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Q: Who is the Manufacturer of Lifewave Non-Transdermal Energy Patches? ( No Answer,   5 Comments )
Subject: Who is the Manufacturer of Lifewave Non-Transdermal Energy Patches?
Category: Health > Medicine
Asked by: beachcomber2005-ga
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Posted: 08 Jul 2005 12:38 PDT
Expires: 07 Aug 2005 12:38 PDT
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As a part of my due diligence into the Lifewave company, I am looking
for the name of the company that manufactures the Lifewave
non-transdermal energy enhancement patch, rumored to be in
Pennsylvania. I've done all the Google searching I can think of and
get nothing but ads for Lifewave and the patches themselves. Inquiries
to the company and affiliates get answers such as, "No one knows who
manufactures them, but they've been doing so for more than four years"
and "I don't know who makes them, but I know they work - that's all I
need to know".

A question similar to mine about transdermal patches was answered in
great detail by "tehuti-ga" here:

I am interested only in the nontransdermal patch, which should narrow
the field down considerably since, based on known science, a
nontransdermal patch is probably a waste of time and money.

But somebody's making these patches for Lifewave. And you gotta wonder
why there is so much secrecy involved. Any other product on the market
would make this information publicly available. Lifewave has labeled

I'd like to know the name and location of that company.

Clarification of Question by beachcomber2005-ga on 12 Jul 2005 11:50 PDT
Re: "run fast and far away from this company"

Good advice, to be sure. But thousands of people are buying these
patches and investing time, money, effort and emotion into this MLM
program. My goal is to provide them with truthful information that
will raise their awareness level and help them to make truly informed

I'm starting to get a few leads regarding the name and address of the
manufacturer of the Lifewave patches. They are apparently warehoused and
shipped out of Pennsylvania by this company:

350 Wisconisco Street
Millersburg, PA 17061
(717) 692-8700

One way or another, I will find out who manufactures the Lifewave patch.
And I have no interest in harassing the manufacturer. I simply
want to know more about the company, their background, their
technological capabilities and their other manufactured product lines -
basic due diligence!

Clarification of Question by beachcomber2005-ga on 13 Jul 2005 07:07 PDT
Hi, bkdaniels-ga,

Thanks for your input and information. That's an aspect I hadn't
considered and wasn't even aware of.

Nevertheless, I'm not sure if regulations pertaining to information
and documents maintained by the FDA would apply to private companies
that might feel a responsibility for verifying where their one product
is manufactured.

Anyone could CLAIM that their product is manufactured in an FDA
certified and registered facility, but there would be no way to verify
that claim. Contrary to protecting the American public from possible
terrorist actions, the public would be at risk of companies, products
and people marketing bad or even unsafe products using the FDA
regulations as cover and giving them credibility they do not deserve.

I could sell a product like "HGH Body Beautiful" tablets that
supposedly contain Human Growth Hormone DNA-replicated from Paris
Hilton's own HGH, but then refuse to disclose the true ingredients or
the name of the manufacturer, because of the FDA non-disclosure

This would quickly (and may yet) become a shelter for every MLM snake
oil product imaginable. Would the FDA allow this to happen? They would
not INTEND for it to happen, but it would and they would fail to act
for two years or more until serious problems got media attention.

Lifewave uses the "FDA registered facilities" label to try and presume
credibility and legality and even imply endorsement from the FDA. At
the same time, they could use the non-disclosure requirements to
shield themselves completely from anyone but the FDA being able to
verify their claims.

I doubt that a private company is prohibited from disclosing the
manufacturer of their only product by an FIA non-disclosure clause. My
reading of that is simply that I cannot request such information from
the FDA itself using the Freedom of Information Act.

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 14 Jul 2005 01:34 PDT
Hello beachcomber2005-ga,

You said you?re doing due diligence on Lifewave. The RML, Inc. you?ve
identified is not a manufacturing company. They handle outsourced
logistics and back office operations for companies who don?t have the
capability or desire to do it for themselves. The manufacturing is
done by a company that specializes in the field of coatings and
adhesives and medical devices.

Lifewave claims that they are using 3M adhesives and they say: ?The
patches contain a patent pending blend including amino acids, water,
Oxygen and organics applied to a polyester substrate and sealed inside
a polymer shell.? Lifewave does not name its manufacturer in any of
its promotional materials. I believe there is a good chance that the
patches are manufactured in China.

I?ve found several manufacturers of dermal patches from China. I also
discovered that both Ivan Rempel, CEO and President of RML, Inc., and
Lori Etzweiler, the listed Administrative Contact on the WhoIs
information for, are listed on several Chinese outsourcing
company websites. This may be an indicator that the Lifewave patches
are made in China.

In the course of researching your question I discovered a very similar
product and MLM setup for another non-transdermal patch. This company
may be of interest to you if you want to locate a manufacturing
company that could make the Lifewave patches.

