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Q: Monk for hire? ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   10 Comments )
Subject: Monk for hire?
Category: Health > Alternative
Asked by: gregm70-ga
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Posted: 13 Jan 2005 10:10 PST
Expires: 12 Feb 2005 10:10 PST
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Can I hire a tibetan monk (or any buddhist monk) to live in a spare
bedroom in my house?  to walk around the house chanting, burning
incense and basically keeping me relaxed?  Perhaps he could even help
out with the chores and watch the kids while my wife and I step out
for a movie?

How would I go about contacting a monk in order to make the offer to them?

Clarification of Question by gregm70-ga on 13 Jan 2005 18:40 PST
Yes I am serious about my quest to hire a Monk (should I capitalize
Monk?).  This Monk would free himself of religious persecution
resulting from the Communist China?s occupancy of Tibet since 1959. 
Furthermore the monk would have an excellent opportunity to spread the
message of his religion to an otherwise ignorant American culture.

The response from Step-53 that reads, ?just take a valium? is exactly
what is wrong with the mentality of most Americans (including myself)
and a major reason why I need a Monk to come stay with us.  I don?t
need the Monk to take care of us in the sense of a full-time nanny,
just some minor assistance and spiritual guidance.

I also would not be opposed to hiring a Tibetan nun (as I believe a
female Monk would be called) if such person exists and would become

Request for Question Clarification by hedgie-ga on 16 Jan 2005 21:45 PST

Are you ready to pay Social Security taxes for him/her?

 INS, before granting entry visa may require you to sign an afidavit
of support - to make sure she/he will not become a public charge...
Are you ready to do that?
Here is axample of a much easier  odyssey involving INS: 
 (story of getting K1 visa)  "  I am American, and he is Canadian! "

If you are ready to do all that, then a place to start getting educated is here

There is some reason (not justification perhaps) for all that paperwork: 
A budhist monk with a Green Card is  different person from a monk
living in a Tibet monastery. He may still chant and burn incense - but
being a human being (rather then a pet) and having as legal immigrant,
almost all the rights of a citizen - he can choose to do lot of other
things. Are you ready for that?

Do you want, as an answer, research specific to your question on a  
immigration procedures and a way of finding a suitable candidate?

Clarification of Question by gregm70-ga on 27 Jan 2005 16:07 PST
The last clarification question was from timespacette-ga on where I
live; I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is another reason why I could
use the assistance of the monk.  I am living and working in a world
full of sin, negativity, bad things, trashy people, pimps, hookers and
worst of all are tourists.

The next comment by mgeorge seems to say that I can't hire a Monk.  In
the western world we are accustom to hiring people for various things.
 I should have choosen a better word other than "hire".  This could be
a mutually beneficial relationship where I provide material things the
Monk needs to get by and further his practice and the Monk (or Nunn)
enlightens me on their aura.  Or should I say they enlighten me with
their aura on a deeper level of compassion and understanding of the
Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
Answered By: hedgie-ga on 28 Jan 2005 19:44 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars

  Your idea of combining the function of a spiritual teacher with that
of an  Au Pair is interesting, as number of comments it generated
  You got 8 comments and one RFC (request for clarifications). You
ignored the RFC but  the question raised
  Are you ready to pay Social Security taxes for him/her? 
  would be important, even if the arrangement would be kind of barter exchange.
  Some aspects of you idea  are dubious; notion that you can  bring
someone to US,outside of specific rules set by INS, that someone would
be satisfied, long term, to spend his/her life in US chanting and
helping with household. In their 'natural habitat' Buddhist monks
occupy the highest positions in society and play important social
roles. It would be different in US.
  On the other hand, there are refugees around the world, many (still)
wanting to enter US, and there may be an actual mutual benefit
arrangement between one such person and an American family - most
likely for a limited period of time. I have disregarded the
complications and problems and looked at the positive side of your
  You can eliminate most problems of immigration by working with an
organization which is helping refugees. They know the rules and
procedures and always have a long queue of people already cleared for
entry, already here, or looking for sponsor and help with  settlement.
 One of the largest is IRC listed below.
  Other, such organizations have religious affiliation. The best way
to accomplish your goal, to help a displaced or presecuted person and
get some mutual cross-cultural, and au-pair benefits in exchange,
would be to establish contact with one or several such organizations.
  Write first, explaining what you can and would do (including that SS
tax issue) and then, where you get an answer, follow-up by phone call
to a specific worker within that agency.
  Here is a list of organizations and agencies which may be useful.

