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Q: Excercises for Weak Neck line (dont want chin augmentation surgery) ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: Excercises for Weak Neck line (dont want chin augmentation surgery)
Category: Health > Beauty
Asked by: techrival-ga
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Posted: 17 Aug 2002 14:20 PDT
Expires: 16 Sep 2002 14:20 PDT
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I'm trying to find out if there are specific excercises I could do to
essentially tighten up my neck line so that I no longer have loose
skin between my chin and my throat on my neck.. There must be a series
of excercises or equipment to tighten up that area without surgery. 
I'm not fat either so it's not a double chin.. its just a weak neck
line.. List of excercises would be appreciated.  I'm only 20 years of
age so I think the problem is still fixable. I dont have a bad back or
anything like that so I should be able to do any range of excercises.
Any help appreciated
Subject: Re: Excercises for Weak Neck line (dont want chin augmentation surgery)
Answered By: umiat-ga on 21 Aug 2002 22:53 PDT
Hello, techrival-ga!
   I think I have some useful suggestions for you! As an exercise
instructor and personal trainer for over 15 years, I am always one to
suggest exercises to strengthen underlying muscles which often
contribute to saggy-looking skin. However, before I give you some
direction, please understand that the comments below also have some
merit. Oftentimes, if skin sags due to extreme weight loss, pregnancy,
or old age, there is not a lot that exercise can do other than keep
the underlying muscle toned. Also, some people are just genetically
prone to looser skin tone, and though you may not tighten it entirely,
it can look better with exercise to keep underlying muscles strong.
Nutrition is also a factor. With that said, I hope the following
information is helpful.

   One website that offers some very accurate and useful exercises
using a product called the “Profile Toner” can be found at Go to the site to see
examples of the exercises using the toner. Under the link for FAQ’s,
at,  I have excerpted
some information for you:
What do the experts say about the profile toner? 
 “Facial, chin and neck muscles are terribly under used. People have
learned to exercise their bodies but not their neck, chin and facial
muscles. It follows that most people have weak neck muscles that
invariably sag. When muscles sag, the skin covering them sags. Did you
ever wonder why the back of your neck is firmer and tighter than the
front? The answer is that the muscles in the back of the neck are
constantly lifting and lowering your 8 - 15 pound head, while the
muscles in front do little or no work. According to Wilma Bergfeld,
M.D., the president of the American Academy of Dermatology,
"Exercising facial muscles in a reasonable fashion certainly can
improve the general appearance of the skin's surface without harming
it in any way." Lawrence Birnbaum, M.D., a Beverly Hills plastic
surgeon says, "Exercises are extremely beneficial to both "pre" and
"post" operative cosmetic surgery patients. Exercises can also help
anyone lift sagging facial skin via building up the fifty-seven facial
What about sagging skin? 
 “The supply of blood to a contracting muscle is 10 times greater than
normal. This fresh blood supply delivers vital oxygen and nutrients to
the skin and revitalizes tissue. The improved circulation restores the
skin's elasticity and encourages it to conform to the contour of the
underlying muscle.”
  Please also read the nutritional advice on the above page as well.
Certain vitamins are very important in maintaining skin elasticity.
Sufficient protein in the diet is also important.
   In lieu of buying the product, you can also try buying a small,
slightly squishy ball about 5” in diameter. The ball needs to have
some give, but not too much. However, I think the product price is
reasonable, and it does come with a money-back guarantee. Just
realize, I am not endorsing this product in any way.

  Another product, which you might consider, involves a video of
facial exercises called FlexEffect, which uses resistance training to
contract and exercise the muscles of the face and neck. The home page
may be found at . To read more
about the philosophy and reasoning behind actual resistance training
for the face and neck musculature, go to the link at . Again, I am not endorsing this
product, but refer you to it for consideration.

  Two exercises which could be extremely helpful for you are the
foward and backward hand resistant exercises found at

  At your age, I would recommend the above exercises before
considering any type of surgery. Hope this helps! Please remember, the
cosmetic faults you often see on yourself are hardly noticable to
others. I can say that from years of teaching and working with clients
who are very concerned about their physical appearance. Keep overall
fitness as a priority, and you will feel better about yourself
throughout the years.

  One other recommendation....don’t overlook your posture. Sometimes,
a foward-leaning head is responsible for the appearance of sagging
neck skin. Try to incorporate some upper-body back exercises to keep
you sitting and standing tall!

Take care!

Search terms
weak neck exercises
neck exercises
Subject: Re: Excercises for Weak Neck line (dont want chin augmentation surgery)
From: pinkfreud-ga on 17 Aug 2002 15:10 PDT
When I began gathering information on this subject, I had thought that
exercises for the chin and neck might indeed be a good nonsurgical way
to improve the appearance of one's neckline. It appears that the
medical consensus is otherwise, however. I found several quotes
similar to this one:

"Here are some ways to keep your chin looking firm. Avoid
neck-stretching exercises. Some cosmeticians recommend neck exercises
to reduce sagging skin. If you followed their advice, you'd be craning
your chin throughout the day. Overworking the delicate skin under your
chin is exactly what you shouldn't do, according to Peter Bela Fodor,
M.D., assistant professor of plastic surgery at University of
California, Los Angeles. "It's stretching the skin, and it's all

The majority of the Web sites that promote facial exercises are trying
to sell you something; the opinions expressed by many credible sources
are generally opposed to such exercises.

Several exercise devices that claimed to firm the neckline have been
withdrawn from the market after federal charges of false
representation were filed against the manufacturers. This field is
filled with charlatans and quackery, so if you decide to proceed in
investigating non-medical treatments for yourself, please be cautious.
Subject: Re: Excercises for Weak Neck line (dont want chin augmentation surgery)
From: brad-ga on 17 Aug 2002 17:13 PDT
Good Day,techrival-ga.

Concurring with Pinkfreud-ga, I'll add a few useful findings, none of
which remedy the situation with exercises, but one of which offers
exciting treatment via radio frequencies. Have you noticed whether
this is an inherited trait?  Perhaps it's sun damage if you are
inclined to tan often in the brutal sun?

  SCHAUMBURG, IL – October 24, 2001.  Early results are promising for
an exciting new technology that uses radio frequency to tighten loose
skin on the neck or face without surgery and only minor side effects.
II.A Young Woman Complaining of Loose Skin 

By DeHoratius, DM , Ringpfeil, F , Moore, JH 

Introduction: A 21-year old woman was referred for evaluation and
treatment of "sagging skin" that progressed for over a year.
Sun damage on neck skin causes it to lose elasticity, as can the fat
loss that results from aging. Damaged skin can appear thin and too
loose for the area it covers. The best way to prevent premature aging
and slackening of the neck is to wear sunscreen every day and
moisturize your neck every time you moisturize your face.

Once delicate neck skin has loosened, it can be difficult to treat.
Since skin on the throat doesn’t respond well to medical procedures
like laser resurfacing or peeling, says San Francisco dermatologist
Seth Matarasso, an aggressive topical regimen is the most effective
way to combat loose neck skin.
Subject: Re: Excercises for Weak Neck line (dont want chin augmentation surgery)
From: techrival-ga on 23 Aug 2002 00:11 PDT
Whoa, you are the man.. I think your contribution alone topped all the
others.. I dont have time at the moment to fully analyze each of those
links and really take in what was offered but I can tell from just
skimming that you were able to find the information I was looking
for... I am truly appreciative and thankyou so much.

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