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Q: World's Best Electric Razor ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: World's Best Electric Razor
Category: Health > Men's Health
Asked by: need_a_good_shave-ga
List Price: $150.00
Posted: 04 Aug 2004 07:04 PDT
Expires: 03 Sep 2004 07:04 PDT
Question ID: 383371
Hello. I am looking for what is simply the best possible men's
electric razor that money can buy. I do not care what country it comes
from, how much it costs, or what brand it is. I have used the
following electric razors with mixed results:

I have tried various similarly priced and performing razors marketed in the US.

Are there any companies hiding out there that make a "perfect"
electric razor? Price is no object. I will pay whatever it takes to
get The Best electric razor that I possibly can.


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 04 Aug 2004 08:21 PDT
Hello there.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you're looking for in a shaver? 
What is it about the one's you've tried thus far that makes them less
than fully satisfactory?

The more we understand your needs, the better we can help.



Clarification of Question by need_a_good_shave-ga on 04 Aug 2004 09:26 PDT
All of the razors that I have tried it the past have suffered one or
both or the following flaws:

1) The razor did not produce a shave anywhere near as close as with a
standard razor.

2) The razor irritated my (sensitive) skin.

I am looking for something that will be able to give me a shave as
close to a regular razor as possible, with as little irritation as
Subject: Re: World's Best Electric Razor
Answered By: nenna-ga on 09 Aug 2004 14:27 PDT
Hello need_a_good_shave-ga,

I may not be male, but being that I share my life with one who has
your same problem, one that we as a couple have been researching for a
while now, I felt qualified to answer your question. His major
problems are the same as yours, he is wanting a close shave, but being
that he has the fastest growing facial hair and thickest I've ever
seen on a man it's been a tough battle. In addition, he has extremely
sensitive skin, so finding a razor that would not irritate his skin,
yet giving him the tough/close shave he desires has been a tough one.
We found the one ourselves for him, based off some rating sites, and
he loves it. However, we went through six or seven shavers with trial
periods until we found this one. I'll tell you about the ones we and
others across the world felt were the best, why they were the best,
the pros and cons of them, and then the number one in our book.

Also, one other thing. We found that giving yourself a month to adjust
to the razor is the most important part. Skin takes a while to get
used to anything new. A razor, a soap, giving yourself a
30 day trial period is the best thing ever when razor hunting. Most
razors have a period like this, sort of a try it before you buy it a sense.

I started this quest for online reviews on electric razors by doing a
google search for electric razor reviews. This way, even though I had
personal stories, I could give you more of an unbiased opinion. I'll
list this here, as I've done many more google searches for the answer
to your question, and I'd like to go in order instead of listing them
all at the bottom of the question as I do sometimes. I'd like you to
be able to know where I went and review the information yourself as we
go along, and not have a huge jumble of information at the bottom for
you to match up with parts of my question.

Also, here is E-opinions razor review page, sorted by ratings (5 stars is best)

I've came up with 6 razors for you to read about, and the two I
believe may be the best for you, based off personal experience and the
review sites. I will start with #6.

Panasonic Linear ES 8003 W Electric Shaver.
I would call this one #7. While a linear shaver is supposed to give
the closest shave, it may irritate your skin a bit more. It has three
"floating" heads follow facial contours allowing for a close and
precise shave, especially in the hard to reach neck and cleft area.
13,000 RPM for a fast, close shave as well, a linear motor system, a
1-hour quick charge with 5-minute emergency charge, twin gate blade
system, wed/dry capability, NiMH battery, and international voltage
conversion. E-opinions gave the shaver a 4 and 1/2 star rating based
off four user reviews. Here is what a few users has to say

"I was amazed with the results from the first shave. Following
Panasonic's recommendations, I used a thin layer of Gillete Shaving
Foam and got a shave that was closer at the end of the day than
Norelco's at the beginning, and with only minimal irritation (the
irritation went away after a few days). I also found that after using
a skin cleanser on my face, the shave became even closer. Now, I'm
able to get a shave that lasts the entire day (and leaves your face
feeling like a baby's but) and leaves little or no stubble even at the
end of the day. I couldn't be happier with this product."

"So, if you're already an electric-shaver, you'll find the Panasonic
an immediate (and amazing) close-shave."

"I found that method is really as close to blade-shaving as I've ever
felt. It's amazing that hot-shower-water is sufficient lubricant, but
it does work. "

Part of the reason I put this at #6 is that I had a hard time finding
places to purchase it or prices.

