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Q: What is the web address, in Hungary, of lists of board certified doctors . . . ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: What is the web address, in Hungary, of lists of board certified doctors . . .
Category: Health
Asked by: ed777-ga
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Posted: 07 Oct 2005 14:21 PDT
Expires: 06 Nov 2005 13:21 PST
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What is the web address, in Hungary, of lists board certified doctors, in 24
medical specialty boards?  . . for people looking for good doctors,
who can and cannot afford the high medical costs in the U.S., as
mentioned in The language could be in Hungarian
or English, (hopefully both languages) as some professionals in
Hungary speak English. Each listed web address should provide lists of
individual board certified physicians. If you cannot match this
request, what is the closest you can come to it. Talk to me?

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 07 Oct 2005 15:06 PDT
Hello ed777-ga,

I speak Hungarian and I will be happy to take on your question after I
finish with another project. I will leave this unlocked in case
another researcher can give you a quicker answer. Thanks.

~ czh ~
Subject: Re: What is the web address, in Hungary, of lists of board certified doctors . . .
Answered By: czh-ga on 08 Oct 2005 16:17 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello ed777-ga,

I looked at your prior questions to get a better understanding of what
you?re looking for when you try to identify doctors for people who
?cannot afford the high medical costs in the US.? I couldn?t find much
on (or .com) but it seems that you are looking
for information about medical tourism. I took this into account in
doing the research on your question.

I found some listings of Hungarian board certifying agencies but no
lists of doctors. This is not surprising since Hungary is still making
the transition from being a communist country with a system of
socialized medicine to one that has joined the European Union and is
developing a private medical system I?ve included several links to
help you understand the importance of this transition in trying to
identify doctors for your purposes.

The best resource I found for you is the list of doctors and dentists
that is available from the US embassy. You can review their
specialties and their English speaking capabilities and have some
confidence that they meet minimum standards of practice.

I?ve also collected a large selection of articles and resources about
medical tourism to Hungary. Europeans have been flocking to Hungary
for years for dental work. Cosmetic / plastic surgery is also popular.
There are other specialists engaged in providing services for
foreigners and I?ve collected some links to help you identify them.

I hope that I?ve understood your goals correctly. Please don?t
hesitate to ask for clarification.

Wishing you well for your project.

~ czh ~

Doctors and Hospitals
For your convenience, ACS has compiled a list of local hospitals and
doctors.  The Embassy assumes no responsibility for the qualifications
or performance of such physicians. In addition to the Embassy's list,
a more complete list of doctors in Budapest can be found in the
English White/Yellow Pages telephone book. ACS has a copy should you
need to consult it.

Doctors and Dentists

***** This is a list provided by the American Embassy for use by
American constituents. The list provides hundreds of medical
practitioners in a huge variety of medical fields. The list shows the
practitioner?s specialty, name, phone, address, hours and English
speaking skills.


***** This list includes primary care clinics, laboratories, specialty
clinics as well as hospitals. Each listing summarizes the
organizations capabilities and specialties and gives you contact and
access information.

Tourism for health
By Elisabeth Rosenthal International Herald Tribune
TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2005

***** This is a long article that provides several names for Hungarian
medical practitioners engaged in providing services for medical

The inciDENTAL tourist

Austrians, Germans and other Europeans for decades have been crossing
the former Iron Curtain to get their teeth fixed, often at
jaw-droppingly low prices. Now, a small but growing number of
Americans, prompted by soaring medical costs and dwindling insurance
benefits at home, are following suit. They're contributing to the
rising popularity of "tooth tourism," a relatively young trend here,
but part of a fast-growing global phenomenon in which travelers,
typically from wealthier countries, visit less-developed nations for
medical care mixed with vacation ? all at cut-rate prices. Cosmetic
surgery, in particular, is reshaping the face of medical tourism.

In Hungary and other Eastern European countries, dental tourism is
putting a twist into the trend. Here in Mosonmagyarovar
(moshon-mag-yah-RO-var), brass plaques and molar-shaped signs bearing
easy-to-grasp names like "Eurodent" and "Happy Dent" line the streets
along a central shopping district. Some clinics take up a full block;
smaller practices are tucked inside hotels, above gift shops or beside

***** This is a fairly long article that provides the names of some
dentists in Hungary and the American travel agents that arrange the
dental tourism trips.

BeautyHungary integrates health, beauty, travel and leisure. Based in
Budapest, Hungary, we offer convenient packages that combine first
class medical treatments and surgeries with the most exciting and
relaxing tourism!

Smile Savers Hungary

You have found the UK's number one Hungarian dental agency with access
to the very best that Hungary can offer.

Medical tourism growing worldwide

Here, UDaily previews excerpts from an article by Frederick J.
DeMicco, ARAMARK Chair in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional
Management and department chairperson, and Marvin Cetron, founder and
president of Forecasting International, on the growing trend of
medical tourism. In Q&A format, both experts share abridged portions
of their views from an article soon to be published in the FIU
(Florida International University) Hospitality Review.

