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Q: meaning of an unknowen symbol ( No Answer,   2 Comments )
Subject: meaning of an unknowen symbol
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: bellybutton19-ga
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Posted: 20 Feb 2004 21:39 PST
Expires: 21 Mar 2004 21:39 PST
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I want to know the meaning of a symbol that was tatooed on my foot. 
Three pictures of the symbol are on .  I do not know anything
about the symbol other than what you see there.  I don't even know the
orientaion, but it may be the same as the one in the middle, as that
is the way "down" is as it sits on my foot.  An optimal answer would
tell me what this symbol means, however I understand that it may not
be a known symbol - but if it's not, I would like some level of a
start point for figuring it out.

Clarification of Question by bellybutton19-ga on 21 Feb 2004 10:04 PST
That looks like it may be promising.  I am contacting some local
buisnesses to see if there is anyone in the area that can help
further, as I can't find and "how to read alchemic text" guides or
anything like that online.  I'm going to leave the question open in
case someone knows more or has something to add (as I really would
like to know much more) - but I know you guys aren't magic :(

Request for Question Clarification by jackburton-ga on 23 Feb 2004 13:13 PST
"but I know you guys aren't magic :("
...I wouldn't be too sure about that! ;-)
How, where, and why, where these symbols tattooed on your foot?. I
have some comments to share with you, but I feel I need to ask you
first how these symbols ended up on your foot. I know someone who has
considerable knowledge in this field, and after careful analysis, he
instinctively feels these symbols do not represent anything positive.
I can provide you with a "start point", but I would rather not post
anything more at this point, until you provide a bit more

Clarification of Question by bellybutton19-ga on 23 Feb 2004 19:08 PST
Well, I don't know where to start, actually.  I had weird dreams since
pubrty started until about 17.  Dreams where I would see things. 
99.99% of the time it would be super boring, like I would know what
shows I was going to watch on TV (it makes seeing a show for the first
time much less enjoyable when you're like, "this is where they ..."
and everyone looks at you like you're a jackass because its a new
show.) but sometimes it would be important things.  The biggest
differance was that important dreams would repete with minute
differances (pens in differant hands, etc.).  One strange dream that
belonged with the others, but stood quite out from the others was
this: I would wake up (in the dream, but I alwasy thought it was for
real - you know those dreams) and floating in front of me, large,
golden, 3-D, with pieces spinning in differant directions.  It would
cause me to be unable to breath and I would wake up.  However, I was
always unable to remember the symbol.  Then one day I was typing at
work (data proccessing) and the symbol appeared on my (left) hand (in
green).  I stared at it, not letting go and copied the image onto a
peice of paper. I was close, but couldn't draw it quite right.  I
didn't know how, but I knew that if I had it tattooed, it would come
out right.  I went to a tattoo place by my school and asked him to do
it free hand.  After a little fuss (because he hadn't done a freehand
tattoo before for payment), he agreed and did it.  It came out almost
perfect (all of the lines are supposed to be solid, but the ink made
it a little touch and go.  I get it touched up 2x a year or so because
it's not quiet solid enough).

I don't konw if that was the kind of description you were looking for
or not.  Let me know.

Request for Question Clarification by jackburton-ga on 25 Feb 2004 05:45 PST
Yes, this information is helpful but I am puzzled as to why you felt
the need to have the symbol tattoed on your body, especially since you
felt it caused you breathing difficulties. And how do you feel about
having this symbol on you now?

Clarification of Question by bellybutton19-ga on 25 Feb 2004 06:40 PST
When I was 18, the summer between highschool and college, I became
very sick.  it's a longer story than you really want to read, but the
major results are two:

1) none of my body works 100% anymore.  I have problems ranging from
digestive to arthritus to memory to whatever else.  its nothing so bad
i cant function, but it does make me an interesting person to be
around sometimes.

