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Q: Crabcakes please: Least expensive way to buy HGH ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Crabcakes please: Least expensive way to buy HGH
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Asked by: maluca-ga
List Price: $100.00
Posted: 25 Feb 2005 22:42 PST
Expires: 27 Mar 2005 22:42 PST
Question ID: 481126
My Dr. has put me on human growth hormone due to my bloodwork showing
a level of 98, less than a quarter of what it should be. I am
receiving Genotropin brand currently. As this is a lifelong very
expensive procedure both she and my primary Dr. suggested I try and
locate the best price source foreign or domestic. She will cooperate
with the foreign or domestic providers to provide extensive lab work
and narrative as needed to help. Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin,
Saizen and Nutropin are the brand names from different companies. As I
am currently using Genotropin I would prefer to stay with it.

This isn't about anti-aging or body building. My level dropped from
170 to its current level in 3 years. I am to the point I cant
concentrate or work due to the panic attacks and confusion.

Please locate the best price source either in or out of the U.S. if it
can be imported. I can visit Mexico but not Canada. I currently pay
195.00 for 28 mg. per week. I will take your word it was the best
price you could locate and that will serve as the answer. My thanks.

Request for Question Clarification by crabcakes-ga on 26 Feb 2005 18:47 PST
Hello maluca,

   I have just now seen this question, which you have directed to me.
I'll be working on it for you!  Thank you for your patience!

   Sincerely, Crabcakes

Clarification of Question by maluca-ga on 26 Feb 2005 19:52 PST
My pricing was way off. I pay 195.00 for 14  0.2 mg  doses of genotropin.

Request for Question Clarification by crabcakes-ga on 26 Feb 2005 20:25 PST
Thanks for the extra info! Now it's my turn... Are you using the
Genotropin Miniquick syringe?

What part of Mexico would you be able to visit? Arizona, California,or
 Texas borders?

Thanks, Crabcakes

Clarification of Question by maluca-ga on 27 Feb 2005 12:44 PST
I would be living in southern CA. close to San Diego. I am currently
using the miniquick.

Request for Question Clarification by crabcakes-ga on 27 Feb 2005 19:04 PST
Hi maluca,
  I wanted to let you know I am working on your question. How much of
a monthy savings will you consider? Among my findings is an online
pharmacy in the us that can save you roughly $100 a month.

  Regards, Crabcakes

Clarification of Question by maluca-ga on 27 Feb 2005 20:36 PST
The dose I am on will be tripled within 60 days. Naturally 100.00 per
month I would hope would be tripled in savings as well. That would
mean a significant savings and a great job by you.

Request for Question Clarification by crabcakes-ga on 27 Feb 2005 22:24 PST
Hello again maluca,

  I am nearing completion of your answer. I have researched only
Genotropin, as that is what your had wanted to continue.

  Thank you so much for your patience. I'll post the final answer no
later than Monday evening.

  Regards, Crabcakes
Subject: Re: Crabcakes please: Least expensive way to buy HGH
Answered By: crabcakes-ga on 28 Feb 2005 18:14 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello maluca,

  Thank you again for your patience. I certainly never expected
locating Genotropin would be as difficult as it was! I was able to
locate several US online pharmacies for you, along with locations to
visit in Mexico, and one *possible* source for online Mexican

About Genotropin MiniQuick:

  ?GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK® is dispensed as a single-use syringe device
containing a two-chamber cartridge. GENOTROPIN MINIQUICK is available
as individual doses of 0.2 mg to 2.0 mg in 0.2-mg increments. The
front chamber contains recombinant somatropin 0.22 to 2.2 mg
(approximately 0.66 to 6.6 IU), glycine 0.23 mg, mannitol 1.14 mg,
sodium dihydrogen phosphate 0.05 mg, and disodium phosphate anhydrous
0.027 mg; the rear chamber contains mannitol 12.6 mg in water for
injection 0.275 mL.
GENOTROPIN is a highly purified preparation. The reconstituted
recombinant somatropin solution has an osmolality of approximately 300
mOsm/kg, and a pH of approximately 6.7. The concentration of the
reconstituted solution varies by strength and presentation.?