This other non-transdermal patch product also claims to have healthful
effects and states it is ?FDA compliant.? The MLM company that markets
the product worked with the company that developed the concept for
this new patch and worked out a deal with 3M to use their adhesives
for the patch. The production is contracted out to a manufacturer who
is an expert in coatings and medical device and drug delivery
technologies. (This manufacturer could also be the maker of the
Lifewave patch.) This non-transdermal patch is sold under a variety of
names through a multi-level marketing organization. It is not clear
whether there is another company involved (like RML, Inc.) handling
the back office and logistics functions.

I can provide you with comprehensive information about the company
I?ve described and all the players involved in their operation. I
suggest that you then connect with whichever players you think are
most likely to provide you with information about their operation and
their knowledge about the comparable Lifewave product.

Since I?m not clear on the scope of your ?due diligence? assignment,
I?m not sure how to proceed. One avenue might be for me to furnish you
with detailed information about what I?ve found out about the other
non-transdermal patch and then you could approach them to see what
they know about producing such a product. This could lead you to hard
information about the Lifewave operation since this other patch
company is in the same consumer space.

Alternately, you could tell me more about how you found out about RML
and I could investigate further to see if there is a Chinese
connection and to find out whether the Lifewave patch manufacturer
might be Chinese. I?m not certain how detailed and solid information
you need and whether you can take what I?ve found and pursue the leads
on your own.

I hope that I?ve provided you with some new possibilities. I look
forward to your clarification so I can decide how to proceed.

~ czh ~

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 18 Jul 2005 11:48 PDT

Interesting question.

I've found the patent application for the LifeWave non-transdermal
patch.  It is highly detailed, and contains a wealth of information
about the actual manufacturing steps for the patch.

HOWEVER, the patent application does not identify the manufacturer per
se, nor are you likely to find this information.  Contrary to your
assertion, many, many companies do, in fact, treat their manufacturers
as a "top secret".  In my experience -- more often than not -- the
manufacturer of a product cannot be identified, despite intensive

If the patch was registered with the FDA, then some manufacturer
information would be available.  But I see nothing about the LifeWave
patch that would warrant registering with FDA -- it is not being
marketed as a medical device or a drug.

Again, the patent application may be your best source of information,
as it includes the materials used for the patch, the sugars, amino
acids and other ingredients contained in the patch, the basic
"science" behind the patch, and a good deal of additional detail.

Let me know if I should post the patent application information as an
answer to your question.

All the best with your dd work...


Clarification of Question by beachcomber2005-ga on 18 Jul 2005 13:15 PDT
I've been aware of the patent application for several months. In fact,
there is a link to it on our web page:

The patent app itself is intriguing and painstakingly detailed, but
raises more questions than it answers. The two primary patch
ingredients appear to be honey and molasses.

Lifewave hype claims to design "organic nanoantennas" into their
patches and puts a lot of emphasis on the use of nanotechnology in
their design and manufacture. And yet I've searched the entire patent
app and have not found one single reference to nanotechnology in any

Just as strange, the inventor, David Schmidt, has been marketing these
patches for more than four years in three different MLM companies, but
only recently decided he oughta see about patenting his invention. If
the patches work as claimed, this will be a multi-billion dollar
company in a short period of time - the technology they describe would
shake the health and wellness world to its core. And yet, they didn't
have time to file a $75 patent application until recently.

While their patent app never mentions nanotechnology, it does mention
possible benefits, which include pain relief. But their product
promotion no longer does
since it would be likely to draw attention from the FDA. They have
filed for FDA classification as a "Class One Medical Device" - which
is a category for band aids and patches. And yet they claim their
patches will increase your energy, stamina and endurance by up to 40%
within 10 minutes of putting one on.

Obviously they are seeking some sort of approval from the FDA as one
type of device, while marketing their patches as quite another.

Any other ideas or suggestions you might have would be much appreciated.

And thanks for what you have offered so far.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 18 Jul 2005 15:00 PDT
Thanks for the feedback...that's a pretty wild site you have!

I'm pretty familiar with FDA's various databases, but I didn't see any
application for Lifewave or anything submitted by David Schmidt.

Do you know anything more about their application?  What product name
is used?  What company name?  Any other details would help.


Clarification of Question by beachcomber2005-ga on 18 Jul 2005 15:07 PDT
Thank you for some very interesting information regarding the possible
manufacturer of the Lifewave patches. The secrecy surrounding the
manufacturer is fascinating, since they marketed the products without
any kind of patent for four years in three different MLM companies
(two of which have already failed). They didn't seem to care about
their technology and secrets at that time.

I contacted 3M about their affiliation with the patches, since 3M
seems to do some work in the medical patch field, as well as the
adhesives field. But finding a contact and getting information was a
lot like looking for that needle in a haystack. No luck so far.

The RML name came from a friendly distributor who said the package he
received from Lifewave originated at "RML, Inc." I quickly figured out
that this was a shipping and warehousing operation, not a
manufacturer. Your info on the domain registration and links between
RML and China are quite interesting. I think that is a lead worth
following up on. These MLM companies almost always have insider links
with the people they do business with.

I'd be very interested in knowing more about the other company or
companies you've come across that also market a "nontransdermal"
patch. This has got to be a specialty item that very few manufacturers
would waste their time and resources on, since by definition, a
non-transdermal patch wouldn't do or accomplish anything, according to
generally accepted standards.

