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Q: What makes a good v. bad first impression? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: What makes a good v. bad first impression?
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Asked by: bunker-ga
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Posted: 10 Jan 2004 13:28 PST
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What makes a good first impression and what makes a bad first
impression?  I would like to know any and all statistics about making
a good or bad first impression.  Thank you.
Subject: Re: What makes a good v. bad first impression?
Answered By: bobbie7-ga on 10 Jan 2004 15:14 PST
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Hello again Bunker,

Here are the results of my research regarding what makes a good or bad impression.

Within the first three seconds of a new encounter, you are evaluated?
even if it is just a glance.

?People appraise your visual and behavioral appearance from head to
toe. They observe your demeanor, mannerisms, and body language and
even assess your grooming and accessories ? watch, handbag, briefcase.
Within only three seconds, you make an indelible impression.?

Michelle Sterling: Global Image Group



?When you meet someone face-to-face, 93% of how you are judged is
based on non-verbal data---your appearance and your body language.
Only 7% is influenced by the words that you speak. Whoever said that
you can?t judge a book by its cover failed to note that people do.
When your initial encounter is over the phone, 70% of how you are
perceived is based on your tone of voice and 30% on your words.
Clearly, it?s not what you say--- it?s the way that you say it.?


?There is no sweeter sound than that of our own name. When you use the
other person?s name in conversation within your first few words and
the first seven seconds, you are sending a message that you value that
person and are focused on him or her. Nothing gets other people?s
attention as effectively as calling them by name.?

Self Improvement


?There are no second chances at making a spectacular first impression.
Those first few seconds of contact become a benchmark for every
subsequent impression you make.?

Positive And Negative Impressions

?Several hundred single men and women attending dating and flirting
classes were asked to list the attributes they find attractive and
unattractive in a potential partner. Below is a list of the most
frequent responses. Although many of these attributes may not be
immediately apparent, most will show up sometime during a first date.?

?Attributes Leading To A Positive Impression: 
sense of humor 
body language 
conversational ability 
Attributes Leading To A Negative Impression: 
closed minded and judgmental 
lack of manners 
poor conversational ability 
negative life attitude 
lack of education 
indecisive/without an opinion 
lack of integrity 
war stories from past relationships 
whining and complaining 
only interested in sex 
power games and manipulation 
materialistic? Inc.


What makes a good and bad impression at an interview?

There are a number of things an interviewer notices in the first ten
seconds of your meeting, and those ten seconds can have a critical
impact on whether you get a job offer or not.

Good impression:

?Most interviewers expect a suit (very creative fields and high tech
fields are often exceptions), and expect women to be wearing a suit or

?A handshake is a good indicator of how confident you are. It should
be firm. Give a full handshake, not just one where you grasp the other
person's fingers?

?Posture is important, so stand up straight and carry yourself with confidence.?

 ?Your attention to detail in grooming yourself reflects (in the
employer's eyes, anyway) how you'd attend to details on the job.?

Bad impression:

?Things that make a bad impression include frayed cuffs, missing
buttons, and scuffed shoes. And the interviewer will notice. Nearly
all interviewers agree that it's more important for your clothes to be
in good condition than it is for them to be fashionable.?

?Messy hair is also a big negative, as is excessive or sloppy makeup.?

?If you're female and wear nail polish, make sure it's not chipped or peeling.?

?Don't fold your resume up in a pocket or purse--it looks sloppy and

College View


To Make a Great First Impression at a job interview:

- Look Alert, Well-Groomed, and Clean
- Look the Interviewer in the Eye and Smile
- How you speak and listen is critical in making a good impression
College View


?How you act, dress, and talk are all going to affect "he first
impression. A customer's first impression of a salesmen will have an
impact on whether the customer buys. The first impression a manager
has of you will affect whether you are hired. How you act in the first
moments of meeting your new neighbor will sharply affect his/her view
of you. Yes, you need to make a good first impression! It can stop a
sale, or it can help you make an instant friend!?

How do you make a good impression?

- ?Give them a "winning" smile. 

- Cheerfully greet them with "hello (name)". Let your voice show that
you are glad to see them!

- Act like you are greeting a best friend who has been gone for awhile.

- If you walk into a group, greet or acknowledge every person. Look
them in the eye. Either verbally greet them or at least make eye
contact and acknowledge every single person.

- Greet your friends, contacts, and family the same way.

- When someone calls, say a professional "hello". When you find out
who is calling, act glad to hear their voice.?

The All I Need Website


Body language and the first impression:

?Before words are said, your body says a lot. A full, firm handshake
and good standing posture shows confidence. Steady, relaxed eye
contact shows interest and says you are listening. Try to avoid
staring too long, as to make others uncomfortable. A sincere smile
also breaks the ice and expresses a relaxed confidence.?

