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Q: Cuts that won't heal ( No Answer,   9 Comments )
Subject: Cuts that won't heal
Category: Health > Medicine
Asked by: declan-ga
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Posted: 28 Dec 2004 10:48 PST
Expires: 27 Jan 2005 10:48 PST
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The slightest cut or scraping of the skin leaves me with a wound for a
month or more and  with a permanant scar. I dont have AIDS. I stay out
of water. I take lots of multi-vitamins and am in perfect health. Can
it be a vitamin deficiency? Or something I can easily cure with diet
or natural medicine?
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: cynthia-ga on 28 Dec 2004 10:59 PST
Hi declan,

The phrase "Cuts that won't heal" brings up 79 results in Google.

Virtually every one suggests you should be checked for Diabetes...

Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: pinkfreud-ga on 28 Dec 2004 11:53 PST
There are many circulatory conditions that can cause wounds to be slow
in healing. For example, I have Raynaud's Phenomenon, and I've had
wounds that took a very long time to heal. One surgical incision took
over a year to close completely.

I suggest discussing this with your physician.
Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: declan-ga on 28 Dec 2004 11:58 PST
My blood sugar level is fine and I have passed every medical test done
by a normal physical.
Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: biophysicist-ga on 28 Dec 2004 12:26 PST
pinkfreud is correct:  circulatory problems can make wounds slow to
heal.  Are you hands and feet often cold?  Do you get chilblains
(little sores on your toes during winter)?  These can be signs of poor
circulation.  It might not be anything a physician could diagnose. 
Stay as warm and dry as possible, and maybe try to get more exercise
to keep the blood flowing.  You may find that the scarring fades when
summer comes.  (At least that's what happens to me.)
Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: dragon_2-ga on 28 Dec 2004 14:37 PST
Your blood sugar level may be fine, but fine is a relative term for
physicians. Many physicians will classify pre-diabetes as "fine"
despite the fact that 100% of people in a pre-diabetic state will
eventually become fully diabetic unless significant life changes are

This is an emotional issue for me,....Ok....I feel better now...whew!

Anyway, More details could be helpful. Details such as age, smoker /
non-smoker, climate / environment, location of cut on body, etc...

Cuts on the head will normally heal many times faster than cuts on the toes.

Older people will heal slower than younger people.

Smokers will heal significantly slower than non-smokers.

Cuts on the extremities on people who live in the colder climates will
also heal slower.

Ultimately, if it concents you, go see an internal medicine physician
or a dermatologist.

Just my opinions.

Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: declan-ga on 28 Dec 2004 19:02 PST
I am 46 years old. I live in Spain. I cannot stand cold weather. My
father died of some disease of the blood circulation at the age of 55.
They had to cut off his leg as circculation failed there and he died
in agony on heavy drugs. Might be time for me to check out the name of
the desease and if it is hereditory.
Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: welte-ga on 28 Dec 2004 19:23 PST
You should be evaluated for Peripheral Vascular Disease, particularly
if you experience pain when walking or at rest (mostly at night). 
This can also be associated with coronary artery disease and increased
risk for stroke.
Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: dragon_2-ga on 28 Dec 2004 21:11 PST
Being assessed for Peripheral Vascular Disease sounds like a very prudent next step.
Subject: Re: Cuts that won't heal
From: declan-ga on 04 Jan 2005 07:41 PST
Just found out  'Polyneuropathy '  is the name of the desease to the
blood circulation my father died of and now I am wondering if its

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