It could be a standard transdermal patch template, without the
addition of any active ingredients. I'd like to be the company rep on
the Lifewave account:

"Good morning. This is the 3M Transdermal Patch Division, my name is
Bradley Adamson. How may I help you today?"

"Yes, good morning to you. I am Bob Nanonut, representing the Lifewave
company. We use nanotechnology and quantum physics to produce patches
that increase your energy and stamina by 40% in just 10 minutes. And
we'd like 3M to manufacture our product line. We'll need about ten
million in the next six months."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Nanonut. But we don't have the equipment and
facilities needed to manufacture patches using quantum physics and
nanotechnology. We make transdermal patches for medical drug delivery,
supplement administration, nicotine patches, that sort of thing. Why
would you want to manufacture and sell NON-transdermal patches,

"Don't worry about that. I don't know how our patches work, either,
but they do and we're selling them faster than Laundry CD's and SkyBiz
web sites. How soon can 3M start manufacturing them for us?"

"Well, I'm not sure we can. Like I said, our patches are all
transdermal and we don't do much with nanotechnology and quantum
physics. Perhaps you should try-"

"No, no, Mr. Adamson. You didn't give me a chance to finish. We want
the patches you already make, just the way they are. Only don't add
anything to them, like nicotine, or drugs. We want them plain."

"But why would you want a patch that does nothing? How can it do
anything for the customer if it contains no active ingredients?"

"That's for us to know and for the customer to figure out. Now how
soon can you get me 10 million blank patches?"

I'll work with you in any direction you think we should go. 

If we locate the manufacturer and it is nothing more than a Chinese
company making homeopathic honey and molasses patches that Lifewave
has private labeled as their own, the jig is up.

If it turns out that 3M or Pfizer is manufacturing the Lifewave
patches under strictly controlled parameters using state-of-the-art
equipment, I may very well be barking up the wrong tree.

I'm interested in any information you currently have or come up with.

Thanks for your help so far.

Clarification of Question by beachcomber2005-ga on 18 Jul 2005 15:20 PDT
All I know about their application to the FDA is that they are seeking
a classification as a "Type One Medical Device". Every business name
and document I have come across always referred to "Lifewave LLC" or
something similar.

What they are claiming to market is definitely NOT a Class One device,
but something much more. This is a gambit I would hope the FDA would
see right through, but there's no guarantee that they will.

I'm sure Lifewave is hoping that once they get a Class One
certification, they can post this fact on their web sites to represent
some sort of FDA approval, which it is NOT, of course. Meanwhile, they
are promising a 40% increase in strength in just 10 minutes. You can't
get that kind of response out of mainlining methamphetamine!

And their web site also promises to increase your serotonin levels,
HGH, collagen and to alter your brain chemistry, just for starters.

Our first patch products are encoded to tell the body to "burn fat and
make energy" But we can also, for example:

    * Increase muscle mass by "turning off" a regulatory protein known as myostatin
    * Induce a state of calm sleep by "turning on" production of serotonin
    * Improve old age by "turning on" the pituitary into making more hGH
    * Improve memory, intelligence and focus by moving acetlycholine
between the left and right brain
    * Increase collagen production for surgery-free face lifts
      And dozens of other metabolic processes

None of these claims are supported by any clinical trials or scientific research.

Here is a direct link to their corporate web site:

If you are redirected to their home page, look for their drop down
menu under "Products" and click on "Technology".

This information is currently listed near the bottom half of that page.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 18 Jul 2005 15:23 PDT something at FDA that you might find interesting:

Keep us posted on what (if anything) you learn.


Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 18 Jul 2005 15:46 PDT
Hello again beachcomber2005-ga,

I?m glad to hear you?re interested in the information I?ve found. I?ve
finishing compiling everything I?ve gathered so far and will post it
as a comment. If you find it useful you can tell me to post it as the
answer here or you can post a new question to my attention like this:
For czh-ga ? Non-transdermal patch.


~ czh ~

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 18 Jul 2005 18:09 PDT
Hello beachcomber2005-ga,

Please take a look at the research I've posted in the Comments section
below. I look forward to your response.

~ czh ~

Clarification of Question by beachcomber2005-ga on 20 Jul 2005 12:29 PDT
You guys have come up with some good info. I thought I was a good
Internet investigator - you guys rock!

The answer I'm looking for, of course, is who manufacturers these
patches. If we are unable to nail this down, I'm more than willing to
pay the provider of the most relevant information the answer fee. I
still believe we can get to the bottom of this.

I got a call back from TapeMark this morning and while they couldn't
say who their customers are because of non-disclosure agreements, they
sounded familiar with the Lifewave patches and said they do make
non-transdermal patches.

Funniest thing was, she said she was a little confused about the
"nanotechnology" references on the Lifewave site because she said
there is no nanotechnology involved in the manufacture of their
patches. I have to call her back in the next couple of days, but I'm
very busy today and tomorrow.

