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Q: Who are the owners of this company ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Who are the owners of this company
Category: Business and Money > Small Businesses
Asked by: peptone-ga
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Posted: 06 Feb 2004 06:49 PST
Expires: 07 Mar 2004 06:49 PST
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Can you please tell me who are the present owners of this Australian company:

MCI Technologies Pty Ltd
Level 15, Fifty Cavill Avenue
Surfer's Paradise
Queensland, Australia, 4217

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 06 Feb 2004 09:34 PST
You sure picked an interesting company to with a fair
number of unhappy customers, too.

MCI Technologies has some complicated roots that lead to individuals
in Queensland and two other companies in London as well.  I've
identified two of the key individuals involved, who are referred to,
respectively, as the CEO and the Managing Director of MCI
Technologies.  I suspect...but can't say for certain...that these
individuals are the owners as well.

By the way, a number of the unhappy customers have successfully
received refunds for MCI Tech's software product, in case you're
interested in their stories.

Would you like me to post the information I have as an answer to your
question (bearing in mind the uncertainty as to whether they are the
owners or not)?

Let me know.


Clarification of Question by peptone-ga on 06 Feb 2004 15:13 PST

Yes please.  Do send me all the info you have about the CEO, MD,
dissatisfied customers et al.

Thanks very much.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 06 Feb 2004 15:22 PST
Hello peptone,

Thanks for getting back to me on this.  I have a hectic schedule this
weekend, but will get back to your question on Monday with an answer
that I hope will fully meet your needs.

Stay tuned...


Request for Question Clarification by answerfinder-ga on 10 Feb 2004 08:48 PST
Dear peptone-ga,

My colleague has not posted the answer yet, so you may wish to
consider this proposal.
This is an Australian Proprietary Company, which is Limited By Shares.
I can direct you to the Australian Company regulator where you can
view the type of documents the company has filed. To view the actual
documents, or the current company status, or historical extracts from
the documents, you have to pay an ?information broker?. Depending on
what you want, rates vary from $17AU to $50AU. You get information
such as type of company, status, registered addresses, individuals'
roles within the organisation, share structure, members, charges and
documents lodged.

As I cannot answer your question directly and you will have this
additional cost, perhaps you may consider canceling this question and
posting a new one for a smaller amount as you think appropriate. Then
I can give you all the details.

Subject: Re: Who are the owners of this company
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 10 Feb 2004 09:32 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello peptone-ga,

It took me a bit longer than I had supposed to get back to your
question, but here is the information on MCI Technologies that I was
able to pull together.  If anything about the information is unclear
-- or if you need additional information -- just let me know by
posting a Request for Clarification, and I'll be happy to assist you



MCI Technologies -- also known, at times, as Micro Corporation
International -- is run by a fellow named Craig Duffy.  Their key
(perhaps only) product line is high-priced computer software intended
to serve as a guide to investing in the stock market.  A number of
people have publicly posted complaints on the internet regarding the
quality of the software, and I have included some information about
these postings as well.


MCI's main website is, which redirects to

A WhoIs check on the microcorp name at:

shows the following information:

Domain Name:   
Last Modified:           20-Nov-2002 03:32:38 UTC
Registrar ID:            R00010-AR
Registrar Name:          Melbourne IT
Status:                  ok

Registrant:              MCI TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD
Registrant ID:           ACN 010 177 107

Registrant ROID:         C0463420-AR
Registrant Contact Name: THE MANAGER
Registrant Email:

Tech ID:                 C0463422-AR
Tech Name:               craig duffy
Tech Email:    

Name Server:   
Name Server:   


Thus, you can see the relationship between microcorp and MCI, and also
see the contact information for the manager of MCI, Craig Duffy, whose
email is given as:


Searching some official government databases in Australia revealed a
bit more information.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission at:

maintains records of businesses incorporated in Australia.  A search
for MCI Technologies at:

turns up the following:


Extracted from ASIC's database at 04:09:35 on 07/02/2004 
ACN 010 177 107 
ABN 36 010 177 107 
Type Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares 
Date 07/11/1980 
Next Review
Date 07/11/2004 
Status Registered 
of Registered
Office Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 
Jurisdiction Australian Securities & Investments Commission
Previous State QLD 
Previous Number 80B07610P

 These are the documents that ASIC has most recently received from, or
sent to this organisation. Page numbers are shown if processing is
complete and the document is available for purchase.
 Date  Number  Pages  Description 
 29/01/2004 020050551 5 484E Change to Company Details Appointment or
Cessation of a Company Officeholder
 09/11/2003 0X0407117 2 480B Company Statement Annual - Proprietary
Company Statement
 03/02/2003 019036028 2 316L (AR 2002) Annual Return - Proprietary Company


Note several details:

--MCI has been on record since 1980, so appears to be fairly well-established.  

--Its former business names are Micro Corporation Australia, and Gauntlet.

--A number of business filings are on record at ASIC and can be
purchased by visiting the ASIC site.

The Australian Business Register also has a file on MCI, which does
not add, significantly, to the information on the company, but I have
included it here for the sake of completeness:


Historical Details for 36 010 177 107 

This extract is based on information supplied by businesses to the
Registrar of the Australian Business Register. Neither the Registrar
nor the Federal Government guarantee that this information is
accurate, up to date or complete. You should consider verifying this
information from other sources.

