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Q: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment? ( No Answer,   39 Comments )
Subject: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
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Asked by: sachaa-ga
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Posted: 20 Jun 2005 08:42 PDT
Expires: 20 Jul 2005 08:42 PDT
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Finacial gurus,

I am looking for the most probable way of earning $3000 monthly with a
$30,000 cash investment. This is all I can commit, no additional
monies, no borrowing. I want this to supplement my regular 6am-3pm

I have thought about using it to trade common stocks, as a down
payment to buy a small apartment or rental properties etc.. but 
thought maybe there were better or more likely ways to make this
happen.I am not looking for a sure/guaranteed way, just the most
probable way.

I can afford to loose 10-15% max. I am looking for a situation with monthly
spendable cash , not theoretical or tax gains. 

I am fairly good with computers and have access to high speed internet
 all day. I'll pay a premium for an answer that is applicable and
detailed. Vague generalizations like ?start a small business? will be


Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 20 Jun 2005 08:56 PDT
You want to earn $36,000 a year from a $30,000 investment???

No legal activities will have very probable odds of showing that sort
of return on investment.

As for illegal activities, you'll have to use your imagination, as
we're not permitted to encourage those sorts of things here at GA.

Perhaps you should set your sights a bit more realistically, and we
may be able to help out.


Clarification of Question by sachaa-ga on 20 Jun 2005 10:44 PDT
I assumed Google Answers was about legal activities only so I failed
to specify that I was looking for a legal way to earn $3000 on a
$30,000 investment.
If this is unrealistic, what is? I already know how to earn 8-10%/year
in the stock market, I was looking for something I don't know....

Request for Question Clarification by tox-ga on 22 Jun 2005 22:32 PDT
Hi there,

If you view the record of online poker professionals, it is almost a
statistical certainty that they would earn $3,000 monthly with a
$20,000 bankroll (most earn more than that amount on a weekly basis as
they play full time).  With the rising popularity of online poker,
hundreds of thousands of new players are entering the pool which
allows for a lucrative tax-free (in many places) income for
professional players.

While I was conducting separate research, I came across a semi-retired
professional who is willing to train.  If I am able to provide proof
of the consistency/reliability of online poker professional and
arrange for you to learn how to play exactly like them, would you be
willing to accept that as an answer?

While I am confident that this is the most probable way to earn the
level of income supplement that you're seeking, I understand that some
people are religiously prohibited from gambling (even if it is a game
of skill), and thus wanted to make sure it is acceptable.


Request for Question Clarification by tox-ga on 23 Jun 2005 07:07 PDT
I'd like to point out that professional online poker playing is very
different from the conventional poker game that one would expect. 
Because there's very little "reading" of the other person / psychology
involved, it is very mechanical and can be trained without difficulty.


Clarification of Question by sachaa-ga on 23 Jun 2005 08:07 PDT
I don't know poker and have no interest in learning it, so that rules
me out of making $3000 monthly playing poker...
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: philnj-ga on 20 Jun 2005 10:18 PDT
A couple ideas:
1.  Use the $30k to get an MBA, then get a job that pays $36,000 more
than you are making now. (acutally $47,000 more if you consider taxes)

2.  Use the $30k to hire a law firm, a PR firm and a stylist, then sue
someone very rich and very famous.

But I'm willing to bet your $30k that you really don't want to work
for the money, you just want it to fall from the sky.  Me too.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: research_help-ga on 20 Jun 2005 10:49 PDT
There must have been a typo in the original question.  Obviously, no
one can expect to earn 3,000 per month by investing 30,000 (120%
annual return.) The questioner must have meant to say 300 per month
(12% annual return.) This can be done by investing in the stock market
in a reasonably good year.

If you did mean the 3,000 per month, then you'll have to adjust your
acceptable loss from 15% to 100% because it will have to be high
stakes gambling or illegal activity.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: sachaa-ga on 20 Jun 2005 10:49 PDT
The $30k did not fall from the sky, I have worked and saved for quite
a few years, merely trying to find a legal way to earn more.....
without paying for an MBA or suing the rich and famous........
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: nsb7-ga on 20 Jun 2005 13:01 PDT
I can tell you for sure how you could have earned $0.50 (penny saved
is penny earned in little ol england). Do you get it???
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: wordsmth-ga on 21 Jun 2005 15:11 PDT
Real estate investing. Not speculation.

First, find a real estate investment club in your area. Go to to find one.
While you're at that site, read some of the articles and other
material there.

