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Q: Shut Up Barking Dogs ( No Answer,   37 Comments )
Subject: Shut Up Barking Dogs
Category: Family and Home > Pets
Asked by: creedmore-ga
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Posted: 22 Feb 2005 22:36 PST
Expires: 24 Mar 2005 22:36 PST
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I've tried the "Bark Breaker" type of high-pitch beepers and
they do not work. On one side of my house are two huge dogs that
aren't afraid of anything and can overpower the beeper with their
barking. (They once broke through my wood lattice fence and chased the
gardener off the job.) On the other side are three little yipping dogs
that are about 25 feet away, out of range of the beeper.

Both neighbors have been asked and refuse to inconvenience themselves
by keeping the dogs indoors during the day (I work at home). Please
don't suggest talking, community arbitration, police, or lawsuits,
because I've tried the first three and they did not work and the
fourth is impractical because the homeowners can make it so expensive
for me with very little effort. I've talked to a lawyer about this and
he advised me to move instead (not practicable at this time).

I don't want to seriously harm the dogs but I wouldn't mind scaring
the crap out of them if it gets them to shut up.

The solution should either be self-activating at the sound of barking
or be remote-controllable from inside the house.

I'm thinking this might take the form of the high-pitch tone
generator, only much bigger and louder than the little "Barker
Breaker" type. Perhaps someone who knows sound systems, amplification,
electronics, acoustics, etc. could suggest a solution.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: silver777-ga on 23 Feb 2005 04:58 PST
Hi Creedmore,

I hope you might allow a bit of fun in discussing your predicament.
From there we might actually find an answer.

Part of my job requires me to report on the "root cause" of recurring
problems. The purpose of course is to put into place a procedure to
minimise those reoccurrences. I am attempting to apply that training
and logic here.

The dogs are not at fault. The dogs are bored. The dogs crave attention. Agree?
Placing the same bored dogs inside a house all day will cause other
problems for the owners and would not be fair to the dogs. So, the
owners allow you to cop the brunt of the dogs' attention seeking,
while they are away for the day.

The "root cause" here is the owner's of the dogs. The deep bark of a
dog might be OK for a while, but I sympathise with you in being
afflicted by those annoying yap-yap type little annoying dogs.

How about pointing a directional monotone or varying pitch linked to a
timing device toward your neighbours, not the dogs? Keep your
neighbours up all night, and deny all knowledge of the source. ("I
don't know what you are talking about .. maybe it's coming from your
dogs" .. they may eventually get the hint). As you suggest, someone
experienced in acoustics might help out here. Do you know what I refer
to? It's those annoying sounds you hear when you are positioned near a
motor, computer or such. But, turn your head slightly and the sound
goes away, or changes pitch. I wish I knew the correct term. The point
is, you won't hear it, as it is directed away from you.

Alternatively you might like to help out in killing two birds with the
one rock by utilising the cat in this question:

In thought,

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: siliconsamurai-ga on 23 Feb 2005 05:36 PST
For what it's worth, I used to breed guard dogs so I have some
experience in this field. Since I love animals I won't make the
obvious suggestion about adjusting your fence so the big dogs can
introduce themselves to the small dogs.

If other neighbors aren't complaining, the police will do nothing, and
you aren't willing to sue over quiet enjoyment, have you tried playing
music outside during the daytime to give the dogs something to listen
to? Leaving a TV on would let them hear people and might help.

Do the dogs react to the sound of gun shots?

Many dogs either stop and listen or are frightened by the sound.

No, you don't need a gun, although testing this with a blank would be
a good idea before spending money. If it works, farm suppliers sell
bird scaring cannons which are propane powered.

Another alternative is to buy a cheap sound effects record and see how
the dogs feel about roaring lions. Try a few big predators and see if
any have an effect.

I wouldn't attack the neighbors at night, that sort of thing is how
feuds escalate to arson and shootings - ESPECIALLY when the source is
obvious but can't be proven so they can't have recourse to legal

I think we all know that the ultimate solution is to move.

BTW, has anyone got any suggestions about my neighbor's kid and his
ATV? The parents don't mind the noise of his going back and forth,
back and forth, endlessly, but then, they don't let him ride by their
house, they send him to their pasture which is beside my house!

