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Q: Foreclosures / Distressed Properties in the City of San Francisco ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: Foreclosures / Distressed Properties in the City of San Francisco
Category: Reference, Education and News
Asked by: mikemel-ga
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Posted: 27 Aug 2004 12:39 PDT
Expires: 26 Sep 2004 12:39 PDT
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I am looking for a publication that lists distressed property for the
City of San Francisco. An example of the type of publication i am
looking for is similar to a publication called Foreclosure Update
- this publication is from New York and can be located on the web. I
am not looking for a "realtor" or any service that will charge a
commission or fee for the purchase of the real estate. My suggestion
is to first go to Foreclosure Update , Inc.(
 - I am looking for a
similar type of publication.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 27 Aug 2004 16:49 PDT
Wow...this one's tough!

From what I can gather, the records of foreclosure properties in SF
are not compiled by the city or county government in a way that is
readily available to the public.

Instead, there are are several banks and agencies that make available
lists of foreclosures pertaining to their business or jurisdiction. 
For instance, HUD makes available a searchable database of
foreclosures for the properties it winds up taking possession of.

And of course, there are private services that compile all the data,
and turn around and sell it to real estate agents and information

But there does not seem to be a regular publication that lists the
available properties, along the lines of the newsletter you cited in
your question.

From what I can tell from the data sources that are available, there
are not a whole heck of a lot of foreclosure properties in SF...rising
real estate values seems to have really shrunken the number of
foreclosed properties.  But the ones that do show up have records that
look like this:


Property Street:   1415 Indiana St #102 
Property City:   San Francisco 
Property State:   CA 
Property Zip:   94107- 
Property County:   San Francisco 
Scheduled Sales Date:   October 13, 2004 
Trustee Sales Number:   200316417594 
APN:   LOT 020 BLK 4293 
File Status:   PPT/BK to 10/13/2004 2:00 pm 
Postponement Reason:   Bankruptcy  
Cleared for Sale:   No  
Opening Bid Amount:   $0.00  
Final Bid Amount:   $0.00  
Sale Location:   San Francisco (CA) 
Sale Location Address:   400 Van Ness Avenue 
Sale Locaton City:   San Francisco 
Sale Location State:   CA 
Sale Location Description:   At the Van Ness Avenue entrance to City
Hall, 400 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA.
Trustee:   Golden West Savings Association 
Trustee Phone:   (210)543-4998 


Property Street:   258 Minerva St 
Property City:   San Francisco 
Property State:   CA 
Property Zip:   93535- 
Property County:   San Francisco 
Scheduled Sales Date:   September 14, 2004 
Trustee Sales Number:   0055202 
APN:   42-7069-018-01 
File Status:   PPT/BK to 09/14/2004 2:00 pm 
Postponement Reason:   Bankruptcy  
Cleared for Sale:   No  
Opening Bid Amount:   $0.00  
Final Bid Amount:   $0.00  
Sale Location:   San Francisco (CA) 
Sale Location Address:   400 Van Ness Avenue 
Sale Locaton City:   San Francisco 
Sale Location State:   CA 
Sale Location Description:   At the Van Ness Avenue entrance to City
Hall, 400 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA.
Trustee:   Fidelity Natl. Foreclosure Solutions 
Trustee Phone:   (949)955-1887 


Would instructions for accessing these foreclosure databases (there
are several, and they don't all use the same format) be of interest to
you in lieu of an actual publication?

Let me know.


Clarification of Question by mikemel-ga on 27 Aug 2004 18:51 PDT
Dear pafalafa-ga:
Thank you for your for the work you have completed.
Since there isn't a privately printed list - Please provide me with
the instructions for accessing these foreclosure databases that would
be of interest to me. Thank You - How could I request your help in the


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 27 Aug 2004 19:26 PDT
Thanks, mikemel.

I'll be happy to post the information about accessing the various
foreclosure-info sites.  It's getting a bit late in my time zone, but
I'll certainly be able to post an answer for you tomorrow.

As for asking for a specific researcher in the future...Sure!  Folks
do it all the time.  Just include the name of the researcher in the
subject line and in the question itself [e.g. "For pafalafa-ga"], so
that everyone seeing the question realizes that it's been "earmarked".