2) I aquired a huge faith.  I think its in God.  Its in the guiding
force, whatever it is.  ..Maybe it's another part of me.  I don't
know.  ... And, I've found that listening to this force generally
brings me joy in the long run and denying this force brings very bad
things (I'm convinced, for example, it brought my sickness - and, just
so you know, I'm a biology major.  I know that sounds a wee goofy). 
Often times I 'just know' things because thats what the force says
they should be.  I'm always right when I have that feeling (or,
rather, I have always been right - but I would assume it's a good
sized test sample these last 3 years).
One thing I knew I had to do was to see this symbol.  And I knew the
only way that would happen is if I went to this particular tattoo shop
and had the man in the right most chair tattoo it on me.  I also
figured that it would keep me from forgetting it ;) jk.  So that's
what I did.
And I really didn't think about it too hard for awhile after that (a
year or so now) and, one afternoon, I knew I had to start serching for
what it ment because I need to know now (in the non-rushed sence of
the word 'now'; I might not truely know for years still, and that
alright with me).  I don't know why, I just know that it is.  So, I
figured that google answers might be a good place to start - since
i've asked other questions (on an old account - i cant remember that
email addy's pswd) and they are always answered 150% of my

... oh, and on the symbol causeing me to not breath; I have bad sleep
apnea, so its not something I think of as "terrible" to have happen in
my sleep.  But everytime I had this dream, it would cause me to stop
breathing.  ... I know, I should go into the doc. for the apnea ... I
will later.  Really.  .. but it *may* be a red herring to focus to
much on that.  Again, I don't really know.

Request for Question Clarification by jackburton-ga on 27 Feb 2004 03:59 PST
Hi again bellybutton19,
OK. There is a lot to work with here. I get the picture. I would like
to run this by someone else I know, who is also highly knowledgable
about such matters. There are some elements which I'm not comfortable
with, so I would like a "second opinion" as it were, before I post the
clues I've gathered so far. It may take a day or so, so if you could
be a little patient.
By the way, do you remember the username you used on your previous account?
If you want to use that account again, you *can* retrieve your password.
Just go to:  and enter
the email address that is associated with that account.
I hope to have something for you soon!

Clarification of Question by bellybutton19-ga on 27 Feb 2004 07:43 PST
Thank you for the account pswd information.

Take all the time you need.  It is appreciated.

Clarification of Question by bellybutton19-ga on 16 Mar 2004 23:02 PST
Just curious if you were getting somewhere with this and I should
re-post a "for jackburton-ga" style post on or around the 21st, or if
I should chalk this upto something I'll have to figure out another
way.  ??

Request for Question Clarification by jackburton-ga on 18 Mar 2004 15:11 PST
Hi again,

Just to let you know that I am still on the case, but I'm feeling a
little under the weather at the moment. I'll post something in the
next couple of days.

Clarification of Question by bellybutton19-ga on 18 Mar 2004 20:35 PST
Okay, well, if the question expires, I'll just renew it or whatever I
can do.  Take your time, there is no rush.  I hope you start feeling
better - that's the most important thing!

Request for Question Clarification by jackburton-ga on 21 Mar 2004 17:16 PST
Hi bellybutton19,
OK, I'm feeling better now thanks, but I don't really have any solid
information to post at this point. I have consulted an academic who is
well versed in mystical matters (like "Giles" from Buffy!), and though
he does not recognize these as alchemical symbols, he believes that
they are almost certainly not western. He does however feel that they
resemble Voodoo, Juju or Tahitian Magical glyphs, and suggests looking
into those areas. I have attempted to get hold of another person who
has also has experience in this field, but I have been unable to reach
him at this time. If you would like to repost (or renew?) the
question, I would be happy to explore this avenue further.

Clarification of Question by bellybutton19-ga on 21 Mar 2004 19:13 PST
This question is being continued on:
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: meaning of an unknowen symbol
From: eiffel-ga on 21 Feb 2004 03:11 PST
Hi bellybutton19,

I think it's quite likely that this pattern is a montage inspired by
astrological symbols, perhaps those for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer
and Leo which can be seen on the following page grouped under the
heading "Macrocosmos Ascending":

"SRIA Astrological Symbols and Ezekiel's Wheel"

Alternatively, you may find some inspiration from the following page
which shows alchemy symbols, hermetic symbols, astrological symbols
and Greek alphabet symbols:

"Alchemy-related TrueType fonts"

Subject: Re: meaning of an unknowen symbol
From: gsks-ga on 23 Feb 2004 01:56 PST
The symbols remind me of ancient chinese as written on tortoise shells
(I think), to eaxh of which were subsequently applied a red-hot stone
or such, causing the shell to crack; the crack was interpreted in some
manner as a divination of the inscription.  One can only hope that the
poor tortoise had gone on to its destiny as tortoise soup before the
divination was performed.

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