You may want to check out this new post of information I received a few days ago:

A Real Scientist and Professor Critiques Lifewave & David Schmidt

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 20 Jul 2005 14:41 PDT
Hello again beachcomber2005-ga,

Here are some additional links to help you with your quest. I suggest
that you contact Greystone Associates. Their reports indicate that
they must know everyone in the field of patch technologies. You may
have to pay for their services but talking to them could save you a
lot of time.

Good luck.

~ czh ~
Strong Growth for Skin Patch Products and Therapies Seen
"New Survey by Greystone Associates Analyzes Factors Driving Demand

(Amherst, NH ) ? Created as an alternate route of administration to
improve patient compliance and reduce prescription drug side effects,
skin patches are rapidly becoming an important consumer healthcare
product category. While prescription drug patch technology continues
to advance, expanding the type and number of drugs that can be
administered transdermally through improved designs and smaller form
factors, patch products have been introduced in several
over-the-counter categories with many more in development. A new class
of products ? non-medicated patches ? that derive their benefit from
physical effects such as temperature are also set to drive patch
growth to significant levels.

***** The reference to ?non-medicated patches? is especially
interesting. I think LifeWave is promoting such a product. It seems
you could get some valuable information from contacting Greystone

Greystone Associates -- Medical Technology Consultants

Contacting Greystone

by phone: 603-595-4340
by fax: 603-804-0466
by email:
Greystone Associates
98 Route 101A, Suite 17
P.O. Box 1362
Amherst, NH 03031

Market Knowledge ? Drug Delivery

Prescription Skin Patches: Products, Players and Emerging Therapies 
Skin Patches: Prescription, OTC and Non-medicated Markets
Hard Copy	$2,250.00 
Add?l Copies	$375.00 
Electronic	$2,850.00
Site License 	$3,450.00

Nanoparticle Drug Delivery

New Survey by Greystone Associates Examines Technology, Therapeutic
and Market Factors

AMHERST, N.H., Jan. 31, 2005--Advances in nanotechnology that enable
drugs to be delivered in ways that preserve their efficacy and to
precise therapeutic targets are creating a host of opportunities for
drug developers. A variety of nanostructures are being investigated as
functional drug carriers for a wide range of therapies, most notably
cardiovascular medicine, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

------------------------------------------------- is a portal that delivers breaking news, exclusive
small-tech resources, large knowledge databases, and a place to
discuss nanotechnology and MEMS with a growing community.

***** This is a good site for exploring what is really happening in nano-biotech.

3M Drug Delivery Systems
By Phone: 1-800-643-8086

***** You might find some useful information here and contacting this
division of 3M might be helpful.

***** Another interesting patch using 3M tape.


Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 27 Jul 2005 15:07 PDT
Hello beachcomber2005-ga,

I've recently been bombarded with spam about Green Tea 300 patches.
This reminded me of your quest for an answer about Lifewave patches.
How is your search progressing? I hope the information I've posted for
you has been helpful. Do you consider it satisfactory for posting an
official answer? I look forward to hearing from you.

~ czh ~

Clarification of Question by beachcomber2005-ga on 27 Jul 2005 16:12 PDT
Hi, czh-ga-

We still have not identified the manufacturer of the Lifewave patches.
You have provided many excellent leads and I am following up on as
many as I can. TapeMark seems to be a likely source and I did get a
call back from one of their reps. Perhaps if you made a few phone
calls or sent a few e-mails to these companies as I am doing, we could
dig up a final answer to the question I have submitted. We need to go

Thanks for your help so far.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Who is the Manufacturer of Lifewave Non-Transdermal Energy Patches?
From: richard-ga on 09 Jul 2005 06:07 PDT
I don't know where they're manufactured, but the following may help
your due diligence:
A New and Exciting Applicant
More LifeWave Drivel
Hoax Forum Topic: LifeWave Energy Patches
Subject: Re: Who is the Manufacturer of Lifewave Non-Transdermal Energy Patches?
From: scubajim-ga on 12 Jul 2005 10:22 PDT
If it is such a secret run fast and far away from this company.  It is a scam.
Subject: Re: Who is the Manufacturer of Lifewave Non-Transdermal Energy Patches?
From: czh-ga on 18 Jul 2005 18:08 PDT
Hello beachcomber2005-ga,

Here is the research I?ve collected trying to get to the bottom of
what is going on with Lifewave and other non-transdermal products. 
The non-transdermal AromaPatch from HealthWave which is distributed
through a multi-level marketing arrangement is very similar to the
LifeWave operation. The recently announced ActiPatch from
BioElectronics seems to be what LifeWave aspires to with its
nanotechnology claims.

It appears that there will be lots of new developments in the field of
transdermal drug delivery and non-transdermal therapuetics.

Please let me know if you accept my research as the answer to your
question. Let me know if you want me to post it as the answer here or
post a new question to my attention.

I look forward to your response.

~ czh ~

RML, Inc.

RML is a full-service logistics and outsourcing firm that specializes
in providing back office functions for small to medium sized
manufacturers who are looking to divest their non-core business
activities. This enables you to focus on your core competencies ?
designing, marketing and sourcing your product. We can handle the

We work with domestic and international manufacturers to provide a
broad spectrum of competitive service offerings that aim to lower your
overall costs and take away much of the hassle from accounts
receivable, collections, customer service, EDI, warehousing, shipping,
and more.

