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Q: High triglycerides diet ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: High triglycerides diet
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Asked by: schmuckerd-ga
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Posted: 27 Aug 2004 07:20 PDT
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What is a good diet for someone with high triglycerides?  I'm looking
for specific foods to eat and avoid.  I don't need information about
supplements etc.  Thanks
Subject: Re: High triglycerides diet
Answered By: bobbie7-ga on 27 Aug 2004 09:10 PDT
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Dear Schmuckerd,

Before I begin my answer, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of
this page. I must also tell you that this answer is for informational
purposes only, and is not intended to replace medical advice from a
licensed physician.

According to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation you can lower your high
triglycerides  with lifestyle modifications such as:

?Losing weight to decrease body fat. Triglycerides are stored as fat
in your tissues and muscles.

Eating fewer calories.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet that limits high-sugar foods (such
cookies, soda, and fruit juices) and carbohydrates.

Reducing fats in your diet, especially saturated fats.

Reducing or eliminating alcohol.?


Palo Alto Medical Foundation


The Palo Alto Medical Foundation provides detailed dietary guidelines
for reducing triglycerides.

The following foods and beverages contain nutrients that raise
triglyceride levels and should be limited.

?Beer, wine, hard liquor and liqueurs.?

Saturated fats: 
?Fats solid at room temperature, including animal fats, lard, butter
and shortening. Also, fried foods, whole milk, whole milk dairy
products, cheese, cream cheese, high-fat meats and fast foods.?

Trans fats: 
?Hydrogenated fats found in margarine, vegetable shortening, fried
foods, fast foods and most commercial snack foods such as pastries,
cakes, pies, crackers, etc.?

?Concentrated sweets such as sugar, honey, molasses, jams, jellies and
candy. Desserts such as pies, cakes, cookies, candy, doughnuts, ice
cream, frozen yogurt and sweetened gelatin.?

?Fruit juices, fruit drinks, fruit punches, regular sodas, smoothies,
sports drinks and sweetened coffee drinks.?

Other foods: 
?Sweetened cereals, flavored yogurts and sports or energy bars.?

?Concentrated starchy foods -- Bagels, pasta, rice, potatoes, large
rolls, pizza, pretzels, popcorn, chips, many fat-free foods and
ready-to-eat cereals. Choose small portions of these due to their high
carbohydrate density. Use whole grains and legumes (starchy beans) in
preference to refined starches.?

Here are the best food choices: 
?Choose fresh fruits in season for best flavor and nutrition. Avoid
fruit juices even fresh squeezed, because of their high sugar content.
Unsweetened frozen fruit and canned fruit that is rinsed in water may
also be included.?

?Eat at least 3 or more cups a day of fresh or frozen prepared
vegetables. Be liberal and creative with vegetable preparation and

Breads and cereals: 
?Choose whole grain breads, crackers, unsweetened high-fiber cereals
or old fashioned oatmeal. Try other grains such as amaranth, millet,
quinoa, barley, buckwheat or bulgur?.

?Select lean meats, poultry without skin, egg, egg substitute or egg
white, cooked dried beans, lentils, peas, nuts and low-fat soy
products. Eat fish at least twice a week. Include fatty fish such as
salmon, mackerel, blue fin tuna, sardines and anchovies.?

Dairy: Use fat-free or 1% milk, fat-free or lowfat plain yogurt, light
fruit yogurt and low-fat or soy cheeses.

?Include 1 tablespoon of canola, olive or peanut oil per day. Include
1/4 cup of nuts per day (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, mixed nuts) or 1/2
avocado. Avocados, olives and natural nut butters are excellent fats
to include.?

Sugar-free products: 
?Diet sodas and other diet beverages, gelatin and pudding.?