Then attend the real estate club meetings. It may cost $15-$25 per
meeting, or $100-$300 per year. It's worth it. Find out what real
estate investing really is. Talk to people who are doing it. As you're
doing so, find a technique that you're most comfortable with. It might
be "wholesaling" (finding properties cheap, marking them up a
bit--usually $2,000-$15,000--then selling them to another investor or
rehabber), rehabbing (buying a fixer-upper, rehabbing it, and selling
it retail), lease-options, or something else.

You'll probably want/need to buy study programs/tapes/CDs, etc.
They're expensive (often $300-$700..."programs" with consulting may be
$2,000-$4,000). Be a bit more cautious here. There are also decent
books on Amazon; ask those at the investment club for recommendations.

You'll run into a lot of nay-sayers (friends, relatives, other posters
on Google Answers). Ask them: "Have you ever tried this?" If they
begin, "No, but..." smile politely and move on. If they say, "Yes,"
ask them what they tried and why they think it didn't work. Frankly,
most people who buy the investment packages (such as Carleton Sheets')
fail. It's not that the program's bad...though sometimes there's
insufficient support for newbiews...but rather that the person didn't
follow through. Learn from them.

So, how do you make $3,000 a month on $30,000? Every case is different, but...

Very, very roughly allow $5,000-$8,000 and six months in start-up
costs and time. Join your local real estate investors group ($300).
Order business cards, get a phone line and answering machine (or
answering service) ($150). Form an LLC ($500). Attend a couple of
multi-day seminars by various real estate gurus ($1,000-$1,500). Buy
additional study materials ($1,000). Begin marketing. (Very often,
mailing out letters or postcards. Sometimes cold-calling--much more
effective if you can do it. Putting up "bandit signs." Order magnetic
signs for your car "We Buy Houses." Tacky, yes, but effective.) Set
your own budget, but probably it'll be $250-$500 a month. Be prepared
to wait several months for the first successful deal. It may happen
much sooner, but don't be discouraged if it doesn't.

So where does the $3,000 come from? If you can find and wholesale one
house every 2 months for an average profit of $5,000, there's your
$30,000. (I attended a program last night; the speaker had gotten into
real estate investing in late 2002. He's doing 1-1/2 wholesale deals a
month, average profit of $24,000 per deal.) (This is in the
Washington, DC, area.)

Or find and rehab 2 properties a year with an average profit of
$5,000. (I went on a "field trip" last Saturday and saw three rehabs.
Rehab 1: Acquisition price $100,000, rehab costs $130,000, anticipated
sales price $425,000. Rehab 2: Acquisition price: $155,000, rehab
costs $25,000, anticipated sales price $275,000. Rehab 3: Acquisition
price $145,000, rehab costs $35,000, anticipated sales price $271,000.
Investor 1 runs a construction business full-time; Investor 2 was in
IT before becoming a full-time investor; Investor 3 is a full-time
county cop.) A rehab can take anywhere from a month (or less) up to
6-8 months, depending on the complexity. Start small and simple. And
while it takes money to do rehabs, it doesn't necessarily take your
own money. Investor 1 is doing it out-of-pocket with one of his
foremen as a partner. Investors 2 and 3 borrowed the money privately.
They're paying 12%-15% on the money. If that doesn't work, if you can
acquire a property for 70 cents on the dollar, you can always find
"hard money"--kind of expensive (say 6 points and 12% interest), but
take a look at the profit potential.

Or do a sandwich lease-option. That might give you (again, very, very
rough numbers) $2,000-$5,000 up front, $100-$300 per month during the
course of the lease option, and...who knows...whatever the equity
build-up is at the termination of the lease-option.

These numbers are real. It does take work to succeed; it's not as easy
as the infomercials make it out to be. But that's the way you can make
$3,000 a month with your $30,000.

Hope that helps.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: sachaa-ga on 22 Jun 2005 07:00 PDT

Regarding real eastate investing comments,
- how do you find rehabs with such upside potential? In the Denver
area there are no fix-uppers for $100k in a neighborhood where homes
sell for $425k after rehab as in your examples. I have a couple of
agents I use but have found no such deals.
-how about carrying costs/mortgage payments during the 1-6 months
while you rehab and try to resell the property? I only have $30k for
everything. (down payment, closing costs, reserves etc..)
-can you really make money with rehabs unless you're a handyman (I am
NOT), I hear the home improvement/construction guys can really jack up
the costs leaving a newbie like me holding the bag/mortgage, how do
you avoid being taken?
-have you ever done any deals or is it purely a matter of what you
heard at  real estate seminars? I have a nagging question at the back
of my mind ~ if these gurus make $150k proft on one rehab why are they
out selling seminars instead of doing more deals?
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: wordsmth-ga on 22 Jun 2005 12:31 PDT
Good questions.

