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Q: Advice websites ( Answered,   4 Comments )
Subject: Advice websites
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: wassily-ga
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Posted: 14 Jul 2004 20:27 PDT
Expires: 13 Aug 2004 20:27 PDT
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There are all sorts of advice websites out there; websites dealing
with love, health, career, etc...  What are the top 5 most popular
categories of advice websites, measured by traffic, use or some other
measure you come up with?  What are the top 5 most popular advice

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 16 Jul 2004 20:25 PDT
Hello wassily-ga,

I can think of one way, at least to answer your question.

The types of advice pages on the internet have been divided into
sub-topics as follows:

Consumer Information
Email Advice
Humorous Advice
Members Only 
Personal Pages 
Psychic Readings 
Self Help
Sexual Preference
Teen Advice 
Web Columns

One measure of how popular a category is would be the number of sites
within each category.  For instance,  "Beauty" is a popular category,
but not quite as popular as "Horoscopes" -- at least according to the
number of sites in each category.

Within any category -- and for the "Advice" category as a whole --
pages are presented in order of their poularity, based on their
overall search engine ranking.

By this criteria, the #2 most popular advice site is Dr. Phil: 

Should I post the rest of the information I've described here as an
answer to your question?

Let me know.


Clarification of Question by wassily-ga on 16 Jul 2004 21:24 PDT
Yes, I would like a better sense of the raw data, however, perhaps
even the raw data itself if possible:  actual number of websites per
category and rankings of search engine results.
Subject: Re: Advice websites
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 17 Jul 2004 05:19 PDT
Hello wassily-ga,

This turned out to be a pretty interesting question, touching as it
does on so many areas of human interest and need.

In case you hadn't guessed by now, my favorite search engine is
Google, and one of the reasons is that it provides some pretty good
tools for answering a question like yours.

In particular, Google offers "Directory" listings that divide the web
up into categories -- one of which, happily, is "Advice" pages -- and
Google also provides a "pagerank" listing, which is a numerical rating
of the popularity of the page on the web.

An overall description of the Directory -- and its ranking system --
can be seen here:



The Google Web Directory integrates Google's sophisticated search
technology with Open Directory pages to create the most useful tool
for finding information on the web. Key improvements include the

Importance ranking. The Google Web Directory starts with a collection
of websites selected by Open Directory volunteer editors. Google then
applies its patented PageRank technology to rank the sites based on
their importance. Horizontal bars, which are displayed next to each
web page, indicate the importance of the page, as determined by
PageRank. This distinctive approach to ranking web sites enables the
highest quality pages to appear first as top results for any Google
directory category.

Smarter search within directory categories. Google uses the advanced
technology that powers its regular web search to learn more about each
page listed in its directory. This capability enables users to search
deeper within categories and produces more relevant results than any
other directory search.

Web search integration. Google's innovative classification technique
connects regular Google search results with information in the Google
Web Directory. This technology gives users one-click access from
regular Google search results to the most relevant hand-selected web
pages in the Google directory.

Clean, uncluttered user interface. The Google Web Directory uses the
same no-nonsense, user-friendly interface design that distinguishes
the site from other search engine sites.


With that as background, we can explore the directory in more detail
to provide you the information you were after on the popularity of
Advice pages.

For starters, head to:
Society > Advice 

where you'll find the Advice categories listed, along with the number
of listings in each category:

Beauty (89)
Careers (32)
Commercial (15)
Consumer Information (4315)
Counseling (1164)
Dating (111)
Education (135)
Email Advice (38)
 Horoscopes (145)
Humorous Advice (66)
Members Only (3)
Personal Pages (37)
Psychic Readings (515)
Relationships (103)
Self Help (31)
Seniors (18)
Sexual Preference (17)
Sexuality (41)
Syndicated (7)
Teen Advice (100)
Web Columns (5)
Weddings (70)

Shopping wins!  The "Consumer Information" advice category is far and
away the most populous directory heading, followed by Counseling as a
distant second and Psychic Readins in third place.


Sub-categories are available within each of the above group -- a few 
of the sub-categories fall very neatly into the "advice" category,
while others are not quite as clean.

