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Q: Brand alliances ( No Answer,   26 Comments )
Subject: Brand alliances
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Asked by: lindstrom-ga
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Posted: 28 Dec 2003 22:18 PST
Expires: 05 Jan 2004 23:47 PST
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Recently Nestle and L?Oreal launched a new brand alliances aiming to
produce food healthy for your skin. A very neat and clever alliance.
My question is - can you think of other "clever" brand alliances
between two brands in contrast with each other. I'm not looking for
the traditional brand alliances combining e.g. "a snacks brand with a
dip dressing brand" but alliances enhancing the brand by entering
totally new business platforms - just like Nokia's recent move into
the clothing business now producing special fancy bags for the cell
phones they produce (for ladies).
I'm only looking for brands of a "larger size" - well known by most people.
I'll as usual pay those suggestions ending up in my book. 

Good luck,
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Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: bobbie7-ga on 28 Dec 2003 23:19 PST
Hi Martin!

Sinead Cooke, University College Dublin, Ireland
Paul Ryan, University College Dublin, Ireland 

This paper describes many examples of Brand alliances but the one I
found most interesting was thenallaince between Shell, Ferrari and

?The co-branding agreement between Shell, Ferrari, and Lego to develop
a range of exclusive small lego toys and a big Ferrari lego car all
carrying the Shell brand name. Through this agreement, Shell planned
to sell millions of units of Lego globally thereby making it one of
the world?s largest toy distributors. The three partnering brands
collaborated on new product development.?


The brand alliance of Bonne Bell cosmetics with the Dr. Pepper soft
drink is clever.

From Yahoo Finance:

?Bonne Bell has cobranded with beverage maker Cadbury Schweppes to
produce its popular Dr Pepper Lip Smacker. Along with Bonne Bell's
Flip Gloss and Lip Shake, the firm makes eye makeup (Eye Fusion and
Lash Gloss) and face and body products (Glimmer Bronze powder and Gel
Bronze self tanner).

Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Lip Gloss with the flavor of the Dr Pepper soft
drink. At this link you can see the Dr. Pepper can on the Bonne Bell
package of lip gloss.


In June of this year, world famous cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon signs
licensing agreement with Lotta Luv cosmetics to target "tween"

"Licensing products is a proven strategy of brand building. Partnering
with licensees such as Lotta Luv is an exciting opportunity for
Cinnabon," said Chris Elliott, President of Cinnabon.

?Cinnabon lip gloss and lip balms are cinnamon scented and flavored
cosmetics, modeled after the familiar aroma of Cinnabon bakeries. The
custom packaging will feature a lip balm container shaped like a
Cinnabon roll with the traditional cream cheese frosting.?

Cinnabon Inc., a subsidiary of Atlanta-based AFC Enterprises Inc.
(Nasdaq: AFCEE), has signed a licensing agreement with Lotta Luv LLC
to produce Cinnabon lip balms and lip glosses that are expected to be
available in tween-targeted stores such as Claire's and Limited Too,
by late summer.?

Cinnabon is has locations in 24 countries.


I hope you find my suggestions useful!

Best regards,
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: bobbie7-ga on 29 Dec 2003 00:00 PST

Here?s another one:

The Brand Alliance of Adidas and Yamamoto

?Japanese design great Yohji Yamamoto on Wednesday announced a
long-term deal with Adidas, in what's set to be the biggest alliance
ever between fashion and sport.?

?The target market for the new collection is brand-conscious 30 to 45 year olds.?

Haute Couture Adidas

Source: NY Times

The gym shoe this year took a running leap into avant-garde fashion in
a series of collaborations between Adidas, the athletic-shoe giant,
and Yohji Yamamoto, a cutting-edge Japanese clothing designer who is
known for his deconstructivist approach to fashion.

Best regards,
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: bobbie7-ga on 29 Dec 2003 00:09 PST

Ford and Harley-Davidson brand alliance

?The Ford and Harley-Davidson brand alliance enables the two companies
to jointly develop and market exciting products, like the limited
edition Harley-Davidson trucks plus a line of co-branded clothing and
vehicle accessories.?

?With the 2001 Harley-Davidson F-150 SuperCrew, two legends of the
North American road - Ford Motor Company and Harley-Davidson Motor
Company - have combined to produce the second in their line-up of
limited edition trucks.?

