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Q: Listing of all the Quilting Publications out there ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Listing of all the Quilting Publications out there
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Books and Literature
Asked by: chucksmith-ga
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Posted: 17 Feb 2006 12:53 PST
Expires: 19 Mar 2006 12:53 PST
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I am looking for a list of all the quilting publications available out
there.  This would mostly be magazines, but could also be trade
publications.  The list would be delivered in an ASCII text file, one
magazine/trade journal per line.  For example:

McCall's Quilting
Quilting Magazine

I would like the list to be as comprehensive as possible, so the more the merrier.

Thank you
Subject: Re: Listing of all the Quilting Publications out there
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 17 Feb 2006 13:44 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Here you go:

$100000 quilting challenge
A legacy of quilts : from the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
AAQLA newsletter
AIDS memorial quilt List of names
Amador rose
American patchwork quilting
American quilt retailer
American quilter
American Quilters Society wall calendar
American quilts
Amish quilts calendar
Amish quilts engagement calendar
Annual National Quilt Show : catalogue
Annual quilt show : catalogue
APNQ : Supporting regional quiltmaking
Appliqué quilts
AQS update
Arkansas Quilters Guild newsletter
Artquilt magazine
Asian quilt
Australian patchwork quilting
Awardwinning quilts their makers : the best of American Quilters Society shows
Baste n banter
Beaver Island quilting news
Belle Point Quilters Guild
Best blocks
Better homes and gardens simply creative century of quilts
Beyond patchwork : contemporary quilts
Big block quilts
Bits n pieces : New Braunfels area quilt newsletter
Bits pieces
Blanket statements
Block Party Quilters : a monthly newsletter of BPQ activities
Boise Basin Quilters
British patchwork quilting
Cactus quilt line
Calendar American art quilts
California quilt lines
Canada quilts
Canadian Quilters Association : newsletter Association canadienne de
la courtepointe : newsletter
Canyon Echoes : the newsletter of the Canyon Quilters of San Diego
Capital Quilters Guild : newsletter
CCQ newsletter
Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild : newsletter
Chamblee Star Quilters : newsletter
Charlotte Quilters Guild : newsletter
Christmas quilts
Clark County Quilters : newsletter
Cloth comfort : the quilt calendar
Coast lines : newsletter of the Coastal Quilters Guild
Coastal Quilters Guild newsletter
Cobblestone news
Cobblestone Quilters Guild newsletter
Coconino Quilters Guild newsletter
Colorado Quilting Council newsletter
Colorado threads
Complete guide to quilting
Contemporary quilts calendar
Country Crossroads Quilters newsletter
Country Quilters membership directory
Country quilts
Country Quilts presents country afghans
Cover stories : newsletter of the Canadian Quilt Study Group
Creative quilting
Culcita : the newsletter of the British Quilt Study Group
Davisons mattress quilting and upholstered furniture register
Desert Quilters newsletter
Diablo Valley Quilters : newsletter
Directory : the buyers guide to sewing accessories overthecounter
fabrics quilting patchwork applique art needlework craft supplies
DOQ newsletter
Down under quilts
Dunes Country Quilters newsletter
Dutch girl quilting scrapbook
East Bay Heritage Quilters newsletter
Eastern Long Island Quilters Guild newsletter
El Camino Quilters : newsletter
Empire Quilt Club : newsletter
Empire Quilters : newsletter
Fabric showcase special
Fabric trends
Fallbrook Quilters Guild : newsletter
First Dutchess Quilters : newsletter
Folk art : magazine of the Museum of American Folk Art
Folsom Quilt Fiber Guild : newsletter
Fons and Porters for the love of quilting
Fons and Porters sew many quilts
Foothills Quilters Guild : newsletter
Free stuff for quilters on the Internet
Friends of MAQS newsletter
Friendship Quilters : newsletter
Friendship Square Quilt Guild : newsletter
FVQG newsletter
Garden State Quilters newsletter
Georgia Quilt Project newsletter : piecing Georgias history together
Gold Bug Quilters : newsletter
Golden Needles Quilt Guild : newsletter