***** They seem to be a perfectly legitimate company. The part about
working with both domestic and international manufacturers might be

WHOIS information for

   rml, inc.
   350 wiconisco street
   millersburg, pa 17061

   Registrar: DOTSTER
   Domain Name: RMLSITE.COM
      Created on: 21-JAN-02
      Expires on: 21-JAN-07
      Last Updated on: 21-JAN-02

   Administrative Contact:
      etzweiler, lori
      rml, inc.
      350 wiconisco street
      millersburg, pa  17061

Technical Contact:
      etzweiler, lori
      rml, inc.
      350 wiconisco street
      millersburg, pa  17061

   Domain servers in listed order:

End of Whois Information

Rml Inc
Wiconisco Avenue & Pine St
Millersburg, PA 17061
(717) 692-8700


We're sorry. We did not find a listing for the phone number you entered. 
The phone number "(717) 692-0555" is a Millersburg, PA based phone
number and the registered carrier is Commonwealth Telephone Company.
However, due to number portability, some numbers have been transferred
to a new service provider other than the registered carrier.

WHOIS information for

   rml, inc.
   350 wiconisco street
   millersburg, pa 17061

   Registrar: DOTSTER
      Created on: 04-SEP-02
      Expires on: 04-SEP-07
      Last Updated on: 01-NOV-03

   Administrative Contact:
      etzweiler, lori
      rml, inc.
      350 wiconisco street
      millersburg, pa  17061

Technical Contact:
      etzweiler, lori
      rml, inc.
      350 wiconisco street
      millersburg, pa  17061

   Domain servers in listed order:

End of Whois Information


Search for: "lori etzweiler"

***** 3 Chinese sites plus site.

Links Group 11

Name: Lori Etzweiler 
Date: 01/12/2003 
Time: 02:06 PM 
RML is a full service outsourcing firm that specializes in providing
back office solutions to national and international clients.


Search for < dermal patch manufacturer >

***** This search led to a variety of interesting leads. It seems that
many of the dermal patches are manufactured in China. In addition, it
looks like there is lots of activity in the development of new types
of patches going beyond drug delivery.

Weight Loss Patch

Oriental Slim patch combines traditional Chinese Point theory and
modern trans dermal technology. It apply to Navel only but can
regulate whole body status by Chinese traditional points theory.

***** This is an example of many trans-dermal weight loss and energy
patches. It looks like there are many manufacturers in China.

PR Newswire 
BioElectronics Corporation Announces Clinical Evaluation of ActiPatch
(TM) by Dr. Michael Brady, D.C.
06.21.05, 12:43 PM ET

JUNE 13th, 2005
BioElectronics Announces Manufacturer Availability of ActiPatch - to
Reduce Swelling
Manufacturers of healthcare products, through BioElectronics
Corporation (Pink sheets: BIEL), now have access to the company's
ActiPatch, a drug-free patch used to reduce swelling. BioElectronics
foresees manufactures of orthotics, braces, splints and wraps embedded
the ActiPatch within their products.
The company apparently has some major contracts in the works.
According to Andrew J. Whelan, President and CEO. "We have been
working diligently on this design approach for months and we have our
existing products working well with a couple of well respected
companies. We expect to be announcing some major deals in the coming
months, beginning with the European market. This approach will add
greatly to our goal of making our breakthrough medical products
available for a broad array of soft tissue injuries."
ActiPatch is referred to be the company as dermal patch. The dermal
patch contains a battery-powered microchip that delivers continuous
pulsed therapy.

***** This news release tells you there might be new types of patches
worth investigating.

BioElectronics Corp.
Makers of Drug-Free, Localized Anti-Inflammatory Dermal Patches

BioElectronics is the developer and marketer of  ActiPatch? medical
devices which deliver pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF)
therapies to accelerate healing of soft tissue injuries. A reduction
of pain and swelling allows patients to return to normal activities
much sooner. Patented technology based on clinically proven, widely
accepted PEMF therapy.

The Company's first product, ActiPatch? is A Drug-Free Painless Pulsed
Energy Patch.   The FDA has approved ActiPatch for the treatment of
edema following blepharoplasty.

***** This product seems be providing a real benefit as opposed to the
?nanotechnology? of LifeWave. LifeWave may be using this company?s
coat tails to promote its own sugar/molasses patch.

BioElectronics signs distribution pact with Byron
BioElectronics Corp, which makes electronic healing patches, said it
signed a distribution agreement with Byron Medical Inc, the wholly
owned subsidiary of Mentor Corp. Mentor and Byron are involved in the
plastic surgery and urological markets. They will distribute
BioElectronics? dermal patch products in the plastic surgery medical

***** ?Electronic healing patches? might be worth exploring to see who
else is in this industry.

Power Paper Ltd.
Power Cosmetics

Power Paper is transforming the field of skincare treatments, enabling
an unprecedented enhancement in delivering rejuvenating effects and
active cosmetic ingredients. The company's two product lines:
PowerCosmetics? Vitalizers and the PowerCosmetics? Enhancers are
utilized for a variety of at-home, consumer skincare applications.
These unique, thin, flexible, disposable patches are intended to
actively rejuvenate the skin and/or enhance delivery of cosmetic
formulations onto the skin.