Purchasing Online in the US

If you are over 50, you MAY qualify for this Pfizer program. You
already have labs and the backing of your doctor that Genotropin is
needed for medical use. Perhaps you can get free or greatly reduced

Call the Pfizer Bridge Program? Hotline ? anytime

?The program Bridge Program for Genotropin controlled (or directed) by
Pfizer, Inc. distributes this drug to qualified patients after
acceptance is bestowed. Observe the "controlling
directives/guidelines" then proceed towards applying to the free
medicine program by following the instructions immediately below.
Follow the other instructions as shown while first adhering to the
program's instruction to you personally. I mention this because a
program's process or procedures can likely change at any given time.
Please respect the program associates requests in every way because
they are there to help you (not the other way around). Free medicine
programs (prescription and others) exist for the good of everyone
including needy patients, the program's company and even other
Americans that do not partake of the free medicine. The respect and
good manner you show the program and its employees will help yourself
and other patients for years into the future. Go back to the Free
Medicine Program Information home page.
(This site is dedicated to Seniors 50 and over.)? Exercise caution
releasing information to this site, presented here for additional
information only)

   I was able to find this US online drugstore that beats the price
you are currently paying, and is the cheapest by far!

Genotropin  $142.30 for 14  0.2mg doses, which IS cheaper than $195.00
for 14  0.2 mg  doses. Buying larger quantities should save you even

This site carries Genotropin MiniQuick 0.2 mg for $79.50 for 7
syringes, which is $159 for 14 syringes. You may get a discount for
buying a 3 month supply at once, and it is shipped on cooling packs,
per the young man I spoke to.

Discount Hormones has MiniQuick syringes, $379.50 for 28 0.2mg doses

The Anti-Aging group has Genotropin, but does not post prices. You can try calling 
(800) 264-8260 or filling out the form, whose link is posted below. 

Anti-Aging does post this however:

You can fill out this form for further information:

The Anti-Aging Group

Makers of Genotopin,100.html

Once we have received your order it will be manually reviewed by one
of our pharmacists and you will receive a telephone confirmation. If
you have not received an order confirmation within 72 hours (excluding
weekends) please note that we have not received your order. We try to
have your prescriptions filled for you within two to three business
days from the day your completed information is received, provided
your forms are complete and accurate.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery from time you receive a
telephone confirmation of the receipt of your order. If you require
your medication more quickly please purchase them locally and plan
your future purchases at with greater lead time.  You also
have the option of viewing the status of your prescription and
tracking your package after logging into your account .

Purchasing Medicines in Mexico:

  ?You need to be concerned about the quality of the medicine you
purchase. A Mexican Pharmacy can offer good quality or poor quality
based upon many factors. What you are looking for is a pharmacy that
their main concern is quality, and second is price. If you use a good
Mexican Pharmacy most of their generic drugs are manufactured by the
same companies that manufacture the name brand. Yes these might cost
10% more, but that still leaves you with savings up to 75% off retail
and the medications will do what you need and not what you don't.?

?Mexico and Canada are the two closest countries to buy your
medications from and receive them quickly. Mexico is usually the best
bet when it comes to the amount of money you will have to spend to get
your medications delivered to your front door from an Mexican
Why Go With a Mexican Pharmacy? To begin with Canada has government
intervention that causes price control. The minimum amount that a
company (online pharmacy or conventional drug store) can sell
medications for is actually controlled. Obviously this usually amounts
to higher costs than what Mexican Pharmacies can sell the same
medications for.?

 ?The policy at all U.S. Ports Of Entry used to be set by the chief of
each port, known as the Port Director. In turn, the Port Director left
the issue up to each individual Customs inspector. With over one
hundred inspectors at a typical large border crossing or airport Port
Of Entry, it was impossible to predict how many meds any one inspector
might allow or prohibit.

Recently, however, U.S. Customs began to limit the quantity of
controlled medicines allowed into the country to fifty doses. We don't
know any further details about this rule but we urge you to check with
U.S. Customs before attempting to import more than fifty doses.

We mentioned this earlier, but it is so important that we?ll repeat
ourselves: You must have a valid U.S. or Canadian prescription to
bring any controlled medications back into the U.S., even if you
bought them with a valid Mexican prescription.

A U.S. Customs inspector will ask you for a valid U.S. or Canadian
prescription when you declare more than fifty doses of a controlled
medicine. This prescription will be in addition to the Mexican
prescription you used to purchase the meds in Mexico, which you
absolutely must have.