>>- how do you find rehabs with such upside potential? In the Denver
area there are no fix-uppers for $100k in a neighborhood where homes
sell for $425k after rehab as in your examples. I have a couple of
agents I use but have found no such deals.<<

You find them by directing your marketing directly toward potential
sellers, by using "bird dogs," or by using "wholesalers." In any case,
the properties will most often be obtained from people who want to
sell ("motivated sellers") and either don't have the time to use a
real estate agent or who prefer not to use an agent. For instance, an
investor can close on a deal (assuming the title isn't too messed up)
in a week or less. That's because the money is coming from either
other investors or from "hard money" lenders, who usually lend based
solely on the value of the property. Marketing to potential sellers
means postcards or letters (direct mail), "bandit signs," ads in
newspapers, or in some areas now television. "Bird Dogs" are people
who go out and find potential properties (ones that look run down,
abandoned, or who hear from a friend of a friend that someone wants to
sell) and send those leads to you. It's typical to pay a bird dog
$1,000-$1,500 for every lead that results in an acquisition. A
wholesaler is someone who has already acquired the property (either
through his/her own direct marketing or via a bird dog), marks it up,
and sells it to you.

Generally, you don't use real estate agents. First, if they're looking
in the MLS for leads, they generally won't find any; the people who
sell at a discount often don't want to deal with agents. Or if they've
got the 45-60 days minimum (sales time plus closing time), then the
house probably is priced near the "fair market value." Also, some
agents are also real estate investors; those that make it to the MLS
are generally snapped up by them. And many don't make it through to
the MLS; an agent gets it first. So, look elsewhere.

>>-how about carrying costs/mortgage payments during the 1-6 months
while you rehab and try to resell the property? I only have $30k for
everything. (down payment, closing costs, reserves etc..)<<

Yes, the clock is running. However, there are a number of options. If
you're using a "hard money lender," Most or all of the amount you owe
(let's say 6 points plus 12% interest) is paid when you dispose of the
property. They've secured their loan with a lien on the property. If
you're using private investors, again, they want payment when you sell
the property. In both cases, if the price is low enough, borrow enough
to cover the monthly payments. Or you can bring in a partner--for
instance, someone who'll put up $5,000 in return for, say, 25% of the
profits. When you're working with investment properties, generally
there isn't a separate "down payment." You're not putting 20% down.
You're putting little or none of your money into acquiring the
property. You're borrowing it from a hard money lender or from other

>>-can you really make money with rehabs unless you're a handyman (I am
NOT), I hear the home improvement/construction guys can really jack up
the costs leaving a newbie like me holding the bag/mortgage, how do
you avoid being taken?<<

Yes, you can make money even using contractors. In my earlier example,
one of the rehabbers is a contractor and a second one does enjoy doing
the work himself. The third, though, uses contractors. And that's one
of the most difficult parts of rehabbing--finding affordable (not
necessarily cheap, but good value), dependable contractors. Do the
logical things: get references, find someone who's been around for a
while. And, maybe most important, pay the contractor only a portion at
a time. (If you use a hard money lender, the lender will only give you
the money at specified milestones...same goes for your arrangement
with the contractor.) And always, always hold back 10%-15% until after
the job is completed to your satisfaction. One decision you'd have to
make is whether to use a general contractor--more expensive, but
should handle many of the hassles and all the interfaces with the
subcontractors--or whether to serve as your own general contractor,
finding your own subs (electrical, plumbing, etc.) Some rehabbers
prefer one approach; some prefer the other.

>>-have you ever done any deals or is it purely a matter of what you
heard at  real estate seminars? I have a nagging question at the back
of my mind ~ if these gurus make $150k proft on one rehab why are they
out selling seminars instead of doing more deals?<<

I wondered the same thing myself; why are these gurus doing seminars
rather than making money with real estate. In many cases, it's to
increase their own network, to raise their own visibility. The program
I attended Monday with the wholesaler--there were maybe 50 people in
the audience. He had 90 minutes to make a good impression on them, get
his name out, and hand out business cards. His information was very
useful, but I'm sure he made some contacts who'll send him some leads,
or who will buy a property or two from him. So he invests 90 minutes
and let's say he picks up one additional lead that results in a (for
him) minimal $5,000 return. $5,000 for a 90 minute investment isn't

Now, that's for local speakers and real estate clubs. The big national
programs...the infomercials...yes, where they're making their money is
in selling their products. Some of the national gurus still do their
own real estate deals, too, but they're using the seminars, the tapes,
the CDs, the workbooks as a very definite revenue stream. In those
cases, I'd make sure that the guru is still active in real estate, and
that the method he or she is peddling still works in 2005. (Most
techniques will, but the field is changing and evolving.)

