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Q: Masturbation Health Risks ( No Answer,   3 Comments )
Subject: Masturbation Health Risks
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Asked by: syed9ch9-ga
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Posted: 18 Apr 2004 01:11 PDT
Expires: 18 May 2004 01:11 PDT
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I believe I have a medical problem related to sexual activity. I feel
awfully tired and unmotivated after I have masturbated. I also feel
more thirsty and hungry on days when I masturbate. And the story
doesn't end there. I have noticed that I become increasingly
vulnerable to disease after I've masturbated. I don't remember a time
when I caught a cold or a flu and I had not masturbated just before
catching it. So Doctor, please let me know how to get rid of this
problem. I have tried stop masturbating but without success. Since I
can't stop it, I would like to have some other remedy for my problem.
Thanks for your time.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Masturbation Health Risks
From: sfxmystica-ga on 18 Apr 2004 07:14 PDT
Hello there,
Thats the first I have heard of that ! :)

"The association of masturbation with guilt and anxiety is partly due
to the ignorance of the fact masturbation is not harmful. These
negative sentiments are partly due to centuries of religious teachings
that masturbating is sinful. In addition, many of us have received
negative messages about masturbation from our parents or have even
been punished when caught masturbating as children. The cumulative
effect of these influences is usually confusion and guilt, which is
often difficult to sort out. However, the only time masturbation can
be ?bad? or harmful is when it becomes compulsive. Compulsive
masturbation, like all other compulsive behaviors, is a sign of an
emotional problem and needs to be addressed by a mental health
specialist. Sex, of course, is extremely pleasurable and all things
pleasurable are addictive. Over-masturbation can cause serious
problems that aren?t limited to the bedroom. Frequent masturbation
should be addressed.

So, contrary to ancient and popular beliefs, masturbation does not
lead to unbridled lust, make you blind or deaf, give you the flu,
drive you crazy, grow hair on your hand, make you stutter, or kill
you. Rather, masturbation is a natural and harmless expression of
sexuality in both men and women and a perfectly good way to experience
sexual pleasure. In fact, some experts argue that masturbation
improves sexual health by increasing an individual's understanding of
his or her own body and of what is erotically pleasing, building
self-confidence and fostering self-acceptance. This knowledge can then
be carried forth to make for a more satisfying sexual relationship
with one's partner, both through each partner's comfort with mutual
masturbation and because of the ability to tell each other what is
most pleasing. It is a good idea for a couple to discuss their
attitudes about masturbation and to calm any insecurities a partner
may have if the other should sometimes favor masturbation over sexual
intercourse. In some relationships, masturbation may be mutually
acceptable. Done alone or in the presence of a partner, the act can be
pleasing and add to mutual intimacy if it is not experienced as a
rejection. Like most behaviors, without proper communication, the act
of masturbation can be a sign of anger, alienation, or displeasure
with the way the relationship is progressing.

Overcoming society's negative stereotypes and one's personal feelings
about masturbation can allow men and women the freedom to explore and
experience their own sexuality in a private, satisfying manner. One
word of caution: in keeping with the practices of safer sex,
masturbation with a partner can be an enjoyable alternative to
intercourse, as long as you avoid contact with your partner's semen or
vaginal fluids, especially if you have any cuts or open sores."
Subject: Re: Masturbation Health Risks
From: derray-ga on 18 Sep 2004 09:02 PDT
I am very sympathsized with you... as I suffered similar problems +
lower back pain. Went to Urologist and got several check up. Doc
initially think I have prostate enlargement problem, but nothing shown
up at the report. I told my Doc about my problems with excessive
masturbation which I started at 13. My Doc shown signs of disbelif and
laugh it over. God-Damn it!

Anyway, I did a research myself and found herballove website that
discussed my problems. Got tons of advices from that website. Tried
their suggested techniques and seeing some results but the recovery is
still SLOW. But I am much much better now and communicate with some of
the medical doc in that website to assist my recovery.
Subject: Re: Masturbation Health Risks
From: alan27inla-ga on 23 Oct 2004 10:43 PDT
The site Herb-o-love is completely and 100% fake with no medical
testing or proof to its claims.  It is simply spreading false
information to sell their product...a bunch of worthless pills.  It's
like any other scam out there such as weightloss pills that will
miraculously make you lose weight or height pills that will somehow
make you grow taller.  If you have a medical problem, see a doctor or
read up on it from a legitimate web-site.  Always be skeptical when a
website tries to tell you that some widely suffered problem...such as
backpain or hairloss...can only be relieved by BUYING their product. 
Like PT Barnum once said..."there's a sucker born every minute". 
That's what these websites prey on.

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