?The all-black truck, with distinctive Harley-Davidson visual cues
that include orange and grey pinstriping and chrome accessories, is a
restyled and customized version of Ford's new F-150 SuperCrew truck.?

"A bold truck with attitude, the Harley-Davidson F-150 SuperCrew
delivers the best of two worlds," says Jack Turner, Ford of Canada's
brand manager for SuperCrew

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: mother911-ga on 29 Dec 2003 00:37 PST
Hi Lindstrom-ga, 

It's a pleasure to jump on board and attempt to throw my $.02 in the
ring, but before I step on any toes, I thought I would post a
theoretical response.

I'm not exactly clear on your request for branding alliances.

I was hoping to list a few and get your response. 

Jack Daniels and Coca Cola 

No articles found.


PLAYERS INC and Petty Enterprises teamed up in 1998 and 1999 to
combine the celebrity of NFL players and Winston Cup drivers in a
PLAYERS INC associate sponsorship of Team Petty - Kyle Petty's #44 Hot
Wheels car, John Andretti's #43 STP car and Jimmy Hensley's #43

Hiram Walker and Sara Lee

"Hiram Walker, for example, was looking to break out of the pack this
past holiday season when it decided to co-brand a gift set apart from
most spirits companies' giveaways of collectible bottles or glasses.
Consumer research had shown that a holiday-themed promotional pack
with food would be preferable, so Hiram contacted 10 or 12 nationally
known baked goods companies including Sara Lee, whose R&D team came up
with the idea for a Kahlua White Russian Brownie that tested well in
focus groups. The promotion, which packaged together an eight-serving
version of the special brownie by Sara Lee and a 750-ml. bottle of
Kahlua, "more than met everybody's expectations,""

Disney and Mazda

"Mazda North America plans to promote its new MPV minivan through an
online promotion driven by the Walt Disney Company. (Quote, Chart)"

"The centerpiece of the automaker's campaign is a new, co-branded site
hosted by Disney Online, designed to encourage consumers to test drive
the new MPV. "


p.s. I enjoyed your article about the Philippe Starck Samsonite bag.
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: knowledge_seeker-ga on 29 Dec 2003 05:17 PST
LOL!  This was the first return for my search:

Unorthodox Brand Alliances, By Martin Lindstrom

Guess I'll keep searching. ;-)

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: knowledge_seeker-ga on 29 Dec 2003 06:24 PST we go:


AlphaSports Motors - manufacturer of All Terrain Vehicles & Motorcycles
Winchester - manufacturer of guns and ammunition

"AlphaSports? Motors of Augusta, Georgia recently announced the
introduction of a new WinchesterŽ Special Edition ATV. A long time
leader in the youth market, AlphaSports has recently expanded their
lines to include adult size ATV?s and Motorcycles.

...?The Winchester brand name and trademark bring a heritage of
commitment to high quality products. The agreement creating the
Winchester ATV lends recognizable and respectable brand alliance,?
states Ken Patisaul, AlphaSports Sales Director. ?We?re very excited
about this partnership.?"

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: knowledge_seeker-ga on 29 Dec 2003 06:33 PST
And another: 


BOOST MOBILE - manufacturer of mobile handsets & mobile service provider
ROXY/QUICKSILVER - world leader in casual lifestyle apparel and
accessories for young women


New Phone Targets Girls Who Just Want to Have Fun

"IRVINE and HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.-November 19, 2002-Boost Mobile
and Quiksilver, Inc. (NYSE:ZQK) today announced an exclusive brand
alliance to include a limited edition Roxy wireless phone in the Boost
Mobile range of handsets. ...The new alliance marks the first time
this lifestyle brand has extended to the wireless phone market."

"...Young women want the latest and greatest in fashion, and that
applies to both clothing and accessories, which today includes
wireless phones.."

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: bobbie7-ga on 29 Dec 2003 07:36 PST

Here's another one from a few years ago:

Oscar-Mayer Weiners and Mail Boxes Etc.

"Although most current research?as well as writing in the business
press?focuses on individual brands, brands often exist in conjunction
with other brands. Such brands may be physically integrated in a
product (as, for example, in Diet Coke and NutraSweet, or IBM
computers and Intel chips). Two or more brands may also simply be
featured in joint promotions (as for example, in television
commercials promoting Oscar Mayer and Mail Boxes Etc.)."

"The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile got some extra attention when its driver
was featured in a commercial for Mail Boxes Etc., a company that helps
employees on the go keep in touch with the home office."