Hope that helps.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: research_help-ga on 23 Jun 2005 05:51 PDT
I know an easy way for you to make your first $3,000. Bet wordsmth
that neither he nor anyone he personally knows has ever actually
consistently made this kind of return by buying a cheap house and then
turning it around.  This is the kind of idea that is great in theory,
but doesn't happen in the real world, except maybe a "1 in a million"
chance where you are at the right place at the right time.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: sachaa-ga on 23 Jun 2005 08:18 PDT

In your comments you did not say that you have actually done this, so
I'll assume that your prose is a summary what your "make a fortune in
real estate" guru/book has said, right?
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: j_a_c_k-ga on 23 Jun 2005 21:55 PDT
This is an easy one - because it takes money to make money & you have
30K to invest. So listen up carefully.

1st - you are going to want to get involved in something you are familiar with.
You have a 6am-3pm job working for people so starting a business is
risky plus its always better to buy out a business in your field that
is not doing well than to create your own business from the ground up.

If you gamble your money, then thats exactly what you ll end up doing - 
GAMBLING IT ALL AWAY - note: professional poker players DO NOT gamble

Something you need to be aware of: The more you want to make with your
investment the more you put your money at RISK. High Risk investments
will get you the most for your buck, but with HIGH risk. At that -
Make sure you do all your homework.

If you have any ideas like Inventions then you could invest your money
there. That would be a wise investment with some risk involved and
could pay out very well at the end. So put your mind to work... Think,
think, think...
Do you have the next big IDEA in that mind, if so then you could invest there.
There are 2 ways to approach that type of idea - so if you have that
idea i ll tell you more if asked.

I can come up with quite a few ideas for you to invest your money and
receive enough to replace your current job. However it is always best
to stay in your comfort zone. Be involved in something you are
familiar with.

**Investing in a start-up corporation can pay off very well, however
has good amount of risk involved** Finding a person with a vision is
your key

Hope all this helps - If you want more ideas let me know
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: xsasx91-ga on 30 Jun 2005 08:49 PDT
you should definitely invest in a starting business that you believe
will work. however, before you do this, make sure that you truly
believe in what you will be investing in. also, dont expect to see any
money within the first 6 months of the business' startup (possiblely
longer.. or shorter, depending on the business). however, if they make
it, it will be very profitable in the end. i hope this helps!
keep me posted!
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: seth526-ga on 02 Jul 2005 09:27 PDT
    i am from india, i have a nice plan for you.with this plan you can
make even more then $3000 per month .
    I will advise you to make a good website and take a affiliate
program of some good company.As you are ready to invest 30000 you can
do a good advertising and of your site.At this point i will suggest
you to take the work of some SEO company which can make a good site
for you and can do the SEO of your site so that your site appears top
in the search engines.
       why i am telling you to take the service of SEO is if your site
make a top position in the search engines along with the product you
sell you can put googleaddwords which is also a good side income.
         I am sure if you do this in a well planned way then you can
earn about 5k per month.
          If you want to take the service of SEO i am ready to help
you for this.Hope you understand my plan.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: wordsmth-ga on 05 Jul 2005 14:26 PDT
Actually, I have done profitable real estate investing. I didn't say
it was easy, but it can be done. And I didn't say it could be done
with no money at all; I did suggest a realistic budget. And please
don't take my word for it. Go to your local real estate investment
group meeting. Talk to some of the people there. Ask them if they've
done any deals in the state/city you live in. (I live in Northern
Virginia, where properties have been appreciating 25% a year for the
past 3 years. There are some strategies that work better here than
other places. On the other hand, some strategies work great elsewhere
and not so well here.)