URL's and Google search for this product
Panasonic Sonic-3 ES 7017H Electric Shaver

This one is #5 on my list. It has, three floating heads, wet/dry
capability, induction charger, a 1 hour charging time, a full width
trimmer w/ 3 positions,  12 shaves per charge on average, automatic
voltage conversion, a low battery indicator, Ni-Cd battery, a 5 stage
LED battery monitor, Dimensions are 5.6"(H) x 2.7"(W) x 1.5"(D),
Weight is 6.7 ounces
Accessories: Travel Pouch, AC Recharge, Storage Stand

I have found the price to be between approx $85 to $50 USD online. 

Here is what some reviewers on e-opinions, whose opinions combined,
gave it a five star overall rating... had to say.

"In fact, the wet shave with this shaver achieved the results I have
never been able to achieve by other means (regular razors irritate me
and my skin :-) ). The separate shaving heads allow the shaver to
reach pretty much everywhere. "

URL's and Google search for this product
Remington ES-1000 Electric Shaver

I placed this shaver at #4 due to the fact it seems to not irritate
the skin, yet give a close shave better than #'s 5 and 6. Its features
are that it is cordless, it has an estimated price of $50 to $75, it
has an LED display, a low battery indicator, and it is rechargeable.

It seems to get rave reviews for the lack of pain it inflicts and the
close shave. Here is what some reviewers on E-opinions had to say.
Overall it, received a five star rating.

"Since I have sensitive skin, the ES-1000 model seemed like the best
choice for me. From the first time I used it, I was even more
impressed with the Remington line of shavers. The shave was very close
(I call it "near razor")."

"This one is the best for my very sensitive skin."

"I had a problem with shaving bumps and this little baby totally
alleviated the problem. My face is so smooth and soft. I use it every
other day because using it everyday gives me irritation bumps but
otherwise this product is great.
I have super sensitive skin so I can't really use anything else and
I'm so happy that I found this wonder product."

"I had a problem maintaining a close shave(severe razor bumps) while
in the military and used every shaver that i could think of. I cant
use razors, so the bump control shaver was introduced to me and i have
gotten amazing results. There is no way that i would switch to
anything else."

Now, personally, we tried this one. While we thought it did get close,
and there was hardly any irritation, since my partner has a very full
beard that grows very quickly. We found that the shave was not as
close as a bladed razor. You have to understand a shave at seven AM,
means stubble for him by noon no matter what. So, if you have a very
thick hair growth, it may not be as effective, that's why I listed it
in the ranking the way I did.

URL's and Google search for this product
Norelco Spectra 8865 XL Electric Shaver

The spectra line no matter what gets rave reviews, but I put this at
#3 because I think there are still two better models for you. The
price range online I?ve seen from $120 to $219, so do your homework
before purchasing to get the best price. This shaver comes with such
features as... Personal comfort control selector dial, which adjusts
spring and pressure of the floating heads for a close shave, cordless,
and LED display, a low battery indicator, rechargeable, 45 min. of
cordless operation on a charge, 3 heads, 60-day money back promise,
and a 2-year warranty.

E-opinions had five reviews on this product, with a five star overall
rating for it. I've also seen it between 3 and 1/2 to 5 stars on some
other review sites I will link for you as well. Let's see what
reviewers had to say....

"In fact, now that my skin is getting adjusted to this shaver, it
works almost as well as a blade, even on the neck"

"I get a very close shave, very comfortable"

"Love how close it gets and never have a cut anymore.
My GF loves it too. :-)"

"He said he never got a close shave with an electric razor. I had him
try the new Norelco that I just bought. He could not believe how close
the shave was. It is like wet shaving. "

Now, this is at #3 even though I love the spectra line, because there
is a better model that we will talk about later.

URL's and Google search for this product
Braun Syncro 7570

This razor comes in at #2 on my personal list and on the electric
shaver mini-poll results. The poll is ongoing, and the results are
updated 2x a month. The last update was Aug 4th, 2004.

This shaver has such features a unique four-way moving head, 3 stage
shaving system, a self-cleaner which is a hands-free cleaner with no
dismantling of shaver, a replaceable cartridge of cleaning solution
allows easy and clean disposal of shaving debris, an interactive LCD
panel (which provides you with the charge time remaining/shave
time/cleaning time/spare part numbers/clean & oil indicator), an ultra
speed motor which runs at 8500 RPM's, a long-hair trimmer, a
charge/low charge indicator meter, it is rechargeable (has 1 hour
charge or 3-minute quick charge which lets you have up to 50 minutes
of cordless shaving), cord or cordless operation, automatic worldwide
voltage, Ni-HYD batteries, it is self-charging/cleaning on the stand,
with a one-touch charge feature, and an automatic refill alert which
flashes when refill needs to be replaced. Price wise I've seen it
between $80 to $140 online, so once again, please shop around.

