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Q: Nerds coming back into pop culture? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: Nerds coming back into pop culture?
Category: Arts and Entertainment
Asked by: rservice-ga
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Posted: 14 Sep 2004 09:18 PDT
Expires: 14 Oct 2004 09:18 PDT
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I'm looking for a few (5-6) examples of how "nerd culture" or "geek
culture" is coming back into pop culture. They should be relatively
recent examples (for instance, Fox Pictures prepping a new serving of
'Revenge of the Nerds' (1984), or Ken Jennings on Jeopardy). Are nerds
returning to mainstream? If so, why now?

Clarification of Question by rservice-ga on 14 Sep 2004 09:19 PDT
Also, I need the answer by 6 PM Pacific time today (Tuesday). Will be
on frequently if you have questions.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 14 Sep 2004 09:47 PDT
Does this type of article fit the bill, or is the federal government
too uncool to serve as a barometer of pop culture...?

On Fed Payroll, Hackers Seek to Save America

Clarification of Question by rservice-ga on 14 Sep 2004 10:02 PDT
Hi - no, I'm looking for evidence of an increased geek/nerd presence
in pop culture like TV, film, fashion, art, etc.  For instance, are
any new TV shows coming out featuring nerds prominently? I'm not
looking for that many examples, though, so it shouldn't be too hard to
Subject: Re: Nerds coming back into pop culture?
Answered By: tutuzdad-ga on 14 Sep 2004 13:44 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Dear rservice-ga;

Thank you for allowing me to answer your interesting question.

Our technological culture owes its very origin to ?the nerd? (which
incidentally was a word first introduced to the world by Dr. Seuss in
a 1950 children's book called ?If I Ran the Zoo?). In a sentence, our
culture is what it is today, because nerds are what they are. People
like Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak (the geeks by which all other geeks
must be judged) became the default poster boys for nerds and at the
same time defined our current perception of the nerd AND success, not
exclusively as an inept, fashion-challenged academic but also as a
ultra-creative, over-achiever and technological pace-setter:

?This new third culture is an offspring of science. It's a pop culture
based in technology, for technology. Call it nerd culture. For the
last two decades, as technology supersaturated our cultural
environment, the gravity of technology simply became too hard to
ignore. For this current generation of Nintendo kids, their technology
is their culture. When they reached the point (as every generation of
youth does) of creating the current fads, the next funny thing
happened: Nerds became cool.

Nerds now grace the cover of Time and Newsweek. They are heroes in
movies and Man of the Year. Indeed, more people wanna be Bill Gates
than wanna be Bill Clinton. Publishers have discovered that cool nerds
and cool science can sell magazines to a jaded and weary audience.
Sometimes it seems as if technology itself is the star, as it is in
many special-effects movies. There's jargon, too. Cultural centers
radiate new language; technology is a supernova of slang and idioms
swelling the English language. Nerds have contributed so many new
words--most originating in science--that dictionaries can't track them
fast enough.?


Even in cinema nerds have become the fashionable hero of the day. Nerd
characters and even the real life nerds who portray them are now
enjoying the greatest fame of their time. Woody Allen, George Lucas,
Quentin Tarantino, Howard Stern, Stephen King and Steven Spielberg are
prime examples of nerds who struck it rich in spite of their
?nerdiness?. Of course no one can forget the late great creator of
Star Trek Gene Roddenberry, who earned his nerd degree posthumously
because he ultimately, as it turns out, imagined much more than far
fetched science fiction but rather gave rise to a series of plausible
predictions of Orwellian proportions. Almost everything Roddenberry
dreamed in his ?trekkie? stories has since come to life, in large part
because this one nerd imagined it was so:


Now granted success of this magnitude is unreachable by most people,
but there is an even more realistic example of success and it comes in
the form of ?idols?. Literally, the American Idols like Ruben Studdard
and his runner-up (or co-nerd, as the case may be) Clay Aiken have
taken the youth music culture by storm. Kids have long since looked to
?Saturday Night Live? cast for the coolest trends and today is no
exception. Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Tina Fey (and her used-to-be
outdated horn rimmed glasses) are all nerds but are now all the rage.
Jim Carrey, and Penn & Teller are not nerds in real life but strive to
portray nerds because being a nerd is cool and makes them big bucks.
Even the youngest among us will quickly agree that the idea of being
Harry Potter or Peter Parker (Spiderman) is a very, very cool concept.