And while research_help's skepticism is understandable, it isn't an
issue of "1 in a million." If you know who to target, and how, your
odds get much better. One example: targeting landlords. On average, if
I call up 20 people who've advertised houses for rent in a Saturday or
Sunday newspaper and ask if they'd be interested in a lease-option
arrangement, at least 1 will say yes. Now, I'm not calling every ad in
the paper. I'm skipping those placed by realtors or management
companies. I'm skipping those priced in the upper third or so of the
market. (In my market, I skip those above $2,000 a month.) I skip
those looking for short-term leases. I skip those more than 20 miles
away from my home. (Nothing wrong with the more distant ones; it's
just that there are enough close by.) I especially look in the last
week of the month (let's say June 26) for properties "Available July
1" or any that say "Available immediately." But that still gives me
more than I can ever manage to call. And, like I say, I get plenty of

Research_help is right that you do have to be at the right place at
the right time. Absolutely. But you can be. One quick story: Last
weekend my wife and I were picking up our son from a wrestling camp in
southwestern Virginia. We took a side trip afterwards to Appomattox
for some sightseeing. Stopped in at a restaurant (Granny B's), then
went to an ice cream parlor across the street. I'd been questimating
to my wife what houses cost down there; she didn't believe me. She
went up to one of the servers in the ice cream parlor (sorry, didn't
catch her name) and asked her what houses go for in the area. I was
right on target ($35,000-$75,000, generally). But then we talked some
more. The waitress and her husband are kicking themselves. Why? A
house came up for auction in downtown Appomattox recently. Should have
gone for $90,000. It was a 4 bedroom in downtown, with a rental unit.
But no one (or only one person) showed up to bid, and it went for
something in the 30s. I'm only guessing, but the rental unit would
probably bring in about $250 a month. With interest rates where they
are today, the rental unit would just about pay the entire mortgage,
and someone picked up over $50,000 in instant equity. Right place,
right time, yes. One in a million? No. On the other hand, the server
also had a good story about how she and her husband bought their own
house. It involved creative financing and a good real estate agent. I
won't go into the details, but it appears to be a win-win situation
for all involved...including the real estate agent who knew how to
make the deal work.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: hattmall-ga on 09 Jul 2005 01:12 PDT
I don't see why many people think this is so difficult. 120% Yearly
return isn't crazy, in fact its about as mundane a return as you could
hope for. You really shouldn't work for less.... Most items you
purchase have well over 120% markup and when you buy them online there
is very little overhead associated with that. I posted a pretty good
answer but it was removed, I guess it was out of Google's rules. There
are 1000's of "Turnkey" business that you can buy for $30,000 usaully
much much less.
$3000 a month isn't very much money for a succesful online business,
you can easily buy someones business that they no longer want to
manage and make $3000 a month with little or no effort. Just look on
Ebay, Hundreds of people are selling exactly what you are looking for
often for much less. Anyone selling one of these small business will
be able to show you exactly what they do, and exactly how much money
they make. It dosen't take a genius to figure out how to make $3000
dollars. All you need to do is duplicate a succesful online business
that has low overhead and is easy to duplicte. 99% of Succesful online
business are easy to duplicate, and with $30,000 you could probably
duplicate about 30 of them. You could even dupliacte business that you
wouldn't have to do any work. The easiest way to make money is to help
someone else make money, and then you take a cut. It is what most
succesful business do.... (Franchising) or the same concept but just
arranged differently (advertising) and the same concept in its most
natural form (retailing).

If you know a lot about computers all you need to do is start a
website, say "" & your slogan be "Hey! We will answer
any question, guaranteed or your money back, YOU NAME THE PRICE!" Have
people post questions in a forum, you come and post the question on
Google Answers for a few dollars less than what the person paid you.
(Get The Money Up Front)There are 100's of millions of people  that
don't know about this site (Google Answers). But I bet they have
questions they are willing to pay to get answered. (just look at the
questions people ask here, 5, 10, 50, even 200 dollars for things that
could be answered with a 10 minutes and a Google search.) Do a little
bit of advertising and get them to go to your site.....

$3000 should be absolutely no problem with that much money to invest. 
Start that site, split the profit with someone and get them to do all
the posting and reposting of questions and answers. (People work for
less)Then you just sit back and collect the "monthly spendable cash"
and you could also get the tax gains if you perhaps decided to stick
up a few flyers advertising your site on your next vacation. I think
the Goverment gives back $0.65 PER MILE for business related travel.
You could even, proportional to the amount of time you spend promoting
your business while on vacation, write off a part of your hotel room.
Pass out some business cards and tell the waiter about your site and
40% of your meal is on Uncle Sam.

Your question is so easy I can't believe all these people that thinks
it is difficult or requires tons of time investment in things like
real estate lessons, attending classes, and reading books.

Who trained you to think like that? 

Don't work Hard! Work Smart, the key to making money is helping others
make money and duplicating your efforts.