I countered by moving my lead jackass and his ladies to the pasture
nearest their house. Now I'm waiting for them to complain about the
noise which can be unbelievable at times.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: frde-ga on 23 Feb 2005 08:41 PST
A variation on SiliconSamurai's high tech suggestion
.... is to just play Vivaldi etc to them

The other solution, is ear plugs.

When it was suggested to me I thought they were daft, but tried it anyway.
Oddly they work.

An off the wall solution is to make friends with the dogs, not by
bribery, but by verbal and mental coercion (like talking to a horse).
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: creedmore-ga on 23 Feb 2005 12:24 PST
Re: just4fun2's questions: 


First, there would obviously be no problem if the dogs didn't bark.
I'm not talking about the occasional bark, I'm taking about continuous
anxiety barking, barking at every pedestrian who walks by, every
delivery within a 50-yard radius, every squirrel, and worst, at each
other's barking. So obviously modifying the behavior of the dogs so
they don't bark is the ideal solution. (Except for the ones who broke
through my fence. They need additional work.)

The dog owners feel they can just leave for work and let the dogs bark
as they will, in effect dumping the dogs on the neighborhood during
the day without consideration for their neighbors, whether they work
at home like me, are home sick or with a sick kid, on vacation, or
whatever. Out of sight (or earshot), out of mind. So other answers
include: Don't have dogs; don't leave the dogs unattended; don't leave
the dogs outdoors.

just4fun2's questions: How can your neighbor's stop their dogs from
barking?  What do you
want them to do?  If they were your dogs and you had their problem how
would you solve it?

What I am getting at is, can your neighbors solve this problem when
they are at work all day?
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: just4fun2-ga on 23 Feb 2005 13:06 PST
Do you like dogs?  Let the dogs come over to your house and stay with
you during the day.  Let them into the house and play with them, feed
them.  IF the neighbor's get upset just let them know that you have
work to do and if they don't want the dogs with you, then leave them
in house.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: siliconsamurai-ga on 23 Feb 2005 14:16 PST
Obviously following some of just4fun's suggestions would land you in
court and possibly in jail.

What can the neighbors do? Not own dogs unless they are willing to
take proper care of them or not live in a community around other
people since the owners of the dogs obviously weren't properly
socialized by their parents or they would have empathy for their

A good obedience trainer can probably also quiet them down but only if
the owners are decent people.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: daniel2d-ga on 24 Feb 2005 00:33 PST
First, your neighbors have a responsibility not to create or maintain
a nuisance.  The barking dogs are a nuisance preventing you from
enjoying your home. Even if that means they have to get rid of the
dogs. Does your city etc. have an animal control unit?  They may be
more aggressive in enforcing animal violations that the police are. 
Have you met with the police commander in your district and asked them
to intervene?  A letter from an attorney may spark some action.  Check
and see if there is a legal aid unit that will help you or refer you
to an attorney that will handle the case for nothing or for a
discouted fee.

Lastly, I would rent a propane cannon. (and that's what it sounds like
when it goes off)  They are used to scare birds away.  I'd hook it up
in your yard and initially use it during the day and see if that stops
the dogs from barking.  If not, when the dogs owners come home I'd go
out to dinner or real long ride and let that cannon go off for several
hours (to scare the birds away of course).  It will definitely let the
neighbors know what you have to put up with each day.

After that it would be a matter of wills.  

Since you have discounted several of your other options you leave yourself with few.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: cynthia-ga on 24 Feb 2005 01:02 PST

Tell me what you think of this idea.  You could begin doing it every
day as soon as the offending neighbors get home.  Their dogs will
drive THEM crazy, and maybe they would then take action..

There's a lot more ideas at this link, including how to make the
device.  This guy started it in the early am and "barked the dogs

Subject: Barking Howling Neighbors Dogs,v=display,b=pyt,m=1096496640
..."I made a parabolic speaker (reversed a parabolic microphone) and
used a dog whistle tuned to the frequency that annoyed the dogs the
most.  Then I placed it in the focal point of the dish, powered it
using an aquarium pump and directed it toward the space where the dogs
were kept. It went on day and night for about three days and soon
there was silence, sweet silence.

Note this post:

Posted by BORDERS: February 10th, 2005 at 12:01pm  ...for the best instructions.

Still looking...

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: cynthia-ga on 24 Feb 2005 02:15 PST
There's one more suggestion worth posting here:

Barking Neighborhood Dogs
..."I can't help you on dealing with your neighbors, but I did just
see a program talking about a humane way to stop barking. Its a collar
that goes off when the dog barks, but instead of a shock, it spays a
citrus spray in the air. Apparently, dogs really don't like the scent,
and it works as behavior modification. Maybe your neighbor can be
talked into making the dog wear the collar, especially since its so
harmless? ..."