PowerCosmetics? Enhancers and Vitalizers employ carefully controlled
micro-currents, powered by our proprietary, thin and flexible, safe
and non-toxic batteries, to deliver active cosmetics ingredients or
provide rejuvenating effects to the skin. Our products can be
customized to any shape and size, and conform to body contours,
temperature and humidity.

All of our low-cost PowerCosmetics? patches are gentle and pleasant to
the skin, easy to use and fully disposable. Average skincare treatment
times are 10 - 20 minutes and ideal for home-use.

***** These are electronic patches that might be the inspiration for
the LifeWave nanotechnology claims.

3.6   Power Paper introduces semi-permanent tattoo technology 
In a presentation at Health & Beauty America's (HBA) Advanced
Technical Conference on High Performance Ingredients held today in New
York City, Power Paper's Dr. Aaron Fink MD presented the latest study
results for the development of an innovative micro-powered patch
technique for semi-permanent tattooing. The new method eliminates the
risks of permanent body art, but lasts longer than a traditional
temporary tattoo. The technology utilizes the process of
iontophoresis, whereby ionized pigments are delivered into the
epidermal layer of the skin. The company said that laboratory and
initial human tests show the patches to be safe, gentle and
hypoallergenic. Following a 20-minute application process, the tattoo
appears on the skin. The fully disposable, environmentally-friendly
patch can be discarded after use along with household waste.

The tattoo decoration is expected to last approximately four weeks.
The technique may also be used for the application of long-lasting
decorative cosmetics and other temporary skin markings. "PowerTattoo
is a breakthrough product that puts an end to the risks and
disadvantages surrounding permanent body art," said Fink, the business
line director of Power Paper's PowerCosmetics division. "PowerTattoo
is just one of many applications made possible by Power Paper's
revolutionary micro-electronic patch technology," said Shalom Daskal,
CEO of Power Paper. "Our PowerCosmetics patches have demonstrated
outstanding results for wrinkle reduction, skin whitening, and
treatment of facial redness, among others." Founded in 1997, Tel
Aviv-based Power Paper partners with cosmetics and pharmaceutical
manufacturers to develop and market its patches worldwide. Power
Paper's patented, thin and flexible energy cells (batteries) are
integrated within the patch. The environmentally-friendly, safe
batteries require no metal casing, and can be printed cost-effectively
directly onto paper, plastics or other surfaces by standard printing
equipment. (Globes 4/14/04)

Aroma Patch

Aroma Patches are the new health scent-sation just released on the
American market. Using the highest quality essential oils available,
the Aroma Patches were created to promote health and wellness without
any side-effects as is the case with many diet patches. Aroma Patches
work through the sense of smell and are totally safe and natural.
Enjoy the natural benefits of Aromatherapy the healthy, simple, fun

Healthwave is an exciting, innovative personal-care aromatherapy company.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Healthwave has developed an
exclusive line of self-adhesive Aroma Patches, using the finest
essential oils available.

HeathWave, Inc.

Company Profile - HealthWave.

HeathWave, Inc., of Santa Barbara California, has formed alliances
with 3M Corporation of St. Paul, Minnesota and TapeMark Corporation,
the manufacturer's of the highly successful Breathe-Rite Strips. The
Aroma Patch products have seen international acceptance since they are
the only FDA Compliance Approved patches in the world today.

***** This site finally gives some information about the manufacturing
of non-transdermal patches. Notice that the name of the company is
HealthWave. It seems LifeWave may be trying to confuse the consumer
with the similarity of name.

Aroma Patches for weight loss
100% Safe & Natural with the use of Essential Oils 

New paradigms, an innovative compensation plan unlike any other in the
Network Marketing industry, FDA Compliance Approval of the aroma
therapy Aroma Patch products the company represents, and exclusive
worldwide distribution rights.... what more do we need to say! New
Millennium Concepts, Ltd., has exploded onto the Network Marketing
scene, creating a buzz in the industry unlike any other start-up in
recent memory.

***** The AromaPatch will be marketed through an MLM organization that
is similar to the distribution of LifeWave.

Aroma Patches - New product helps manage weight loss and temporary fatigue.

New Aromatherapy Patch fights temporary fatigue and helps
concentration, without the use of chemicals or drugs. 100% safe, even
for children. FDA compliant NEW AROMATHERAPY

Phoenix, AZ March 15: A new aromatherapy energy patch developed to
fight temporary fatigue and aid concentration is being launched today
by New Millennium Concepts, Inc. to a conference of network marketing
executives in Phoenix, AZ. The Energy Patch and its companion product,
The Aroma Dietary Management Patch, represent the most exciting new
addition to the aromatherapy market in over a decade and will bring
the powerful benefits of aromatherapy to millions of new customers
who, through this unique new delivery system, will experience the
stimulating, energizing and refreshing aromas all day long.