For instance, by clicking on "Beauty", you'll come to this page:

which includes specific "Advice" categories:

Cosmetics Advice (31)
Fitness Advice (29)
Hair Advice (25)

but also includes some other "Beauty" categories more or less unrelated to Advice:

Beauty Schools

Similarly, clicking on the "Teen Advice" link brings you to:

where the sub-categories -- while not specifically labelled "Advice"
-- are certainly related:

Amateur (22)
Business and Finances (6)
Careers (80)
One on One (13)
Romance (7)
Running Away (7)
Suicide (26)

[A lot more sites for teen suicide than for romance...what's that tell
us about today's kids...?  Then again, more about careers than any
other category]


The main Advice page lists the top-ranked sites.  On the left-hand
side of each listing is a small bar that indicates the PageRank
assigned by Google.  If you have the Google Toolbar installed, it will
provide you a numeric value for the pagerank, and I've included that
value in the information below (if you want to know more about the
Google Toolbar, just let me know).

The top-ranked sites in the general category of "Advice", along with
their pageranks, are:

Go Ask Alice - 
Question and answers on many topics, with a health focus. From Columbia 

University's Health Education Program, with a searchable database. 
Dr. Phil - 
Official site of Dr. Phil McGraw. Includes a biography, events and
tour schedule, online tests, a newsletter and contact details for the
former Oprah Winfrey Show regular.

Ethics Chat - 
Answers to questions with an ethics focus. Replies appear on site. 

Answerbag - 
User-submitted questions and answers on any topic whatsoever. Answers
are rated, so users can see which answers and users are trusted.

Kids Help Phone - 
Provides help to children in Canada on a variety of issues, such as
relationships, school, bullying, suicide, and abuse.

Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee - 
Advice from M.D. and Ph.D. on health, family, relationships,
etiquette, fashion, movies.

The Board of Wenches - 
A group of people who answer all non-trivial questions. 


Here's a bit more information on pagerank, by the way:


Web Pages Ordered by PageRank 

Unlike other directories that can only list web pages alphabetically
regardless of how good they are, the web pages in the Google directory
are ordered according to Google's patented PageRank? technology. This
means that the most relevant and highly-regarded sites on any topic
are listed first ... not buried deep within a list of other pages. You
can read more about PageRank and how it works by clicking here.

What do the horizontal green bars mean? 

The green ratings bars are a measure of the importance of a web page,
as determined by Google's patented PageRank technology. These PageRank
bars tell you at a glance whether other people on the web consider a
page to be a high-quality site worth checking out. Google itself does
not evaluate or endorse websites. Rather, we measure what others on
the web feel is important enough to deserve a link. And because Google
does not accept payment for placement within our results, the
information you see when you conduct a search is based on totally
objective criteria.


Here are the higest-ranking (pagerank 7 or above) sites in each Advice category:


Substance - Beauty on Your Own Terms - 
One stop destination for women. Features beauty tips, member product
reviews, and expert advice on hair, makeup, and skin dilemmas.
iVillage Diet & Fitness - 
Articles on achieving health and beauty through proper diet and
nutrition, fitness and exercise


Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential -
An online career assessment that identifies how one best fits in the workplace.

Commercial  [e.g. fee-based advice services]

AnswerSquad - 
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other tech support questions answered by
published experts for a yearly fee. Includes signup information and
author/expert profiles.

Consumer Information - 
Provides information on consumer protection laws in thirteen countries
and offer consumers a way to file complaints online.
[pagerank=9...very high!   Followed by quite a number of pagerank=7 are the first five on the list]

Epinions - 
Consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price
information, and searchable in a variety of ways from price to product
FirstGov: Citizen Gateway - 
Consumer news and information about the US federal government. 
Consumer Action Handbook - 
Published by the Federal Consumer Information Center it has shopping
advice and tips about products and services including financial, and
contact information for governmental agencies, business bureaus,
consumer offices.
Guide to Self Storage - 
Consumer guide for self-storage facilities covering topics such as
security, access, and insurance.
JD Power Information Center - 
Using consumer satisfaction data collected, this site provides
consumers information to help them in their buying decisions.