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: voila-ga on 29 Dec 2003 07:47 PST
Britney Spears + NASCAR

Strange article on brand creep into baby names: (Sit up straight, ESPN!) 

Thanks for another interesting question, Martin, and I'll try to find
other examples if time permits.
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: journalist-ga on 29 Dec 2003 08:47 PST
Greetings Martin!  

The following examples are from an article titled "50 Best Promoted
Brands" at

"The result is a joint effort with Anheuser-Busch that unites Clamato
and Budweiser on customized cooler racks, making it easier for "Red
Beer" imbibers to purchase both ingredients."

Johnson & Johnson 
"To back the launch of new Kid Wash body formula, New Brunswick,
NJ-based J&J teamed with Nickelodeon to offer a mock car wash kit
complete with foam shampoo bottles that inspired kids to look forward
to the usually dreaded bath time."

[Chips makers, cereal companies and candy companies frequently team
with film companies to promote both the edible product and the screen

"New York City-based Nick turns partners like Kraft, Mott's, and
Burger King into veritable family members with in-house promotions
that succeed because they're as much fun as the programming."

There are many more examples in this article.


"Harrah´s and Coca-Cola have teamed up to deliver unique and exciting
programs that can only be found at Harrah´s casinos. As the exclusive
provider of soft drink beverages for Harrah´s, Coca-Cola delivers its
world-leading brands to keep customers refreshed and energized. Beyond
world-class refreshment, Coca-Cola is the proud co-sponsor of events
and programs to enhance the overall guest experience."


", Inc. (formerly Miracom Corporation), (OTC Bulletin Board:
MIRME) announced today that it has joined NASCAR Winston Cup Racing as
Associate National Sponsor of the M&M's Racing Team No. 36 Pontiac and
MB2 Motorsports. This sponsorship broadens's national
branding campaign and affords "M&M's" Brand, the number one candy
brand in the world, a racing partnership with as part of the


Teenie beanie Babies and McDonald's (McDonald's has teamed with
various toy makers in their Happy Meal Program as have other fast food


Best regards, 
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: journalist-ga on 29 Dec 2003 09:11 PST
Here are two more examples of alliances:

Barnes and Noble teaming with Starbucks coffee:
"The store also will feature a Barnes & Noble Cafe, a classic bistro
serving Starbucks coffee, cappuccino, espresso; the full-leaf teas of
The Republic of Tea; cold drinks; and a variety of reasonably priced
gourmet sandwiches and desserts."

Amazon and Target
"Online retail bellwether signed an online sales
partnership deal with Minneapolis-based Target Corp., which operates
about 1,000 discount stores across the United States and competes with
Kmart and Wal-Mart."

Best regards,
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: bobbie7-ga on 29 Dec 2003 09:39 PST

Here a few more examples:

America Online, Inc brand alliance with the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand
of lifestyle.

?America Online, Inc., the world's leading interactive services
company, and Dualstar Online, the Internet division of Dualstar
Entertainment Group, today announced a content and promotional
alliance for the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand of lifestyle and
entertainment to become a key content provider for kids and `tween
programming on the AOL service.?

?Simultaneously, AOL is launching several new "Mary-Kate and Ashley"
content areas on the popular Kids Only channel, designed for kids age
9-12 years.?


"We are thrilled to welcome Mary-Kate and Ashley to AOL. They have
their finger on the pulse of what's cool for young people. Our members
will certainly appreciate direct and convenient access to their hip
content and unique style," said Katherine Borsecnik, President of AOL
Brand Management and Programming. "America Online is committed to
delivering the most valuable, relevant content to members of all ages,
and the addition of the mary-kate and ashley brand to our Kids Only
Channel helps us to deliver on this promise."


"The Mary-Kate and Ashley brand is a great fit for AOL's Kids Only
Channel and this alliance -- along with with
its nearly 1.5 billion annual hits and over 10 million annual unique
visitors -- is a natural next step for our brand extension," said
Robert Thorne, co-founder and CEO of Dualstar Entertainment Group.?

Business Wire, Jan 25, 2002


Hasbro Inc with Whac-A-Mole arcade games

?Bob's Space Racers, Inc. announced today an agreement with Hasbro
Inc. (NYSE:HAS) in which Hasbro will produce an electronic board game
based on the amusement park classic arcade brand "Whac-A-Mole."