Great American quilts
Green Quilts newsletter
Green Quilts update
Heirloom quilts calendar
Helena Quilters Guild newsletter
Home quilt show
Homestead classics quilting for Christmas
Houstons international quilt festival
Inland Empire Quilters Guild : newsletter
International quilt guild directory
International quilt shop focus
Iowa patchwork press
Kaleidoscopic voices : Kaleidoscope Quilters Guild newsletter
Kaw Valley Quilters Guild : newsletter
Kentucky quilt calendar
Kiruto Japan Quilts Japan
Kiruto Nashonaru International contemporary quiltart exhibition
Kiruto Nihonten Exhibition of quilt Nihon
Labor of love newsletter
Ladies of the Lakes Quilters Guild : newsletter
Ladys circle editors choice patchwork quilts
Ladys circle patchwork quilts
Ladys circle patchwork quilts presents quilt craft
Lake Mountain Quilters : newsletter
Leisure Arts presents Great American quilts
LLQ needle news
Logan Lap Quilters newsletter
Long Island Quilters Society : newsletter
Loose Threads Quilt Guild : newsletter
Magic patch Patchwork quilting
Manteca Quilters Guild newsletter
McCalls best quilts
McCalls country quilting
McCalls how to quilt it
McCalls quick quilts
McCalls quilt it
McCalls quilting
McCalls quilting presents vintage quilts
McCalls quilting quick quilts
Members handbook
Miniature quilt ideas
Miniature quilts
Minnesota quilter news
Minnesota quilters news
Mixed sampler newsletter
Molly Pitcher Stitchers Quilt Guild : newsletter
Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County
Mountain Quilters Guild newsletter
Mountain Quilters newsletter
MQ news
Mt Tam Quilt Guild newsletter
Nebraska State Quilt Guild : newsletter
Needle news
Needle notes
NEORQC directory
New Zealand quilter
News from around the block
Newsletter of the Ladies of the Lakes Quilters Guild
Nimble thimble news
North County Quilters Association
Northern California quilters calendar show directory
Northwest quilters
Orange County Quilters Guild : newsletter
Orange Grove Quilters Guild : newsletter
Ottumwa Quilters Guild : newsletter
Pacific Northwest quiltfest
Pacific quilts
Paducah life
Pajaro Valley Quilt Association : newsletter
Patches snatches : newsletter of the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild
Patchiwaku kiruto senka Patchwork quilt special course
Patchiwaku kiruto tsushin Patchwork quilt tsushin
Patchword : official publication of the Hearthside Crafts Quilters Club
Patchwork patter
Patchwork post
Patchwork press
Patchwork quilting
Patchwork quilting ideas
Pennsylvania Quilter
Pine Belt Quilters : newsletter
Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Nevada County : newsletter
Pine Tree Quilters Guild : newsletter
Poakalani : Hawaiian quilt cushion patterns designs
Prairie pointer
Prairie quilters news
Prairie Star Quilt Guild : newsletter
Prairie star quilters
Prairie Star Quilters Guild : newsletter
Prairie star quilters newsletter
QRS newsletter
Quick easy quilting
Quilt : Asian women weave
Quilt almanac
Quilt art engagement calendar
Quilt calendar
Quilt chatter
Quilt groups today
Quilt news
QUILT newsletter
Quilt presents sampler quilts
Quilt sampler
Quilt scraps
Quilt shop talk
Quilt show
Quilt show : exhibition catalog
Quilt studies : the journal of the British Quilt Study Group
Quilt Study Group of Australia : newsletter
Quilt world
Quilt world Christmas annual
Quilt world omnibook
Quilted gifts
Quilted lines
Quilters Art Guild newsletter
Quilters cable : the newsletter of the San Francisco Quilters Guild
Quilters calendar
Quilters Etc NEWS : notable excerpts worth savoring
Quilters gallery
Quilters guild : newsletter
Quilters Guild of Dallas : newsletter
Quilters Guild of North Dakota newsletter
Quilters hot sheet
Quilters journal
Quilters newsletter
Quilters newsletter magazine
Quilters newsletter magazines quilt it for Christmas
Quilters newsletter magazines quilt it for keepsakes : create unique
fabric keepsakes
Quilters newsletter magazines quilt it for kids : quick easy quilts to
make for kids
Quilters notes and quotes
Quilters press
Quilters quill
Quilters travel companion
Quilters treasury
Quilters Unlimited Vienna Chapter news
Quilters world
Quiltessence : the newsletter for quilters by quilters
Quilting and related needlework
Quilting arts
Quilting books unlimited and Roberts quiltworks catalog
Quilting for Christmas
Quilting ideas