If you don't get $3000 for start a few more
duplicate sites. If I knew where you were located I could tell you a
meeting to go to where you could connect with a Business Team that can
easily help you make the money you desire. Its so simple to make money
if you have the right thought process. Yet nearly impossible if you
have the wrong one. If YOU think IM crazy, I recommend you read a book
or two by the Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad". It can help you make way
more than $3000 a month and it won't cost you 30 stacks.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: sachaa-ga on 09 Jul 2005 10:23 PDT

Putting up websites is very easy for me but I have not found a way to
bring visiters to any site in a cost effective manner. All the SEOs
that claim to do so do not guarantee their work, that's why they
charge by the hour, they get paid whether you make $$ or not.... you
end up providing employment for website promoters and hardly anything
to show for the effort.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: hattmall-ga on 09 Jul 2005 15:34 PDT
Google Adwords and advertising on a related website have worked great
for me. Also find somewhere that is selling domain names cheap. I have
bought them for 99 cents .info. Buy like 20, and put up a website that
provides a description and a link to your main site. Then regeister
all 20 with Search Engines. You will get high placements quickly. As
the way many (Google) rank sites is by the number of other sites that
link to them. I.E. Search Google for Miserable Failure.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: czdday-ga on 10 Jul 2005 12:56 PDT
A good friend of mine just invested in mobile advertising.  there is a
company in Las Vegas that does all the work for you - Ads 2Go
( - I think).  You provide the truck (their site tells you
how to do this) and they get the ads and run the truck for you for 50%
of the profit. My buddy financed the truck through Ford so he didn't
even have to shell out a lot of cash to get started. He just got
started, but the plan looks really good.  With all the ads on his
truck sold, he'd be make approx $4K per month.  If it works for him,
I'm thinking of doing it too.  The only problem is that they are not
taking too many trucks - don't want to flood the area with too many of
their trucks.  But, I understand that they are expanding to the Lake
Tahoe and Reno area soon.  Maybe I can get in on the ground floor in
that area if I'm too late for the Las Vegas strip plan.

Just a thought.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: carpetbager-ga on 13 Jul 2005 14:44 PDT
after reading everyone elses comments I am suprised. Let me tell you
all that you can make very consistent money on investment property. I
am sure there are those who will never believe; that is fine. i am not
going to through my credenbtials around or tell you about my best
deal. I dont advocate real estate books, and I especially dont
advocate seminars. It is not for the faint of heart. As joe investor
you have two choices. Quite your job and jump in, as I did, or find
someone like myself who has the time to work the market all day and
buy from them. Dont, however, buy the first thing someoneshows you,
and do your homework. If you have any doubts go to
and see for yourself. I will be more than happy to send you comparable
sales  and even appraisals on any property that I have sold.

Just so you know how serious I am. Our office in miami sells app. 30
wholesale properties per month. I personally buy and sell 5-7 per
month. We have offices in Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Orlando,
Jacksonville, Charlotte, Houston, and Cincinatti. we are opening
Dallas, Naples/Fort Myers, and Nashville within 12 months.

it may be hard to believe as you sit behind your desk in a 9-5 job but it is true.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: dvinci-ga on 19 Jul 2005 16:13 PDT
You could learn how to sell covered calls on stock within a margin account.

It would be even better to learn how to use options to trade calander
spreads on stocks within a margin account.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: riccja-ga on 01 Aug 2005 10:35 PDT
There are some very good stock picking websites that you can earn a
high rate of return if your disciplined enough to follow there advice.
The best I have come across is presently a free site called
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: rokman89-ga on 07 Aug 2005 10:53 PDT
Good morning Sachaa.

One possibility to return 10%/mo. would be in the FOREX
Market(Currency exchange).  If no one has offered this information to
you before now, I'm quite surprised.

It is the largest and most liquid($1.9 Trillion/day) market, utilizing
proven strategies & leverage to potentially create the returns you're
searching for.
People can even begin trading with a $300 Mini Account.
This is an industry I've studied aggressively, made money with, and
any losses can be minimized immediately by implementing certain
Rather than go into a long-winded seminar, perhaps this has peaked
your curiousity enough to look into the FOREX, and to touch base with
me to discuss things further if you find it to be a viable option?