Key Factors to Making a Favorable First Impression:

- ?good personal hygiene
- simple clothing
- clean, sharp, and ironed
- coordinated
- solid, neutral colors
- limited accessories

- relaxed and sincere
- slightly open
- use all face muscles

Eye contact
- steady
- relaxed
- about 5 seconds

- dry
- firm
- maintain eye contact

- playing with your hair
- crossing your arms
- fidgeting, foot tapping
- touching your face
- using meaningless hand gestures?

Verbal Language:

?Say something nice about someone. Imagine how important a positive,
interested attitude is at a party or in a new job.?

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


?Research shows that a first impression is based primarily on physical
appearance and gestures, Thorp says. Good eye contact is important to
enhancing trust as well as posture, facial expression and demeanor.
Don't slouch when talking with a client. And remember, people respond
to smiles, not scowls.?

?An appealing attitude is one that is welcoming, enthusiastic and
curious about others. People tend to repel others when they act bored
or angry,.?,0,1955005.column%3Fcoll%3Dsfla-business-col+%22first+impression%22+seconds&hl=es&ie=UTF-8


?According to William Thourby in "You Are What You Wear," we make ten
psychological judgments in a first impression including success level,
economic status, integrity, education level, social position, level of
sophistication, economic heritage, social heritage, educational
heritage and moral character.?

?By simply upgrading a mediocre appearance with a new suit,
contemporary tie/scarf, appropriate clothing colors, neat haircut, and
tasteful jewelry, we can dramatically improve our likelihood of
landing a job. The Clairol Corporation, in a salary research study,
sent out "before" and "after" photographs and identical resumes to
more than 1,000 companies. The companies indicated a greater
likelihood to hire and an eight to twenty percent higher projected
salary as a result of an upgraded appearance.?

?Collectively, conversation, hygiene, clothing, body language,
handshake, and grooming must convey confidence, integrity and

?When speaking with someone, never draw closer than arm's length. Any
closer and you are invading their personal space and it will normally
make them very uncomfortable. Practice having a firm handshake that
you hold for a couple of seconds. If you have a tendency to have
sweaty palms, always dry your hands on a handkerchief prior to the

Corporate Warriors


To Make a Strong First Impression with Customers 

?If your customer interaction is strictly over the telephone, 87
percent of their first impression is based on the tonality, pitch and
speed of your voice,? Saxby says. Saxby notes that the warmth and
friendliness conveyed in the first few seconds of conversation will
have a positive impact on the customer?s impression of your business.?

Speak slowly and clearly
 ?Employees who answer the same question many times in a given week
tend to speak quickly and use industry jargon or look for ways to
shortcut the explanation. ?Train your employees to speak slowly and
clearly to improve the customer?s understanding of what?s being

Use your customer?s name
?Weaving your customer?s name throughout the conversation shows you?re
paying attention and makes the interaction more personal,?

Good listening skills
?Make sure your employees use feedback during the conversation to
demonstrate to the customer they are listening,?

Relinquish the need to be right. 
?Confrontations with somebody you?ve just met will destroy rapport
before you even start building it, ? establishing your credibility
before you question another?s statements.?

Source: PRWeb


A study by UCLA found that "people evaluate one another using the
Three V's: visual (appearance), vocal (voice) and verbal (what you

Tips on great first impressions:

- Have a proper handshake
- Be on time
- Be well-groomed
- Use body language 
- Introduce yourself and ask for names
- Make good conversation


Here?s an interesting article that discusses keys to a positive first
impression for a physician?s practice.


Search Criteria: 
?To make a first impression?
Good ?first impression?
Bad ?first impression?
Strong first impression

I hope my research is useful!

Best regards,
bunker-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Hi Bobbie7, your answer is fantastic.  You do absolutely terrific
research, thank you so much!  You are so generous with your
information and results that I have a lot to choose from.  Thanks
again, you're tops!

Subject: Re: What makes a good v. bad first impression?
From: bobbie7-ga on 10 Jan 2004 18:04 PST
Dear Bunker,

Thank you for your very kind words and nice tip!

I'm glad that my research pleased you.


Subject: Re: What makes a good v. bad first impression?
From: bunker-ga on 10 Jan 2004 19:20 PST
Thank you Bobbie7!  I wish you could do all my questions!  Bunker
Subject: Re: What makes a good v. bad first impression?
From: probonopublico-ga on 10 Jan 2004 21:34 PST
At last, I know where I have been going wrong.

Better late than never, I suppose.

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