THE LATEST IN COOL: NERDS;COXnetJSessionID=BHMlhX4vBzPzvE7cVllPVp6KvH62FGPOiGOaj1wNSAEqGRF4t1qr!-2060548532?urac=n&urvf=10951916536310.6450210629393484

Nerds and Geeks should be given passports. They are literally from
another planet in a galaxy far, far away. Because of them you and I
are sitting here interacting via ??their? creation. The very thing you
are looking at now is a nerd concept of geek design. Your computer is
a portal into their world where YOU are the minority and they are the
majority. I can give you many examples of their little Meccas on the
Internet but I?ll offer one that I?ve chosen at random just for the
sake of fulfilling this particular example:


Where else would you find a running comic strip featuring the
ever-cool Main Brain of the universe, Stephen Hawking, arguably King
Nerd in his own right?


So you see, everything we think, what we do, and how we do it are all
affected by the nerds. This sounds silly doesn?t it? If you think
about it for a moment it makes perfect sense. The ?retro? fashion and
concepts are very popular and being cool today is a matter of how well
you can recreate yesterday ? a time when nerds were considered the
plague. A pocket protector is no longer the badge of the nerd, in
fact, it?s hard to tell who is a nerd and who isn?t. At one time
everyone claimed to be either part cowboy or part Indian, and proof of
either was extremely cool. In today?s world though, if you can?t claim
to be even ?part? nerd, you?re abnormal. You?ve (gasp) fallen behind!

What was once considered ?goofy? by many is now an acceptable practice
isn?t it? We look forward to going to Disney World and donning those
cool Bermuda shorts, sandals with socks and touristy hats without
shame, we watch cooking shows and do-it-yourself programs on
television, we all sit around in front of our computers like plants
sucking the soil dry trying to absorb as much information as possible
and when it?s all over we can lie in bed at night with our high-tech
nerdy, flat screen television and remote control (which we have in
virtually every room of our houses) and watch on OUR OWN television
station, designed specifically for OUR enjoyment:


Yes, you guessed it. I am a nerd and by golly I?m proud of it. It?s a
nerd?s world baby and I say everyone should embrace his inner nerd.
The truth is, Fonzie was cool but he was also a huge nerd - he just
didn?t know it until now. Are nerds coming back? Brace yourself my
friend, we're coming back with a vengeance.

I hope you find that my research exceeds your expectations. I?ve tried
to raise many more examples than you asked for and I apologize for
getting a bit carried away ? but that?s just the nerd in me. If you
have any questions about my research please post a clarification
request prior to rating the answer. Otherwise I welcome your rating
and your final comments and I look forward to working with you again
in the near future. Thank you for bringing your question to us.

Best regards;
Tutuzdad-ga ? Google Answers Researcher


Defined above



Google ://












Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 14 Sep 2004 13:51 PDT
Again, I?m sorry but I can?t seem to find a place to stop. I thought
you might also find these articles interesting:

?Who's laughing now? Modern nerds are putting the pop in pop culture?

?The Evolution of Geeks in Pop-Culture?

?Pop Goes the Geek?

?Still More Pop Goes the Geek?

?The Socio-Psychological Distinction of Nerds vs. Geeks?
?Why Ricochet Robot is for Nerds and Roborally is for Geeks?


Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 14 Sep 2004 13:57 PDT
This Sports Illustrated article (courtesy of my friend Pinkfreud)
tells how the world of sports is also beginning to embrace the geekier
among us (and not just chess players either):

The Geek is Chic


Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 15 Sep 2004 11:56 PDT
Regarding your problem rating the answer:

You might try logging out and logging back on. Then trying it again.
If that doesn't work you might email support and ask for help 

rservice-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: Nerds coming back into pop culture?
From: techtor-ga on 14 Sep 2004 09:34 PDT
There seems to be a lot of proof already that nerds are getting more
and more respectable these days... most successful nerd of them all
would be Bill Gates. Thanks to the rise of computers and scientists in
many fields, nerds seem to have become more and more a part of normal
accepted society, with little of the fun-poking and bullying we saw in
Revenge of the Nerds (and what a classic that was!).
Subject: Re: Nerds coming back into pop culture?
From: jhabley-ga on 15 Sep 2004 09:19 PDT
I am trying to close this (with 5 stars) but for some reason, it seems
to have posted it as "rservice" which was an old account. I'm not able
to "own" this question as jhabley.  Any ideas????
Subject: Re: Nerds coming back into pop culture?
From: tutuzdad-ga on 15 Sep 2004 10:01 PDT
You might try logging out and logging back on. Then trying it again.
If that doesn't work you might email support and ask for help 

Subject: Re: Nerds coming back into pop culture?
From: pinkfreud-ga on 15 Sep 2004 12:08 PDT
Since the question was posted under the username rservice-ga, I do not
think it will be possible to rate the answer unless you log in with
the username rservice-ga. The system views rservice-ga and jhabley-ga
as two different users, and will not allow a user to rate another
user's answer.

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