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Q: MTD Snowblower not starting ( No Answer,   10 Comments )
Subject: MTD Snowblower not starting
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: ckfeather-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 20 Jan 2005 09:01 PST
Expires: 22 Jan 2005 12:18 PST
Question ID: 460434
My MTD Snowblower, model 315-140-352, 3hp/21, is not starting. It
worked fine last year and a few years ago I took it to a mechanic and
he sprayed starting solution into the carb and since then it worked
fine. Always seems first time of the season is a little trouble. In
any case we have a storm coming in this weekend and I cannot get it to
the mechanic so if anyone can offer some assistance to the steps for
locating and opening the carb so I can spray this solution in and get
it started that would be greatly appreciated.

There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: omnivorous-ga on 20 Jan 2005 09:26 PST
CKfeather --

Starting solutions for gasoline engines are ether-based sprays with a
little lubricant mixed in.  Valvoline sells one called Pyroil that you
can find at any auto parts store.

They can be used in the carburetor.  I typically find that it's easier
to removed the spark plug, clean it with a brush/sandpaper AND a
little solvent.  Then use the spray directly in the cylinder,
replacing the plug and spark plug wire immediately and starting it.

These types of problems are typically with machines used annually,
including snowblowers, lawnmowers, rototillers or even gas-powered
generators.  Another strong recommendation, to keep the carburetor
clean and fuel lines open is to do one of the two following:
*  use a fuel stabilizer (Stabil is the one that's synonymous with the task)
*  OR run your fuel lines dry at the end of the season

Best regards,

Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: research_help-ga on 20 Jan 2005 09:27 PST
Do you leave any gas in the tank from season to season? If so, this
can gum up and cause blockages in the fuel system.  Have you checked
and/or cleaned your air filter? This could be blocked.
When you push the primer "button", this squirts a little bit of gas
into the carbueretor. Perhaps the location of this button will show
you where to look. Often getting to the carbueretor involves removing
the air filter.
Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: just4fun2-ga on 20 Jan 2005 12:10 PST
How much do you know about engines?  If the answer is NOTHING.  
Suggestion #1 is:
Then I suggest you take this unit to a gas station or auto repair shop
and tell them your story. They would be able to get it running.  If
you can not take the unit to a repair shop - ask one of the guys to
come by for some $$$ and get it running. Have the starting fluid and
new gas waiting. If that is not possible than:
Suggestion #2

I would guess that you have neighbors that have to blow snow.  Ask one
to help you get your snowblower started. Have the starting fluid and
new gas waiting.

How old is the gas?  If it is old, - drain the tank and replace with
new gas.  A little water is a terrible thing. Is the fuel line valve
open? If you have never moved it, then it is okay.

Can you find the air cleaner?  If you can, just spray the starting
fluid into the holes in the air clearner.  If you can't find that,
remove the spark plug, clean as suggested and spray a LITTLE fluid
into the hole. Don't go crazy with the spray. Just a 1/2 a second
spray is enough. Replace the plug and start pulling.  If it starts
running and then quits - use your normal starting procedures.  If it
does not start after a few (5 to 10) good pulls - repeat the starting
fluid procedures.

On ebay I found this unit being sold.  If this is your's - you're
going to need to figure out how to remove the cover.  Once you have
done that then try to do what has been suggested.

I hope this helps.  Nothing is worse than a snowblower that will not
run.  I live in Lake Tahoe (eight feet of snow later) and I can relate
to your worries.

Let us know how it works out.  If you have any question as you are
doing this just post the question under comments and I will review it
during the day. And help if I can.  Good luck.
Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: boyo62-ga on 20 Jan 2005 16:03 PST
Nobody seems to have read this person's question properly, he's
looking for info on LOCATING and OPENING the carb, for goodness sake.
Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: ckfeather-ga on 20 Jan 2005 17:36 PST
Thank you all for your responses, however, as boyo62 so eloquently put
it, I really am "looking for info on LOCATING and OPENING the carb".

I must say that I did get a sense of direction as to where I might
find it and I'll look around. My mechanic recalls the prior event and
claims it is quite simple once you find the carburetor (which is
shrouded in red metal and lots of screws).

Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: guzzi-ga on 20 Jan 2005 18:27 PST
Hi boyo62. You made me laugh. Image of you tut tuttting at your
computer. Heartening that I?m not the only one to get side-lined.

As others have said though, especially if it?s a two stroke, new petrol (gas).

There is a users manual available from .....

...... need serial no.

Also available from .....

..... no serial no reqd but no mention of carb. Might be same as the
other one. A blast of starter liquid in the air filter would be almost
as good.

Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: just4fun2-ga on 21 Jan 2005 11:44 PST
Ckfeather, I'm sorry that you found Boyo62's advice more useful than
Omnivorous and reseach_help or even mine. (after all our advice was
free) I might point out that if any one of us went to the local
snowblower shop and used the term "opening the carb" the person in
charge would look at us like we didn't know what we were talking
about.  Now he could guess at what it might mean - open the throttle
wide open because the engine is flooded -- could mean the choke is
stuck -- but last on the list is removing the air clearer. Which, by
the way, is what you would like to do.  Not that what you want to do
is correct - which it isn't.  In most cases it is not necessary to
remove the air cleaner (opening the Carb) to spray in a little
starting fluid to get the engine running.

We read your request for help and based on your inaccurate desciption
of the problem gave you the best solution.  Omnivorous gave you a very
easy solution, just remove the spark plug. (which is what I would do)
Research_help suggested that you find the primer button - most of time
this is location in or on the carb.

But then we have boyo62 if offers no help at all -- just criticism of
the very accurate and correct advice given you.  And you find his
critisism of us "Eloquently" said...?

Given your level of knowledge as it pertains to internal combustion
engines and your inability to understand the accurate and correct
advise given, I suggest not working on the snowblower yourself - you
could very easily find your snowblower reduced to a pile of nuts,
bolts, screws and red mental that may cost you a pretty penny to get
back into working order.
Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: ckfeather-ga on 22 Jan 2005 10:10 PST
Great Thanks! Victory at last. I appreciate everyone's input, although
could deal with a lot less of just4fun2's attitude (gee, I never would
have thought to take it to a mechanic, what a brilliant idea
especially since I specifically said I could not get it to a mechanic
- DUH!). To bad just4fun2 (ironic name for someone so cranky) couldn't
lighten up.

While in fact I never go a specific answer to my question, that's OK
since my objective was to get the snow blower started.

Thanks to omnivorous, since your suggestions ultimately led me to
fixing it. Once I was able to tear down to the little dinky engine
under all the plastic and shrouding I got the spark plug out, while it
appeared pretty gummed up and simply cleaning it might have worked I
just replaced it since it has probably been 8 or so years since it's
been in there. Put everything back together and it works like a charm.

I also want to thank guzzi since those directions really helped as well.

Take care all, even cranky old just4fun2!
Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: just4fun2-ga on 22 Jan 2005 11:34 PST
ckfeather, it seems that omnivorous did understand your problem and
said it "eloquenly", in fact so "eloquenly" that you were able to get
your snowblower running before the big storm hit and you did not have
resort to "opening the carb" or, worse yet, manning the backend of a

You are right about me being cranky - especially when undeserved
criticism or, for that matter, deserved criticism is tossed upon my
good intentions. It should not be forgotten that omnivorous saved you
10 bucks - who, by the way, answered the question you should have

But in spite of my blotted view of my selfworth and by pushing away
the desire to inflate my ego beyond it's already sizeable burden, I am
glad that you got that snowblower running - I would be willing to bet
that when it roared to life and you standing over it with starting
fluid in hand - well, that must have been a very rewarding moment -
and it may have even brought a smile to your grease stained face!

And now, for ever into eternity or until God calls you home -
whichever happens first - you will be able to get that Damnable
snowblower running without relying on advice from the likes of me.
Subject: Re: MTD Snowblower not starting
From: pinkfreud-ga on 22 Jan 2005 11:41 PST

Since Omnivorous's advice was useful in helping you to solve your
problem, you might want to ask him to repost his suggestion as the
official answer to your question. This will enable him to be paid for
his efforts.

Best regards,

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