Refugees and IDPs,
The International Rescue Committee is a non-profit, non-sectarian,
voluntary agency providing assistance to refugees around the world.
The International Rescue Committee was founded at the request of
Albert Einstein to assist opponents of Hitler. The IRC helps people
fleeing racial, religious and ethnic persecution, as well as those
uprooted by war and violence.

BRM needs your help
If you are interested, please write to the Buddhist Relief Mission. By
joining hands, Buddhists throughout the world can help a world awash
in tears to be a better place for all.

Sponsor a Student, Monk or Nun. The Sponsorship Project was
established to seek additional resources to support and sponsor
individual students, monks, and nuns. Please use our student form or
monks and nuns form or contact us at You may
also visit the Tibet Sponsorship Project website at for further details.

Voluntary Resettlement Agencies (VOLAGs), 
many Hmong refugees moved to the Buddhist Temple...

Most Hmong refugees living in the U.S. currently live in Minnesota,
California and Wisconsin. In order to reunite with family members, it
is anticipated that the majority of the incoming Hmong refugees will
resettle in those three states and in North Carolina. For your
convenience, the U.S. State Department has provided a frequently asked
questions (FAQs) page regarding the resettlement of Hmong and Lao
refugees living in WTK Thailand. The arrival of the first Hmong
refugees into California began in June 2004....
  Tibetan Buddhist refugees who fled from Tibet with the Dalai Lama in 1959 
  Buddhist monks occupy the highest positions in society.
 The forms of Buddhism practiced by Himalayan communities and Tibetan
refugees are part of the Vajrayana, or "Way of the Lightning Bolt,"
that developed after the seventh century A.D. as part of Mahayana
(Great Path) Buddhism. Although retaining the fundamental importance
of individual spiritual advancement, the Vajrayana stresses the
intercession of bodhisattvas, or enlightened beings, who remain in
this world to aid others on the path. Until the twentieth century, the
Himalayan kingdoms supported a hierarchy in which Buddhist monks, some
identified from birth as bodhisattvas, occupied the highest positions
in society.
 Buddhist Relief Mission (contact data in the story)
  it's very authentic with a minimum of American influence," said
Kawasaki, who established the Buddhist Relief Mission to support
projects aiding Buddhist refugees.
  Directory of Buddhist centers
  Tibetan Buddhism Forum
  Discuss the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism here!
gregm70-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $3.00
I appreciate your help as well as the other answerer's comments.  The
dialogue was a valuable one.

Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: probonopublico-ga on 13 Jan 2005 10:43 PST
Have you tried ebay?
Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: timespacette-ga on 13 Jan 2005 11:26 PST
this would make a great element in a movie comedy!

but only if the monk had some substance and reality as a human being

so often Eastern religions are made into parody in Western films

I fear you may be doing the same thing here!

are you serious?   

I mean I sympathize, but really . . .

on the other hand, maybe you'll start a new trend . . .

Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: jack_of_few_trades-ga on 13 Jan 2005 11:43 PST
I'm with Timespace here... I chuckled a bit when I read your plea to
find a monk to live in your house and care for your family.

Not a terrible idea, but a live in nanny might be the way to go here. 
(of course you're not likely to get much quality chanting out of a
Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: steph53-ga on 13 Jan 2005 12:51 PST
Would you settle for an unemployed imposter in a monk's habit???

Just teach him to chant ( not much voice training needed ) 

Or just buy a pack of incence and some valium :)


(of course you're not likely to get much quality chanting out of a


Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: david1977-ga on 13 Jan 2005 20:23 PST
I really have no idea on where to start on this topic. I did find this
it is a project for giving education to tibetan nuns. I am not sure if
you will be able to find a answer for such a quest as they have
completly different lives than you or I would. You could try
contacting the foundation and if you are well to do. Maybe you could
donate a amount to them and have some one come by every so often to
bless you house. You know another good weigh. If you are into it is
fung sui this is suppose to help surrond you with inner peace. Yoga is
also another great and natural way. Or if you donate to a church in
your local area, I am almost willing to bet that you could get
somebody out there to bless you house. There are so many ways to help
you with relaxation from music cd's who play nature sounds. To the
colors in your house. Warm colors work great.

The nuns' Buddhist religion follows the Dalai Lama, emphasizing
enlightenment through meditation. Their religious goal is to alleviate
suffering through compassion. But right now, their goal is survival.
The nuns range in age from 14 to 84.