***** This is a typical article on how the AromaPatch is being hyped.

New Millenium Concepts Limited

Tom or Adrian Mathews at: (503) 652-8547 - PST (Pacific Standard Time) 
Frequently Asked Questions - Conference Call Q & A
January 26, 2003

Crandall: My name is Crandall Yopp, Marketing Director of the New
Millennium Concepts Limited. I?d like to welcome everybody tonight to
the question and answer session. Please note tonight is just a
question and answer session. We?ve received a lot of questions over
the last three or four days from the field and we want to address
those things tonight for you to better serve you. What I?d like to do
before I get started with the entire program tonight; I?d like to John
Alexandrov give a few brief comments before we get started. John,
welcome to the call.

Crandall: Okay. Next what we?d like to do is we have heard Art the
aroma patch products are FDA compliant. What exactly does that mean
and there is no FDA registration number, correct?

Crandall: It sure does. Thank you Art. Folks on the call tonight, Art
is President and CEO of Health Wave, Inc. He happens to be the creator
and the developer of this product. What I?d like Art to do now is
please describe the relationship between New Millennium, 3M, and Tape
Mark and what role each company plays?

Art: That?s a very good question, whoever asked that. I?m grateful for
something very relative to the opportunity we?ve got here globally.
The relationship between 3M and let me tell you coming from a little
country like New Zealand taking this product to one of the most
exemplary companies in the world it was received not only so well, our
timing was perfect because of their breath right strip research and
development. The relationship between 3M, Tape Mark, who are the
manufacturers of the product, they also manufacture the hugely
successful breath right strip, a product I?d love to be associated
with because it?s in the same device category and this new exciting
New Millennium concept structure that?s been put in place by some of
the World?s leading network marketers today. Research and development
was carried out in conjunction with 3M by my company and me. Patch
materials are supplied by 3M, that in it self was a huge feat, that 3M
allowed Health Wave and me to use the latest products. Our patch
doesn?t need to have holes in the top of it to admit aroma and smell.
We?ve got the latest materials in the World. Manufacturing is done by
Tape Mark New Millennium concepts has the exclusive global
distribution rights to the entire aroma patch product line, that?s you
people. Thank you.

***** This article gives additional information about the 3M and Tape
Mark associations.


Scentuelle is uniquely designed to help stimulate the libido. Each
patch is impregnated with a special scent which can help trigger
sexual feelings.

This website provides more detailed information on how and why
Scentuelle works, as well as further advice on ways to enhance your
libido and regain a healthy, enjoyable sex life.
What is Scentuelle? 
Scentuelle is a clear, non-transdermal (nothing enters the
bloodstream) patch that has been impregnated with a unique combination
of aromas. By smelling the patch at frequent intervals it encourages
feelings of desire.
George Dodd 
George's extensive knowledge of aroma molecule chemistry has been very
influential in the development of Scentuelle...

George currently works as a consultant director of research for CST
Medical where his extensive knowledge of aroma molecule chemistry has
been very influential in the development of Scentuelle

***** There is no contact information for reaching the company
directly. Orders for the product go to a fulfillment house. You have
to fill out an e-mail contact form if you want information.

For more information, email us now at or call us on 
++44 (0) 1730 234 555
CST Medical Ltd

CST Medical Ltd was founded in 1999 to design and develop products to
treat Female Sexual Dysfunction. These products became the hugely
successful Vielle Stimulator and Vielle Lubricant. We continue to add
unique female health care products to our range, all marketed under
the Vielle brand.

With a serious, medical positioning and strong appeal to ABC1 women
aged from 25+, Vielle offers your business a major new revenue stream
with excellent profit margins and amazing growth potential. 
For more information, email us now at or call us on 
++44 (0) 1730 234 555

***** The company website gives lots of information about the full
product line and how to become a distributor.

Beauty and the East  > NEW Female Libido Patches


Consumer Products
Tapemark is a leading converter and co-packer of  consumer and HBA
products. We specialize in designing various types of delivery systems
that carry additives to the skin. We work with a variety of materials,
including edible and dissolvable films, hydrogels and skin contact
Tapemark is ready to assist with the development of prototype and test
market samples, as well as full-scale production. Our state-of-the-art
equipment can be customized to convert and package your product
in-line to maximize efficiencies and minimize cost. We are FDA Drug
and Device registered, ISO 9001, EN46001 and AIB certified.

***** This is the manufacturer of the HealthWave AromaPatch. The
company seems to have a good reputation and consumer goods are just
one of their capabilities. They?re located in St. Paul, MN and
probably work with 3M products regularly.

Trademark Company Profile

***** You can get a quick review of the company?s products and
services at this site.

David Schmidt
David is the inventor of the LifeWave? Technology and keeps his focus
on promoting product awareness and product information among the
distributor network. David spends his time during the week making sure
that the executive staff at LifeWave? is meeting the needs of the
distributors and his weekends out on the road conducting opportunity
seminars on the LifeWave? technology.

David's experience in product development and business span 20 years;
his involvement in a north Georgia think tank resulted in numerous new
technologies including new methods for Hydrogen and Oxygen production
and multi-fueled power generators. David first started working on the
LifeWave? phenomena 10 years ago however it was not until about 5
years ago that he realized that this technology, if properly
developed, could be a passive patch for communicating with the human
body. After 3 years of independent research David produced a working
prototype of LifeWave? and is happy to make this technology available
to you.