Another web site called these "Citronella anti bark collars"

Barking Dogs - Hints and Tips
A couple more ideas here.

Fighting back with one or two megaphones
This idea probably won't work since your neighbors are at work WHEN
the dog barks, but hey, it's not illegal to tell your neighbors to
SHUT UP THE FRIGGIN' DOG as soon as they come home.  Read this page
for ideas.  At the least, you'll get a good chuckle.

Don't miss the two links on the left at the page above:

Noisy neighbors? barking dogs - Fighting back

Dear Abby - Barking dog meets its match in broadcast of 'Jingle Bells'

Too bad your neighbors can't read these:

My Dog's Barking & Howling Upsetting Neighbors
They'd have to replace the "at night" with "when you're at work"

Neighbor Troubles;action=display;num=1104130591
Another barking dog owner wondering what to do.

A poem is here, check out the picture:

Another reason why I don't keep a gun in the house

Let me know if any of my suggestions are worthy of posting in the Answer box..

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: silver777-ga on 24 Feb 2005 04:47 PST

I like how your mind works. Just beautiful.

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: siliconsamurai-ga on 24 Feb 2005 08:09 PST
Cynthia, have you considered that your suggestion about the ultrasonic
attack could be construed by the humane society as torturing the
animals and land the client in jail?

Just a thought.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: creedmore-ga on 24 Feb 2005 09:12 PST
These are a wealth of ideas, my thanks. This is obviously fertile ground.

I've thought about the yelling thing, but the guy is a prison guard,
he has the muscles, the fu manchu, 5 trucks and a chopper with no
mufflers. (I think his wife could take me, too.)
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: siliconsamurai-ga on 24 Feb 2005 09:24 PST
creedmore, somehow I feel vindicated for being the voice of moderation
and trying to avoid getting you landed either in court or in the
emergency room.

I too can think of lots of nasty things to do to people but I fall
back on my ultimate solution which is for to do what I did - move far
away from almost everyone if you don't want to be bothered because the
vast majority of humans simply aren't civilized.

You might enjoy reading Heinlein.

Best wishes
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: cynthia-ga on 25 Feb 2005 05:33 PST
Silver, are you flirting with me?  I thought you were married..

siliconsamurai, I agree.  You can be the voice of reason in this
thread.  I, on the other hand, have been in creedmore's shoes, ans
wish to come as close to the line as I can.  Thanks for pointing out I
managed to do so.

The link I provided did say that it's unlikely the tone can be heard
by humans.  Frankly, the dogs have tortured creedmore enough.  Do nou
really think the neighbors are going to come over to his house to ask
about a "possible" noise that they aren't sure about, or ASK WHY their
dogs are barking so much?  He stated he doesn't want to call the
police (again), has talked to the neighbors, doesn't want to poison
the dogs, doesn't want to move at the present time...etc, ...what else

Instead of focusing on my questionable ideas, let's try to help creedmore.

I think my best suggestion is asking the neighbors to have the dog
wear the Citronella collar in the daytime, purchased by creedmore.

Let's hear YOUR best suggestion!

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: siliconsamurai-ga on 27 Feb 2005 06:11 PST
Cynthia, I have been in the same situation and I have worked with the
local dog officer for years, seen countless similar situations.

I have given my best advice already - first, try making noises to
distract the dogs (not to torture animals which have done nothing
wrong because they can't think) and, if that fails, to move.

Neighbors like this don't listen to reason, they react, often
dangerously. You can see reports in newspapers every day of what
happens when you annoy antisocial people like this.

The client's eventual description of the owners was almost exactly
what I had expected just from the fact that they keep loud barking
dogs and don't care if they bother the neighbors.

I WILL NOT make suggestions to a client which I feel would place them
in danger, nor will I recommend something which could easily put them
in violation of the law or torture some poor dumb animals for the
fault of their owners.

If you can't somehow force the neighbors to move without them ever
learning you are involved, then the only real option is to move. With
real estate values surging almost everywhere this is a perfectly
viable option even if creedmore owns rather than rents. Working at
home, creedmore probably is very flexible about location.