[None of the main listing under Counseling had a pagerank above are the first five listings in this category.  Note as well,
that there are quite a number of sub-categories in this group that you
may wish to have a look at]

Menninger Clinic - 
Specialty psychiatric and behavioral hospital offering diagnostic and
treatment programs for adolescents and adults from around the US.
Extensive information about services and research activities. In
Houston, Texas; originally in Topeka, Kansas.
Resource Center for Freedom of Mind - 
Helping victims of mind control. Defines a cult - stating not all are
religion based. Links to cult awareness groups and resources. Steven
Hassan, author of Combatting Cult Mind Control.
McLean Hospital - 
National and regional psychiatric and mental health hospital located
near Boston, Massachusetts. Information about programs, research, and
topics in mental health.
Mental Health Information by Dr. Marty Tashman - 
Collection of mental health papers that help you decide when a person
needs therapy or how to select a therapist.
Richard Grossman, Ph.D. - 
Psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Essays on psychotherapy,
couples counseling, parenting, and a variety of other topics in
psychology. Located in Brookline, Massachusetts.

[Again, no sites above pagerank=7...Here are the first 5]

Dating advice for geeks - 
Dating advice for people in the computer industry. 
Dating Advice Section - 
A starting place for exploring all aspects of dating, from the Guide 
Singles Cafe - 
A resource for single people. Articles, book reviews, and personals links. 
Purposeful Singleness - 
Join other single Christians in their journey of living purposeful and
meaningful lives for Jesus Christ.
Dating Fast - 
Dating advice, tips, quotes and tests. 


Pitsco's Ask An Expert - 
Browse or search a directory of hundreds of real world experts on
subjects from astronomy to zookeeping. - 
Volunteer experts answer all your questions. 
Ask A+ Locator - 
Use the search tool here to find quality educational "Ask An Expert"
sites. All sites are screened before being entered in this database.
Find an Ask An Expert Site - 
Nicely organized index of sites where you can ask an expert. 
Ampleo - 
Offers emailed responses to inquiries compiled by researchers. 
Wondir - 
This nonprofit service combines metasearch with answers from experts.
Results are served in panels: related web sites, news groups, news
articles, people to ask, and questions with answers.

Email Advice 
[None ranked above pagerank are the first five listed]

Advice For All Ages - 
Provides advice on a large variety of subjects including sex,
sexuality, substance abuse, love, relationships, friendships, divorce,
depression, and/or family problems.
Email Advice from Citizens Advice -
Providing help about welfare benefits, consumer, housing and
employment and a many other topics.
Elder Wisdom Circle - 
Volunteer group of seniors that offers free advice on a wide variety of topics. 
Ask Alissa - 
Offers down to earth advice on interpersonal situations. 
Questions? - 
Answers all questions on any topic for free. 


iVillage Horoscopes - 
Daily or weekly readings, romance horoscopes, birthday readings, tarot card sites. 
Astrobay - 
Horoscopes and a new forecasting method called emotiscopes. Also
features articles on various everyday life issues and decisions.

Humorous Advice 
[none above 7....first five llisted are:]

Duct Tape Guys - 
Jim and Tim explore implausible uses of the sticky gray stuff in books
and appearances on stage and television. Drop-down list with dozens of
use categories.
Ask Ken! - 
Offers advice on any subject to anyone for free. - 
Includes advice column, letters, information about their book,
profile, rhetorical questions and links.
The Naked Dancing Llama - 
A tangoing, frolicking, peanut spitting llama who is here to help you
with your problems.
Ask Peeves - 
Get personal advice from a very angry person. 

Members Only 
[only three in this category]

Helpground - 
Offering support about feelings, emotions, and/or reactions to
stressful and upsetting situations. - 
Free registration is required. Answers provided on a fee basis. 
Are You My Hero? - 
Advice exchange; aims to "solve all the world's problems, one hero at a time". 

