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Q: research on GOD ( No Answer,   7 Comments )
Subject: research on GOD
Category: Science > Social Sciences
Asked by: godiswithme-ga
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Posted: 01 Oct 2003 13:19 PDT
Expires: 11 Oct 2003 12:06 PDT
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Dear researcher,
All I want is the most valued / authentic research findings and
discoveries of humanity, proving that the basic of the whole creation
and its maintenance is ‘GOD’, and there is only one god.

I want findings with strong justification or proof, general philosophy
or introspections of individuals are not useful here. The findings
need not be religion specific, it will be of help if they only talk
about god in general. The findings can also cover the all time debate
of God Vs science.

This is for a social cause, please help; answer me in as much detail
as possible, waiting for your answer.


Request for Question Clarification by journalist-ga on 01 Oct 2003 14:37 PDT
To which religion's god do you refer?

Clarification of Question by godiswithme-ga on 01 Oct 2003 14:41 PDT
Dear friend i repeat what i had already written.
" The findings need not be religion specific, it will be of help if
they only talk about god in general. The findings can also cover the
all time debate
of God Vs science."
I hope its clear now
Thanks for quick response

Request for Question Clarification by hedgie-ga on 03 Oct 2003 05:11 PDT
You are welcome godiswithme-ga 

    The more we know about the goals, and purpose of a query,
  the better we can research a topic.   So your clarification helps.

BUT, I admit I do not understand the 'but' in

    "but let me tell u ..." 

Seems to me that the reference I gave you is right on the money.
 Peter Russell describes his search, describes how he wondered 

".. How had a transparent, odorless gas, become a system that could
 be aware of itself? In short, how had the universe become

If the protagonist is a young scientist, PR  would be a perfect model.
He spent a   big portion of his life searching for the very thing you
asking about..  Many do, but he decided to stay within the confines 
of science.

This is the  essential (still missing) key to a proper answer for you 
 How much rigor you want or need?  By that I mean the following:

 There are tons of writings which are, or may be considered,
 or philosophy.  To put it in simplified form, there is actual
'physics',   there is
philosophy of physics, and there is metaphysics, and the boundaries
any of these areas are not well-defined or universally agreed-upon. 
Peter Russell
sticks to actual physics as it is presently conceived but anticipates
a "paradigm
shift" in the future, meaning he thinks there will be a fundamental
change ...

I can  expand the comment into an answer, but would need  to know :

 a ) the still 'missing key'  specification 

 b)Whether you have looked through PR's book (part which is on-line) 
    and his site  and your what your reaction  is to his writings

 c) whether want me to post those additional details as an answer  
 and finally  

  d) whether you are comfortable with the fact that no research can
prove that 'there is NO such a thing as "X".  
The searchers' resources  and time are limited (partly by price)
 and even though I am quite familiar with this corner of physics,
I can not claim I have looked  or will look everywhere.


Clarification of Question by godiswithme-ga on 03 Oct 2003 13:49 PDT
Dear hedgie,
I am coming to a conclusion that what am i looking for will not be
complete without the missing link which so far is the 'faith' or
belief system , Let me go through your refrenses in detail , i have
ordered for books .I will get back to you ,if they will be of some
help.I will get back to you.Gimme sometime.
Thanks a ton
A seeker ..yet believer godiswithme

Request for Question Clarification by hedgie-ga on 04 Oct 2003 01:13 PDT
Agreed. I think you are on the right path:

 For those who believe, no proof is necessary,
 For those who do not believe, no proof is possible.

                     The Talmud

Clarification of Question by godiswithme-ga on 07 Oct 2003 01:48 PDT
Dear hedgie,
ur comment was of some help ,though i have reduced the rate to 2$ but
still wanna pay u , please send me an answer.

Request for Question Clarification by hedgie-ga on 08 Oct 2003 03:06 PDT
Dear  Nitin     

                      I have done as much as I could with what I know 
                      (about science and about your purpose)                    
                       and  answered  the question from the point of 
                       view of  the natural sciences.  

                      I will leave the question open. It will expire or
     		      perhaps some other researcher will add an answer from
		      the point of view of the Social Sciences.

 		      Rather than posting my comments as an answer, my reward
		      is our dialogue about this mutually interesting topic.
		      Of course, if  these books lead to a hit script and the
		      movie is a  multi-million dollar blockbuster, you could
		      always post a new question 'for hedgie-ga only'and award
		      me  10% of the receipts as a tip!  :-)
            God bless you!  


Clarification of Question by godiswithme-ga on 09 Oct 2003 11:10 PDT
Dear Hedgie-ga,
I might not remember u when the film clicks , (not because of the
money but the hush rush of life after that ) but i respect u for ur
jesture.tell me your specialisation as a resercher so that i post my
questions to u in near future.
and i am from india here films dont cath that kind of money , its not
holly its bollywood here.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: research on GOD
From: sublime1-ga on 01 Oct 2003 15:34 PDT

I would submit that, "...proving that the basis of the whole creation 
and its maintenance is ‘GOD’, and there is only one god", is not 
something that lends itself to "strong justification or proof".

