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Q: Hair Dye Allergy ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: Hair Dye Allergy
Category: Health
Asked by: tree1-ga
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Posted: 15 Nov 2003 15:45 PST
Expires: 15 Dec 2003 15:45 PST
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I am a brunette who began coloring my hair about 4 years ago. With
every color treatment, I began to break out terribly with a reaction
to the hair dye. I went to the dermatologist and was patch tested. I
found Iam allergic to P-Phenylenediamine or CPPD Black Rubber Mix
found in hair dyes. I'm looking for an alternative or a hair dye that
does not contain this chemical. I'm in my early 40's and really do not
want to go gray just yet! I've tried Aveda products which I have no
reaction, but is more of a "highlighter" and am not getting good
coverage for the gray. I'm really frustrated over this and I know I'm
not the only person with this allergy and just hope there is a product
out there that I can use.
Subject: Re: Hair Dye Allergy
Answered By: bobbie7-ga on 15 Nov 2003 17:52 PST
Hi Tree1!

I found a number of products for you.


Vegetable based dye

Do-it-yourself hair dye made from Golden Millet and vegetal extracts

Oil extract of Golden Millet with Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)
and Biotine; vegetal extracts of Walnut Hull, Birch and Grape Seed.

?Consists only of vegetal extracts and 30 gorgeous colors that will
color hair without damaging it. Applying the product is extremely easy
because it does not run and it covers gray hair immediately. Contains
no Ammonia or metals and does not damage the hair. This
"do-it-yourself" product, made from Golden Millet, is also rich in
Silica, which is important for protecting the hair's structure.?
Here is the list of colors for Sanotint:

Santotint Light

Do-it-yourself hair dye made from Golden Millet and vegetal extracts  

Golden Millet and other vegetal extracts are the basis for this new,
revolutionary hair dye, which is available in 12 colors and ensures a
truly safe, reliable outcome, even for the most sensitive types of
hair. SANOTINT LIGHT contains absolutely no P-Phenylenediamine, the
substance that often causes scalp irritation and forces many women to
resign themselves against coloring their hair. Because it also
contains no Ammonia or metals, this hair dye truly is a product that
can be used by everyone with complete confidence.

Golden Millet oil extract with Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) and
Biotine; vegetal extracts of Walnut Hull,
Birch and Grape Seed.

List of colors

Check out the color card here:

In order to find out the closest point to you where the product is
sold, fill out the following form and click on "Submit"

If you would like more information on our products, do not hesitate to contact us:

Cosval S.r.l.
Viale Delle Industrie, 10/5
20020 Arese (MI)

Phone: +39 02 93580479
Fax: +39 02 93581022

Ama Herbal ? Natural Hair Dyes

Lustrous Henna: 100% natural free from harmful chemicals like: PPD,
Ammonia, Peroxide etc.

Lustrous Henna totally colours grey hair.

?Lustrous Henna 100% Natural Hair Dye from The Treasure Of Mother
Earth. Developed in collaboration with Saba Botanicals of U.S.A. Inc.?

?..product 100% natural hair dye Lustrous Henna as the newest
invention in the field of hair colouring.?

?The product is free from harmful chemicals Like: `Para Phenylene
Diamine' (known as PPD), Ammonia and Peroxide. Click to see the
certificate of analysis by Governement recognised laboratory.?

Lustrous Henna is presently available in four colours:

1. Lustrous Henna Red.
2. Lustrous Henna Brown.
3. Lustrous Henna Burgundy.
4. Lustrous Henna Light Brown

On the left side of the webpage click on the link ?order online.? They
provide international delivery.

Or you may order here:

Henna by Cynthia - Natural Henna Products

There is no PPD in Henna hair color. 

Persian red
Persian sherry
Persian mahogany
Persian burgundy
Dark brown
Medium brown
Light brown
Persian copper
Strawberry blonde
Persian blonde
Marigold blonde
Persian neutral

Natural Henna Hair Color - 4 oz. - $6.75

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner

?Choose from our original line with the famous "henna animals" in 12
shades, or our unique Color the Gray line with 8 shades. We use no
chemicals and no synthetic ingredients, only pure premium henna and
other botanicals. We have been blending henna based natural hair
colors since the early 1980's and are the leading totally natural line
in the natural products industry.?

?The Doctors Prescription for Healthy Living Newsletter (by the people
who did the Safe Shopper's Bible, Freedom Press, Topanga California)
rated our product the only one they found that was totally safe and
chemical free.?

?Light Mountain uses NO PPD, No Ammonia, No Peroxide, No Chemicals whatsoever?


No Harsh Chemicals or Additives

?Both our regular, original Light Mountain NATURAL Hair Color &
Conditioner color range and our Color the Gray! product line for
covering gray hair rely solely on blends of premium grade henna with
other suitable botanicals. We use no other ingredients to create our
rich, natural colors.?

?You can find Light Mountain products at better health food stores and
online natural products retailers nationwide. Call our toll free
information line at 800 824 6396 or email us at Lotus Brands email:

Online Retailer of Light Mountain Products


Ecocoloras may be another alternative.

Although they do not say if Ecocolors contains P-Phenylenediamine or
CPPD Black Rubber Mix they do state:

?Most people who are allergic to other hair color brands do not react
to EcoColors Haircolor.?