In monetary terms, experts estimate that medical tourism could bring
India as much as $2.2 billion per year by 2012. Argentina, Costa Rica,
Cuba, Jamaica, South Africa, Jordan, Malaysia, Hungary, Latvia and
Estonia all have broken into this lucrative market as well, or are
trying to do so, and more countries join the list every year.

Additionally, Argentina ranks high for plastic surgery, and Hungary
draws large numbers of patients from Western Europe and the U.S. for
high-quality cosmetic and dental procedures that cost half of what
they would in Germany and America.

Medical tourism: Need surgery, will travel
CBC News Online | June 18, 2004

A worldwide market 

What's called medical tourism ? patients going to a different country
for either urgent or elective medical procedures ? is fast becoming a
worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry.

Countries that actively promote medical tourism include Cuba, Costa
Rica, Hungary, India, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia and
Thailand. Belgium, Poland and Singapore are now entering the field.

Visiting the dentist
The newest and fastest-growing area of medical tourism is a visit to
the dentist, where costs are often not covered by basic insurance and
by only some extended insurance policies. India, Thailand and Hungary
attract patients who want to combine a filling, extraction or root
canal with a vacation.

Dental Travel Hungary

The clinic in the capital is located on the bustling main ring road of
Pest, only a stone?s throw away from the river Danube. The other one
in the countryside is in the beautiful downtown of the city Gy?r, just
an hour?s drive from Budapest.


The US dollar, as well as other strong currencies, can buy common
plastic surgical procedures in Hungary such as laser treatment,
collagen injections, liposuction, breast augmentation, nose surgery
and facelifts for significantly less.

If you have been contemplating any of these procedures, then you have
discovered that you must be prepared to commit several weeks of your
time and spend anywhere from approximately $5,000 to $20,000.  In
Hungary you can obtain the equivalent services for approximately 40%
to 70% less without sacrificing quality of care and expertise.  For
example, a face ?lift? with laser surgery can cost $2,000 to $5,000
and breast augmentation $5000 to $10,000 in the U.S.  A comparable
procedure in Hungary would cost $1,000 to $1,500 and $2,000 to $3,500

The Federation of Hungarian Medical Societies (MOTESZ), of which the
Hungarian Society of Plastic Surgeons is a member, has a fully
registered IATA member travel agency specializing in a wide range of
services for medical related travel including hotel accommodations and
social programs. Check it out by contacting:

Agnes Ratalics, MOTESZ Telephone: (011 361) 311 6687
Nador u 36, 1443 Budapest Fax: (011 361) 383 7918

MOTESZ Congress and Travel Agency

Health and Wellness Tourism - Global
Published by: Mintel International Group Ltd.
Published: Aug. 1, 2004 - 69 Pages
Price: $535

Overview of tourism in Hungary 
Re-branding of Hungary as a wellness destination 
Rich thermal waters in Hungary 
Wellness tourism development by the government
Promotion of wellness tourism by the NTO 
Wellness tourism destinations 
Prospects of wellness tourism in Hungary

How to profit from "medical tourism"

What kinds of procedures are we talking about?
Everything from dentistry and hip replacements to IVF, and even
open-heart surgery. In Europe, the main direction of travel is from
West to East. Germans (and also Americans) have been travelling to
Hungary for years for high-quality, low-cost dental work, for example,
but since joining the EU, Hungary and Poland have seen a surge in
medical tourism.

Low cost surgery and hospital treatment in Hungary - PerfectProfiles

Perfect Profiles offers you the opportunity to have high class
immediate surgical and medical treatments, at low cost, in the first
private hospital in Hungary, near Budapest . "High quality service for
absolute patient satisfaction" is the  philosophy of Telki Hospital,
Telki Hospital, set up in 1998, provides the best in private medicine
- professional care, nursing and hotel services. Telki has 100 beds
for in-patient care and provides the most advanced environment and
equipment that meet international standards for quality health care.

The medical team of the Telki Hospital is comprised of specialists
employed by the hospital and consultants from university clinics,
national institutions and large hospitals who are experts in their
field. All consultants and specialists speak English.

Hungary, the Dental Capital of Europe, is Ready for Hungarian Dental
Travel's Private Patients to Give Them More for Less

Even though Hungarian Dentists have all the latest equipment and the
best materials are used, salaries in Hungary are much less than most
of Europe which is why travelling to Hungary makes big savings on
dental work.

Posted by Ayu on April 26, 2005 05:11 AM (See all posts by Ayu)
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and/or add one of your own.