Quilting international
Quilting lines
Quilting on the back porch
Quilting professional
Quilting quarterly
Quilting quips
Quilting today
Quilting USA
Quiltlovers favorites from American patchwork quilting
Quiltmakers alltime favorites
Quiltmakers time
Quilts : identification and price guide
Quilts are forever
Quilts country crafts
Quilts engagement calendar National Gallery of Art Washington
Quilts for babies kids
Quilts for sale
Quilts Los Angeles County Museum of Art engagement calendar
Quilts other comforts
Quilts with style
QuiltWorks today
Ravelings : the newsletter of the Wings Falls Quilters Guild
Red Cloud Indian School children of Red Cloud calendar featuring
American Indian quilts
Redwood Empire Quilters Guild newsletter
Redwood remnants
RGVQG patches snatches
River City Quilters Guild newsletter
Sampler collection
Sampler quilt calendar
San Fernando Valley Quilt Association : newsletter
Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association : newsletter
Santa Clarita Valley Quilt Guild : newsletter
Santa Monica Quilt Guild : newsletter
Santa Rosa Quilt Guild : newsletter
Scrap bag
Scrappy bed quilts
Seaside view
Sew many quilts
Sew much news
Simi Valley Quilt Guild : newsletter
Simi Valley Quilt Guild news
Simply creative quilt sampler
Small wall quilts
Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild : newsletter
South Bay Quilters Guild : newsletter
South County Quilters Guild newsletter
Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds : newsletter
Stitch n sew quilts
Stitch n sew quilts Christmas annual
Stitch n times
Strip quilting projects : projects from the Strip quilting series as
shown on PBSTV stations
Successful quilting
The American International Quilt Association quarterly
The American International Quilt Association quiltmaker
The arts auction to benefit the Nokomis Learning Center : works of
Woodland Indian artists : paintings baskets quilts beadwork sculpture
pottery quillwork for auction silent auction and direct sale
The Best of Ladys Circle Patchwork Quilts howto patterns
The best of quilt
The Canadian quilter
The Cascade quilter : bimonthly newsletter of the Cascade Quilt Guild of Akron Ohio
The Chalkboard : Schoolhouse Quilters Guild newsletter
The Compass
The complete catalog of quilting books
The Country Quilt Shop newsletter
The foundation piecer
The Friendship knot
The great Pacific Northwest quilt show
The herb market : a quilters market : newsletter
The hoot owl
The Kaleidoscope Quilters Newsletter
The La Plata reveiw
The mountain quiltline
The Names Project newsletter Friends of Quilt Chicago
The New quilt : Dairy Barn Quilt National
The newsletter of the Wings Falls Quilters Guild
The newspatcher
The oak leaf : the voice of Illinois Quilters Inc
The official price guide to quilts
The Ohio valley star : the newsletter of the Ohio Valley Quilters Guild
The pine needle press
The Professional quilter magazine
The quilt connection
The quilt design calendar
The quilt digest
The quilt engagement calendar
The quilt journal : published by the Kentucky Quilt Project Inc
The Quilter : the newsletter of the Quilters Guild
The quilter magazine : for yesterday today and tomorrow
The Quilters guild newsletter
The Quilters Hall of Fame newsletter
The Quilters quest
The Quilters quill
The quilters wishbook
The Quilting bee
The Southern star : the monthly newsletter of the Southern Stars Quilt Guild
The Stitchin star
The trailing thread : newsletter of the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association
The Valley dispatch
The vintage quilt newsletter
The young quilter
Thimble thoughts
Threads of thought : a quilters exchange
Through the year quilts
Traditional quilter
Traditional quiltworks
Turkey trax : Turlock Quilt Guild newsletter
Turlock Quilt Guild newsletter
Uncoverings : the research papers of the American Quilt Study Group
Valley Oak Quilters : newsletter
Valley of the Mist Quilters newsletter
Valley Quiltmakers Guild : newsletter
Wandering Foot Quilt Guild : newsletter
Wandering footnotes
Whatchamacalit : Newsletter of the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association
Whats going on : newsletter of the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association
Whiteman Area Piecemakers Quilt Guild : newsletter
Wisconsin Quilters Inc newsletter
YQ news


Let me know if anything else is needed here.