Whac-A-Mole arcade games have been enjoyed by tens of millions of
consumers of all ages worldwide for over 25 years. Whac-A-Mole
continues to be a leading revenue producer in amusement parks and fun
centers worldwide generating approximately $100 million per year in
gaming revenue and an estimated $1.2 billion since inception.?

"Hasbro was our company of choice, because of their dedication,
history and experience in creating great family games," says Mike
Lane, CFO, Bob's Space Racers, Inc., inventor and owner of the
Whac-A-Mole brand.?

Business Wire, June 9, 2003


Selected Germany findings from the 2002-2003 Global Brand Forecast:

Puma - Brand alliance with fashion designers (Jil Sander)


Pillsbury and M&Ms

?Another important outcome of brand alliance is increased value
(Strate & Rappole, 1997). Rao and Ruekert (1994) suggested that the
alliance should add a functional benefit to the joint brand rather
than simply guarantee the quality of a product when the product?s true
quality is observable. For example, an alliance between Pillsbury and
M&Ms provides information about the presence of an additional
attribute (crunchy candy) in the cookie dough, and thus is a
beneficial alliance.?

Godiva and Slim Fast Research

?Finally, hotel operators frequently cite improving brand image as one
of the key benefits of brand alliance. Yet, this consequence has
received little scholarly attention. A remarkable exception is
research conducted by Park et al. (1996). These authors found that
salient and high performance attributes were transferred to a new
product. In addition, they suggested that by indirect association of
the Slim-Fast name with Godiva, the original image of Slim-Fast can be
improved. Research in celebrity spokespersons and sponsorships
provides additional support for image transfer (Javalgi, Traylor,
Gross & Lampman, 1994; Lynch & Schuler, 1994). Particularly,
image transfer will be stronger in sponsor relationships with either
functional- or image-based fit (Gwinner & Eaton, 1999).?

A Hotel Restaurant Brand Alliance Model: Antecedents and Consequences
The Pennsylvania State University,

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: pinkfreud-ga on 29 Dec 2003 17:49 PST
One page from the Eddie Bauer website describes brand alliances
between Eddie Bauer and The Ford Motor Company, Eddie Bauer and The
Lane Company, Eddie Bauer and Imperial Home Decor Group, Eddie Bauer
and Signature Eyewear, Inc., Eddie Bauer and Cosco, Inc., Eddie Bauer
and Baby Boom, Eddie Bauer and Gold Bug, Eddie Bauer and American
Recreation Products, Eddie Bauer and Coast Cutlery.

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: chis-ga on 31 Dec 2003 02:03 PST
FedEx bought Kinko's, which should be quite an alliance for office services
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: lindstrom-ga on 02 Jan 2004 05:05 PST
Hi Bobbie7,
Well done for some great info. on Brand Alliances. You know where to
find your payment ;-)

Happy new year,

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: lindstrom-ga on 02 Jan 2004 05:07 PST
Hi Mother911-ga,
Thanks for your contribution. You are most defently on track! Keep up
your good search and happy new year.

All the best,


PS: Thanks for your feedback re. my Samsonite article.
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: lindstrom-ga on 02 Jan 2004 05:09 PST
Hi knowledge_seeker-ga,
Thanks for your contribution - small world eh?
The stuff you've found looks good - thanks for that. I've left a payment for you.

Take care - all the best and happy new year.

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: lindstrom-ga on 02 Jan 2004 05:09 PST
Hi voila-ga,
Thanks for your contribution - looks good. I've left a small payment for you.

Happy new year from Martin
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: lindstrom-ga on 02 Jan 2004 05:11 PST
Hi journalist-ga,
Thanks for your contribution - interesting stuff. I've left a small
payment for your effort.

All the best and happy new year,

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: lindstrom-ga on 02 Jan 2004 05:13 PST
Hi pinkfreud-ga,
Thanks for your contribution. The case is interesting but a bit to
weak - more "data" would be great - or just feel free to search after
other alliances.

Once again thanks for your contribution. Happy new year from Martin
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: lindstrom-ga on 02 Jan 2004 05:19 PST
Hi chis-ga ,
Thanks for your info - even though your contribution is small it is
very valuable - and will be used in my book - which is the reason why
I've left a small payment for you.

Thanks for your help and happy new year.

