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Q: auto parts distribution ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: auto parts distribution
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: jim1943-ga
List Price: $75.00
Posted: 01 Jul 2004 09:35 PDT
Expires: 31 Jul 2004 09:35 PDT
Question ID: 368537
I need to find out as much as possible about the sales volume,
ownership, location, branches, business history about three companies
involved in auto parts distribution:  Baldwin Auto Supply of Baldwin
WI; Pete's Automotive Supply of Glenwood City WI; and All World
Automotive of Minnieapolis.

Deadline if Monday 7/5.  pafalafa-ga gets first shot.

Request for Question Clarification by umiat-ga on 01 Jul 2004 10:09 PDT
Hello, Jim
 Pafalafa is out of town for a few days. I am not sure when he will be
back, but likely early next week. Can it wait for him?

Clarification of Question by jim1943-ga on 01 Jul 2004 18:33 PDT
Sorry to hear pafalafa is out of town.  Unfotunately, I cannot wait so
the question is open to all

Clarification of Question by jim1943-ga on 06 Jul 2004 19:08 PDT

Are you back yet? No response to my question regarding auto parts distribution.
I have several other companies for which I need info after these first
3 are handled. Let me know if you are available or if you can direct
me to someone.



Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 07 Jul 2004 07:11 PDT
Hello Jim,

Thanks for asking for me.  I was on the road for a week and (gasp!)
away from the computer, but I'm back in action now.

However, I'm not sure my being back will do you much good.  With a
cursory look, it seems to me there's not much out there on these
companies, which appear to be fairly small.

For instance, on Pete's Automotive I have:

Owner:  James Johnston
Tel:    (715) 265-4221 

They operate out of a single location, have good credit, and estimated
sales of less than $1 million a year.  They've been in business at
least since 1986, perhaps longer.

That's about it!  Nothing much turned up on the other two on a
preliminary search.

If you want, I can try to dig deeper.  It takes time and a good deal
of effort, and there's no guarantee that anything more will turn up.

Let me know what you think.


Clarification of Question by jim1943-ga on 07 Jul 2004 09:56 PDT

If you can get the same infor for the other two that is OK.  How much
would it cost to do a deeper search as you mentioned?  Also, add the
following three to the project for an additional $75. Now a total of

Smart Dealer Parts (SDP), a Cyberlink Automotive Group Company.
6655 Roxburgh, Suite 300 
Houston, TX  Ph 800-949-4156

Trans World Services
ph. 800-5443096

Genuine Parts Advantage
Houston, TX 
ph 866-349-0010
fax 713-779-0069

Thanks,  Jim

Clarification of Question by jim1943-ga on 09 Jul 2004 10:59 PDT

Please send an update.



Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 09 Jul 2004 12:07 PDT

Thanks for the reminder.

I've been pondering what to do here.  I rely on a number of different
sources of information (both online and off-line) for these types of
questions.  As I was researching some of the other companies on the
list, I realized that one source listed a company as having only a
single location, while other sources indicated multiple locations for
the same company.

I don't want to give you misleading or incorrect information.  I've
been trying to figure out what accounts for the discrepancy so I can
select the correct information.

If you're in a rush, I can probably just list what I have, and let you
know where I come across discrepancies, instead of trying to figure
them out in advance.

Let me know what you think.


Clarification of Question by jim1943-ga on 09 Jul 2004 12:32 PDT

Send me what you have and indicate where there are discrepancies. That
will give me something to work with.


Subject: Re: auto parts distribution
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 09 Jul 2004 15:05 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello again Jim.

Here's what I've got.  If you have any questions, or need more
information, just let me know and I'm at your service.




6655 Roxburgh Dr. 
Houston,  TX  77041-5209 

Phone:  (713) 983-6648  
Fax: (713) 983-6898  

Smart Dealer Parts appears to have been in business since at least
1998, and is currently listed as operating at a single location in
Houston, with around 25-50 employees and sales of $5-10 million.  It
has a good credit rating.

I'm not entirely comfortable with this info, though.  The company's
website is not operating:
[Note at URL says: "This domain is registered at by a
customer and parked temporarily until the owner establishes a
permanent site."]

And here's an odd little bit dating back to a 2001 domain name arbitration case:


The Complainant is Shared Network Services dba, St. Lodi,
CA, USA ("Complainant").

The Respondent is Cyber Link 2001, Houston, TX, USA ("Respondent"). an individual primarily engaged in operating an
automotive parts business named Smart Dealer Parts, L.C.  Respondent
registered the domain name in March, 1998.  Respondent asserts that
the domain name was registered consistent with his business plan
involving the development of a web presence from the online sale of
dealer surpluses of conventional automotive goods at
<> to a broader selection of goods and

...The Response to the Complaint was filed by counsel on behalf of
Abdullah Ali, the individual listed in the WHOIS record as the
Administrative, Technical, Zone and Billing Contact of the domain
name.  Mr. Ali registered the domain name under the name Cyber Link
2001.  Respondent provides no explanation of his use of the name Cyber
Link 2001.