Just because you don't like my suggestion doesn't mean I didn't give my best advice.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: myoarin-ga on 27 Feb 2005 07:24 PST
Siliconsamurai's first comment raises a point:  "if other neighbors
aren't complaining, ..."  With two lots with five dogs out there
barking, maybe the other neighbors could be convinced to support
Creedmore's effort, even if none of them is at home during the day.
I had this wild thought about throwing one of the little yappers
across the other fence ... but I guess that isn't allowed.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: silver777-ga on 27 Feb 2005 14:35 PST

The answer is no on both accounts.

I should have made reference to your post about the megaphones to
explain. Likened to my idea of the high pitch signal. Attack the
neighbour, not the dog.

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: doggiedogs-ga on 01 Mar 2005 08:37 PST
I would not start a fight at all! Not with the dogs and not with the neighbor.
This behavior problem is already explained above: Those dogs are
bored! They have for hours no human contact, no attention, and most
important: the alpha is not around for too long periods. This means,
the one who makes all decisions for them is not around.
All those electronic training collars will not solve the problem! You
have to go to the root of the behavior problem, the boredom. Boredom
means stress for dogs, this dogs only try to reduce the stress with
barking. Punishment with pain from electronic dog collars is useless.

I just can agree to take this dogs to your house, let them be around
you, train them a bit, keep the dogs busy, reinforce the dogs good
behavior, make yourself interesting to the dogs.
All this will take time, it also needs a good relationship with your
neighbor, not a fight. Offer them your help with the dogs.

Or pay your neighbor a dog training course. 

Exercise and attention is the only way to stop excessive barking dogs.

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: cynthia-ga on 01 Mar 2005 09:20 PST
I have a new idea...

How about buying the dogs toys to help with their boredom.  My dog has
a KONG toy that you put treats inside, keeps her occupied for hours
while I'm at work.  You'd have to ask the owners to returm them daily
so you can "reload" them for the next day...

Here's a link so you can look:

Planet Dog Kong Toys

There's more here:

Keywords:  Dog Kong Toys "treats inside"

Order online at Froogle:
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: creedmore-ga on 01 Mar 2005 09:22 PST

I think your post leads us into La-La land. I don't care for dogs. I
don't care for selfish, careless people. The idea that I take on their
responsibility and babysit their dogs (one big dog and one huge
junkyard dog that plainly would like to kill me) or even crazier, to
pay for their training (I'm already out $250 from when the dogs broke
through my fence, which the neighbor told us twice he'd fix and never
did*) . . . Please.

We had a good relationship when they first moved in. Their
irresponsibility and lack of consideration ended that.


*If it weren't for the fact that I'd have to compensate the gardener
(the witness) for his time away from work, I would have taken them to
small claims court for the fence, but it doesn't make sense.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: siliconsamurai-ga on 01 Mar 2005 09:38 PST
creedmore, I sympathise. You are obviously a sensible person and most
of the suggestions here are just plain silly.

Your only sane, safe, and legal solution other than my suggestion
about distracting the dog with music or other audible and
non-pain-inflicting sounds, is to move away from the source of the

Of course you can't give their dogs toys or take on the considerable
legal burden of trying to socialize the dogs yourself.

If you gave the dog a toy and it choked you would be liable. If you
took the dog into your yard or house you would be assuming all
responsibility for anything which happened either to the dog, your
property, or anyone the dog harmed while in your custody.

Such action is also criminal.

These suggestions are absurdand, on behalf of serious researchers here
I apologise for some of these comments.

I just wish I could offer you better practical advice. Been there,
done that, there is little else you can do except distance yourself
from them.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: mygoodpuppy-ga on 09 Mar 2005 07:34 PST
Have you tried using a bark collar that uses electrical stimulation?

The best one on the market is the Tri tronics bark limiter.


Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: pxestick-ga on 09 Mar 2005 08:57 PST
I've read through a lot of these answers and the ones that say to
move, well, that's just plain ridiculous. Who's to say you would not
be moving into a neighborhood with even more barking dogs or that
shortly thereafter ones would not move in right beside you? No, moving
is not the answer, nor is earplugs. Why inconvenience yourself? That
the owners should be hamstrung is a side point.
It's true, no one likes barking dogs but as others have suggested, and
rightfully so, these dogs are desperate for attention. I don't know
that this suggestion will work for you (since you did mention you work
from home so I realize time constraints be be a factor) but over the
years I have had numerous outside dogs and none of them have even been
incessant barkers. Also, they were all strays so I did not have them
from the time they were puppies and could easily be trained not to
bark. The dogs that I had that began this barking routine quickly
ceased when I would check to see what they were barking about. Yes, it
is time consuming but believe it or not, it only took a few weeks
before they quit barking indiscriminately. You DO still want them to
bark when there is something unusual going on as that is for your
protection but not the absentminded incessant barking. You didn't
mention if these dogs were tied or not. Some owners actually tie dogs
in a fenced in area...that is beyond my comprehension and is another
topic entirely. Okay, so here's what I did for my barking dogs. Each
time they started up barking, I would step outside and asked "What's
going on buddy?" is a somewhat excited voice and they would stop and
listen to me. Then I would take a little time (a minute or so at the
most) and say "Good boy, you're a good dog!" You can basically say
anything as long as your voice sounds kind and relaxed. Often times I
would reward their intermittent silence with a small dog biscuit.
After a while, a dog biscuit was not needed but the kind voice was
always appealing to them. I encounter viscious dogs (some let on the
loose to roam freely) in some neighborhoods and they will be barking
like crazy. I lower my voice (rather than trying to raise the decible
level to match theirs, which would make them even more exciteable) and
say "Good boy, you're protecting your property", in a calm, praising
way. The response has almost always been the same. They stop for a
moment to listen to what I am saying and if they come close, I always
give them some kind of treat whether it be a dog biscuit or jerky as I
always have something on hand to give them. This has been the most
humane way I have found to work with dogs and after a while , they
will quiet down and you may actually get some work done. At the
moment, I own a deaf dog who wants to bark at every little thing and
while the tone of voice does not work, I always get her attention and
then pet her for a while and before going back inside, give her a
treat or a big hug. This has worked quite well and she no longer barks
for no reason. Of course, you may not be a dog lover nor care to give
the neighbours dogs treats but the kind voice costs nothing and is
very effective. Sad that the dogs have to suffer for the owners
obvious neglect so I probably would not say anything to the neighbors
as I have seen this backfire against the dogs. They get slapped upside
the head by the owners like they understand what it is they are
supposed to be doing. That seems to be the only attention they get.
Now, if we could just rig something to shock the owners everytime
their dog barked... nevermind...just typing aloud. :-) Please try to
give them a kind word, it DOES work!
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: petcare-ga on 09 Mar 2005 11:26 PST
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Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: petcare-ga on 09 Mar 2005 11:28 PST
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Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: bastcat-ga on 10 Mar 2005 15:56 PST
Just a question maybe I overlooked it but does the neighbor know that
the barking is bothering you?  I mean have you tried to calmly explain
to the neighbor what is going on?  The reason why I ask is because I
have had a similar situation and the first time I heard of the
problem, which was explained to me as always happening, was when the
neighbor called me up screaming at me that I had better shut the dog
up it has been barking for months.  This just makes ruffled feathers
and for confusion.  The dog didn't do any frequent barking when I was
home. And when the Alpha dog is at home quieting the dog happens
quicker.  I honestly didn't know that the dog was barking all the
I also agree with pxestick-ga.  Dogs do respond better to a gentle
voice then screaming.  I tell my dogs thank you when the door bell
rings and they begin to bark which quickly quiets them down.
Maybe print out some of the owner solutions and present this to the neighbor.
My solution was to take the dog with me whenever possible.  Of course
my job allows this but not all do.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: creedmore-ga on 10 Mar 2005 16:32 PST
Yes, the neighbor knows, he was talked to nicely several times. He's
oh so sorry but he still leaves the dogs outside every day, where
they're free to bark their heads off. Things went south the time his
dogs broke through my lattice fence and chased our gardener off the
job. He told us twice he'd fix the fence but never did. We went and
had it fixed and it cost $250. I think this irresponsible liar has had
all the consideration he's going to get.

Also, I don't know how to talk nicely to a junkyard dog that goes
berserk and wants to tear my throat out every time I come out on my


PS Petcare-ga, nice advts.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: ornot-ga on 10 Mar 2005 18:24 PST
Do the dogs bark at night when the owners are home? Why not just make
a recording and play it very loud on your stereo when the owners get
home. Let them see what it is like to listen to all day.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: darligraphy-ga on 05 Apr 2005 03:05 PDT
You may find some helpful products at
If I recall, they had some products like you describe.

