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Q: Import Nissan Skyline into the US ( No Answer,   17 Comments )
Subject: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: ratzelda-ga
List Price: $25.00
Posted: 27 Aug 2002 23:45 PDT
Expires: 26 Sep 2002 23:45 PDT
Question ID: 59326
I would like to find out how to import a Nissan Skyline GTR from Japan
to the US without using Motorex Company.  They charge $25,000 which I
feel is too high.  I have heard that one can import the car to Canada,
then move it to the US and under NAFTA the rules change.  The car is
not manufactured for the US, and hence has not undergone the standard
crash testing.  Motorex has done these tests, and thats part of the
reason they charge so much money.  I live in Japan and have access to
these highly sought after vehicles, but cannot figure out how to get
it into the US.
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: rico-ga on 28 Aug 2002 05:56 PDT
Hi ratzelda,

According to, "Japanese Domestic Models (JDM's)
aren't built to automatically conform to Federal or Canadian
standards.  As a USA  individual, you must engage the assistance of a 
CCI, Certified Commercial Importer, who will perform the necessary
conversions and certifications with EPA, NHTSA, etc. for you to be
able to license a non-complying imported vehicle.  Appreciate that
this will take time, and cost money. Lots of paperwork must be lodged
and approvals granted with Govt. agencies before you can import a
non-complying vehicle."

It appears from my cursory search that only Motorex does the
"necessary conversions and certifications" for the Skyline. However,
here's a link to the latest (June 2002) list of registered importers,
with phone numbers who you may want to contact to confirm.
Unfortunately, it isn't something that I (or probably any other
Researcher) could check for you, as the cost for the phone calls would
quickly eat into your $25 payment.

One other possibility is to attempt to convince the NHTSA that your
Skyline will fall under the "Show or Display" provision. This is
unlikely, given the rather stringent eligibility requirements, and
probably unfeasible, given that you can only drive the vehicle 2,500
miles in any 12-month period.  But hey, as someone who appreciates
fine cars myself, I thought I'd toss the idea in the mix.

Best of luck.  Hope you figure out a way to get it here without laying
out an additional $25k.

Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: rico-ga on 06 Sep 2002 08:10 PDT
Still looking for you...

I've found some evidence that "Wallace Environmental Testing Labs" has
done some imports of the Nissan Skyline.  You may want to fill out the
online form at...

to receive what they call an "Automobile Conversion Agreement (no
obligation)". If it works out for you, I'd be interested in hearing
about it.

Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: azskylinegtr-ga on 27 Apr 2004 14:05 PDT
RB-motoring ( also imports GTR's however they still
get their cars from Motorex while they await the necessary paperwork
to be completed. If you are part of the US miltiary I understand that
you may have the car on US soil for up to a year then it must be
removed. The ONLY way to drive the car in the us LEGALY would be to go
through motorex, since the car is not assigned a vin number you would
be unable to insure, register it etc. withoug going through them.
Unless you were to sneak the car into the country and drive it on
dealer plates which would require no registration but if you were
caught the car would be crushed. I've also heard of people shipping
the car in for "parts" by shipping the engine, transmission, chassis
separatley then re assembling them once they are in the US however the
car is still not legal for road use, it would be limited to a
trailered car that may only be used for the track. Your only other
alternative is to wait untill 2007 when Nissan plans to release a new
version of the GTR, which it will also release in the US.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: skyline_guru-ga on 11 Jul 2004 00:55 PDT
There is no way to import a skyline to the US without going through
MotoRex. As stated it will be either crushed or shipped back to Japan.

The reason MotoRex charges so much is because they did the crash
testing and all the epa testing required to get the skyline legal for
U.S. roads. Unless another RI (Registered Importer) can show you that
they have this data then dont give them your money.

MotoRex spent millions to get the skyline legalized. You spending a
couple thousand is hardly too much. I speak from experience. I payed
MotoRex 17,000 to legalize my 95 GTS25T.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: dirtydirty-ga on 10 Aug 2004 20:27 PDT
Hey i know people who have gotten skylines off ebay they come in 4-5
weeks on a crate costs $2,500 to ship by boat... They get a vin from
junk yard nissan sentra or old 240zx and slap it on their car, and
they get a crooked mechanic to pass them through inspections. Although
this is illegal it can be done and gotten away with.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: destroydtheworld-ga on 31 Aug 2004 17:05 PDT
Another way that I haven't heard anyone suggest is to become a
Registered importer(RI). You have to apply, which costs around
$550($230 is refunded if it's refused), and other requirements, such
as forms including buisness intentions, and insurance, and recall
affiliates. You also have to send a video tape of your garage.. As
soon as you become an RI you can legally convert a car. The following
website contains sample application forms, and other guidelines.


