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Q: GDP by sector ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: GDP by sector
Category: Business and Money > Economics
Asked by: craigboston-ga
List Price: $50.00
Posted: 29 Apr 2004 19:42 PDT
Expires: 29 May 2004 19:42 PDT
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I would like to find a source for GDP by economic sector *but* have
the sector groupings be between 10 and 20 in number.  There are a
number of GDP by sector lists that group GDP into three or four
sectors - this is not detailed enough for my project.  My first choice
would be to get this data for the "developed world" as defined by MSCI
(see but I would accept
aggregate data for a group of countries similiar to the list provided.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 30 Apr 2004 08:09 PDT
Hello Craig.

A question, if I may:  Are you looking only for a *source* for this
information?  Or are you expecting a researcher to provide the
information for you?

If you want a source, I can probably steer you towards one or two, but
they are subscription databases meaning: (1) you'll have to pay for
access to the information and (2) since I don't have a subscription
myself, I'm limited in how thoroughly I can check them out for you
ahead of time.  I do believe, however, that they include breakouts of
the data by detailed economic sectors, and would meet your need for
presenting the data in 10-20 discrete categories.

The information that *is* on-line, and available at no cost, is fairly
aggregated data for a small number of sectors such as these
categories, below:

K. Total gross value added at basic prices

K. .VA- Agriculture, hunting and forestry; fishing

K. .VA- Industry, including energy

K. .VA- Construction

K. .VA- Wholesale and retail trade, repairs; hotels and restaurants; transport

K. .VA- Financial intermediation; real estate, renting and business activities

K. .VA- Other service activities

In addition, the data also includes breakouts of:

K. FISIM (Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured)

K. Gross value added at basic prices, excluding FISIM

K. Taxes less subsidies on products

K. Statistical discrepancy 

K. Gross domestic product at market prices 

The countries covered for this particular dataset from the OECD are
largely the world's developed economies:


Other data sources include other countries, and slightly different
sector breakouts.

Let me know if any of this is of interest to you.

Clarification of Question by craigboston-ga on 30 Apr 2004 08:40 PDT
If your response did not include data but did show me the table
without numbers) and source with cost that would be sufficient.  For
example the response would list the sectors and countries included in
the dataset and if the information is available by country and sector
or just an aggregation of each sector across countries.  Please
include the countries included.

If this level of detail is not available a response could suggest
sources without verifying what is available but I'm not sure it would
still be a $50 question/answer.  What do you think?

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 30 Apr 2004 11:39 PDT
I'll see what I can find (getting actual details of what is in the
databases is tough -- much tougher than it should be!).

In the meantime, I found a source of online free, easily available GDP
data in the following categories:

Agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing 

Mining, manufacturing, utilities 
--sub-breakout for Manufacturing alone


Wholesale, retail trade, restaurants and hotels 

Transport, storage and communication 

Other activities 


Not quite the 10 categories you're looking for, but I wanted to make
you aware of the availability of this info as well.

Clarification of Question by craigboston-ga on 30 Apr 2004 12:28 PDT
Are you saying you found a source of six catagories with one showing a
sub-group of manuf?

If so this may not be enough detail - but please let me know if what
you found is a six catagory answer.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 30 Apr 2004 15:28 PDT
Hello again, Craig.

Well, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, I found your detailed data.

The bad news is...I found your detailed data!

I'll explain in a moment.  But first, let me clarify my earlier
comments, and address your question about the "six sector" dataset.

I did, indeed, find TWO sources of GDP data, country by country, that
break the information out into a number of sectors (fewer than the
10-20 you're looking for).


The first data set uses six sector categories as follows:

1.  Agriculture, hunting and forestry; fishing

2.  Industry, including energy (presumably, this refers to manufacturing industry)

3.  Construction

4.  Wholesale and retail trade, repairs; hotels and restaurants; transport

5.  Financial intermediation; real estate, renting and business activities

6.  Other service activities

These data are available for most of thw world's countries.