Hope this helps!
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: upthewallwithpeople-ga on 15 Apr 2005 10:33 PDT
I say, enough of the suggestions of all the ways we, who are the
victims of annoying dogs, can put ourselves to expense and trouble to
appease the dogs, quiet the dogs, make friends with the dogs, or
protect ourselves from the dogs' annoyances and abuse.  I've been
through the East-side, West-side, all around the town run-around in
this miserable excuse for a municipality as far as the annoying dog
problem and the fact the nobody wants to address it.  In a town of
half-a-million people there is NO animal care and control division,
and the problem has been passed from the police department to the SPCA
to the City Attorney's office to the Code Enforcement Division and now
back to the police department and nobody is dealing with it.  All you
get is static from the police about how busy they are with more
pressing problems and then you're given three more phone numbers to
call and you get nothing but apologies about all the things that
nobody is able to do about the problem.  Consequently, all the
poor-downtrodden cases who claim they can't afford to keep themselves
in food or their homes in a decent state of repair can manage to get
away with keep four dogs on the premises who either end up breaking
through fences that are in a state of disrepair or else bark
incessantly and annoy everybody around them.

I have owned a home for six years but never lived in it until this
last December.  I was caring for my mother whom I was losing to breast
cancer and living with her across town.  Consequently, during the
miserably hot summer months, I would water my yards in the dark of
night and I was amazed at the number of dogs that were running lose in
the neighborhood because they had been able to crawl through
disrepaired fence slats.  One night, two huge dogs cornered a
chihuahua about four houses down and the resulting squealing and
yipe-ing would have been enough to wake people three blocks away, and
NOBODY came outside to see what was going on.  I had to get after a
neighbor when his vicious dog got out of his yard and into the yard
next door to me and dug his way into my back yard.  I wouldn't
approach the dog because he was snarling and growling, so I went over
there at 2:00 a.m. and rang the door bell until I finally woke
somebody and told them to DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM.

The long and short of it is, each city (yes, even this poor excuse for
one in which I live) has a Municipal Code with an ordinance against
the maintaining of dogs that intrude on the use and enjoyment of the
property of neighbors.  Keep persisting in calling the police and
telling them you want to sign a written complaint.  Ask them to come
out and go through your yard with you to see what happens when you are
present in your yard and the dog(s) next door go nuts so they can see
for themselves.  Call the police department non-emergency line each
day, if necessary, and leave a "paper trail."  You're a taxpayer and
the sole purpose of the police department, even though they would try
to make you believe it, is NOT to handle rapes, murdens and
break-in's.  If you pay taxes, you have a right to the enforcement of
any code against improper behavior.  If you only need to call the
police department once every ten years, you do not have to tolerate
the attempts to push you aside for more pressing business.  After five
or six calls, if nothing is being done, call your local city
councilman and ask his/her assistance.  He/she will be able to tap
into the records and see the paper trail you've left behind and then
should then be able to get the City Attorney's office involved at that

The only way to deal with neighbors who turn blind eyes and deaf ears
to dog problems is to get their attention in no uncertain terms.  If
they were inclined to be concerned about others around them, they
wouldn't maintain dogs that are continual nuisances because they would
be thoughtful enough to consider their actions' impact on the
community (pardon me while I become hysterical with laughter thinking
about how long a time it's been since the vast majority of people were
thoughtful of neighbors).  A very good percentage of these people
maintain one or more dogs so they feel safe and secure in their homes
from all threats, however "perceived" some of their "threats" may be
and have little to no feelings for the dog other than as a source of
protection.  The now-deceased former owner of my home was a good
example, maintaining a Doberman in the yard year-round, even during
the 100-degree-plus summer heat.  Consequently, the door from the
kitchen to the yard had all but been ruined by the dog scratching to
get in, and the entire yard resembled the surface of the moon with
craters.  Every time I took a step, I was falling into a hole, and
someone told me that's what dogs do in the miserable heat; dig down to
attempt to reach cooler ground to seek refuge from high temperatures.