search strategy -- searched various library databases for quilting
magazines, and combined the list into a single list of unique titles.

Request for Answer Clarification by chucksmith-ga on 17 Feb 2006 14:40 PST
Hello - I would like to have the list with correct capitalization. 
For example, "American quilt retailer" should be "American Quilt
Retailer".  Also, please remove any ":" and the information after the
colon.  After these changes, it's ready to go.


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 17 Feb 2006 15:08 PST
How's this...?

$100000 Quilting Challenge
A Legacy Of Quilts 
Aaqla Newsletter
Aids Memorial Quilt List Of Names
Amador Rose
American Patchwork Quilting
American Quilt Retailer
American Quilter
American Quilters Society Wall Calendar
American Quilts
Amish Quilts Calendar
Amish Quilts Engagement Calendar
Annual National Quilt Show 
Annual Quilt Show 
Appliqué Quilts
AQS Update
Arkansas Quilters Guild Newsletter
Artquilt Magazine
Asian Quilt
Australian Patchwork Quilting
Awardwinning Quilts Their Makers 
Baste N Banter
Beaver Island Quilting News
Belle Point Quilters Guild
Best Blocks
Better Homes And Gardens Simply Creative Century Of Quilts
Beyond Patchwork 
Big Block Quilts
Bits N Pieces 
Bits Pieces
Blanket Statements
Block Party Quilters 
Boise Basin Quilters
British Patchwork Quilting
Cactus Quilt Line
Calendar American Art Quilts
California Quilt Lines
Canada Quilts
Canadian Quilters Association 
Canyon Echoes 
Capital Quilters Guild 
CCQ+A79 Newsletter
Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild 
Chamblee Star Quilters 
Charlotte Quilters Guild 
Christmas Quilts
Clark County Quilters 
Cloth Comfort 
Coast Lines 
Coastal Quilters Guild Newsletter
Cobblestone News
Cobblestone Quilters Guild Newsletter
Coconino Quilters Guild Newsletter
Colorado Quilting Council Newsletter
Colorado Threads
Complete Guide To Quilting
Contemporary Quilts Calendar
Country Crossroads Quilters Newsletter
Country Quilters Membership Directory
Country Quilts
Country Quilts Presents Country Afghans
Cover Stories 
Creative Quilting
Davisons Mattress Quilting And Upholstered Furniture Register
Desert Quilters Newsletter
Diablo Valley Quilters 
Doq Newsletter
Down Under Quilts
Dunes Country Quilters Newsletter
Dutch Girl Quilting Scrapbook
East Bay Heritage Quilters Newsletter
Eastern Long Island Quilters Guild Newsletter
El Camino Quilters 
Empire Quilt Club 
Empire Quilters 
Fabric Showcase Special
Fabric Trends
Fallbrook Quilters Guild 
First Dutchess Quilters 
Folk Art 
Folsom Quilt Fiber Guild 
Fons And Porters For The Love Of Quilting
Fons And Porters Sew Many Quilts
Foothills Quilters Guild 
Free Stuff For Quilters On The Internet
Friends Of Maqs Newsletter
Friendship Quilters 
Friendship Square Quilt Guild 
FVQG Newsletter
Garden State Quilters Newsletter
Georgia Quilt Project Newsletter 
Gold Bug Quilters 
Golden Needles Quilt Guild 
Great American Quilts
Green Quilts Newsletter
Green Quilts Update
Heirloom Quilts Calendar
Helena Quilters Guild Newsletter
Home Quilt Show
Homestead Classics Quilting For Christmas
Houstons International Quilt Festival
Inland Empire Quilters Guild 
International Quilt Guild Directory
International Quilt Shop Focus
Iowa Patchwork Press
Kaleidoscopic Voices 
Kaw Valley Quilters Guild 