The second set uses seven sector categories as follows:

1.  Agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing 

2.  Mining, manufacturing, utilities 

3.  sub-breakout of (2) for Manufacturing alone

4.  Construction 

5.  Wholesale, retail trade, restaurants and hotels 

6.  Transport, storage and communication 

7.  Other activities 

These data are available for the OECD countries.


As I said, I've also located much more detailed sector breakouts for
the OECD countries, with categories as follows:


Agriculture, hunting and forestry	


Mining and quarrying	
C. VA- Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials	
C. VA- Mining and quarrying except energy producing materials	

C. VA- Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco	
C. VA- Manufacture of textiles and textile products	
C. VA- Manufacture of leather and leather products	
C. VA- Manufacture of wood and wood products	
C. VA- Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing	
C. VA- Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel	
C. VA- Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres	
C. VA- Manufacture of rubber and plastic products	
C. VA- Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products	
C. VA- Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products	
C. VA- Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.	
C. VA- Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment	
C. VA- Manufacture of transport equipment	
C. VA- Manufacturing n.e.c.	

Electricity, gas and water supply	


Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and household goods	
C. VA-Hotels and restaurants	
C. VA-Transport, storage and communication	
C. VA-Financial intermediation	
C. VA-Real estate, renting and business activities	

Public administration and defence; compulsory social security	
C. VA-Education	
C. VA-Health and social work	
C. VA-Other community, social and personal service activities	

Private households with employed persons	

Extra-territorial organisations and bodies	

Total gross value added	


Pretty good list, eh?  But there are several problems with it.  

(1) Units given for GDP are in the national currency of the listed
country, so you would have to do a fair amount of data manipulation if
you wanted everything in a dingle unit, like 1995 US Dollars.

(2) Many of the more detailed data fields are empty, so that
comparisons from one country to the next are made more difficult by
the fact that a lot of the data is simpily missing.

(3)  The detailed data will cost you, whereas the other, less detailed
data, can be had at no charge.

Bottom line - my recommendation is to make use of the less-detailed
data sets if at all possible, as they will greatly simplify issues of
access, data manipulation, and comparability -- not to mention cost.

However, I can certainly provide enough information to point you to
all three datasets, if that is your wish.

Let me know if should post information about the three datasets as an
answer to your question.



Clarification of Question by craigboston-ga on 30 Apr 2004 17:37 PDT
Can I pay the researcher, get the three sources and then get the info
from patrickbatemandcom?

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 30 Apr 2004 18:25 PDT
Hello Craig,

Thanks for your note...I'll try to post a full answer tomorrow.

In the mean time, if patrickbatemandcom-ga is aware of an additional
(or even preferable) source of data, I hope he will post it here.  It
is to everyone's benefit to have access to the best information

By the way, patrickbatemandcom-ga is not a Google Answers researcher,
so he can not post a formal answer and collect a fee.  The GA
researchers can easily be recognized by the fact that their names are
hyperlinked and in purple text.

Clarification of Question by craigboston-ga on 01 May 2004 04:27 PDT
Thank you.  An answer on Sunday (or even Monday morning) would be fine.
Subject: Re: GDP by sector
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 01 May 2004 10:09 PDT
Hello again, Craig.

Well, I must confess.  I've learned a lot more about international GDP
measurements than I ever expected to know.  That's one of the great
things about being a researcher here, though.

Here are the descriptions and the access information for the three
sources I  mentioned earlier.

Before rating this answer, please let me know if you need any
additional assistance.  If anything I've written below is unclear --
or if you have any further questions -- just post a Request for
Clarification and I'll be happy to help you further.

Best of luck with your research.



Comparative GDP statistics can be found from the United Nations'
Statistical Division at:

Clicking on "Basic Data Selection" will take you here:

where you can select the relevant query criteria.

First, select the countries of interest to you -- you can add as many
countries as you need by simply double-clicking on the country name.

Next, use the "Select Series" pull-down menu to choose the best "GDP
by Economic Activity" series for your needs -- you'll have to decide
how you want the data presented, e.g. national currency units, current
dollars, 1990 dollars, etc.

Thirdly, select one or more years for your query, and click "Submit".