For more information on the Tibetan Nuns Project call (510) 647-3423.
Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: jack_of_few_trades-ga on 14 Jan 2005 06:14 PST
In a more serious answer, I think a monk coming to live with you (and
probably even being hired by you) would be a breaking of his vows. 
Although I could not find the specific vows that Tibetan monks take,
their lifestyle is very strict as is their dedication to their fellow

So in that sense, a monk breaking his vows to come live with you would
make him no longer a Tibetan monk.  Here is a page with alot of
information about Tibetan monks:
Very interesting reading.  If anyone out there can find the exact vows
that a Tibetan monk takes then you could give a more definative answer
and I'm sure Gregm would appreciate that.
Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: timespacette-ga on 14 Jan 2005 11:08 PST
"The vows of Theravadin Buddhist practitioners, whether lay or
monastic, are taken according to the rules of the VINAYA or
disciplinary code. These vows (known as Pratimoksha vows    in Skt.)
are taken by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners, but Tibetans also take
two further sets of vows. These are Bodhicitta vows, which centre
around the arousing and keeping of BODHICITTA (q.v.), and Tantric
vows, which are associated with VAJRAYANA practice."

Pratimoksha means "special liberation".The vows were created by the
Buddha to aid us on our path to liberation.There are vows for novice
nuns and monks and for fully ordained monks and nuns. *The vows for
the fully ordained run into the hundreds.* There are also vows for
laypersons. These vows are five in number.

Pratimoksha Vows for Laypersons:
           (1) To Refrain from Killing
           (2) To Refrain from Stealing 
           (3) To Refrain from Lying
           (4) To Refrain from Sexual Misconduct 
           (5) To Refrain from Intoxicants

Anyway, where's digsalot-ga when we need him?

The above reference is only about Theravadin Buddhism.  It seems to me
that there are so many different varieties of Buddhism (sorta like
Protestantism in the West) that if you really tried, you could
probably find someone who would fit the bill.  He may not be an
orthodox monk, but who knows, it's possible that a teacher might give
a monk a specific assignment like this just to teach a certain lesson
. . . like staying centered in the midst of chaos . . . or to mitigate
regret for not becoming a householder . . . or whatever . . .  :-)

gregm70 -- what area of the world/country do you live in?

I'm beginning to warm up to this idea . . . but you know, motivation is everything!

Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: mgeorge-ga on 23 Jan 2005 03:28 PST
You cannot "hire" a monk. The Buddha was very specific regarding what
a monk can do to support himself - he can do one thing which is go on
alms round. Supporters can donate money and material things to support
a monk, but they cannot "hire" him.

Another thing the Buddha gave very specific instructions on is where a
monk can live. He can live in a temple, a graveyard, out in the open
in a field or forest. But he cannot live in a house. This instruction
in particular is one that is given at the time a monk ordains.

So, although it may be possible to find someone who dresses and
practices like a monk to live in your house and take care of it, he
would not be a true monk, at least as defined by the Buddha, who after
all is the defining entity for Buddhism.
Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: purplecloud-ga on 25 Jan 2005 06:38 PST
If by hiring a monk to live in your home you intend to provide
yourself with a relaxing atmosphere, you may be in for an unwelcome

Along with incense and chanting, any monk will bring along his chi
(a.k.a. qi)quality and negative forces.

People who use visualizations (aka their mind) in their practice and
chant while engaging their minds will have developed strong negative
forces. These forces will provide unwelcome interuptions/interference
to whatever balance you currently have in your home.

In other words, you most likely will create bigger problems by having
such a monk live in your home.  (for more discussion (in English on

Perhaps a better solution to your question would be to learn how to
relax in a natural way... much easier said than done!
Subject: Re: Monk for hire?
From: informaticsrn-ga on 10 Feb 2005 16:18 PST
It seems most people so far have overlooked the American Buddhist
monks and nuns.  Besides being citizens and fluent in English, they
are sometimes looking for periods of work.  As an example, one of the
long term programs for advanced practitioners at Gampo Abbey (Tibetan
tradition) is a three year retreat undertaken as three periods of a
year in retreat broken by periods of working in the regular world. 
These people often have interrupted their careers so much that they
will do all kinds of work for some months or a year. They generally
have decades of meditation experience, months of retreat or monastic
experience before they start this retreat. See, they have contact information.  If you
emailed them they might post a notice on their bulletin board.  I sure
someone would love the opportunity to work in your home and also have
several hours a day left to meditate.

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