Kentucky Quilt Calendar
Kiruto Japan Quilts Japan
Kiruto Nashonaru International Contemporary Quiltart Exhibition
Kiruto Nihonten Exhibition Of Quilt Nihon
Labor Of Love Newsletter
Ladies Of The Lakes Quilters Guild 
Lady's Circle Editors Choice Patchwork Quilts
Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts
Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts Presents Quilt Craft
Lake Mountain Quilters 
Leisure Arts Presents Great American Quilts
LLQ Needle News
Logan Lap Quilters Newsletter
Long Island Quilters Society 
Loose Threads Quilt Guild 
Magic Patch Patchwork Quilting
Manteca Quilters Guild Newsletter
McCalls Best Quilts
McCalls Country Quilting
McCalls How To Quilt It
McCalls Quick Quilts
McCalls Quilt It
McCalls Quilting
McCalls Quilting Presents Vintage Quilts
McCalls Quilting Quick Quilts
Members Handbook
Miniature Quilt Ideas
Miniature Quilts
Minnesota Quilter News
Minnesota Quilters News
Mixed Sampler Newsletter
Molly Pitcher Stitchers Quilt Guild 
Moonlight Quilters Of Sonoma County
Mountain Quilters Guild Newsletter
Mountain Quilters Newsletter
MQ News
Mt Tam Quilt Guild Newsletter
Nebraska State Quilt Guild 
Needle News
Needle Notes
Neorqc Directory
New Zealand Quilter
News From Around The Block
Newsletter Of The Ladies Of The Lakes Quilters Guild
Nimble Thimble News
North County Quilters Association
Northern California Quilters Calendar Show Directory
Northwest Quilters
Orange County Quilters Guild 
Orange Grove Quilters Guild 
Ottumwa Quilters Guild 
Pacific Northwest Quiltfest
Pacific Quilts
Paducah Life
Pajaro Valley Quilt Association 
Patches Snatches 
Patchiwaku Kiruto Senka Patchwork Quilt Special Course
Patchiwaku Kiruto Tsushin Patchwork Quilt Tsushin
Patchwork Patter
Patchwork Post
Patchwork Press
Patchwork Quilting
Patchwork Quilting Ideas
Pennsylvania Quilter
Pine Belt Quilters 
Pine Tree Quilt Guild Of Nevada County 
Pine Tree Quilters Guild 
Prairie Pointer
Prairie Quilters News
Prairie Star Quilt Guild 
Prairie Star Quilters
Prairie Star Quilters Guild 
Prairie Star Quilters Newsletter
QRS Newsletter
Quick Easy Quilting
Quilt Almanac
Quilt Art Engagement Calendar
Quilt Calendar
Quilt Chatter
Quilt Groups Today
Quilt News
Quilt Newsletter
Quilt Presents Sampler Quilts
Quilt Sampler
Quilt Scraps
Quilt Shop Talk
Quilt Show
Quilt Show 
Quilt Studies 
Quilt Study Group Of Australia 
Quilt World
Quilt World Christmas Annual
Quilt World Omnibook
Quilted Gifts
Quilted Lines
Quilters Art Guild Newsletter
Quilters Cable 
Quilters Calendar
Quilters Etc News 
Quilters Gallery
Quilters Guild 
Quilters Guild Of Dallas 
Quilters Guild Of North Dakota Newsletter
Quilters Hot Sheet
Quilters Journal
Quilters Newsletter
Quilters Newsletter Magazine
Quilters Newsletter Magazines Quilt It For Christmas
Quilters Newsletter Magazines Quilt It For Keepsakes 
Quilters Newsletter Magazines Quilt It For Kids 
Quilters Notes And Quotes
Quilters Press
Quilters Quill
Quilters Travel Companion
Quilters Treasury
Quilters Unlimited Vienna Chapter News
Quilters World
Quilting And Related Needlework
Quilting Arts
Quilting Books Unlimited And Roberts Quiltworks Catalog
Quilting For Christmas
Quilting Ideas
Quilting International
Quilting Lines
Quilting On The Back Porch
Quilting Professional
Quilting Quarterly
Quilting Quips
Quilting Today