Personal Pages 
[none above pagerank 7...first five are:]

The Old Buzzard - 
Help with student's homework, financial problems, health concerns,
sports trivia, legal questions and dreams.
Ask Amanda - 
Her favorite pastime is helping her friends whenever she can. She
invites the broken-hearted, the lost and the confused to send her
Dear Cabby - 
In life, in love, in labor or just plain lost, Dear Cabby offers to
help. Practical free advice service.
Ask Anon - 
Ask for advice on anything - Anon promises the truth, however brutal. 
EyesOnBC - 
Dear Lily offers down to earth advice. Questions on any topic answered 

Psychic Readings 
[None above pagerank 7, but you knew that already, didn't you.  First five are:]

Angel Channeling by Clairvoyant Psychic -
Clairvoyant psychic, Rev. Cassandra Anaya, Ph.D. channels three angels. 
Angelic Inspirations - 
Clairvoyant Psychic readings and professional business consulting in
many fields of expertise. Over 49 Years expertise.
Psychic Sarah - 
Phone or in person readings in Chicago, Illinois. 
Online Psychics and Divination Readers - 
Directory of online psychics and divination readers; emphasizing
ethics. Psychic, tarot and I Ching readings, astrology.
Prophetic Readings by Sharon - 
Psychic, tarot, numerology, astrology and clairvoyant readings.
Includes testimonials, details about the readings and ordering

[iVillage takes the cake, with a pagerank of 8, followed by a long
list of pagerank 7's...I've included the first five]'s Relationships Channel - 
Advice on marriage, dating, sex, love, and friendship.
Dennie Hughes - 
An award winning journalist and columnist, she now writes about every
aspect of relating and is available to answer any question from dating
to divorce. Includes an archive with tips and contact details.
Head Bone Zone - 
Questions and answers regarding love and life. 
Lovegevity - 
Relationship advice on dating, marriage, engagement/wedding plans and parenting. 
Romanceopedia - 
Advise and insight into single, committed, romantic and alternative
relationships. Also includes advice on ending relationships.
The Singles Cafe - 
Advice, articles, short stories and columns on love, romance, and
dating. Personal ads.

[none above pagerank are the first five:]

Self-Improvement Online - 
Guide to sites on personal growth, self improvement, self-help and personal power. 
Get Your Angries Out - 
Help to improve relationships and work out anger in positive ways. 
My Happiness - 
Helps individuals find their own paths to improving their happiness level. 
Wisdom Circles - 
Self-discovery and community building in small groups. 
Coach U Knowledge Base - 
Top 10 lists for business, personal development, professional
coaching, and enjoyment.

[None above pagerank 7...first five are:] - 
Listing of where seniors can find businesses which offer age-related discounts. 
Aging With Dignity - 
Advice on making health care decisions and what you want your loved ones to know. 
The Senior Center - 
Senior citizens can get free stuff, bargain airline fares, other
bargains, news and a chat room. Ideas for people over fifty to improve
health, finances, home, cooking, garden, and sex life.
Older Americans - 
Short factsheet from Ohio State University, offering guidance for
seniors on optimizing their capabilities.
Senior Citizens' Home Page - 
Provides resources for seniors or their caregivers including
recreation and travel, finances and wills, government, news and
weather, education, health, crisis and grief.

Sexual Preference
[None above pagerank 7]

Gay Relationship Astrology - 
Detailed individual astrology reports putting you in control of your
gay relationships.
Ask Papa - 
Down-to-earth, caring and friendly advice for gays, lesbians and bisexuals. - Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender -
Articles and discussions. 
Queer Astrology - 
Horoscopes, history, news, and humor. 
GayQuestions - 
Questions asked by the gay community are answered by guides. Questions
are categorized and each category also features related articles.
Visitors are able to e-mail questions to the guides.

[NOTE that the top-ranked Dr. Drew site was not working for me when I
tried other sites ranked above pagerank 7]

Dr. Drew - 
Loveline's Dr. Drew provides online chats and articles for
relationship advice, sexual health, and drug addiction. Includes music
reviews and celebrity interviews.
The Advice Goddess - 
Site about Amy Alkon. Nationally syndicated columnist as seen on AOL. 
Let's Talk About Sex: Dr. Jane Greer -
Redbook Magazine sex expert gives tips on spicing up your sex life and
advice on getting your man to try out a kinky fantasy.
AskHeartBeat.Com - 
Love and relationship advice, articles, humor, poetry, online quizzes and surveys. 
iVillage -- Ask the Sex Coach -
Informative articles for women on topics ranging from techniques for
achieving orgasm to increasing sex drive. Quizzes, message boards and
chats also included.