Uncontrolled medicines are allowed entry even in large quantities, but
only if the Customs inspector agrees that there?s a legitimate need
for you to have one or two thousand ibuprofen tablets, a wheelbarrow
full of Tums, etc. , (in fact, they usually don't quibble).?

Tips on driving to Mexico

   ?Tijuana is an exciting town to visit, but we do not recommend
driving your vehicle in Tijuana if you are not planning to drive
beyond Tijuana. If the intent of your trip is to stay exclusively in
Tijuana, we highly recommend that you park your car in one of the many
parking lots on the US side of the border, then take the 5 minute bus
ride across the border into Tijuana. Tijuana can be a confusing and
congested place for visitors to drive in, and foreign vehicles parked
on the streets can be targets for being broken into.?

Here?s a non-detailed map

Mexican Pharmacies by Phone/Visit

  Seattle Pharmacy - 011-52-66-85-2185 "Good source, good english,
easy ordering, & quick delivery. Oxycontin usually available."

  Farmacia Conchita -Tel : 011-52-66-82-93-11 full service,
Visa/Mastercard accepted.

  Farmacia Payless -Tel: 011- 52-66-83 -17-95 Tijuana, Mexico. Ships
to the US. Pain meds.

This page also has a list of Mexican pharmacies to visit once you are in Mexico.

Pharmacies in Baja California, Mexico:

This page has 85 pharmacies in Tijuana. None have working websites,
but most have phone numbers, and some have e-mail addresses (None of
which have yet responded to my e-mail!).:

This medical building is located just across the border. No products
or prices are posted. There is a map on the site.
Boulevard Sanchez Taboada 1527 - 205
Esq. Misión de San Diego 
Zona Rio Tijuana, B.C.

Caveat Emptor

   ?Industry officials say there is a long-standing problem with drugs
of dubious effectiveness being sold at border pharmacies. Tom Kubik,
executive director of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, said many
border pharmacies are running a "bait-and-switch" scam on U.S.

"If a U.S. patient comes in to fill a prescription, it is not uncommon
for them to be shifted to 'similares,"' drugs that don't meet the
standards of generic equivalents, Kubik said.

U.S. companies and officials often have to call the Mexican
government's attention to problems at border pharmacies, Kubik said,
noting "you've got to go to them with detailed evidence before you get
some response."

Pharmacists in Algodones denied selling counterfeit medicine in their stores. 

"We earn a slightly higher profit margin on the generics, but it's
always up to the customer to decide. We'll sell him what he wants,"
said Osuna.?

Mexican Pharmacies Online

Not the most reliable way to buy medication!

You may  try to fill out the request for information form:
Click on the link below, then click on ?Pedidos?, next click on the
button with the flashing red arrow. The first column of for your
Line One = Name
Line 2 =  e-mail address
I would leave out your address, etc. 
The next to last line is for your doctor?s name, and the last line is
her/his specialty

The next column is where you enter the name of the medication. 
The second column of these three, is the quantity you wish to buy, and
the last column is for the description. I?d enter ?Genotropin? in the
first column, and in the net, the number of syringes you wish to buy.
In the last column, I?d enter 0.2 mg. This will make it rather clear
you are after the MiniQuick product.

The blue ?Enviar? button is the ?Submit/Send? button.

According to CanadaRX Connection, HGH is too temperature sensitive to ship.

A bit about Canadian Pharmacies:
   ?The cross-border trade in prescription drugs is booming and
Canadian pharmacies are reaping the benefits. Low Canadian drug
prices, a low Canadian dollar and close proximity add up to big
savings for American consumers hungry for affordable medication.

The trade is huge and is estimated to have been worth more than $1
billion in 2002 ? double what it was one year earlier. According to
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Americans are on the receiving
end of more than two million packages of prescription drugs per year.
And for good reason. Canadian pharmacies dispense drugs identical to
those south of the border ? in many cases for a fraction of the

Additional Information:

This Pfizer site may be helpful to you:

About MiniQuick

Jintropin, a Chinese version of Genotropin:

  Well, Maluca, there you go. I found that Genotropin is not easily
acquired through the mail, especially from Canada. It?s seemingly
difficult from Mexico too. In my answer, I have posted numerous
Mexican pharmacies in Baja California, that you can check when you go.