Quilting USA
Quiltlovers Favorites From American Patchwork Quilting
Quiltmakers Alltime Favorites
Quiltmakers Time
Quilts Are Forever
Quilts Country Crafts
Quilts Engagement Calendar National Gallery Of Art Washington
Quilts For Babies Kids
Quilts For Sale
Quilts Los Angeles County Museum Of Art Engagement Calendar
Quilts Other Comforts
Quilts With Style
Quiltworks Today
Red Cloud Indian School Children Of Red Cloud Calendar Featuring
American Indian Quilts
Redwood Empire Quilters Guild Newsletter
Redwood Remnants
Rgvqg Patches Snatches
River City Quilters Guild Newsletter
Sampler Collection
Sampler Quilt Calendar
San Fernando Valley Quilt Association 
Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association 
Santa Clarita Valley Quilt Guild 
Santa Monica Quilt Guild 
Santa Rosa Quilt Guild 
Scrap Bag
Scrappy Bed Quilts
Seaside View
Sew Many Quilts
Sew Much News
Simi Valley Quilt Guild 
Simi Valley Quilt Guild News
Simply Creative Quilt Sampler
Small Wall Quilts
Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild 
South Bay Quilters Guild 
South County Quilters Guild Newsletter
Southern California Council Of Quilt Guilds 
Stitch N Sew Quilts
Stitch N Sew Quilts Christmas Annual
Stitch N Times
Strip Quilting Projects 
Successful Quilting
The American International Quilt Association Quarterly
The American International Quilt Association Quiltmaker
The Arts Auction To Benefit The Nokomis Learning Center 
The Best Of Ladys Circle Patchwork Quilts Howto Patterns
The Best Of Quilt
The Canadian Quilter
The Cascade Quilter 
The Chalkboard 
The Compass
The Complete Catalog Of Quilting Books
The Country Quilt Shop Newsletter
The Foundation Piecer
The Friendship Knot
The Great Pacific Northwest Quilt Show
The Herb Market 
The Hoot Owl
The Kaleidoscope Quilters Newsletter
The La Plata Reveiw
The Mountain Quiltline
The Names Project Newsletter Friends Of Quilt Chicago
The New Quilt 
The Newsletter Of The Wings Falls Quilters Guild
The Newspatcher
The Oak Leaf 
The Official Price Guide To Quilts
The Ohio Valley Star 
The Pine Needle Press
The Professional Quilter Magazine
The Quilt Connection
The Quilt Design Calendar
The Quilt Digest
The Quilt Engagement Calendar
The Quilt Journal 
The Quilter 
The Quilter Magazine 
The Quilters Guild Newsletter
The Quilters Hall Of Fame Newsletter
The Quilters Quest
The Quilters Quill
The Quilters Wishbook
The Quilting Bee
The Southern Star 
The Stitchin Star
The Trailing Thread 
The Valley Dispatch
The Vintage Quilt Newsletter
The Young Quilter
Thimble Thoughts
Threads Of Thought 
Through The Year Quilts
Traditional Quilter
Traditional Quiltworks
Turkey Trax 
Turlock Quilt Guild Newsletter
Valley Oak Quilters 
Valley Of The Mist Quilters Newsletter
Valley Quiltmakers Guild 
Wandering Foot Quilt Guild 
Wandering Footnotes
Whats Going On 
Whiteman Area Piecemakers Quilt Guild 
Wisconsin Quilters Inc Newsletter
YQ News

Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 05 Dec 2006 16:52 PST
By the way, I came across this of the Top Specialty and Trade Industry
Magazines, and I thought it might be of interest to you:

1to1 Magazine (1 to 1)
Accessories Magazine	
Accounting Technology
Advanced Rescue Technology
Agri Marketing
Aircraft Maintenance Technology
American Gas
American Printer