[Dear Abby is the only one who rates  a 7 in this small category]

Dear Abby - 
Abigail Van Buren" dispenses advice. 
Help Me Harlan - 
A syndicated column advising teens and twenty-somethings on issues
from roommate gone mad to romance gone bad.
Direct Answers - 
Wayne and Tamara Mitchell offer relationship advice; includes a weekly
advice column, and questions by topic.
Ask Alison - 
Online advice column about issues from all walks of life. 
A Better Day - 
Covers the topics of success and happiness in your career and relationships. 
Patterson, Jennifer Jeanne - Newlyweds - 
Syndicated column describing the first year of marriage. 

Teen Advice
[No sites above pagerank are the first five]

SafeTeens.Com - 
Provides information about staying safe online. Includes articles
about protecting your privacy, and links to other online safety
Connexions Direct - 
Offers advice on education, careers, housing, money, health and
relationships for 13-19 year olds in the UK. Includes web chat,
telephone and call-back services.
Mental Health Issues for Kids and Teens - 
Mental health issues explained to children and adolescents - 
Home of the National Youth Society. Includes articles about topics in
the field of family, travelling, education, and relationships.
Reach Out - 
Internet site to help young people get through tough times. Contains
inspiring stories, interactive gallery, and advice on teen issues.

Web Columns
[small category, none ranked at 7 or above]

Ask Ken - 
Offers tips and advice to anyone on any subject. 
Ask Alison - 
For entrepreneurs, employees, job seekers, employers, and anyone
working on a career move.
Advicenators - 
Has many different people who give advice on various subjects. 
Ask Everybody's Uncle - 
Workplace, home, school, personal, financial, or professional
situations might benefit from an anonymous, detached overview.

[Again, none made it to a pagerank of 7, but here are the first five]

WedAlert - 
Includes articles, wedding songs, polls, planning calendar, budget
planning, laws and registry information.
Weddings in Bliss - 
Wedding resource for guides, articles, tips, advice, discussion
forums, ask-the-experts, and checklists.
Getting Married - MetLife Online -,1674,P1236,00.html
Information regarding getting married, guests, and wedding costs. Also
includes other helpful worksheets and tools.
So You Wanna be a Maid of Honor -
Article attempts to walk you through the process. - 
Helpful and humorous advice for bridesmaids. 


I hope this provides the type of information on Advice sites and
rankings that your looking for.

Before rating this answer, please let me know if you would like any
additional information on anything presented here.  Just post a
Request for Clarification to let me know how I can help you, and I'm
ready to provide any additional *advice* that I can.

Subject: Re: Advice websites
From: woodsong-ga on 09 Mar 2005 04:43 PST
If you're interested in receiving free general tarot readings every
week (generated by a real person, not a computer), then you're very
welcome to sign up for Woodsong Free Tarot Readings at .  I list some of my past general
readings so you can decide if my reading style works for you or not.
Subject: Re: Advice websites
From: chasro-ga on 09 Mar 2005 10:28 PST
If you're looking for advice on health, weight loss and fitness, you
might want to check out This site is a huge

If you are looking for exercise and weight loss advice specifically,
then I would check out their fitness blog, which is located at The blog is very, very
good at giving advice that applies to people who live in the real
world as opposed to trying to create some idealistic standard that
most will never be able to adhere to.
Subject: Re: Advice websites
From: joshlogic-ga on 09 Mar 2005 11:20 PST
You can also find great online dating tips and tips about first date
encounters on this site:
Subject: Re: Advice websites
From: misterangry-ga on 10 Mar 2005 14:38 PST
Regarding divorce advice guides web sites - is fairly good at dealing
with most marriage problems.  I feel sure that marriage & divorce must
rank within the top of 5 of most popular advice websites.

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