You would think that a company operating under the name "Cyber Link"
would at least have a working website for its Smart Dealer Parts
website, especially if it's doing $5-10 million a year.

A more in-depth search might reveal a bit more about the circumstances here.


There are two businesses in Houston with the name of Trans World
Service.  I have to believe they are affiliated, although prelimary
searches did not reveal a link between the two.

11500 Main St # 100 
Houston,  TX  77025-5911 
Sam  Samana  (Owner) 
Phone:  (713) 664-7500  
Fax: (713) 664-7527 

This is an auto supplies and parts business with less than 20
employees, and sales of about $1-2 million.  Good credit, and in
business at least since 1990.

The other similarly-named business is:

6335 Southwest Fwy 
Houston,  TX  77074-2203
Joel Grady (manager) 
Phone:  (713) 777-8696  
Fax: (713) 779-8696  

Also an auto parts-supplies business, with under 10 employees, under a
million in sales.  Good credit, and in business since at least 1997.


10621 Harwin Dr
Houston,  TX  77036-1572 
Phone:  (713) 779-0066 

Another unresolved discrepancy -- this address is listed as a branch
outfit for a larger business, but I saw no other listings of the main
business.  Again, some more in-depth searching might be in order here.

Good credit, less than $1 million in sales.  


See this link for a full description of this business:

All World Automotive
 4750 255th St E
Elko, MN 55020

Tel: 952-461-3601
Fax: 952-461-3603
Contact: Kirk Rocheford, CEO

This business is an auto parts broker and (nowadays) an online auto
parts network, established in 1979, with sales of $25-75 million and
12 employees.

According to their website:

they describe themselves this way:

"All World Automotive has served the automotive industry since 1979.
We are located just south of Minneapolis, Minnesota..."

"All World Automotive has access to current inventories in excess of
$300,000,000. In addition to our inventories, All World is developing
an Internet marketplace where inventories from virtually any source
can be bought, sold or traded in whole or in part."

Very little seems to be out there on Baldwin Auto Supply, which has
been registered as a business only since 2002:

Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions 

ID: B046763
Effective Date: 03/20/2002
Record Type: Domestic Business
Status: Incorporated/Qualified/Registered
Status Date: 03/20/2002

According to the Yellow Pages, they are listed as follows;

Baldwin Auto Supply 
1250 10th Avenue, Baldwin, WI 54002 
(715) 684-2646 


I hope this is helpful to you.  Give me a holler if you need anything else.


search strategy: 

Search on company names in Google and in a number of online and
off-line specialty data sources, including state government corporate

Request for Answer Clarification by jim1943-ga on 09 Jul 2004 19:00 PDT

Here are the last four I would like you to research:

1.  Autoworks, phone 763-550-0455.  This is a MN telephone number.  I
orginally  thought they were located in the Chino CA area.  Let me
know about them.

2.  Gateway Pacific, phone 626-279-7126.  Located on Gilman Road, El Monte CA

3.  Metro Automotive Warehouse, a Sigma Interstate Automotive Co.

    Fax 909-606-6301

4.  SAVE (Service and Value Expeditors.  Irvine CA, Santa Anna CA,
Fort Lauderdale FL.  SAVE is affiliated with Europacific Parts
International.  In fact most of the information is probably associated
with EPI

Extra for these 4 is $90, making a total of $240.

Let me know as soon as you can.



Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 10 Jul 2004 05:12 PDT
Jim...Here?s what I could find with a quick, late night/early morning sweep:

Autoworks Distributing 
5000 Winnetka Ave N 
Minneapolis,  Mn  55428-4231 
Jim  Sullivan  (Manager) 
(763) 550-0455 

I didn?t find a lot of additional information on them.  They appear to
be a modest-sized operation, less than 20 employees, and sales in the
$1-2 million range.  Beyond that, though, not much pops up.


Gateway Pacific Auto Co 
4414 Ellis Ln 
El Monte, Ca  91731-1003 
(626) 279-1836   
[the number You Gave...626-279-7126... shows up as a residential phone number]

Gateway is an auto parts and supplies wholesaler, with 5-10 employees
and sales in the $2-5 million range.  They have good credit standing,
and have been in operation at least since 2003.


This is an odd one.

 Metro Automotive Warehouse, a Sigma Interstate Automotive Co.  