America's Network-RNT-Telecom Asia-Telepress LatinoAmerica-Wireless Asia	
Armed Forces Journal
Association Meetings
Auto Remarketing NewsMagazine
Automatic Merchandiser
Bank Systems & Technology	
Bank Technology News
Bio-IT World
Biopharm International
BioProcess International
Bioscience Technology Formely Biomedical
BTOB (formerly Business Marketing)
Business Credit
Business Finance
Business Travel News	
C4ISR Journal	
CableFAX's Cable World
Campus Technology formerly Syllabus
Card Marketing	
Card Technology
CE Pro
CFO Magazine
Chemical & Engineering News
Chemical Market Reporter
Chemical Week
Chief Executive
Chief Learning Officer
CIO Insight
Circulation Management
Cleanrooms Magazine	
Clinical Lab Products
Colorado Biz
Commercial Printing Network	
Communications News
Communications Technology
Composites Technology
Computer Technology Review
Concrete Construction
Concrete International
Concrete Producer, The	
Consumer Financial Network Report	
Consumer Goods Technology
Convention South
Corporate Board Member
Corporate Meetings & Incentives
Corporate Report Wisconsin
Cotton Farming
Cotton Grower	
CPA Technology Advisor formerly CPA Software News
CropLife	mailto:Customer Inter@ction Solutions
Customer Inter@ction Solutions
Dairy Field
Dealer Marketing Magazine
Decisions in Imaging Economics
Digital Output
DIRECT Magazine
District Administration	
DM News
Drug Discovery & Development
Drug Topics
DV - Digital Video Magazine
Electric Light & Power
Electrical Apparatus
Electronic Publishing	
Employee Benefit News
Energy & Power Management formerly Energy User
eSchool News
Event Solutions
F&I Management & Technology
Feed Management
FINANANCIAL & INSURANCE MEETINGS (Formerly Insurance Conference
Fleet Owner
Foundry Management &
Frontline Solutions (US)
Gear Technology
Genome Technology
Genomics & Proteomics
Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies
GMA Forum
Government Computer News/Washington Technology (Network report)	
Government Technology
Graphic Arts Monthly
Hart's Pipeline & Gas Technology
Health Imaging & IT
Health Management Technology
High Volume Printing
HME News
Home Healthcare Dealer/Provider	http://http//
Hospitality Technology
HR Magazine
Human Capital
Human Resource Executive
Inbound Logistics
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News
Information Security
InformationWeek (Fortune Report)	
Inside Business Magazine
Instant & Small Commercial Printer
Insurance & Technology	
Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions for Retailers
Intelligent Enterprise
Interior Landscape Business (Formerly Interior Business)	
Internet Telephony
IT ARCHITECT (Formerly Network Magazine)
IVD Technology
Jax Fax Travel Marketing Magazine
Journal of Light Construction, The
Journal of Petroleum Technology
Law Enforcement Technology
Law Technology News
LDB/Interior Textiles
Light & Medium Truck, Managing Commercial, Public, Utility and
Mailing Systems Technology
Maintenance Technology
Managing Automation
Manufacturing Business Technology formerly MSI
Marketing News
Mass High Tech
Material Handling Management formerly Material Handling
Meat Marketing & Technology (Census Audit)
Med Ad News
Media & Methods
Medical Design Technology
Medical Imaging
Medical Marketing & Media
Meeting News	
Meetings & Conventions
Meetings East