As far as the comment made about people who work during the day, I
say, that's not an excuse:  They shouldn't voluntarily take on any
responsibilities they're not capable of handling for themselves. 
Personally, I'm fed up with the perceived feeling that it's up to the
neighborhood to raise peoples' unattended children and put up with the
annoyances of their unattended dogs.  And, what about the ones who
don't work or claim they can't work because of disabilities (however
feigned some of those disabilities may be by some people)?  What's
preventing them from properly tending to their dogs and children? 
Alcohol or drug consumption or TV-watching or cell-phone

My point is, with most of the types who maintain annoying or vicious
dogs without regard for the community around them, the only way you're
going to get their attention is by taking "legal" action.  
Personally, I resent my neighbors dragging home a dog from the pound
recently who is charging the fence, barking, growling and attempting
to jump to the top of the fence the entire time I'm present in my back
yard (and bark perodically throughout the night), especially at this
time of my life when I have just lost my last relative and have more
than enough to deal with, mentally, emotionally and physically with
the continued unpacking of boxes in an attempt to consolidate my
mother's belongings amongst my own in my home.  To give myself credit,
I've been a considerate and thoughtful neighbor and have always been
aware of the needs of others, both in my family and in the families
around me.  During escrow for the purchase of my home, at one point
some of the redwood siding on the house was to be replaced and the
contractor needed to start at 6:00 a.m. due to the high summer
temperatures, so I made sure to leave notes for my immediate neighbors
if they weren't home or talk to them in person to apologize in advance
for the extra noise that would take place so early in the day. 
Unfortunately, when the shoe's on the other foot and you learn that
some around you don't give a damn less about you in return as a
neighbor, the only way to make things right is to take legal action.

Yes, and I'm sure somebody is going to stand up and say, "What about
retalliation?"  To that I say, "What about it?"  I'm not going to be
any happier with the inability to use and enjoy my yard due to an
annoying animal than I am if somebody comes over and throw eggs at my
cars or garage door in retaliation for my efforts to solve the dog
problem, so I guess I will choose not to make myself into a door mat
for the neighbors to use to wipe their feet and will take the chance
with retalliation.  Maybe they'll retalliate, but then again, maybe
they won't.  And, if they do, I'm fairly certain the local police
department will then put the connection together between the
complaints about the annoying dog and the sudden commencement of
property vandalism.

In summation:  If people aren't able to give animals or children the
degree of attention and care they need and deserve because you're too
busy working, don't have the money, don't have the time, "every excuse
in the book," they should do themselves, the animals, the children and
the neighborhood in general a favor and not have them in the first
place!  I learned the hard way that in today's "it's all about me"
society, going out of one's way to be extra considerate of others
around me did little but turn me into a doormat and make me appear to
be a pushover or somebody to be taken advantage of in the eyes of
others.  I won't be deliberately INconsiderate, but my days of putting
up with and making excuses for the thoughtless actions of neighbors
(and their dogs) are long since finished!  I guess I suddenly woke up
and smelled the coffee and realized, I have the right to enjoyment of
my share of space as well.  Too many of those with the offending dogs
feel as though everybody else around them relinquishes THEIR rights in
order to compensate for the rights of the dog keeper.

Call your city council-person, the police department or your attorney
or else you'll be spending countless sleepless hours and annoying days
and also paying high prices for destroyed property or increased
homeowners' premiums due to annoying and vicious dogs.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: air2air2-ga on 23 Apr 2005 21:11 PDT
My brother has an ultrasonic beeper - not high pitched; ultrasonic! He
says it works like a charm...
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: d_random-ga on 12 May 2005 14:42 PDT
I think you might be looking for something like the "Phasor Blast Wave
Pistol" from information unlimited. It produces 130 db Of Directional
Sonic Shock Waves. You can rent the unit for $25 (plus s&h) to see if
it works or buy for $84.95.
Check ou the site, lots of interesting stuff:
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: simply_sleepless-ga on 20 May 2005 00:44 PDT
Hi everyone, hope it's not too late for my 2 cents.

It's about 2:30am now and I've been up since 1:00am, no thanks to my
neighbor's barking dog.  I have problems sleeping and it never fails--
that dog always wakes me, whether it's at 1:00am or 5:54am.  It's to
the point that I've gone to city hall to have animal control send them
a letter.  Then I had to have our property management company send
them a letter.  Tonight is the second time I've called the
non-emergency police number to complain.  The odd thing is, we live
right near train tracks and that doesn't wake me up.  The dog is a
beagle so he has a distinct howl.  I know that's when he is lonely
(which is often, they leave him out there for 12 hours or more).  When
he barks it's high pitched and fast which means he is ready to go
inside and/or ready for attention.  This has been going on for a while
and I can't deal with it anymore.

