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Q: Properties of Okalani Structured Water ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: Properties of Okalani Structured Water
Category: Science > Chemistry
Asked by: wwsnsource-ga
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Posted: 28 Jun 2005 20:50 PDT
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An MLM company has introduced a new product called "Okalani Water".
This is how they describe it:

"The Okalani structured water is a catalyst that turns regular water
from H2O to H12O6. What this means for the average person is that the
water is more easily absorbed into the bodies cells."

"The surface tension of the water is reduced. The water is also more
alkaline than regular water. A 8 ounce bottle will make 8 gallons."

"The Okalani Water that is H12O6, this is 3 times 
the O2 of regular water and has many, many less 
Dynes so it is complely absorbable right away." 

I suspect these two affiliates know a lot less about chemistry than I
do, which isn't much. But would H12O6 be any different than H2O? How
would this effect water surface tension?

If an eight ounce bottle will "make" eight gallons, is it just a
dilution? Would full strength Okalani Water be that much more
"potent"? Or is the whole concept just another cruel MLM joke?
Subject: Re: Properties of Okalani Structured Water
Answered By: czh-ga on 29 Jun 2005 02:28 PDT
Hello wwsnsource-ga,

You ask, "Or is the whole concept just another cruel MLM joke?"

Yes. It is!!!! Don't go near it.

Your instincts about the Okalani Water are correct. This is a hoax! I
notice it's marketed by LifeWave. There is nothing scientifically
valid about their claims. Although they claim it?s brand new and just
introduced, variations on ?clustered water? have been around for

I?ve collected several articles for you about clustered water and you
can draw your own conclusions. I?m not giving detailed information
here about LifeWave and their multi-level-marketing approach because I
see you have posted a separate question on that.

I think you have excellent instincts about questioning the chemistry
of Okalani Water. When something sounds too good to be true it usually

To your good health.

~ czh ~

New Products:
The Okalani water was officially launched and the LifeWave is offering
a 60 day promotion on RestQuiet for distributors only.

LifeWave Notes From The Atlanta, Georgia Event This Past Weekend 

3) Did I forget that we now have 2 New Products.  The Okalani Water
that is H12O6, this is 3 times  the O2 of regular water and has many,
many less  Dynes so it is complely absorbable right away.

***** Okalani Water is a new version of previously marketed ?clustered waters.?

Two New Products Introduced By LifeWave At Atlanta Conference 

As part of the just finished Regional Conference in Atlanta, LifeWave
introduced two new products to our distributors there.

The Okalani structured water is a catalyst that turns regular water
from H2O to H12O6. What this means for the average person is that the
water is more easily absorbed into the bodies cells.

Te surface tension of the water is reduced. The water is also more
alkaline than regular water. A 8 ounce bottle will make 8 gallons.

***** See discussions below in reviews of claims for H12O6 clustered waters.

The Newsletter of The North Texas Skeptics

Clustered Water
My first exposure to Clustered Water was actually at Preparedness Expo
'99 during its visit to Dallas; you might have seen a brief mention of
the product in my field report on the Expo (printed in the May 1999
issue of The North Texas Skeptic). Promoters of Clustered Water had
set up a table with a large chart showing beautiful color images of
what were supposed to be single water molecules, including Clustered
Water molecules.

A Brief Introduction to Clustered Water 
It turns out that Clustered Water is the invention of one Lee H.
Lorenzen, PhD, a licensed clinical nutritionist and chairman of
Cellcore International, Inc., a company that sells Clustered Water in
selected periodicals, over the Internet, and at a few
health/survivalism expos. A Web site operated by Cellcore-Utah
explained how Dr. Lorenzen discovered Clustered Water in the first

So, what exactly is this Clustered Water supposed to do, anyway? The
Cellcore-Utah site featured a list of benefits imparted by drinking
the stuff, including claims that Clustered Water "hydrates the cells,"
"enhances the body's immune system," "improves cell to cell
communication," and "energizes the body through resonance."

The Media Bypass advertisement is a bit more concise; in addition to
transporting nutrients, enzymes, and proteins in cells, "Clustered
Water? also removes waste products and helps maintain proper
communication between cells. This amazing breakthrough technology
allows us to sustain the high clustered water levels that are so
necessary in our body."

***** Read the rest of this long and well-illustrated and referenced
article and draw your own conclusions.

Water Cluster Pseudoscience

Junk science in the marketplace

There are more than twenty commercial products on the market that
purport to alter the structure of water in order to help maintain or
restore health, youth, and vigor. At my age I would not mind
re-aquiring some of these myself, but as a retired Chemistry professor
and habitual imbiber of tap-water, it disturbs me to see crackpot
chemistry, pseudoscientific mind-mush and outright lies used to
promote these products to consumers whose lack of scientific training
leaves them unprotected from this exploitation. This Web site is
directed primarily to those who are concerned about their health, but
who lack the technical background to distinguish science from
pseudoscience when the two are closely intertwined. It is also
recommended for teachers to use as resource material in courses about
consumer protection, pseudoscience, or critical thinking.

