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Q: Instructions for building gas firepit ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Instructions for building gas firepit
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Asked by: sdchap-ga
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Posted: 22 Jun 2005 06:50 PDT
Expires: 22 Jul 2005 06:50 PDT
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I need step-by-step instructions for building a backyard gas firepit
like one I recently saw:
It features a circle of brick, within which is a field of what I
believe to be loose river stones. The flames come up through the river
stones, creating a nice expanse of flames.
I'm also open to suggestions for materials other than river stones. A
key point is that we'll be building this into our backyard patio in a
heavy snow area--thus we need to make sure it is suitable for these
conditions. (Thinkng of drinking hot-buttered-rum around the firepit with friends.)
Subject: Re: Instructions for building gas firepit
Answered By: czh-ga on 27 Jun 2005 21:14 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello sdchap-ga,

I?ve found the information you need for building a backyard gas fire
pit. Before I give you the instructions, I want to alert you to some
planning issues that you may not have considered.

Backyard fire pits have become very popular in the past few years and
I found some articles that will be interesting reading to help you
choose the kind of installation that will work for you. These articles
also alerted me to the fact that the regulation of fire pits and
outdoor cooking facilities is almost always covered by local building
codes. I urge you to review these codes and get the necessary building
permits before you begin your project. I?ve included a couple of links
to give you some samples of what the regulations might cover.

When I started exploring the installation of the gas line to your
outdoor fire pit I discovered that such installations may also be
regulated. Some local laws require that gas lines be installed by
licensed contractors. Again, be sure to check out your local
ordinances before you start building.

I realize you said you were interested in building a fire pit which
seems to indicate an in-ground pit. As I explored the possibilities
for you I discovered that there a lots of above ground fire places
that might also be of interest to you. I?ve found instructions for how
to build the fire pits and also how to install the gas line. You have
lots of choices as there are some wonderful new materials available
for building outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

It sounds like you and your family will have a wonderful addition and
years of please with your new at-home campfire.

All the best.

~ czh ~

Fireplace Lowdown

***** This is a comprehensive site with lots of links that give you an
overview of every aspect of installing an outdoor fire place. It?s a
great place to start for your explorations.

Homeowners warm up to outdoor hearths 
Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Nov. 9, 2004 12:00 AM 

More than a half-million consumers placed a heating appliance on
decks, porches or patios in 2003.

***** This article gives you some ideas for style options for your fire pit.

June 16, 2005
Drawn to the backyard flame
  Across Southern California, family and friends are lingering by the
warm glow of fire pits.

Permanent designs: A permanent fire pit fueled by natural gas requires
a professional hookup to a gas line. The total cost, including
materials and labor? "Between $400 and $2,000, depending on how
elaborate you want it," says Ed Jaunzemis, owner of Moderustic, a
Rancho Cucamonga company that makes and sells fire pit equipment

A contractor can help you realize your ideas, Jaunzemis says, whether
you want a simple stucco structure with fake logs inside or an
elaborate number made of glass brick and detailed with colored glass
stones, a water element and fancy lighting.

***** This is a nice long article that will help you explore some
options about the style of fire pit you want to build.

Choosing A Patio Gas Fire Pit Or... A Real "Space" Heater?

What are the Different Fire Pit Designs?

Gas Fire Pit with Patio Campfires and Chimeneas give you the
opportunity to enjoy a traditional campfire right out your back door.
It's quick and easy because it's clean burning gas - no more chopping
and hauling firewood.  Take a look below at a variety of outdoor patio
campfires along with firepits and chimeneas.

***** This site gives you several kits for fire pits. The gas ring
and/or logs are placed in the fire pit you?ve built and is additional.

Outdoor Fire Rings ? Installation and Operating Instructions

***** This is an 11-page, fully illustrated and very detailed
instruction booklet for Dagan Industries fire rings. It will give you
the steps involved in installing an outdoor gas line and gas fire logs
whatever the brand you decide to buy.

Fire Pit Information


***** This page gives you detailed instructions for the installation
of the gas connection to your fire pit.


All Fire Pit Kits are made for use with natural gas but can be
converted to LP with our Air Mixer Assembly

Fire Pit Installation

***** This site offers lots of pictures to illustrate how the gas ring
is installed and the various materials you might want to use over it
in the ring. There is also a good sampling of fire rings in various


***** Look at all four pages of parts and equipment for building fire pits.

Building Your Own Backyard Barbeque

***** This site provides detailed instructions for building a fire
pit. It doesn?t include installation of a gas line.

FIRE PIT - Episode DROC-104

Feel like your backyard just isn't the gathering place you know it
could be? Dean and Derek have the solution: build a fire pit...and
then invite your friends and family for weekend gatherings. In this
episode of Rock Solid, Derek and Dean build a stone fire pit with a
crushed stone seating area in a backyard. They'll go to a local quarry
to pick out a mixture of Connecticut green and New England fieldstone
for the fire pit. They will share tips on what stones to look for at
the quarry and how to position and organize those stones on-site to
ensure an easy install and beautiful finished project. During the
build, they will explain ratio, mud mixing, chiseling and generally
how to finesse the stone into place.