Stay tuned...

Subject: Re: Foreclosures / Distressed Properties in the City of San Francisco
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 28 Aug 2004 09:38 PDT

Hello again,

Here -- in various bits and pieces -- are the data sources you can tap
to look for foreclosure properties in San Francisco.  Several of the
sources below do not CURRENTLY list any properties in SF, but there is
no reason to suppose they will not include such properties in the
future.   I have included them for the sake of completeness.

Your question specifically asked not to include commercial services,
but I do reference one at the end of my answer, just in case you want
to reconsider it as an option.  It's not a Realtor's
basically an electronic version of the information you would find in a
newsletter listing service.  Given the amount of leg work needed to
pull information together, the fees for the commercial service don't
seem unreasonable to me.

You are welcome to rate this answer and provide feedback, but before
doing so, please let me know if anything here is unclear, or if you
need additional information.  Just post a Request ofr Clarification,
and I'll be happy to assist you further.

Happy prospecting...!



The most comprehensive listing of sites that I came across looks to be
the Fidelity National postings at:

"The Fidelity Team provides comprehensive Posting and Publishing
Services to the real estate foreclosure industry. An innovative leader
in the Trustee Sales Service support industry, Fidelity National
Agency Sales and Posting processes more than $2 billion in Real Estate
Trustee Sales annually. The company specializes in the posting,
publication, and auctioneering of foreclosure notices..."

Registration is required at the site, but there is no fee for this service.

After logging in, you will be able to search for the state (and if you
want, a city within a state) of your choice.

Searches are *supposed* to cover a maximum 14-day period.  However, I
found that advancing the "Start Date" one weekday at a time produces
results that were not included in the supposed 14-day listing.  In
other words, you're only getting one day of listings per search, as
far as I can tell.   It takes patience, but this service will
ultimately provide you a good list if you go through it by advancing
the Start Date one day at a time.

The Fidelity listings are in the format of the examples I provided earlier.


Ocwen Financial Corp. is another private sector banking service that
also has a pretty good distressed properties database that can be
searched nationally, or by state/city:

Ocwen also handles properties for the Veteran's Administration, a US
government agency that sometimes takes possession of properties.


Speaking of the US government, there are actually a fair number of
government agencies and quasi-government bodies that -- for one reason
or another -- wind up taking possession of foreclosed and other
private property, and putting the properties up for sale.  Here are
the main ones to be aware of:

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC--the folks that insure
savings banks) sometimes take ownership of properties as part of their
dealings with the financial industry.  These properties -- often
foreclosures -- can be searched at the FDIC Real Estate Retrieval

There tend to be only a few properties in the system, so just select
the defaults ("All types", "anywhere in US") and click on "Find" to
see if there are any properties of interest to you.  The list is
updated every Monday.


Fannie Mae, the government-sponsored mortgage-backing institution,
also has a search function for properties it has taken possession of
due to loan defaults.  Their database can be searched here:

A typical record looks like this:


(530) 887-1887 


The US Department of Housing and Urban Development, likewise,
sometimes takes possession of distressed properties, and their
database can be searched here:

although the actual link for searching Northern California sites is here:

with records that look like this:

39139 Argonaut Wy #205 
FREMONT, CA  94538 

Bid Date: 09/01/04 
Listing Date: 08/27/04 
Deadline: 08/31/04 @11:59pm 
Appraised value: $245,000 
Appraisal Date: 08/11/04 

There are also some codes indicating, e.g, the type of property,
number of rooms, etc.


Some other government links to be aware of are:

US Dept of Treasury Seized Real Property Auctions:

Small Business Administration Property for Sale:

And of course, there's always the IRS -- who winds up with your house
if you don't pay your taxes! -- and related properties owned by the
Department of Treasury:


Lastly, there are some commercial services out there which appear to
get you -- quickly -- to much (if not most) of the foreclosed
properties in a neat, organized fashion.  I've selected RealtyTrac to
showcase here because:

--they seem fairly comprehensive

--it's well-organized,

--and best of all, you can get a free seven-day trial to the service,
so why not give it a spin...?