In the rather long page below, I try to present a critical examination
of some of the claims about the nature and action of these fictional
structure-altered waters ("SAW") in the context of the science as I
believe it is presently known and understood. It is my hope that
readers will thus be better equipped to make their own decisions about
the value of these products.

***** Read the whole page and form your own conclusions.

A Gentle Introduction to the structure of water
Debunking water cluster crackpot chemistry 
a deconstruction example for students and others

***** Read the articles and form your own conclusions.

Water-related Pseudoscience ? Fantasy and Quackery

Junk science in the marketplace
Magnets and "catalysts" for softening water, magnetic laundry balls,
waters that are "oxygenated", "clustered", "unclustered" or
"vitalized" (purporting to improve cellular hydration, remove toxins,
and repair DNA), high zeta-potential colloids and vortex-treated
waters to raise your energy levels, halt or reverse ageing and remove
geopathic stress? all of these wonders and more are being aggressively
marketed via the Internet, radio infomercials, seminars, and by
various purveyors of new-age nonsense. The hucksters who promote these
largely worthless products weave a web of pseudoscientific hype
guaranteed to dazzle and confuse the large segment of the public whose
limited understanding of science makes them especially vulnerable to
this kind of exploitation.

The purpose of this site is to examine the credibility of these claims
from the standpoint of our present-day understanding of science. The
latter, of course, is always evolving and is never complete, but it
makes an excellent "B.S. filter" that is almost always reliable. It is
hoped that the information presented here will help consumers make
more informed decisions before offering up their credit cards to those
in the business of flogging pseudoscience.

From the article "About Clustered Water"
by Gerry Wolke 

What is it?
Patented clustered water, H12O6, is an invention of biochemist Lee H.
Lorenzen, PhD. read more

Summary of the Work of Dr. Lee Lorenzen

Professional Formula Clustered Water is the trade name given to a
clustered water solution developed by Dr. Lee Lorenzen. To realize the
value and potential of Clustered Water, it is useful to review some
organic chemistry so that we understand the framework upon which this
breakthrough research has been conducted.

Clustered Water

Dr. Lee Lorenzen attended the National Nutritional Foods Association
(NNFA) annual trade show and convention in Las Vegas in mid June 2002,
hosted by the NNFA and the Better Nutrition Magazine.

Dr. Lorenzen?s Clustered Water? patented solutions have been awarded
with the People?s Choice Award, issued for Best Nutritional Beverage.
Congratulations to Dr. Lorenzen for being awarded 1st and 3rd place, a
double honor.

Dr. Lee Lorenzen and Noah?s Quest are united together in a tremendous
effort, to bring the power of Clustered Water? to a thirsty world.


Dr. Lee Lorenzen has an impressive academic background; he received
his BA in Biology from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr.
Lorenzen went to UCI School of Medicine, Research Associate in the
Department of Pharmacology; did his graduate studies in Biology at Cal
State Fullerton and finished up with Doctorate studies in Nutrition at
Metropolitan Collegiate Institute, London, UK. Along with these
educational achievements, Lee also ventured into teaching before
entered into research and development. He is an active member of the
American Preventive Medical Association and has been awarded 2 US
Patents on Clustered Water? technology (5,711,950 & 6,033,678).

Clustered Water? is designed for the human body. Dr. Lorenzen uses his
proprietary Clustered Water? Template Induction Process (U.S. Patent
No. 5711950) to produce Clustered Water? in his laboratory in
California, USA.

These clusters are folded around proteins and the complex is subjected
to high frequency vibration through the use of laser and ceramic
systems. The protein base is then extracted.

Clustered Water ? is a non-toxic solution that beneficially impacts
the body?s entire systems by means of energy transference, through
super hydration.

The Secrets of Clustered Water: 
An Interview with Dr. Lee Lorenzen
By Uri Dowbenko

Clustered Water?
Water As A Communicator 

Cell Communication
In October of 1994, Alfred G. Gilman of the University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center and Martin Rodibell of the National
Institute of Environmental Health Sciences received the Nobel Prize
for determining how the cells of the human body communicate with one
another by sending and receiving "radio" signals. Other reputable
scientists, including Dr. Lorenzen, have demonstrated that this signal
transduction was facilitated by the clustered or "ringed" water that
is present in the cells of all living things.

New Bible Codes Discovered!
The Secret Solfeggio Frequencies: 
Sound Vibration Rates for Creation and Destruction
"Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse"
by Dr Leonard Horowitz and Dr Joseph Puleo 

"I was intrigued when Dr. Horowitz first described the Bible
frequencies," said Dr. Lee Lorenzen, a world renowned biochemist
working with water crystallization methods to rejuvenate DNA. "The
'528' frequency is well known to scientists working on DNA repair," he
continued. "After studying the healing fountains of the world we
decided to add that frequency to a Clustered Water(TM) preparation we
recently patented. We believe it may be beneficial in delaying aging


Many more results for search on < "Dr. Lee Lorenzen" >


okalani water
structured water
"Dr. Lee Lorenzen"
Subject: Re: Properties of Okalani Structured Water
From: myoarin-ga on 29 Jun 2005 03:36 PDT
And as to "Dr." Lorenzen's academic standing see this site about
"Metropolitan Collegiate Institute":


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