There have certainly been individuals throughout history who have
asserted this, and, sometimes, founded religions on the basis of
their faith in this contention. However, all of the individuals
whom I can think of made this assertion based on personal experiences
which they themselves have described as defying explanation or 
comprehension via the logical resources available to reason and
the intellect. Hence their frequent emphasis on 'faith' for those
who have not yet had the benefit of the actual experience.

Here, from the Tantra Teachers forum, on Yahoo, is an excerpt
from an example of this perspective, called "The Book of Nothing"
authored by Tsin Tsin Mingh, the 3rd Chinese Patriarch of Zen,
some 10,000 years ago:

"...The more you talk and think......the further astray you
 wander from the truth. Stop talking and thinking, and there is
 nothing you will not be able to know..."

More of the text is on the page, along with the assertion by the
member of the forum that J. Krishnamurti, another enlightened
individual, maintained the same perspective on approaching Truth:

Subject: Re: research on GOD
From: godiswithme-ga on 01 Oct 2003 21:20 PDT
goog question
Subject: Re: research on GOD
From: sublime1-ga on 02 Oct 2003 00:21 PDT

If you would prefer to expire this question so that you avoid
paying a fee for an answer (though you will still pay the $.50
listing fee), you can use the instructions at skermit-ga's 
guidelines here:

If you would rather rephrase the question and continue to 
obtain an answer, you can post a Question Clarification,
as noted in the same tutorial:

Best regards...

Subject: Re: research on GOD
From: godiswithme-ga on 02 Oct 2003 02:09 PDT
Dear sublime, 
Thnaks a ton ,but the question is in its most basic form and altering
it will mean getting away from what i want so , if anyone out there
can answer it as it is or even close by ,nothing like it , 1 doller
tip for quick response.
Thanks again
Subject: Re: research on GOD
From: hedgie-ga on 02 Oct 2003 06:00 PDT
Dear godiswithme

   You posted the question into physics and 
 so I suppose you want  

        "justification or proof"    

     based on current natural sciences, physics and cosmology.  
   You may not get exactly the answer you may be expecting or hoping
   but here are current  explanations and comment on the issue.

   From point of view of natural science, there were moments
   in history, during time of Galielo or Darwin for example, where
there was
   a debate between some scientists and some thelogical authorities
   who thought that new findings conflicted with the teaching of their
   religions. It is a rare religion today who still would do that. 

 But certainly there is no  

  " all time debate  of God Vs science "  

 from the point of view  of the natural sciences. Science is not
 to prove or disprove issues of faith. 

 However, individual scientists may be interested in the question and
 try, and perhaps the best such attempt  is
             by Paul Davies (Author)  

  Davies is a  respected and knowledgeable physicist who also
 writes good popular science books. If anyone would succeed,
he could be the one.

But look at this statement from a readers review, 
before rushing to borrow the book:      

" ....  As a freshman physics major at Rice University and a
 I picked up God and the New Physics ....hoping for
 enjoyable, and possibly stimulating read...
 God and the New Physics provided much, much more, however  ...
  To find a supernatural God, the God of Christianity, you must look
beyond the laws of physics, and beyond the laws of quantum mechanics,
because the Christian God  will not operate in accordance with
physical laws. ..

 I recommend that you look at the site and books of Peter Russell.

 Russell is also educated as physicist, but did not follow routine
 He did not abandon science though, and has written a book

 "From Science to God"
           ..From Science to God is the story of Peter Russell's
lifelong exploration into the nature of consciousness.
 Blending physics, psychology, and philosophy, he leads us to a new
worldview in  which consciousness is a fundamental quality of

 He has many interesting ideas, all consistent with current physics.

 In my view, he is  showing harmony between human faith and the
current view of the universe by  the natural sciences. Perhaps that is
what you are looking for,

However, he is not "providing proof'",based on the natural science,
so I am posting this as a comment, not as an answer

Subject: Re: research on GOD
From: filian-ga on 02 Oct 2003 07:11 PDT
With all due respect, I wanted to point out that this question looks
like it will take a lot of research and referencing for only $3.75
(what the researchers receive from the fee). Even with a one dollar
tip, the research would need to be more detailed and in depth than the
fee allows. This of course is up to you and we may have some willing
to tackle it, but since it is philosophy and you ask for references in
differing religions, I thought I would point it out so you're aware.

Good luck with this:)

Subject: Re: research on GOD
From: godiswithme-ga on 02 Oct 2003 07:12 PDT
Dear ,
hedgie-ga thanks a ton , but let me tell u ,where i am coming from , I
am working on film ,in which the protaganist is trying hard to find
out a commen path to the unversal consiousness or god , thus i want
succesfull studies which have somehow closely and strongely the
existance of god ,if not proven .
I wanna be sure if there is nothing of this sort of world level
reserch or theory.

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