What are you to do when you get sick in Budapest? Oh you have nothing
to worry about. There are some luxurious hospitals you can always
visit; equipped with English speaking staffs, when you have the money.
In fact, Budapest is internationally known to be a cheaper destination
for medical tourism, especially for dentistry. Sure, rich tourists get
to have everything they want, don't they?

***** This article and discussion offers some cautionary notes about
medical care in Hungary.

Members of the Association of Hungarian Medical Societies

***** This page offers links to about a dozen medical societies and
the names of dozens of others that don?t seem to have websites.

Hungarian Medical Association


Funded predominantly by the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) and the
central budget, the Hungarian healthcare system provides general
services to all Hungarian nationals. Except for such "non-essential"
services as cosmetic surgery and private hospital rooms, the health
insurance system guarantees free access to all necessary medical care.
Partly due to this accessibility, utilization of health services in
Hungary is fairly high.

Hungary's economy is still in transition, although moving rather fast
toward a full-market economy. Following the pattern of West European
industrialized countries, Hungary has opted to retain a predominantly
publicly funded health system with an increasing degree of private
Privatization of health services has proceeded most rapidly in the
pharmaceutical, dentistry and family physician areas. Private sector
development has been faster for ambulatory and diagnostic services,
and negligible for outpatient and hospital care, areas where both
costs and reimbursement mechanisms have thus far remained largely
within the public sector. However, new mechanisms have been
established to allow private physicians to act as independent
contractors to health agencies and private companies are now providing
many former in-patient services through home care services. The
production and distribution of health aid products has also been fully

***** See the section on Key Contacts for medical agencies and organizations.

Health Care System in Transition ? Hungary

***** This is a comprehensive report on the state of medical care in
Hungary. It will give you a good understanding of what medical travels
can expect.

Overview of the Hungarian Healthcare System

***** This is an excellent summary of the current structure of the
Hungarian healthcare system. The diagram on page 6 is particularly

Tempted by higher salaries, Hungarian doctors go west

Tempted by salaries more than 10 times higher than at home, Hungarian
doctors are emigrating to western Europe, leaving behind understaffed
hospitals and a health care system teetering on the edge of
According to a recent survey of the Faculty of Medicine in Budapest,
66 percent of graduates in the European Union's new member said they
plan to work abroad while 33 percent said they have already started
searching for work in western Europe.

=============== medical doctors
hungarian medical doctors
"medical travel OR tourism" hungary
hungarian medical specialists

Request for Answer Clarification by ed777-ga on 18 Oct 2005 13:56 PDT
You say:In addition to the Embassy's list,a more complete list of
doctors in Budapest can be found in the English White/Yellow Pages
telephone book. ACS has a copy should you need to consult it.---Could
you provide a link to the English White/Yellow Pages telephone book,
if there is one?

Clarification of Answer by czh-ga on 18 Oct 2005 17:45 PDT
Hello ed777-ga,

Welcome back. 

Here is the contact information for the ACS (American Citizens
Services) Section at the US Embassy so you can contact them about
their resources.
American Citizens Services (ACS) Section

Telephone: (36-1) 475-4164 

Toll-free Number for the Overseas Citizen Services: 1-888-407-4747. 

Callers who are unable to use toll-free numbers, such as those calling
from overseas, may reach the hotline by calling 1-317-472-2328.

Facsimile: (36-1) 475-4113/4188

I?ve also searched to see what directory services might be available
and have found some in English as well as the Hungarian language
telephone books.
Online Directory Assistance

Welcome In the On-line Directory Assistance you can search by the name
and telephone number of the subscribers, by completing the fields on
the page. If your search is not successful, call 198. You find answers
to questions about Directory Assistance in the help  menu item.

I?ve also found some white and yellow pages that might be useful. The
yellow pages are in Hungarian. I hope you can follow my instructions.
Look up Hungary telephone numbers

Hungary Yellow Pages 

Hungarian White Pages
	English version 
	Hungarian language version 
Hungarian Yellow Pages (in Hungarian)

Enter your search word in the appropriate search box.

Keres?szó = Keyword or Search Words
Hol       = Where or Location  LISTA = List (location list)
Szakmák   = Profession or Trade  LISTA = List (professions list)

From the Hol Lista choose a town or city (i.e., Budapest)

From the Szakmák Lista choose O for Orvos (doctor) and you will have
all the various doctor specialties. Dentist is fogorvos.

Click on the red Keresés Inditása (Search) button. 

You will have a list of doctors with their address, phone number and
specialty. If you click on the round i icon, you get a business card
with all the information and clicking on the map icon will take you to
a new web page with the map.

Best wishes for your project.

~ czh ~
ed777-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $75.00
Good Research

Subject: Re: What is the web address, in Hungary, of lists of board certified doctors . . .
From: czh-ga on 21 Oct 2005 13:18 PDT
Hello ed777-ga, 

I'm glad the research was useful. Thank you for the five stars and
very generous tip.

~ czh ~

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