Take care, and good luck.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: mindreader-ga on 12 Aug 2005 06:33 PDT
forget about FOREX!! you're better off gambling at something you're
even slightly knowledgeable at than trying to learn something
completely new. The odds of you winning at forex are slim to none,
trust me on this.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: riccja-ga on 16 Aug 2005 09:27 PDT
Most stock picking sites are not worth the money you pay for
them...also there are a few pay sites that are. The best pay site I
have found is Richard Band's site. He is very conservative buy his
picks are excellent. And reasoning is sound. In addition there is a
free site that has been around over a year now that is beating the
indexes handily. Its I would think you
could make 10% with either of these sites or a combination of both
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: kreuzerb-ga on 23 Aug 2005 16:05 PDT
It is amazing the amount of time people spend on this stuff.  Maybe
you would be better off at
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: nyreefer-ga on 24 Aug 2005 12:03 PDT
I don't understand why some people have such a hard time thinking that
it is impossible to make well over 100% a year on your investment.

My best advice is similar to the Forex one- but you will have to spend
a ton of time doing your homework, taking the work seriously, and be
able to survive at least a year without seeing much of a return while
you do this.

Go to a good proprietary trading firm and learn how to daytrade.  I
don't care how much people scoff at trading short term- it works if
you have the dicipline to really learn a new field.  With a $30,000
investment you could easily leverage that up to $1,000,000 of buying
power at a firm.  Think it is hard to make 10% a year?  No?  Well,
what is 10% of $1,000,000?  $100,000.  How many times more that
$30,000 is $100,000?

I started trading out of college and my firm required a $5,000 minimum
investment.  With that $5,000 I had $250,000 to 'play' around with in
the market.  I knew many people who were making well over $100,000 a
year- this is only last year, not at the end of the .com craze.

Make certain you can get by for a full year-possibly longer without
making money from trading.  Take a second job if needed.  Even though
I didn't have any money saved up after school- I left trading after a
year because i wasn't making a fortune couldn't and afford squat and
left for an investment banking job - I still made over 100% on that
original $5,000.

Anyone who thinks you cannot make more than 100% has never thought to
try anything other than the normal 'safe' ways to make money.  Give
trading a try- leave if you are down 15% or so.  You never know if you
can make it or not- I know one guy who is 27 and making well over
$300k a year day trading.

Remember though- that is a full time job, not some easy, get rich quick scheme!
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: nyreefer-ga on 24 Aug 2005 12:17 PDT
Just thought of an argument people have with leverage- that it can
quickly wipe you out.  Daytrading is not buy and hold- you place stop
losses probably no more than 50 cents from your entry.  Say you have a
1,000 share position and it goes 10 cents in your favor- you just made
$100.  Goes against you 10 cents, you just lost $100. Thirty of those
trades makes up $3,000- thats 10% of $30,000.   You usually don't
start trading 1,000 share lots though- probably 100 shares at a time. 
That would equal 300 losing trades in a row to lose 10% of your
starting equity!  I will tell you right now that even by randomly
choosing position sides you will never have that many losses in a row-
so you will have plenty of time to realize if you can hack it at
trading or not.

There aren't going to be huge swings (usually) in your equity- so
using $1,000,000 of buying power with $30,000 of equity is fine- as
long as you keep losses small, aren't scared out of positions, and
have good dicipline. Even if you only win 40% of the time you can
still be profitable if you are very consistant with limiting your
losses and not getting our of positions too early (easier said than
done- but it can be done). Do your research though and try to find a
mentor- I never found one and had to do most of the learning on my own
(not an easy thing to do).
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: nyreefer-ga on 24 Aug 2005 12:21 PDT
By the way- DO NOT USE STOCK PICKING SITES!!!  Most are only there to
make themselves $$$- there might be a few out there worthwhile, but
very few.  Come up with your own strategy and stick to it.  Then don't
tell anyone about it.  If these sites were so profitable they would be
trading their own $ and not taking yours!
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: aniken-ga on 03 Sep 2005 15:07 PDT
export what buyers overseas want, you will make double or more a month.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: wildyeti-ga on 06 Sep 2005 14:31 PDT
Buy $30,000 dollars worth of Google Stock. =P

Or buy $30,000 dollars worth of lottery tickets. =P
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: littlepapapoof-ga on 28 Sep 2005 16:01 PDT
do what I did, I purchased a apartment building for 35000 from the irs
that had a judgement on it. Now I make 2600 after paying the apartment
manager per month not quite what you want, but I think it's the
closest your going to get!
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: mikedisanto-ga on 12 Oct 2005 08:46 PDT
Here is an Executive Summary for starting an Online Poker site.  You
might find it useful in your research.