I've considered talking with them about it since I truly am a kind
person and very lenient (took me 6 months to finally complain), but, I
wondered what kind of people they were-- possibly confrontational and
decided to be anonymous; for now.  It's not the poor little dog's
fault; the people are so darned careless about the dog and obviously
don't care about the people who live around them (I live right behind
them, fence to fence).   The dog is not an outside dog, frankly there
really isn't such a thing unless you raise sled dogs in Alaska; even
then they come inside to sleep.   "Outside dogs" should not be kept
outside to live; the point of having a pet is the companionship.  Put
it in a crate.  oops, wrong soapbox.

I live in a very nice neighborhood; we've all got decent sized houses.
 My neighbors have two children (young, about 8 and 10) and a well
kept yard.  Yet there's a 20x10 fenced off area they keep that poor
dog cooped up in all day and into the night.  You'd think with a big
house they'd have room for the poor dog.  It's not the dog's fault and
I'm not upset with the dogs, but I'm mad as hell at the neighbors.  I
am willing to bet they got the beagle as a puppy (puppies are
irresistable) and showered it with attention.  Once it grew up tho,
everyone lost interest...see?  All kinds of neglect.

Bottom line, I know how you feel; I'll let you know if anything happens.   

``It's 2:43am and I'm still not tired...ah to be civil and love thy neighbor...``
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: mariane0-ga on 31 May 2005 07:47 PDT
I've had the same problem with one of my own dogs. He would 
start barking for no reason. He wasn't particularly bored, 
nothing had happened outside, the other dogs didn't bark, but 
he would. 

It annoyed my neigbour, too. 

After trying the electrical collar, which didn't work, I bought 
a muzzle. A rather loose one, so he can drink with it, lick 
himself, but not eat or bark loudly. When he started barking I 
would put it on and leave it for a few minutes for "first offense 
of the day", and for an hour if he started again once I had taken 
it off. 

He hated wearing this. But after a while he got the message that 
I was not going to give in and he stopped barking for no reason. 

Maybe you could ask your neigbours to muzzle their dogs? Even offer 
them the muzzles, there are some cheap cloth ones which work just 
as well as the leather ones. Or get their permission to go and 
muzzle the dogs yourself when they start barking? 

Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: locodog-ga on 01 Aug 2005 22:27 PDT
and what about proof-sound windows ??  the solution is easy, a litle
expensive but the bark goes away... or not ???
I belive that medium and high frequency sound of bark don't pass through window.
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: katiekitten-ga on 02 Aug 2005 13:12 PDT
Hi Creedmore!

I have done some research on this for a friend of mine, who has a
yappy Shih Tzu - Chihuahua mixed breed.  I found some helpful
information at this website:

I think all of it is free information.  I have seen sites that are
selling eBooks, but these are just links to free info.

Good Luck!
Subject: Re: Shut Up Barking Dogs
From: gtbmel-ga on 25 Aug 2005 22:55 PDT
The most informative website on this issue is probably
There is no real solution to your problem.  The system favors
irresponsible dog owners.  I went through the same thing with my
neighbor and his black labs.  Complained to the police, county
commisioners, local politicians etc.  I also tried the ultrasonic
devices worked for a while but the neighbors trained the dogs to bark
despite the devices. The dogs bit a school kid and they eventually got
rid of them.  Now they have little yapping dogs.  Called the police
once because they barked all night.  They bark ever time I go outside.
 Not just once but the entire time I am outside.  I plan to move
eventually hate the neighborhood barking dogs, stay dogs, vicious
dogs.  I'll even default on my mortgage if necessary.  I like the idea
of a house in the country with absolutely no neighbors.  Would be
expensive though, I'd have to buy a lot a land and a good fence.  I
can't see making an investment in any community again.  Irresponsible
uncontrollable dog owners make homeownership financial risky and a
nightmare. Dogs have more rights than people.  It is probably illegal
but I heard cocoa mulch can kill dogs.  If you use it on your property
and the neighbor's dogs get loose and eat the mulch than is it really
your fault the dogs die?  You were just mulching your plants and the
dogs shouldn't be on your property.  Just a little day dream.  It is
weird that dogs are considered so much more valuable than your piece
of mind.  After all they are often free, and there are more dogs than
there are people willing to own them.  And most owners seem to ignore
their dogs, not train them, and use their dogs to harass their
neighbors.  If you managed to kill the dogs the neighbors could easily
replace them with more barking dogs.  Good luck to you.

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