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: journalist-ga on 02 Jan 2004 06:32 PST
To add to Chis's statement regarding Kinko's/FedEx, Staples and Office
Depot are teamed with UPS offering the shipping service at their
stores [with no mark-up on the shipping charges, at least not at
Staples - I know this from personal experience.]

UPS begins service at additional Office Depot stores
"United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) will open 550 shipping
counters in Office Depot Inc. stores by the end of the year and five
months ahead of schedule."

"If you're really pressed for time, save yourself the hassles of
shipping packages. Head into your local Staples store and visit the
authorized UPS Ship Center; store associates will pack your boxes and
then ship them. Find a store in your area now."


I also found:

"ATLANTA and FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Dec 10, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via
Comtex/ -- EarthLink (ELNK) today announced an agreement with Staples,
Inc. (SPLS) to offer EarthLink Internet Services in the 1,100 Staples
office superstores across the country. EarthLink's award winning
Dial-up and High Speed Internet services feature EarthLink TotalAccess
Software with EarthLink Accelerator, which at no additional charge
enables dial up subscribers to surf the Web at speeds up to five times
faster than standard 56K dial-up services."

Best regards,


Staples UPS shipping
Staples UPS Office Depot shipping
Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: lindstrom-ga on 02 Jan 2004 21:43 PST
Hi bobbie7-ga,
Thanks for all your great stuff. Any chance you could as well find
some stats on Brand Alliances (similar to what you found under Brand

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: bobbie7-ga on 02 Jan 2004 21:45 PST
Hi Martin,

I'll see what statistics I can find for Brand Alliances. 

Thanks for asking me. 

Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: bobbie7-ga on 02 Jan 2004 22:51 PST

Here are my findings:

What the Future Holds: A franchising expert discusses what 2003 has in
store for the industry.
By Devlin Smith  

Cobranding Catches On

"The cobranding trend is going to continue, and we'll see some of the
major systems start to buy out some of the smaller systems that have a
very strong niche, regional presence. That makes [these smaller
systems] very powerful overnight. ?

"This trend also cuts out an investor. There's a whole layer of
investors who aren't going to be approved at that level. They'll have
to go to another system that still allows for people to buy one or two
units at a time."

Entrepreneur: March 31, 2003,5847,307497,00.html

70% of alliances fail

?Strategic alliances-broadly defined as arrangements in which two
organizations conjoin to pursue common interests-are a rapidly growing
phenomenon in contemporary business practice that has increased
40-fold in the last decade. Alliances represent strategic responses to
the powerful forces of deregulation, globalization, technological
change, and time-to-market concerns. These forces have made the
business environment vastly more competitive, complex, and uncertain
than ever before. Companies are turning to strategic alliances in
order to manage their uncertainty and risk and specifically to access
a wide range of competencies, technologies, and markets. However, the
success rate of strategic alliances has been mixed-as many as 70% of
alliances fail.?

Carlson School of Management

?In recent years, with an annual 40% growth rate, co-branding has
become a strategic tool for many companies to attain higher market
shares (Dignam 1999).?

?In fact, according to a recent study almost half of the strategic
alliances fail (Dyer et al. 2001). ?

The University of Texas at Aystin

How to Make Strategic Alliances Work.
Dyer, Jeffrey H., Prashant Kale, Harbir Singh. 2001. 
MIT Sloan Management Review

?The top 500 global businesses have an average of 60 major strategic
alliances each.?

According to this recent study almost half of the strategic alliances fail.

There is a lot of information in this publication. You may download it here:

From a PowerPoint Presentation:

Surging Number of Alliances Worldwide

Slide 5 
Pie chart: Global Equity Alliance Mix by Industry

Alliance Announcements Move the Market
- Top 500 global firms are averaging 60 major strategic alliances per firm
 - Average stock price increased $54 million upon announcement of each
significant new alliance.?


Subject: Re: Brand alliances
From: bobbie7-ga on 03 Jan 2004 10:11 PST

Here are some more statistics:

Joel Van Durme, lecturer in the Marketing Department at the University
of Auckland states that brand alliances grow at a rate of 40 % per

?Although growing at an average rate of 40 % per annum, virtually no
research has been conducted into the effects brand alliances may have
on the equity of the partner brands engaged in the alliance.

?There is a considerable increase in brand alliances. In the United
States, alliances between brands increase 60% each year (Knudsen et al, 1997).?
The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES)

Search criteria:
Brand alliance +trend 
Brand alliance +future

I hope my findings were useful! 


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