Retrieved on: 7 Feb 2004 
Last modified on: 15 Nov 2002  
36 010 177 107  
Business Name 
Status  From  To  
Active  19 May 2000   

Legal Names  From  To  

Trading Names  From  To  

Main Business Locations  From  To  
QLD 4217  25 Oct 2000  


A newspaper article from a few months ago in the Guardian (London)
shows that MCI has an international reach well beyond Australia.  I
cannot reproduce the full article here due to copyright, but I've
included a few key excerpts:

Jobs & Money - Capital letters - Not quite the star turn. 

By Tony Levene. 

21 June 2003
The Guardian

A recent advert implied I could make a fortune on the stock market
with just 10 minutes work on my computer a day...This led to a firm in
central London called MCI Technologies which wants me to buy some
software called Star Trader. It sounds a lot of money at over

...Star Trader purchasers have to input a day's share prices from the
internet at the end of each day. The program, MCI claims, will then
alert you to shares that have met the computer's analysis...MCI cannot
recommend shares as it does not have FSA approval.

...Star Trader replaces Blue Chip Trader, a previous MCI
program....Both programs and selling methods are reminiscent of
another Australian "business opportunity" in 1996....Comstrad had a
3,300 disc which was supposed to predict horse race winners. Comstrad
was shut down by the DTI in 1996. MCI works out of Oxford Street but
is owned by Tomato Technologies of Surfers Paradise, Queensland. MCI's
managing director is Jamie Pickering. By coincidence, Larry Pickering,
his father, was a prime mover at Comstrad...


Interesting! So now we have the managing director's name at MCI --
Jamie Pickering -- and another Australian link to a firm called
"Tomato Technologies".  A Google search on the company name leads to:

"Tomato Technologies Limited is one of Australia?s leading software
solutions providers. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2001,
its core business is software research; development and marketing
combined with financial membership-based subscription
services...Tomato?s flagship technologies are Stock Market Analysis
and Portfolio Management software and Insurance software designed for
use by leading Blue Chip General Insurance companies."

Sounds a bit familiar.  Looking at the company's "Contact Us" page at:

also turns up some familiar-looking information:

Tomato Technologies
P.O. Box 1794 
Surfers Paradise 
QLD 4217
Phone: 1300 73 30 30
Fax: 1300 73 40 40 
Craig Duffy 

There's our Mr. Duffy again, whose email is given as:  

Other contacts listed are:

General Manager and
Company Secretary 
Ian Prowse
I.T. Manager
Alastair Kennelly
Bach. Inf Tech, MACS, IEEE

Russell West


I mentioned that not everyone was happy with MCI/Micro/Tomato's
software.  You can see a discussion thread at:

which includes a fascinating account of the MCI-Tomato-Duffy-Pickering
connection, linking it all to yet another company in Australia known
as Krysmont!  Oh, what a tangled web (some of us) weave.  There are
also notes from a few buyers of the software who have successfully had
their money by filing a complaint through his credit
card company that billed the original purchase.


I hope this information meets your needs.  As I said above, if
anything is not clear, just let me know, and I'll be glad to clarify
things as best I can.

Good luck.


Request for Answer Clarification by peptone-ga on 10 Feb 2004 12:28 PST
Hi pafalafa-ga 

Thank you for your answer.

As you say it is a tangled web.  The more that I learn about this
company the worse it gets.  I think this company's advertising
contravenes the Advertising Code.

It seems a scam to me.  It is interesting that Larry Pickering the
father of  Jamie Pickering was involved in a previous scam.  How can I
find out if Jamie Pickering or the manager of MCI, Craig Duffy, have
been involved in previous scams?


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 10 Feb 2004 13:24 PST
Hello peptone-ga,'s complicated, all right.  I ran a bit more of a search for
the duffy-pickering connection, and came up with the following:

This is a good, in-depth newspaper article that goes into a bit more
detail about company inter-connections than the earlier article I

There's also this link:

to Tomato Technologies, showing Duffy and Pickering (Jr., I think) in
senior managment positions.  Note that there's also a number of
company documents (e.g. a 9-page "Newsletter to Shareholders")
accessible at the site

The fact that Tomato Tech is a publicly traded company suggests (to my
mind, anyway) that they aren't terribly scandal-plauged, as
information like that tends to rise to the surface when companies are
required to publicly report to the authorities.

However, it's not possible to say for sure what the "scam" history --
if any -- is on these folks without a more in-depth search, especially
of legal records pertaining to lawsuits, regulatory actions, etc.  The
search would probably have to cover -- at the very least -- Australian
as well as English case law, and perhaps other countries as well. It
won't be a small undertaking.

If you want this sort of in-depth digging done, your best bet may be
to post a follow up question here at Google Answers, and let one of
the researchers take a crack at it.

Hope this helps.  But if anything isn't clear, just let me know, and
I'm happy to follow up with any additional information I can provide.


Request for Answer Clarification by peptone-ga on 11 Feb 2004 11:26 PST
Hi pafalafa-ga

I think this answers my question.  Thanks for your help.


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 11 Feb 2004 12:21 PST
Glad this was a help to you, and thanks so much for your generosity.  

Best of luck.

peptone-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Very helpful.  Thanks

Subject: Re: Who are the owners of this company
From: aht-ga on 06 Feb 2004 16:43 PST

You may wish to also refer to the information I provided peptone-ga
with regarding one of MCI Technology Pty's products, in this Answer:


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