Meetings Group Network Report
Meetings South
Meetings West
Metal Architecture
Minnesota Business
MLO - Medical Laboratory Observer
Mobile Electronics
Mobile Enterprise
Mobile Radio Technology
Mobility Management
Modern Brewery Age
Modern Casting
Modern Materials Handling/Material Handling Product News (Dup)	
Moldmaking Technology Magazine
MR, The Magazine of Menswear Retailing	
Multichannel News
MX: Business Strategies for Medical Technology
National Journal
Network Computing
Network Computing (Fortune Audit)	
NFPA Journal
NPN -National Petroleum News
Official Meeting Facilities Guide
Oil and Gas Investor
Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment
Optics & Photonics News
Oregon Business	
Orthopedic Technology Review
Outpatient Care Technology	
Outpatient Surgery
Pacific Coast Business Times
Packaging Machinery Technology (PMT)	
Pest Control Technology
Pharmaceutical Discovery formerly
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Executive
Pharmaceutical Technology
Pig International
Pit and Quarry
Plastics Technology
P-O-P Design
P-O-P Times
Power Electronics Technology Formely PCIM	
Power Equipment Trade
Presentations Magazine
Print & Graphics (formerly Graphics Network)	
Printing Impressions
Products Finishing
Promotional Marketing
PTN - Photo Trade News
Public Utilities Fortnightly
R&D Directions
Radiologic Technology
Resource Recycling
RIS - Retail Info Systems News
Risk & Insurance
RSI - Roofing/Siding/Insulation
RV Business	
RV Trade Digest
Safety & Health
Sales & Marketing Ideas
Sales & Marketing Management
SC Magazine
SC magazine Global Editions Report	
Scholastic Administrator	
School Bus Fleet
School Planning & Management
School Planning Mgmt & College Planning Mgmt Network Report
Scientific Computing & Instrumentation
Scientist, The
Sea Technology
Secure Enterprise	
Security Distributing & Marketing
Security Management
Security Technology & Design
Seed World
Site Selection
Small Times
Smart Meetings Magazine
SmartBusiness Formerly SBN Magazine (Small Business
Solid State Technology	
Soundings Trade Only
Special Events Magazine
Speech Technology
Spray Technology & Marketing
SQL Server Magazine	
Storage Magazine
Strategic Finance
Supply & Demand Chain Executive formerly iSource
Supply Chain Management Review
Supply Chain Manufacturing & Logistics Solutions formerly Supply Chain
Supply Chain Systems (Supplementary Audit)	
Target Marketing
Tea & Coffee
Tech Decisions Formerly Technology Decisions
TecHome Builder
THE Journal
Tobacco Reporter
Today's Chemist at Work
Today's Facility Manager
Tools of the Trade
Trade Show Executive
Trenchless Technology
Trucking Times & Sport Utility News
Trusts & Estates
TV Technology
Twin Cities Business formerly Twin Cities Business Monthly	
Undercar Digest
Video Business
Vineyard & Winery Management
Virginia Business
VNU Duplication Audit	
VNU Network - Adweek/Brandweek/Mediaweek	
Wall Street & Technology	
Washington Technology
Water Environment & Technology	
Water Technology
Wearables Business
Welding Journal
Wire & Cable Technology International
Wood & Wood Products
Workforce Management Formerly Workforce Magazine
World Trade
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Another great answer.  Just what I was looking for.  Thanks.

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