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Q: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods ( No Answer,   18 Comments )
Subject: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Asked by: nerv-ga
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Posted: 19 Feb 2005 18:54 PST
Expires: 21 Mar 2005 18:54 PST
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Greetings.  I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right
dirction, regarding why I often get little mouth blisters after eating
certain foods. They pop up immediately upon ingestion of the trigger
food, and are maybe 1/8" to 3/16" in diameter.  The blisters are
either all clear, or mostly clear with a tiny white pin head.  They
are rounded.  The primary blister seems to alwyas pop up in the same
place, on the roof of my mouth, towards the side.  The rest are
smaller and towards the back of my mouth, near my throat.  I've
noticed they often occur when I eat sweet or vinegary foods.  Bananas
often seem to trigger the reaction.  Could this be a PH issue?  A food
allergy?  Any ideas?  Thanks much.
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Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: dancingbear-ga on 19 Feb 2005 22:55 PST
Hopefully someone more qualified than I will respond to your question-
regardless- you may want to include this in your research.  Several
years ago I ran into the work of Dr. Peter Dadamo (a US MD) who had
worked with his father(another Doctor) on the theory that our
nutrition should be based on our blood type.  He has written several
books- the first is called "Eat right 4 your type"  - the 4 signifies
the four blood types for humans - O, A, B, AB- this is in the order
they occured in human evolution.  As a type O - I discovered that that
the source of some of my weight control issues and other health issues
were related to eating certain foods that made my body's immune,
insuline and thyroid systems work too hard. D'Adamo has LOTS of case
studies of people resolving medical issues by following his nutriton
program,  However- I must say that one of my best friends who is an
MD, Nutrionist and licensed in Chinese Medicine questions some of
D'Adamo's philosophy.  To be fair to my friend- I never got rid of my
Exczema(sp?) problem until he did extensive blood allergy testing for
me and I discovered that I needed to avoid eggs and dairy.  Eggs had
been a mainstay of my diet (and were OK in the D'adamo nutrion plan)-
especially egg whites- and when I cut them out my Exczema basically
Here is D'Adamo's website-

If you want to know what the 2 levels of blood allergy testing weere
that I got from my friend the MD who helped my skin problems, let me
know and I will get back to you.  My friend the physician said that
most MD's and allergists only do one test to determine allergies- and
that by doing both tests you get a more accurate picture.  I would
agree with him since on the standard test I didn't have an adverse
recation to eggs- only on the secondary test.

Good luck
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: eliteskills-ga on 19 Feb 2005 23:28 PST
Nuts, wheat and other foods high in amino acids trigger herpes outbreaks.
Subject: Thanks "dancingbear" and "eliteskills"......
From: nerv-ga on 20 Feb 2005 00:20 PST
Thanks "dancingbear", I'll check out the blood type diet.  

Thanks "eliteskills"....interesting info as nuts are a part of my
daily diet (they are my main source of protein being that i'm

Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: silver777-ga on 20 Feb 2005 05:09 PST
Hi Nerv,

Like many well intended souls will say "for what this is worth" I
offer the following for you to investigate.

Not a direct answer, but hoping this might help to lead you there.
D'Bear's reminder of the blood groups reminded me of the following. I
experienced similar to what you describe, as a youngster (long time
ago btw) after eating fresh pineapple. Simply clear blisters (no white
bits) about the mouth, which did not last more than a day. Seemed to
have grown out of it. But after reading your question I wonder if
there may be a common enzyme among the foods you eat which trigger
your reaction.

I hope you find the source of your annoyance. Let's hope the answer is
a simple one.

Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: dda430-ga on 04 Mar 2005 10:15 PST
Just came across your question while doing my own little search on
mouth blisters.  I was looking for relief.  I do not have herpes...I
have a wheat allergy.  A sibling of mine is sensitive to gluten (found
in wheat), so I had asked her the very same question about one blister
on the roof of my mouth only a year ago -- I couldn't narrow it down
to what food it may be.  I ignored it --that is...until my body
decided to break out in hives (80 the size of aspirin --apparently I
had way too much wheat that week).  Hard to ignore...I went to my
doctor to have bloodwork done to find out that I have a wheat allergy,
which is often hidden in foods as a "modified food starch" or as
natural flavorings. The reason I'm here -- I had yogurt with modifed
food starch in it -- and a lovely blister appeared.

I'd do a little research on food allergies and see if you have any
other symptoms -- they could be so mild that you don't realize it
(such as itchy skin). I've been suffering for many years and didn't
realize it.  Wheat has always been a large part of my diet and to
learn at 39 yrs old that I've had a "mild" allergy to it was pretty
shocking to me.

Best of luck.
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: nerv-ga on 04 Mar 2005 11:12 PST
Thanks to everyone who has shared their input and experiences.  Much appreciated!
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: cynthia-ga on 04 Mar 2005 12:51 PST
I agree with the other posters.  It's a food allergy.  My
recommendation is to try the "Rotation Diet" to isolate the food that
is likely causing the blisters.

Here's a page that will help you:

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Food Allergies

Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: jonnyjon-ga on 10 Mar 2005 05:29 PST
Wow! This is wild. I just had the same breakfast that I eat everyday.
Immediately afterward, I felt a bump in the upper-rear-left portion of
my mouth: farther back than my teeth and in the softer tissue just
below the hard pallette. When I used a flashlight, looking in the
mirror at this bump (about 3/32" in diameter), I found it to be clear.

For breakfast everyday I eat 4 boiled egg whites, oatmeal, and cottage
cheese with a tad bit of coconut and a tad bit of mixed nuts along
with either 11-12 grapes or a coouple table spoons of crushed
pineapple. This morning though I ate both a few grapes and a table
spoon of crushed pineapple with my cottage cheese.

I was disturbed by the bump in my mouth - so I went online to
determine what was going on. Then I saw that you guys mentioned the
same foods that I eat every day as "triggers" to this type of thing. I
think this may be the cause of my clear bump.

It's kinda cool the way that happens, although I hope it goes away today.
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: jessicayee-ga on 18 Apr 2005 11:57 PDT
Interesting, this is cool because after having lunch today and getting
yet another blister, I finally decided that I was going to investigate
online. Id asked my mother before what she thought it might be and she
said she thought it was some sort of herpetic outbreak. I just dont
think so though because I ONLY get these bumps (fluid filled) when I
eat something. Seems like grapes, spicy, and salty (chips or ramen
noodles). Not always, but most of the time, maybe once or twice a
week. Wierd that other people have had this same occurance with
grapes. Why grapes? Just so you know, I am taking a nutrition class
right now as a nursing student at UNLV and I will ask my teacher
tomorrow and post again on what she says. Actually I've been getting
these blisters for about a couple of years and have ignored them
because they were infrequent. Now, they come up more often which made
it easy for me to isolate salty, acidic foods....along with grapes. I
always get the bumps way in the back of my mouth beyond the teeth sort
of where the soft tissue is and where my upper and lower jaw connects.
Anyhow, Ill post in a couple of days to let you know what my teacher

Thanks to nerv-ga for starting this question as everything else on the
internet made me think I had herpes

Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: tcs122499-ga on 13 Jul 2005 19:17 PDT
I also get these only after eating.  I think I have been getting them
for a while but recently am getting them more often.  Did anyone every
find out what these are?
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: tcs122499-ga on 14 Jul 2005 17:48 PDT
I actually went to the doctor and she said that it was probably a
combination of the food and combination of me constantly rubbing my
tongue against my cheek to see if its there.  She told me to stop
constantly feeling around my mouth.  Not sure if this was a good
enough answer or not for me.
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: nutmeg_designs-ga on 18 Jul 2005 06:18 PDT
hello... I started getting these blisters at the back of my throat
after i eat ( but not after everytime i eat ) like you all about a
month ago and when I told my boyfriend he said that he as well started
getting them around the same time as me...sooooo... i'm not sure if
it's a food allergy because why would we both get it at the same time?
It's so bizarre i've never heard of anythings like it! So I was glad
to go online and see that there are others out there who have this
same problem. I'm gonna try to ask my doctor about this soon but if
anyone has any insight on this and why me and my boyfriend would get
it at the same time please reply...thanks.
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: jaynejr-ga on 29 Aug 2005 14:06 PDT
aaaagh - I have been suffering with these for years with no medical answers!
I have even had part of my troat removed which was soooooo painful.
still with no medical answer - I ahve asked several times about foods
allergies but they say it doesn't happen. I feel they happen after
certain foods especially crisps and have often wondered about
monosodium glutamate  although plain crisps seem to do the same. My
blsters are red lumps with clear blisters on top and last about 3 - 5
days, i have had steriods anit histimes and anti virals but none work
I am convinced - especially now after reading these nots - that this
is a food problem. My doctors have even got photos of the blisters as
they are not sure about them - wait till I see them !!!
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: emily51-ga on 12 Oct 2005 19:25 PDT
I get these too, just got one today after eating a chicken kabob wrap
with pickles, which I think caused it. Grapes cause it too, and
sometimes lettuce. At first it worried me, but I have been getting
them off and on, only after eating, for about 6 months. I usually get
a little tingling sensation right before it appears, same spot, same
bump, on the roof of my mouth towards the back of my throat. The
blister disappears in a couple of hours. Weird little malady. Now if I
could just figure out what those lumps are on the side of my neck that
come and go, I'd be happy.
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: walabee-ga on 08 Nov 2005 14:55 PST
I had bumps on the roof of my mouth as well, and did some internet
research.  I came across this website I believe my
bumps are due to an acid/alkaline imbalance.

Incidentally, I have been taking alot of Vitamin C for a cold, and had
sauerkraut twice this past week.  I will be having my pH tested this
week to restore the balance.  Hope this helps someone...
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: ds1-ga on 04 Dec 2005 19:44 PST
I'm yet another person who gets these tiny, non-painful blisters in my
mouth.  Just like most of you, they appear in the back of my
mouth--generally on the tops of my gums above where my wisdom teeth
would be (I don't have wisdom teeth).  I get them 1-2 times per week
immediately after eating certain foods, and only one appears at a
time.  I eat unsweetened applesauce with granola every night for
dessert, and I think that's what might be doing it.  If I press hard
enouth with my tongue I can usually pop them (I'm certain no doctor
would recommend this though).  Bananas and grapes--I feel like these
might be triggers also, although I haven't paid much attention.
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: akigirl-ga on 05 Dec 2005 14:05 PST
Amazing, I have been getting this one clear blister, back of my
mouth,almost right where my jaw closes I was starting to worry cause
it keeps poping up I have had it reacur about 5 times sence the last
part of Oct. But it is never anything more then one blister. I have
been a bit tired and got a sore throught about three weeks ago and
just got over a nasty cold. I do not get sick that often. Maybe it is
food cause I have allergies. But i also have gotten the blisters on
the roof of my mouth (those do hurt when they pop) And I do get cold
sores (my grandma handed those down to me)  I don't know, I think it
is weird that it is in the same spot every time. Does anyone else get
them in the same spot? I eate eggs a lot too for breakfast but can it
happen all of a sudden. Just one day you have a food allergies?
Subject: Re: Clear Mouth Blisters After Eating Certain Foods
From: bal1235-ga on 14 Feb 2006 12:48 PST
I just started getting these about a month ago, back of my mouth in
the upper left side just like some others have described here.  I went
to the doctor and he is doing a blood test.  The bump was not there
when I saw him and he asked me to come back when it comes back.  I
will post any answers I find here.

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