOT-682	Mark & Sandy Day	What's Your Major?
SOT-683	Jerry & Cherry Meadows	Maybe Tomorrow = Empty Yesterdays
SOT-685	Gurley; Huffer; Hale	The Easiest Part of the Business
SOT-686	Glen & Linda Wallentine	Special Moments
SOT-687	Goldman; Lennon/Suzanne Ledbetter	Fine Tuning
SOT-688	Ron & Toby Hale	Linger-e, Hor-de-hors & Cha Who-e Who-e Dogs
SOT-689	Randy & Susan Walker	Covering Your Basics
SOT-690	John & Susan Haagen	Picture This!
SOT-691	Jim Martin	Leading the Way
SOT-692	Doug Devos	Creating Windows of Opportunity
SOT-693	Jack & Effie Reid	It’s A Sign of Freedom
SOT-694	Bill & Amy Galvin / Chuck & Colleen Goetschel	Keep Going / ABC
SOT-695	Carrol & Norma Rae	Look Back to See Where You've Come From
SOT-696	Jerrry & Peggy Boggus	Never Quit Trying
SOT-697	Randy & Valorie Haugen	You Need to Be You
SOT-699	Steve/Cindy Johnson; Jack/Lise Proctor	Passionate About a
Dream / The Moment We've Been Waiting For
SOT-700	Bob & Sue Covino	Seams, Beams & Dreams
SOT-701	Greg & Pat Howard	Do What You Gotta Do
SOT-702	Rick Setzer	Get On Track
SOT-704	Bob Burg	Winning Without Intimidation/Endless Referrals
SOT-705	Don & Nancy Wilson	People Who Make Excuses Don't Make Money
SOT-706	Don/Hannah King; Jim/Kathy Paullin	The Pendulum Swings / A
Bigger Dream
SOT-707	Bob & Bonnie Howard	Chase Your Dreams or Chase Your Paycheck
SOT-708	Al/Helen LeBlanc; Darrel/Delaine Rupe	Too Busy to be
Uncomfortable / I Think It's Time
SOT-709	Tim & Bonnie Tower	Hold Our or Sold out
SOT-710	Ron/Toby Hale; Janusz/Irena Szajna	A Big Enough Reason / Habit
Changes Lead to Success
SOT-711	Glenn/Pam Shoffler; George/Marian Bryniawsky	It All Comes Down
to You / Be a Constructive Force
SOT-712	Dave/Linda Bedard; Jody Victor	To Buy Back My Life / It's
Personal Now
SOT-713	Brian/Judy McConnell; George/Ruth Halsey	Tapes = Atmosphere /
When Dexter Calls
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Amway Tape Codes: SOT, DBR, GCS, CDE, INET, PN, RP... [Speakers, Titles]
From: wengland-ga on 14 Oct 2003 14:11 PDT

The vast majority of the tapes produced were produced by the InterNET
corporation run by the Yager family.  The SOT are weekly Standing
Order Tapes.  DBR is (was?) a monthly tape under the InterNET system.
Other acronyms I'm not sure of.

Even as a distributor, I do not have access to a complete list of all
the tapes; they often only make a single run of tapes in their
duplication facility, and many older tapes are discontinued in favor
of new information.

A simple way to get a list of many of the tapes would be to contact a
high-level (Emerald or above) distributor in your area; often listed
in the yellow pages under 'Cleaning Supplies'.  They (generally)
handle the tape distribution to the rest of the group.

However, the tape list they have will be specific to their diamond
organization; the InterNET support company tapes are used by about 50%
of distributors; the other 50% are a wide variety of other Diamond
organizations.  They all produce supplimental material, and would have
different lists.

The Amway / Quixtar corporation will only have a list of their
in-house produced tapes.  This is a fairly limited set of tapes, (10
to 20 in production at one time), and no public list is available.

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