They DO require you to enter your credit card information at
registration, and it's one of those annoying schemes where you HAVE TO
CANCEL before the trial period expires, or they automatically start
billing you for the following month.  However, it seems a good,
credible service just the same.

You can start searching here:

and you'll probably see something that looks like this:


Search Results for: San Francisco County, CA  
 Displaying 1 - 50 of  269 listings


That's a lot of listings, compared to the other databases.  But it
also seems like they include a lot of older information that may not
be of much use, except for comparison purposes.  Their search options
allow you to include/exclude a variety of dates, property types, etc.

A few of the listings I got were:

  8/27/2004  4447571  NOD  RSFR  239 Farallones St   San Francisco, CA
 94112  $2,098 0 1  Map

   8/27/2004  4447574  NTS  RSFR  1803 Castro St   San Francisco, CA 
94131  $256,846 0 1  Map

   8/27/2004  4447572  NOD  RMSC  154 15th Ave   San Francisco, CA 
94118  $2,994 0 2  Map

   8/26/2004  4444493  NOD  RSFR  754 Athens St   San Francisco, CA 
94112  $13,504 0 1  Map

   8/26/2004  4442113  NOD  RMFD  430 432 Vallejo St   San Francisco,
CA  94133  $32,989 0 2  Map


Expanded details are available for each listing:

This property is a Notice of Foreclosure Sale. A notice was filed at
the recorder's office by the lender's attorney signifying a public
auction. This 825 square foot property has 0 bedrooms and baths. The
minimum bid amount is $256846. This property will be auctioned at
public sale on 9/7/2004.
County: San Francisco  
Address: 1803 Castro St, 
 San Francisco, CA 94131 
TS #:   
Parcel Number: 6581 -030 
Doc #:   
Trustee/Reference #: 04-10034 
Type:  Residential 
Default Amt: $0.00 

Status: NTS Last Payment:  Sale Date: 9/7/2004 (2:00PM) 
Recorded: 9/7/2004 Balance: $0.00  Beds: 0  
Entered On: 8/27/2004  Opening Bid: $256,846.00 Baths: 1 
Auction (Sale) Location:400 Van Ness Ave,  
Trustee: C&H Trust Deed Service. Lender:  Broker:  
Address: 5305 E 2nd St Ste 203 Address:  Address:  
Long Beach  CA   90803         
Phone: 5629871759 


From all appearances, they seem to list about 3 or 4 new properties a
day.  I would suggest exploring this service a bit to see if it meets
your needs.

I hope this is the information you were after.  As I said above, feel
free to rate this answer, but -- please -- not before letting me know
if there's anything else I can do for you.

All the best.


search strategy:  relied on bookmarked sites for foreclosures and mortgages

Request for Answer Clarification by mikemel-ga on 29 Aug 2004 11:49 PDT
Thank you for this information - Is there any other information you can provide?
Again, Thank You and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 29 Aug 2004 12:43 PDT
Same here...I hope we'll have a chance of working together again in the future.

As for getting you more information, I'd be glad paid a
premium fee here, and I'm happy to continue working on your question.

However, I need a few hints...What sort of information are you looking
for?  Was there anything in my answer that struck you as especially
valuable (or particularly worthless?).  The more I know what you need,
the better I can help out.

Look forward to your next note...


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 31 Dec 2006 08:54 PST
There's an excellent summary of foreclosure and pre-foreclosure
resources available here:

Hope you find it useful.

Subject: Re: Foreclosures / Distressed Properties in the City of San Francisco
From: jong27-ga on 02 Mar 2005 09:53 PST
I believe there is a local publication which lists probate and trustee
sales, and probably more similar to the NY publication. Email me if
you're interested and I'll track down the email.

Subject: Re: Foreclosures / Distressed Properties in the City of San Francisco
From: auctionman-ga on 08 Mar 2005 23:43 PST
There are foreclosure listings at http//
from all across the United States. They also list Government seizures!
Subject: Re: Foreclosures / Distressed Properties in the City of San Francisco
From: raheel52-ga on 09 Mar 2005 11:41 PST

I suggest you need subscription but
information is really up to date.

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