We also tried this shaver, and while it was great, and we loved it...
once again, with his extremely thick beard, it seemed to hurt him a
little while shaving. Not with razor bumps or nicks, he said it felt
like the hair was pulled a little. That's the ONLY reason we tried a
different model.

Here is a ConsumerGuide review:

E-opinions has over 60 reviews on this product, with it holding a 4
and 1/2 star rating as well. Let's see what people have to say.

"Quickest closest shave you can get without going to the barber... HANDS DOWN"

"The upside is that this is the best shave I've ever had. I have
pretty thick facial hair and this shaver cuts through it with ease. I
am still amazed at how efficiently the cleaner works and Braun's claim
that you get a new shaver after each use is completely honest. Some
people are used to blades, some like rotary shavers, and some like
screen shavers. If you're using a screen shaver, I'd switch to this
one. If you're looking to switch to a screen shaver, then look no
further. As with anything, give your face a couple of weeks to

"I have a very tough and heavy beard. Just thinking of shaving makes
me bleed profusely. Any electric that can offer me a close shave,
quickly and comfortably has to get top billing. One suggestion also is
to use a pre-electric shave lotion like Williams 'lectric shave. But
buy a generic version. They are all the same! They do lubricate your
skin and make the beard stand up for a closer and irritation free
shave. Consider this a must. It's cheap stuff, like about 2 bucks a
bottle. If you want to use an electric, think no further, this is the
one. It may take you several days to adjust to any new shaving method,
but use this shaver with a pre-electric shave lotion, and your face
will be smooth with no nicks or cuts."

URL's and Google search for this product
Norelco Spectra 8894XL

Ok, we're at #1. This seems to have the best reviews, on a number of
sites, and it's the one we ended up choosing as well. It works like a
miracle with my partner for the last few months.

Some of the features include 9 adjustable settings for sensitive to
normal skin, 2-stage cutting action, contour control, improved lift &
cut technology, individually floating heads, full width pop-up
trimmer, worldwide voltage, polymer LED displays shaving minutes,
cleaning & head replacement indicator, charge alarm, LED battery
charge, full & low indicators, genuine leather storage/travel pouch,
stand, 1-hour full charge for up to 100 minutes of cordless shave
time, 6-minute quick charge for 1 shave, and lithium ion battery.  It
also comes with Norelco's 2 year limited warranty and 60-day money
back satisfaction guarantee from Norelco.

Price wise I've seen it from $160 to $200, so do your shopping wisely.

Now, let's get to the reviews of this wonderful razor.

The Gadgeteer
"I went from blades to electrics and ultimately back to blades again,
never having found that holy grail of the perfect razor.  And while my
search still continues, the Spectra is a lot closer to my goal than
the rest. "

The electric shaver mini poll ranked it #1

21 E-opinions reviews are available at an overall 5 star rating and they say...

"I have been using this shaver for over 60 days now and it has
provided the most comfortable and effective shave i have ever
experienced. I recently converted from a blade and shaving gel method
and i never imagined a shave from an electric shaving system could be
so good."

"It has an adjustable comfort level, and is the most comfortable
shaver I ever used. I was never able to find anything that beats the
rotary heads. It is also extremely quiet for its performance. This
shaver gives the closest shave I have ever seen in an electric razor."

"However, this shaver, at least for me, did give a shave that was as
good as a regular blade. Furthermore, it is non-irritating and fast.
I've decided that the kind and quality of shave you get is reflected
by exactly how much you pay for it. "

This is #1 in my book for all the reasons mentioned above. If you're
looking for the "best" need_a_good_shave-ga, I would recommend this

URL's and Google search for this product
Best of luck in your own personal razor search, and I hope I have helped you.
If this answer requires further explanation, please request
clarification before rating it, and I'll be happy to look into this
Google Answers Researcher

Clarification of Answer by nenna-ga on 09 Aug 2004 14:30 PDT
Hello again,

I now noticed the #1 I talked about was one of the ones you've already
tried. Since you seemed to have mixed results with it, maybe trying
the #2 one I talked about would be better for you to begin with. They
were a hard decision for us as well, but maybe for you it may be
different since we hold different opinions on the Norelco 8894XL.

Subject: Re: World's Best Electric Razor
From: bobbie7-ga on 04 Aug 2004 08:14 PDT
The following links to product reviews might be of your interest:

Google Answers Researcher
Subject: Re: World's Best Electric Razor
From: purkinje-ga on 04 Aug 2004 16:28 PDT
I have used this razor for some time, and I love it!! I don't have
sensitive skin though, so I'm not sure about that. But the triple
blade system (quadruple with the beard trimmer part) really gets
close. Hope that helps!
Subject: Re: World's Best Electric Razor
From: tinx78-ga on 04 Aug 2004 18:37 PDT
Ask at Queer Eyes for straight guys website :)

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