The results should be provided in a table -- NOTE that at the very top
of the table is an option to "Download" the entire table to a file. 
The table has headings as follows:

Country or Area



Agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing

Mining, Manufacturing, Utilities
...Of which Manufacturing


Wholesale, retail trade, restaurants and hotels

Transport, storage and communication

Other Activities


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has two data
sources of note.  To access the first, free but less detailed, data,
head to:

and click on:  Statistics (left hand side of the page), to go to:,2639,en_2825_293564_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Then click on:  National Accounts (center of the page):,2647,en_2825_495684_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

and another click on:  Annual National Accounts for OECD Member Countries,2340,en_2825_495684_2750044_1_1_1_1,00.html

Here, you'll have a choice of the type of GDP data to access,
including the two most relevant tables:

2a. GDP by Output, at Current Prices

2b. GDP by Output, at 1995 Prices

For instance, clicking on Table 2a will open up a table -- which is
also downloadable at the "Download report data" option at the top of
the page-- which includes:

Agriculture, hunting and forestry; fishing

Industry, including energy


Wholesale and retail trade, repairs; hotels and restaurants; transport

Financial intermediation; real estate, renting and business activities

Other service activities


Lastly, there are the full-fledged datasets, with 31 or so sectors for
GDP data, that are available by subscription to the OECD's data
service site, SourceOECD:

Let's begin here by conducting a search -- eventually, it will lead
you to the subscription options for SourceOECD.

Use the pull-down menus under "Statistics" (at the bottom of the
page).  The pull-down menus labeled "OECD Databases" offers an option
for "National Accounts" -- select this, and press "Go".  This should
take you here:

Press the button that says:  Statistical Database Sets -- GO!  You'll
be taken to a page with a heading for:

Annual National Accounts Vol I and II 

Click on the button labeled "Tables", and you'll wind up at a page
that includes a listing for:

Annual National Accounts Volume II - Detailed Tables - Main Aggregates Vol 2003 

Make sure to find the Volume II report, as Vol I only has non-detailed data.

The link will probably have a frowny-face next to it, meaning you
can't access the full data yet (and if it has a happy face, then
you're in luck -- you can get the full dataset).

Click on "Abstract".  On the next page, click on "Data Delivery",
which should take you to instructions for getting the full dataset,
which look like this:


We're sorry, but access to our full text or data is restricted to
subscribers and to those who work or study at subscribing

You can purchase printed copies of our books and periodical issues,
including instant PDF delivery, from our online bookshop. You can
order our statistical databases on CD-ROM too.

If you'd like to have full subscriber access to SourceOECD we suggest
you contact your institution's librarian/information manager, or if
you don't have one, contact us directly.


There are links here if you want to buy the data through their
bookshop, or if you want to contact their sales staff.  The data
available is just what I described earlier -- detailed sector
categories for contribution to GDP, but with many of the fields
unpopulated for a number of the OECD countries.

Now, before you do any's a good hint.  I contacted
OECD's Washington DC Office at:


and asked to speak to their librarian, who was extremely helpful, and
who promptly offered me limited, trial access (at no cost) to

So, you may want to try the same tactic, and see if they make you the same offer.  


I hope this is the information you need.  It's a shame that finding
and accessing some fo the data is such a complicated process, but I
hope I've laid out the steps for you clearly and concisely.

Again, if there are any questions, just ask.  


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 01 May 2004 10:13 PDT
P.S.  My searfch strategy for finding this information was primarily
to visit my bookmarked sites for international statistics at the UN
and OECD (I also checked the World Bank, and a few others), which led
me to the information I provided.

I also conducted several Google searches, the best ones being:

GDP sector

GDP sector site:org
Subject: Re: GDP by sector
From: patrickbatemandcom-ga on 30 Apr 2004 17:14 PDT
I know of a source for this data, with complete breakdown into 20+
subsectors, where getting it is trivial.  However I am not a
'researcher', won't get paid, so don't want to step on pafalafa-ga's
honey pot as information he/she has given is at least reasonable.

Best wishes though.

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