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Q: Wisdom tooth at an angle. ( No Answer,   7 Comments )
Subject: Wisdom tooth at an angle.
Category: Health > Medicine
Asked by: mihils-ga
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Posted: 19 Apr 2005 07:48 PDT
Expires: 01 May 2005 11:32 PDT
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I have had some discomfort in the back of my mouth for a few days. I
am 19 and my wisdom teeth are erupting. I think that my third molar on
the upper left is angled slightly outward so that it scrapes the
inside of my cheek and my lower gum. My lower gum on that side has
felt quite uncomfortable recently and I think it might be caused by
the new tooth. I have looked on the internet for information but all I
find is about a third molar angled into the second molar or a verticle
impaction. Is this normal for a wisdom tooth to be at a sideways angle
should I consult my dentist?
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Wisdom tooth at an angle.
From: powerjug-ga on 19 Apr 2005 11:11 PDT
If it was my tooth I'd wait and see if I could hold on and see if the
problem corrects itself.  You could get the opinion of a dentist so
you have more data to work with and I doubt he'd rush you into getting
it pulled.  Here's a quote I just found....Even wisdom teeth that
eventually do come into position properly will go through a
transitional period where they are only "partially erupted". This is
because it takes some time for a tooth to fully penetrate through the
gums and reach its final position.

Knowing that having wisdom teeth pulled is a common practice I will
say the following...Many dental practices can be hard on the immune
system (and for that matter the entire body)...all the way from
mercury being put into peoples mouths to the idea of putting in
implants that the body recognizes as a foreign object and will spend
it's life taxing its immune system to get rid of.  In the case of
getting a tooth pulled you are up against a little known phenomenon. 
When you pull a tooth you rip apart its connection to the body by way
of the periodontal ligament.  If any of this ligament is left in the
body after the tooth is pulled the hole where the tooth was does not
heal up correctly.  It can and probably will form an encapsulation of
bone surrounding the ligament area and form a pocket of unbelievably
toxic bacteria.  Many people are walking around with these
encapsulations (called cavitations and most fully explained by Dr. Hal
A. Huggins).  These toxins from the cavitation can cause full-blown
diseases as the years go by.  All this is to say that if a tooth is
pulled the dentist must clean out the socket with a dental burr...this
takes a minute.  If he wants to know how to do it he can call Dr.
Huggins on one of the dentists who are part of his ALLIANCE of
healthful dentistry.

Good luck with it,
Subject: Re: Wisdom tooth at an angle.
From: biophysicist-ga on 19 Apr 2005 13:43 PDT
I recommend you see a dentist promptly.  I had my wisdom teeth out at
age 25 instead of doing it at 21 when my dentist recommended it.  The
reason I waited was because I couldn't see any wisdom teeth, so I
figured I had none.  Big mistake.  I couldn't see them because they
were growing sideways beneath the gums into the roots of the adjacent
teeth.  Because I waited until later, they were bigger and harder to
remove, the gaping holes that they left were bigger and took longer to
heal, I had to pay for the procedure because I was no longer on my
parents' insurance, and I was billed extra because it was a "difficult

Esp. if you're on your parents' insurance plan, stop by your dentist
and get this looked at sooner rather than later.
Subject: Re: Wisdom tooth at an angle.
From: bashert54-ga on 19 Apr 2005 14:44 PDT
Sounds like you really will need the tooth out. See a qualified
dentist, either a general dentist or an oral surgeon, and you'll have
your answer. A comment on a comment: Dr. Huggins' theories are pretty
far out there as far as traditional dental thought is concerned; I
would recommend avoiding his "alliance" and their ideas. Good luck,
feel better!
Subject: Re: Wisdom tooth at an angle.
From: xcarlx-ga on 19 Apr 2005 16:55 PDT
As the others recommend, skip the junk doctors floating on the
Internet and see a real dentist.  Some dentists are idiots, but if
you're in America or many other countries you get to get all the
second opinions you want before making a decision like this.

A sure thing to avoid is any dentist preaching about the evils of
mercury in cavity fillings.
Subject: Re: Wisdom tooth at an angle.
From: zwitteron-ga on 19 Apr 2005 21:54 PDT
My wisdom tooth grew at an angle towards my cheek a few years ago. I
didn't see a dentist. It was bothering me a bit but I didn't worry
about it till the inside of my cheek where it must have been rubbing
abscessed, it got infected, the poison spread to my bloodstream, and I
got REALLY sick!!!
See a dentist!!!!
Subject: Re: Wisdom tooth at an angle.
From: frde-ga on 21 Apr 2005 01:43 PDT
See a dentist.

When teeth go wrong they can make your life hell.

Sucking a mercury cough drop is probably not a good idea.
Especially when other materials are available.

Sadly, quite a lot of the Huggins bunch look like nutters.
- a pity because some of what they say makes sense
Subject: Re: Wisdom tooth at an angle.
From: fstokens-ga on 29 Apr 2005 11:29 PDT
I put off getting my wisdom teeth out for a while because they didn't
seem to be causing any problems, and I try to avoid unnecessary

I did have them taken out, partly because they were starting to cause
some problems, and also because according to what I've read, the
chances of serious complications are much higher for older people
having their wisdom teeth out.  It sounds like you'll need to have
them taken out, and might as well doing it sooner as later.

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