?Apply EcoColors Haircolor to cover gray, add highlights or simply for
shine and luster with extra body to your hair. EcoColors is a
super-conditioning permanent hair color with Flax Oil, Castor Oil, and
Flower Essence and natural preservatives!We only use the finest
ingredients in the composition of our UNIQUE hair color.

?Many people who are allergic to other brands do not react to
EcoColors Haircolor. We strongly recommend that you always do a patch
test before you using any hair color.?

"EcoColors Haircolor has been created with non toxic in mind. With the
addition of the highest quality ingredients such as lecithin, vitamin
E, vitamin C, nettles, rosemary, flower essence, grapefruit seed
extract, EcoColors surpasses it's competitors in performance with
super conditioning coverage that is natural looking and shiny."

Retail: HairColor Kits
Register first in order to purchase the product

  Dark brown 
  Medium brown 
  Light brown 
  Dark ash  brown 
  Medium ash brown 
  Reddish brown 
  Warm auburn 
  Light auburn 
  Medium ash blonde 
  Light ash blonde 
  Golden blonde warm 
Bright red

Or to find a Hair Salon that uses EcoColors Haircolor near you, enter
your phone number's area code:

Natures Dream

?Naturtint Reflex Shine on Color Rinse is free of PPDs.?

Free of ammonia, resorcinol, peroxide and p-phenylenediamine.
Hide early to mid fine grey. Lasts 6-7 washes.
Contains special sun filter to protect & revitalise the hair.

Naturtint Reflex - Shine-on Color Rinse
9 colours. Naturtint Shine-on Color Rinse - Color Guide

Orders can be taken from the UK and Republic of Ireland only.

Our Contact details:
Natures Dream Ltd.
Attlefield Farm, Hellidon, Daventry, Northants, NN11 6GG United Kingdom
Phone: [+44] (0)1327 264444
Fax: [+44] (0)1327 264455


It appears that Clairol Loving Care does not contain PPD.

From the Beauty Walk Message Board:

?I too suffer with hair dye allergies and was devastated when I burnt
my scalp and my hair started to fall out.
I have discovered a dye that contains no ppd. It is called Clairol
Loving Care. The only problem is it washes out in 6 to 8 washes so it
means having to dye your hair more frequently. This I don't mind as
long as it keeps the grey at bay!?


Two imported products that are used in salons claim to be safe.

From the Beauty Walk Message Board:

?I?m in the same boat and years ago found 2 imported permanent hair
dyes with no PPD, and they are awesome- only problem is no retail. One
brand is Framesi, from Italy; the other brand is Goldwell from
Germany. Many salons apply them in my city, but I can't afford salon
applications every 2-3 months.?


Search Criteria:
Natural hair dye
Hair dye does not contain P-Phenylenediamine
Hair "no PPD?
Hypoallergenic hair dye 

I hope you find this helpful! If anything is unclear with my answer,
please ask for clarification.

Best regards,

Clarification of Answer by bobbie7-ga on 15 Nov 2003 17:59 PST
Many thanks to my fellow researcher and very good friend pinkfreud-ga
for assisting me with this question.
Subject: Re: Hair Dye Allergy
From: stressedmum-ga on 15 Nov 2003 20:41 PST
I can vouch for henna. I was very 'organic' a few years ago and used
to get the neat henna powder from the health store and make it up with
warm water (never in a metal bowl) and slop it on my hair and wrap it
in cling wrap and walk around with what looked and felt remarkably
like a cow pat on my head for the best part of an hour. Then I'd wash
it off (use the laundry sink; it's a very earthy smell and it can
stain) but was well worth the effort as my hair would be a rich, deep
mahogany colour and really shiny and healthy looking.

I stopped using it when I got my hair permed because you apparently
shouldn't perm henna-ed hair. You also have to be careful if you
decide to use any different colouring product after henna. I'm well
over the perm phase of my life and am thinking of going back to the
old 'cow pat' treatment because my neighbour who has lustrous, rich
dark brown locks and is in her mid-40s let me in on the secret that
she uses henna because she has a lot of grey but you'd never know!
Subject: Re: Hair Dye Allergy
From: spentangeli-ga on 03 Dec 2004 23:47 PST
I know this comment isn't very timely, but I have something to add
regarding EcoColors.  Their hair dyes do indeed contain ppd, and this
is what they say about it on their website:

"Some people are concerned with the presence of ppd. We must tell you
we have been using this product on people allergic to conventional
colors with ppd. who have had no reactions to EcoColors haircolor.
We believe this is because we use trace amounts of it and our
nutritive base with soy prevents the allergen from being absorbed.
Pregnant women and sensitive stylists exposed to EcoColors haircolor
have no problems with the color. Many healthy babies have been born
whose mothers have used EcoColors haircolor regularly.
Stylists who thought they would have to leave the hair coloring
profession because of chemical sensitivities have been able to
continue their art of hair coloring by using EcoColors Haircolor. The
best proof of the quality of EcoColors haircolor is in the
satisfaction of our clients."
Subject: Re: Hair Dye Allergy
From: saracook-ga on 08 Feb 2005 15:41 PST
Framesi and Goldwell Both contain PPd in their permanent color line.
Ecocolors works well for some who are allergic to other colors, but it
is not a cure-all for all allergic people.

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