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Q: Countries where viagra patent is not registered ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Countries where viagra patent is not registered
Category: Relationships and Society > Law
Asked by: constantino-ga
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Posted: 21 Jun 2005 15:42 PDT
Expires: 21 Jul 2005 15:42 PDT
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I would like to know which countries viagra patent was not registered.
In particular, I would like to know if viagra patent was registered in
the following countries:
Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Czech.
Subject: Re: Countries where viagra patent is not registered
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 22 Jun 2005 06:37 PDT

Your question doesn't lend itself to a simple answer.

As you may know, there are quite a number of distinct patents
pertaining to Viagra, that cover manufacturing processes for the drug,
various formulations, and various uses in treatments.

In addition, there are now quite a number of regional patent
protection programs that provide patents for, e.g. broad areas in
Europe or Africa, and these protections include many individual

Fortunately, it is possible to conduct fairly comprehensive, worldwide
patent searches through the excellent (if somewhat cumbersome) search
tool provided by the European Patent Office, which covers patents not
only from Europe, but for many other countries around the world --
I've included a list of the countries below.

The European Patent Office search tools is here:

A search for the term [ sildenafil ] in the patent title (sildenafil
is the chemical name for Viagra) and [ Pfizer ] in the applicant field
turned up a number of relevant patents -- you should try the search
yourself to see the results.

The key patents are listed below, along with corresponding patents
from other countries, where applicable.  Of the countries you listed
in your question, only the Czech Republic is explicilty listed in the
results below.  However, patent protection may also be afforded by the
more generic European-wide patents that have been issued.

I trust the information below fully answers your question.  

However, please don't rate this answer until you have everything you
need.  If you would like any additional information, just post a
Request for Clarification to let me know how I can assist you further,
and I'm at your service.

All the best,




Intermediate compound for preparing sildenafil

HK1033459 - 2005-02-08   HONG KONG

Also published as: 
   EP0812845 (A1)   EUROPE
   US5955611 (A1)   US
   TR9700470 (A2)   TURKEY
   OA10426 (A)   	  AFRICA
   JP11171879 (A)   JAPAN
   JP10081688 (A)   JAPAN
   AP717 (A)        AFRICA
   EP0812845 (B1)   EUROPE
   SK283897B (B6)   SLOVAKIA
   SK283896B (B6)   "
   SK283895B (B6)   "
   SK283894B (B6)   "
   SK283893B (B6)   "
   EA102 (B1)       EURASIAN PATENTS
   DE69723846T (T2) GERMANY  
   DE69723846D (T2) GERMANY
   CZ290942 (B6)    CZECH REPUBLIC
   BG62554 (B1)     BULGARIA


HU0301915 - 2003-09-29  HUNGARY

Also published as: 
   CA2429114 (A1)   CANADA
   EP1335730 (B1)   EUROPE

Process for preparing sildenafil

US6066735 - 2000-05-23   US

Intranasal formulations for treating sexual disorders comprising
Viagra or sildenafil mesylate in particular crystalline mono or

NZ336382  1999-11-29   NEW ZEALAND 

Also published as: 
   EP0967214 (A1)   EUROPE
   US2002040139 (A1)   US
   TR9901444 (A2)   TURKEY
   OA11069 (A)      AFRICA
   JP2000034232 (A) JAPAN  
   CA2275554 (A1)   CANADA
   EP0967214 (B1)   EUROPE
   EA1903 (B1)      EURASIAN
   CZ294856 (B6)    CZECH REPUBLIC
   AU746865 (B2)    AUSTRALIA

Oral pharmaceutical formulations comprising sildenafil in free base
form for the treatment of male impotence and female sexual disorders

NZ335772 - 2000-12-22  NEW ZEALAND

Also published as: 
   EP0960621 (A2)   EUROPE
   TR9901077 (A2)   TURKEY
   OA11040 (A)      AFRICA
   JP11349483 (A)   JAPAN
   EP0960621 (A4)   EUROPE
   EP0960621 (A3)   EUROPE
   CA2272042 (A1)   CANADA
   AU753478 (B2)    AUSTRALIA

 Preparation of the sildenafil precursor 4- not
2-ethoxy-5-(4-methylpiperazin-1-ylsulfonyl)-benzamido 3/4 -1-methyl
3-n-propylpyrazole-5-carboxamide and the
2-ethoxy-5-(4-methylpiperazin-1-ylsulfonyl)-benzoic acid intermediate

IL125411 - 2000-02-29  ISRAEL

Process for preparing sildenafil

SI916675T - 2003-12-31  SLOVENIA

Process for preparing sildenafil

SI812845T  1999-12-31   SLOVENIA

Also published as: 
   EP0916675 (A2)  EUROPE  
   EP0916675 (A3)   "
   EP0916675 (B1)   "

Process for preparing sildenafil

TW391961 - 2000-06-01  TAIWAN


The European Patent Office database appears to be fairly
comprehensive, but it should not be taken as 100% complete.  For
instance, I am aware of a Pfizer patent in China for Viagra, but this
did not show up in the current search.  This may be partly the result
of the inherent difficulties of meshing datasources that do not use
the same alphabets.


The countries (and in some cases, regions) represented in the European
Patent Office database are the following:

Country codes 

Country codes are two letters indicating the country or organisation
where the patent application was filed or granted (eg GB). The list of
countries covered by our worldwide database is shown in this table:

CC  Name  

AP African Regional Industrial Property Organization 
AR Argentina 
AT Austria 
AU Australia 
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 
BE Belgium 
BG Bulgaria 
BR Brazil 
CA Canada 
CH Switzerland 
CN China 
CS Czechoslovakia (up to 1993) 
CU Cuba 
CY Cyprus 
CZ Czech Republic  
DD Germany, excluding the territory that, prior to 3 October 1990,
constituted the Federal Republic of Germany
DE Germany 
DK Denmark 
EA Eurasian Patent Organisation 
EE Estonia 
EG Egypt 
EP European Patent Office 
ES Spain 
FI Finland 
FR France 
GB United Kingdom 
GR Greece 
HK Hong Kong 
HR Croatia 
HU Hungary 
IE Ireland 
IL Israel 
IN India 
IT Italy 
JP Japan 
KE Kenya 
KR Republic of Korea 
LT Lithuania 
LU Luxembourg 
LV Latvia 
MC Monaco 
MD Republic of Moldova 
MN Mongolia 
MT Malta 
MW Malawi 
MX Mexico 
MY Malaysia 
NC New Caledonia 
NL Netherlands 
NO Norway 
NZ New Zealand 
OA African Intellectual Property Organization 
PH Philippines 
PL Poland 
PT Portugal 
RO Romania 
RU Russian Federation 
SE Sweden 
SG Singapore 
SI Slovenia 
SK Slovakia 
SU Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) 
TJ Tajikistan 
TR Turkey 
TT Trinidad and Tobago 
TW Taiwan 
US United States of America 
VN Vietnam 
WO World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) 
YU Yugoslavia 
ZA South Africa 
ZM Zambia 
ZW Zimbabwe 

Again, let me know if there's anything else I can do for you on this.

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