Ronald Morefield
Ron is a truly remarkable individual with expertise in computer
science, physics, business operations, and healthcare. Ron was invited
to be part of the LifeWave? executive staff because he brings
something very unique to the company: while he has managed the
business operations for successful computer companies he is also an
author and acupuncturist!

William J.H. Grand
Bill has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and
promotion. He has been involved in dozens of product launches.

Steven Haltiwanger, MD CCN
Dr. Steve is a visionary by any standard. His formal training is as a
medical doctor and clinical nutritionist. Doctor Haltiwanger trained
with the world famous physician and researcher Dr. Hans Nieper shortly
before Dr. Nieper died in 1998. For the last six years Dr. Haltiwanger
has educated physicians all over the world about Dr.
Nieper's research and inventions.

***** I was hoping I could garner additional information by tracking
down information about the various people associated with the company.

Product Questions and Answers

1) How does LifeWave? work if nothing enters the body?
It is believed that the LifeWave? Technology in the patches
communicates with the body through the human magnetic field. This is
known as frequency modulation and resonant energy transfer. For a
detailed explanation please take the LifeWave? TOUR.

2) What are in the patches?
The patches contain a patent pending blend including amino acids,
water, Oxygen and organics applied to a polyester substrate and sealed
inside a polymer shell. All active ingredients are listed under FDA 21
CFR and are recognized as safe.

3) Is this a transdermal patch? What goes in the body?
Nothing enters the body; LifeWave? IS NOT a transdermal patch. This is
a completely new science and new approach to energy, performance and

LifeWave? Products, LLC was founded in July, 2002 after 3 years of
intensive research into the LifeWave?? phenomena by research scientist
and inventor David Schmidt.

Our product design philosophy is to provide the consumer with products
that are safe and efficacious. Although all LifeWave? Technology
products are non-medical devices we manufacture our patches to the
highest standards; all active ingredients are listed under FDA 21 CFR
(recognized as safe); the adhesive in our patches is made by 3M and is
hypoallergenic; our finished products are assembled at FDA registered

***** The language is convoluted but they never say they have FDA
approval only that they are FDA compliant. They also don?t claim any
real association with 3M other than the fact that the adhesive in
their patches is manufactured by 3M. They don?t reveal who
manufactures the patch but only say that the facility is FDA

LifeWave Energy Patches

***** This is one of the discussion forums where believers and
skeptics duke it out.

New Nano-Technology Energy Patch is Perfect Training Aid 
How would you like to have boundless energy and stamina?
Or how about having the edge that allows you to out-perform your competition? 
Or would you like to just feel great all of the time?

[The Perfect Product] is a new approach, proven to increase your
energy and stamina that has nothing to do with pills, drinks,
stimulants, drugs, herbs or anything else that you may have heard of

***** This discussion seems to be about LifeWave.

Considerations of the ethical questions that arise with the
development of nanotechnology

Monday, April 11, 2005
A good morning joke 

It's not even worth commenting on the ethics of having such a device
exist, because the company description of how it "works" is just so
darn laughably implausible.
This patch is non-transdermal - no chemicals or substances are
transferred while wearing this patch. They claim to use nanotechnology
and nanoantennas that communicate with your body "like a cell phone"
telling it to create "more energy, please."


lifewave 3m
lifewave "David Schmidt"
tapemark corporate
dermal patch manufacturer
tapemark patch
tapemark lifewave
"New Millennium Concepts, Ltd., " hillsdale
rml  millersburg
dermal OR skin patches aromatherapy
dermal OR skin patches
Manufacturer skin Patches
Manufacturer Non-Transdermal  Patches ?lifewave
Manufacturer Non-Transdermal  Patches
Healthwave, Inc
"Art Williams" Healthwave Inc.
"MVA Scientific Consultants "
Subject: Re: Who is the Manufacturer of Lifewave Non-Transdermal Energy Patches?
From: edhuk-ga on 01 Aug 2005 20:36 PDT
Fascinating information to be found in LifeWave's own report about
their non-transdermal patch.Bottom of home page is: "View Our News
Page For More Information!  Takes you to Quick Updates: Read link for
11/23/04 "Study confirms (again) that patches are non-transdermal.
Open the PDF report
by MVA Scientific Consultants. Second Paragraph: Methods...mentions
brown (glucose) patch and white (glycerin) patch. Also mentioned again
later. Perhaps it's cheaper to put glucose and glycerin into plastic
patches in China! The pure insanity of this scam is a treat to watch.
The misery that will befall the disciples of this MLM and their
unwitting cons will not be a pleasure to read about.
Subject: Re: Who is the Manufacturer of Lifewave Non-Transdermal Energy Patches?
From: albellha-ga on 12 Nov 2005 22:22 PST
Listed as Manufacturer of Lifewave Patches

VLV Associates, Inc.
30-C Ridgedale Avenue
East Hanover, New Jersey  07936
Phone: (973) 428-2884
Fax: (973) 428-2877
Michael Vaillancourt-President


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