According to this website:

Sigma Interstate is a big player:

" is the e-commerce arm of major multinational automotive
parts manufacturer and distributor, Sigma Interstate Warehouse
Distribution. Based in the USA, Sigma Interstate has warehouses and
manufacturing plants throughout the USA and Asia, and supplies a wide
variety of automotive product to over 50 countries worldwide through
multiple sales and distribution channels."

The site they mention is here:

Although this appears to be a functional site, many of the links did
not work for me.  In particular, the  "Browse", "About Us", and
"Contact Us" links were not active, which really limits opportunities
to gather information about the company.

For a "major multinational automotive parts" company, they are
practically invisible on the web.  A Google search on  "sigma
interstate" turns up only a handful of hits, none of them very


while a similar search on [ "metro automotive warehouse" ]:


comes up empty.

Something's offbase here.  


Not much shows up on SAVE proper, although there?s a good deal of
information available on EuroPacific Parts International.

About the only mention of SAVE itself is here:
SAVE (Service And Value Expeditors) *
Jordan Piper, Manager
* Company does not conduct business with the general public.

[Note the last name of the it shows up at EPI as well].

EPI, on the other hand, has at least three operations around the country.  

Europacific Parts Intl Inc 
18071 Fitch 
Irvine, Ca  92614-6086 
Peter J  Piper  (President) 
Phone:  (949) 553-3900 and 800- 952-7283 
Fax: (949) 553-3901  

They are listed as about a 100 person auto parts wholesale operation,
with sales of $10-20 million...sources are ambiguous as to whether
this is for the company as a whole, or only for the Irvine site.  
Credit is excellent, and they?ve been around since 1981.

They have other locations at:

Europacific Parts Intl Inc 
279 Pleasant St 
West Bridgewater,  Ma  02379-1509 
James  Piper  (Owner) 
(508) 586-8930 

Europacific Parts Intl 
5400 United Dr SE
Smyrna,  Ga  30082-4758 
Ken  Skrobot  (Manager) 
Phone:  (770) 319-6318  
Fax: (770) 436-8830  

An unsigned, undated blurb on the web describes them this way:

"I work for Europacific Parts International, one of the largest
Genuine & OE Honda/Acura parts importers in North America. We
specialize in supplying Honda/Acura dealerships with Genuine and OE
parts at 20-30% off dealer net pricing..."

EPI has been involved in some litigation -- the cases themselves would
likely be additional sources of detailed information on the company:
Trademark Litigation 
-Europacific Parts v. Horn & Bauer GmbH & Co. KG, C.D. California
(Represented defendant/trademark owner in trademark infringement and
trademark dilution litigation.)
American Honda Motor Co. Ltd. In Europacific Parts International v.
American Honda Motor Co., we obtained a dismissal for our client Honda
Motor Co. Ltd. on jurisdictional grounds in a case that involved
claims of tying and price discrimination under federal and state law.
In re American Honda Dealership Cases, we represented Honda Motor Co.
Ltd. in multi-district antitrust and RICO litigation in Baltimore. The
firm obtained a dismissal of all antitrust claims against Honda Motor.

EPI has a fully operational website:
Europacific Parts International is solely dedicated to the
distribution of quality parts for the automotive aftermarket.

We buy directly from OEM, OES, Tier 1, Tier 2 and other quality
sources and distribute them througout the United States and Canada.
EPI features the highest quality aftermarket parts for Asian and
European automobiles.

EPI is operated by Europacific Parts International, Inc., which
exclusively imports and distributes Swedish, German and Asian hi-line
automotive parts. We started our operations in 1981 and you have
helped us grow to become one of the premier distributors of imported
automobile parts in the United States.

Our goal is simple, make your parts purchase an effortless process,
exceed your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction. If not,
contact us anytime at

...EPI operates five strategically located regional distribution
centers in Anaheim and Fremont, CA, Atlanta, GA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
and Boston, MA.


That?s it for now.

Again, these have been surface-level searches.  For a number of the
companies on your list, it?s very likely that a deeper search would
uncover additional information.

As always, let me know if there is anything else you need here.


P.S.  With regards to your mention of a $240 price tag for the
information here, I don?t think you can change the price of your
current question at this point in the process.  If you wish to provide
compensation beyond $75, there are two alternatives.  You can leave a
tip of up to $100 on this question.  Additionally, you can post a
trivial $2 question to my attention (e.g. ?For pafalafa-ga: What?s
your favorite color?), and leave an additional tip at this second
question, if you so desire. I?ll leave it up to you to decide what?s
best, here.
jim1943-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $100.00
Excellent service.  Will definately use again.

Subject: Re: auto parts distribution
From: pafalafa-ga on 12 Jul 2004 07:48 PDT

Thanks so much for your very generous feedback...not to mention the big tip!

Please do let us know when we can be of service again.  


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