***** The instructions and illustrations on this web site show you
clearly how to build the fire pit. Unfortunately, the instructions
don?t include information about how to install the gas line.

Fire Science Inc.

Fire Pit Kits
Your purchase includes many unique designs, construction suggestions
and our outdoor weather resistant custom burner. Fire pits create
ambiance that let you enjoy your yard year round. The burner is
designed for a in-ground natural gas hookup, they burn cleanly and are
typically used in conjunction with lava rocks or a refractory log set.
These burners are 100,000 BTU's. We are happy to manufacture custom,
natural gas burners for outdoor entertainment use. Our product retails
for $199.00, which includes shipping! (US only, lower 48 States).

***** The illustration shows a brick fire pit that may be exactly what
you had in mind.

A Backyard Fire Pit

***** This site gives excellent step-by-step instructions for building
an outdoor, in-ground fire pit and it?s nicely illustrated with
photos. The only problem is that it?s not a gas fire pit. You may be
able to adapt the plan and figure out how to add the gas burners on
your own.

------------------------------------------------- Community Forums --> Garden & Outdoors --> Outdoor Living  
Fire pit question!!!  

***** This forum discussion will give you pointers from people who
built their own fire pits.


This in ground custom round masonry outdoor fire pit ring is
constructed with bricks and concrete. Build this fire pit design and
add value to your backyard or outside patio spaces. Our fire pit
construction plan will explain how to build and make your own outdoor
patio or backyard fire pit. This outdoor fire pit design is 19 inches
tall and 86 inches round.

Fire Pit Plan ..$16.95
The outside of the pit can be finished with stucco (as shown here) r
stone to match your landscape.

***** This is an above ground fire pit plan 

Sartell, Minnesota
Recreational Fire Guidelines

It is the time of year again where we begin to spend our time outside
for recreation. Along with this, many of us have backyard fire pits
and enjoy an occasional campfire. While burning a campfire there are
several things we must keep in mind to ensure fire safety and the
consideration of our neighbors. The Minnesota Uniform Fire Code and
Minnesota State Statutes regulate the use of recreational fires to
assure this. The following is the guidelines that need to be followed
when burning a recreational fire.

Q: Can I have an open fire in my backyard? 
A: Open air fires are not permitted. Small fires are only permitted
for warmth and cooking food.

It must follow these conditions:
 -- located inside controlled container/unit/pit 
 -- must be supervised 
 -- have an extinguishing agent ready to be used (garden hose next to fire pit) 
 -- no painted wood or pressure-treated wood (green) be burned,
including no plastic, paper, or chemicals,
 -- it cannot be noxious to neighbours. Only natural wood is appropriate.

Like a Good Neighbor? 


how to build an in-ground fire pit
how to build backyard fire pit
how to build backyard gas fire pit
sdchap-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Wow, what an answer! Extremely comprehensive and thorough. Thank you
for the good work.

Subject: Re: Instructions for building gas firepit
From: cairo54-ga on 27 Jun 2005 00:27 PDT
As a Fire Department member, I would highly recommend that you check
with your local Fire Department to make sure that your municipal
by-laws do not prohibit you to have an open burning device on your
property. It would be quite the hassle for you to build your firepit
only to have a Fire Department official pull the plug on it. In some
areas, it is not considered open burning if you are using the fire for
cooking purposes. You may wish to consider this also when you are
implementing your construction plans.

Cheers and good luck!
Subject: Re: Instructions for building gas firepit
From: myoarin-ga on 27 Jun 2005 15:32 PDT
Hi, sounds cozy  - if the fire dept. doesn't object.  There is some
old pioneer folklore about not using river stones to build fireplaces,
but I don't know what the problem would be - maybe their splitting. 
Read it in a book by Earnest Thomas Seton (Seaton?), who should have
known about such matters.

Lots of folks put in outside facilities like fireplaces and spas and
then discover that they seldom use them (like my neighbor  :-)

Last weekend, I experienced what could be a much simpler and cheaper
way to enjoy a rousing fire with a minimum of effort.  The host had a
two to three foot high log that was about 20 inches in diameter.  With
a chain saw, three cuts had been made from one end of the log to
within a couple of inches of the the other end, leaving six pie-piece
shaped pieces standing with the width of the chain saw cuts separating
them.  With charcoal "fire-starter" in the middle, he soon had a
roaring fire that required no tending until the standing portions were
almost burned through.
His log was softwood.  I don't know how a hardwood log wood burn.

Keep the marshmellows and wieners handy to demonstrate that you are cooking. ;)

Good luck, Myoarin

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