It has endnotes and statistics that summarize the online gamming
industry (i.e. poker rooms) and forecasts for one, three and five
years from
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: kurtman-ga on 03 Nov 2005 19:42 PST
There is a stock system on e-bay that is called the 10% stock system.
It does exactly that - earn 10% per month - which is $3,000 per month.
E-bay user has 100% feedback and sold 100's - worth a look.
Been making good on my small purse.
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: franciswhite-ga on 11 Jan 2006 06:35 PST have alot of not so smart people on this board.
Very simple...

Use 30,000 to setup professional webcam porn shop.

Attract 30,000 customers.

Charge each customer 1 usd per month.

make 30,000 USD per month. 100% ROI every month.:-)

However its a risky business,hope u have good lˇoking chicks in mind!
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: tzmartin-ga on 16 Feb 2006 15:15 PST
You should look into the domain name market. Specifically, high
traffic / low cost domains.  This strategy may consist of buying
existing websites or purchasing deleted domains that have hidden

There are tools that the pros use to uncover traffic and find
undervalued websites.  Plan on spending about $100 per month for
intelligence, or possibly more depending on the data supplier. I'm
currently a beta tester for  They have an integrated
value system that you can modify.

Just like any other business, you'll need to immerse yourself in what
ever it is that makes you money.
Subject: Re: How Successful Is Forex Trading
From: cecc-ga on 24 Feb 2006 02:45 PST
I was wondering how successful people find Forex Trading?

Len Cecchetto
Subject: Here's my advice...
From: dillonthomas-ga on 02 Mar 2006 22:05 PST
Here's my advice...
For the people who say "its impossible to make $30,000 per month" they
dont know what they are talking about....
Any decent business on the stock exchange will take $30,000 in sales in a day.
Its all about the IDEA, not the initial amount of capital you have.
Look at what Alex Tew did.
He took $100 and setup
Within 4 months he made $1,032,000
Never mind the doubters, they will get nowhere in life.
Ignore the people who say to invest in property or shares or forex.
You will only make BIG money in those areas if you invest BIG money.
Goodluck :)
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: ocoeeriver-ga on 22 Mar 2006 10:56 PST
I've made $10000 in a DAY on the Stock Market, so it's not impossible
to do what you are wanting...but it IS improbable...because I've lost
that much in a day also.

That being said, here are some of my ideas:

Buy a cheap, nasty property with owner financing for, say, $10,000
down.  Use another $5000 to clean up, paint, repair the property to a
fair degree.  Sell it for $10,000 more than the original purchase
price.  If it took you less than three months to do all of that (and
it should), you will have exceeded your $3000/month goal.

Put your $30,000 in a stock market margin account, which DOUBLES the
buying power of your money.  Thus, with $30,000 in cash, you can buy
$60,000 worth of stock (of course, you must pay a fee for the use of
this extra money).  Do research on various stocks.  Ideally, you want
one that not expensive, but is listed on the SP500, is making new
highs, etc.  Buy all you can.  Set a trailing stop of, say, 5%.  If
it's a good one at say, $3/share, every .50 gain is $10000 for you.

Daytrade.  Be satisfied with nickel and dime gains, and do not
tolerate more than a 3 cent loss (or, rather, start selling short at
some point).  You can make upwards of $1000 day...but again, it's

By a Chic-Fil-A outlet.  It is very inexpensive...BUT, you don't just
buy it.  They vet you and the area, etc.  You are guaranteed
$30000/year (last I heard), or half the profits (can't remember
exactly).  They buy the land and build the place for half the profits.
 Never have to work Sundays.

Open your own check cashing business.  You cash checks (there are ways
to determine likelihood of a check bouncing), charge a percentage of
the check, perhaps even offer other services for a fee.

Buy a sizeable piece of land within 100 miles of New York City. 
Subdivide and sell based on it's being rural, but within an hour of
the Big Apple.

Find others with investment money, merge your funds, and do something
even bigger.  Car dealership.  etc.

Maybe you'll find a seed of an idea.  In any case, I wish you luck!
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: markd4864-ga on 28 Mar 2006 13:04 PST
short google
Subject: Re: How Do I Make $3,000/month with a $30,000 Cash To Investment?
From: hi_am_akshay-ga on 05 Jun 2006 01:01 PDT
Well, I would advice you to start day trading.
There are lot of people who day trade and make money.
But it doesnt mean that everyone succeed. You need to get in touch
with someone professional who could be a mentor and teach you all the
in and out of the day trading game.

You can mail me anytime to have further details on this profession.
My email id is girishind  at gmail.

Many a people take trading as gambling... and the one who thinks this
way never succeed in this... Simple reason being tht it isnt gambling,
it is a game of calculated risk & probabilities.


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