Palo Alto Medical Foundation


Here is a basic eating plan for high triglycerides .  
Within the diet itself, sugar and alcohol have the greatest influence
on triglycerides. Therefore, you should:


?All sugars such as  concentrated sweets: table sugar (sucrose), cane
sugar, brown sugar, Turbinado sugar, Demerara sugar, powdered sugar,
honey, syrups (especially high fructose corn syrup as a substitute
sweetener for sucrose-table sugar added to fruit juices, sodas, and
other beverages), preserves, molasses, jams, jellies, and candies
desserts-baked goods: pies, cakes, cookies, crackers, frosting,
pastries, doughnuts, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and regular or
sweetened gelatin
beverages: fruit juices, fruit drinks, fruit punches, regular sodas,
carbonated pop, colas, aid drinks, smoothies, sports drinks, sweetened
coffee drinks, mocha, and chocolate drinks high-sweet and sweet fruits
(fresh or dried): grape (red and green), raisin, plum, fig, date,
pineapple, apricot, melons (cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon), banana,
orange  other foods: sweetened cereals, flavored yogurts, and sports
or energy bars.?

Alcohol such as:
hard liquor 
liqueurs (usually sweetened alcoholic liquors) 


?Red meat, especially fried, changing it to broiled or roasted poultry
(turkey, chicken), preferably free-range.?

Add More:   

Dark green leafy vegetables. 

Full of Health Inc:


Does what I eat affect triglycerides?

Yes. The first line of treatment is a change in diet.

?Sugar and alcohol have the greatest influence on triglycerides. If
sugar and concentrated sweets are consumed in large amounts, eating
less of these foods is an important step in lowering triglycerides.
Foods to avoid include candy, baked goods, syrup, table sugar, soft
drinks, jelly, and honey. Even a high intake of fruit juice can raise
triglycerides, because of the natural sugar content. A reduction of
alcohol intake is also crucial in keeping triglycerides in check. An
individual with elevated triglycerides who consumes alcohol should
discuss this with his or her health care provider. Reduced intake or
not drinking alcohol at all my be advised. A healthy diet to help
reduce triglycerides should primarily include grains, beans, fruits,
vegetables, and low-fat animal products. If triglycerides do not
respond to this level of fat restriction, decreasing intake further
may be needed, i.e. less than 40 grams of fat per day. Discuss this
with your health care provider.?

Henry Ford Health System: Dietitians in General Clinical Practice


AHA Recommendations

?If you're overweight, cut down on calories to reach your ideal body
weight. This includes all sources of calories, from fats, proteins,
carbohydrates and alcohol.
Reduce the saturated fat and cholesterol content of your diet.  

Reduce your intake of alcohol considerably. Even small amounts of
alcohol can lead to large changes in plasma triglyceride levels.
Be physically active for at least 30 minutes on most or all days each week.
People with high triglycerides may need to substitute monounsaturated
and polyunsaturated fats ? such as those found in canola oil, olive
oil or liquid margarine ? for saturated fats. Substituting
carbohydrates for fats may raise triglyceride levels and may decrease
HDL ("good") cholesterol in some people.
Substitute fish high in omega-3 fatty acids instead of meats high in
saturated fat like hamburger. Fatty fish like mackerel, lake trout,
herring, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon are high in omega-3 fatty

American Heart Association

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"high triglycerides" dietary guidelines

I hope you find this information helpful!

Best regards,
schmuckerd-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Very helpful thank you.

Subject: Re: High triglycerides diet
From: anonoboy-ga on 27 Aug 2004 11:46 PDT
Get the Omega-3 at Trader Joe's. Very good.
Subject: Re: High triglycerides diet
From: powerjug-ga on 29 Aug 2004 07:35 PDT
I am a patient of Dr. Hal Huggins and have been working to attain what
he calls the "ancestral diet" which is determined by looking at what
you eat in relation to your blood test.  According to Dr. Huggins (and
which has proven out for thousands of his patients) the foods that
effect your triglycerides are: CAFFEINE, FRUIT JUICE, WHEAT, WINE,
CORN).  My triglycerides have gone from 313 to 120. I am rather
sensitive and can have none of the above things. The answer does not
lie in giving up healthful fats...butter, cold pressed oils, etc., as
these are transporters of nutrients through your system.  --Best of

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