Consider too, what the commenter, eliteskillsdotcom, has to say about
quality in the post below. It is certainly possible to obtain good
quality medicines n Mexico, if you are cautious and observant. Many US
and European pharmaceutical companies are in Mexico. For medicinal
purposes, you DO want impeccable quality!

If I were in your shoes, and over 50, my first move would be to look
into Pfizer?s Bridge program to see if you can get financial help with
your medications. I?m hoping this can work for you!

My second move would be to order your meds from a US website,
particularly the first site posted. Make a small purchase for your
first order so you can verify the quality of medication you are
getting, and the kind of service you receive. When making a larger
purchase, request good expiration dates, so you can avoid loss of
unused medicine due to a short shelf life!

My third move would be to visit Mexico, since you are not far. Find a
clean pharmacy, one that is not as close to the border as others, a
bit off the beaten path. If you speak Spanish, ask the locals where
THEY buy their medicine. You are more likely to get scammed at a
pharmacy closer to the border, or in a location that has a lot of
tourists. You could ask other US Americans you meet in Mexico if they
have traded with a known reliable pharmacy. Again, I?d look for good
expiration dates, a sealed package, and one with a well known
manufacturer?s name. Consider making a small purchase first. This way
if you find the product does not meet your standards, you have lost as
little as possible.

 Take one of your used packages to compare with the Mexican packaging.
Take along your prescription, and your labs. A letter from your doctor
on her/his letterhead might not hurt either. Take a friend too? don?t
go alone. Park in the US and take a bus across the border. Leave some
cool packs in a cooler, in your car, into which you can place your

It?s good to have a few resources available, in case you are ever in a bind!

Good Luck! If any part of my answer is unclear, please request an
Answer Clarification, before rating. This will allow me to assist you
further, if possible.

Sincerely, Crabcakes

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maluca-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
You did great as I expected. You did raise some other questions with
your answer which I will post for you to answer later in another
question. Example: Story on safety of Jinotropin etc..

Subject: Re: Crabcakes please: Least expensive way to buy HGH
From: eliteskillsdotcom-ga on 25 Feb 2005 22:51 PST
Price isn't everything. The quality of the substance may be altered or
you may get a different drug completely. If this drug is truly vital
to your health, it's not worth the gamble in trusting a foreign drug
Subject: Re: Crabcakes please: Least expensive way to buy HGH
From: crabcakes-ga on 02 Mar 2005 11:45 PST
Thank you Maluca, for the stars and the nice tip!
Sincerely, Crabcakes
Subject: Re: Crabcakes please: Least expensive way to buy HGH
From: getgrowth-ga on 06 May 2005 10:35 PDT
I understand your looking for Genotropin but I have an alternative
product that you certainly will be interested in. I am sure you?re
well aware of HGH and its structure so I won?t go into to much detail.
I myself have been using HGH for over 5 years for deficiency and ant
aging. Vie used everything from humatrope to saizen to genotropin. I
certainly can understand how costly it can become. I now represent a
company out of china GenSci and the product Jintropin. Jintropin is by
many opinions the best HGH product on the market and it receives
chinas SFDA approval which is as tough as the US FDA approval. 
Jintropin actually when tested against the standard receives a 110%
rating. In addition Jintropin can cost as low as $3 per IU, it?s also
patented a Proprietary E.coli Secretion technology, which is used to
produce Jintropin. This technology will produce a 191 amino acid
sequence growth hormone, with much less E.coli protein contamination
and not any of the side effects associated with injection, such as red
painful welts. The secretion technology allows for Purer Products with
higher yield (without refolding) and higher biological activity. Dr.
Jin?s Secretion Technology allows products to be produced with the
correct primary amino acid structure as well as 3-dimensional
structures. This technology also has the advantage that it allows the
Jintropin® to be very stable; it is stable at temperatures of 98
degrees for 30 days. While growth hormone with 192 amino acid sequence
is only stable at room temperature for just a few days, If I can be of
any assistance feel free to contact me or visit my site at sorry for any inconvenience for construction. Sorry I
have to disagree with eliteskills but purchasing products outside of
the US can be benificial in multiple ways if your cautious.

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