I hope this helped to spark someone's Imagination, because I don't
have the funds to pursue this idea (Mainly the garage part). If you
own a garage, you
may want to look into this. If anyone intends to pursue this idea,
please E-mail me with your progress. I'd like to think that my
research helped someone.

Another thing I looked into was the Canada Idea(Getting a Skyline to
canada then to the US). What I found was that in order to bring a car
into the US from Canada, you must provide a letter from the
manufacturing company, that states that the car complies with all US
Regulations. I Have seen and heard of Skylines being legalized in
Canada. From my understanding if you could get a car in Canada and
convert it yourself, you could submit the car to the Nissan
Corporation, and if your lucky they'll give you a letter.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: fatpauly-ga on 08 Sep 2004 20:34 PDT

    I am a Canadian citizen, and I know how to get them into Canada,
and subsequently, I am looking for a supplier in Japan. Maybe you
could help me? I am going to re-post this as a question, or you could
add another comment onto this to let me know.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: mattman182-ga on 22 Sep 2004 18:11 PDT
To the person I am started this long list of ideas, I am a sportscar
freak... my boss and I are looking to get some of these beauties here
for our selves and to become dealers and sell them here. If you have
found a way around motorex I would be most interested. not to mention
to see what you have access to over there. hope to hear from you soon.
also on a side note I have ran inot some one that is selling skylines
on ebay and claiming that he has a "contract" with motorex for about
$3k to get them legalized here in the states so you might look into
trying to strike a deal that way if you are gonna be selling mass
numbers maybe they'll cut a deal if that is infact what they did with
the fellow that I have been talking to... I have yet to get any  proof
of what he says, but i will keep you informed if you are interested.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: godzillagaijin-ga on 27 Sep 2004 05:23 PDT
If anyone needs a man on the spot, I am him.  I have a history of
purchasing cars over seas and have been immersed in the Japan car
racing circuit for some time over here.  If you need any help getting
Skylines for shipment out of Japan, leave a post here with your email
and I will get in touch with you.

Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: svt-ga on 07 Nov 2004 17:45 PST
I think you should wait till 2007 till they start makinn skylines in the U.S.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: monkysinc-ga on 02 Jan 2005 08:03 PST
Happy new year!

Today I found this articles in Google, answers board.
I have already exported some JDM vehicles to the U.S.A, and Already
the vehicles is registered in the states 100% legally.

Actually The legalizing cost is not cheaper, and the cost is almost
same as the MOTOREX's offical legalizing cost, but We can registere
all JDM cars in the U.S.A, and Canada, We believe this is amazing
story for the custmer in The U.S.A. and Canada.

If you guys are seriously interested in buying (Importing) JDM cars by
yourself, and want to the car as 100% legal passenger cars in the
states and Canada, Let me have your e-mail directly.

Probably We can help of you, but As I told, The legalizing cost is not
so cheap, because We should do a lot of paperworks, labors, costs too
much money.

We already ship some Silvia SpecR, and R32 GT-R....

For more details,


Contact us.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: ae85_61y-ga on 14 Jan 2005 00:33 PST

I am a canadian citizen and I own a skyline GTR R32 and have
experienced importing it from Japan into canada. The only thing is the
vehicle has to be 15 years old or older to the month by law to be
brought into canada. which there is still alot of paper work to be
done though customs to make it legal. After it was legaly brought into
canada all I had to do to make it legal to drive on the roads was to
get an out of country inspection which is like a regular mechanical
inspection and there was no other special tests I had to do to make it
100% legal to drive on the roads. If your car is a 1989 or 90 it could
be brought over to canada if it is newer I would just recommend going
through motorex to make it 100% legal in the USA.

I hope this information helps

Good Luck!
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: sharples-ga on 15 Jan 2005 21:57 PST
I heard from a friend that another company - JK Technologies is an
importer that can modify the Skyline to U.S. standards.  He found out
that they did the original modifications and testing for motorex.  Not
sure if it's true, but might be worth checking out.  I couldn't find a
website for them, but they are on the NHTSA Registered Importer list.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: nightrider978-ga on 16 Jan 2005 09:40 PST
i think there is a cheaper way to import a skyline into the us. the
web site i have gone to sells them and ships them to your nearest port
 i cant give off the price so you would want to see cars the your self
 the web site is  they sell used cars  all the way to
2005 cars
hope you guys and gals  and all those sports car lovers like the web
site i just gave
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: greatgonzer-ga on 16 Jan 2005 23:06 PST
There is a company out of Florida that imports the Skylines. Then they
send them out of country for dis-assembly. They are shipped back into
the US as parts. Then they send the "parts" either to you or they can
assemble the car for a fee. The car is then considered a "kit car" or
a "replica" and can be registered as such according to them without
having to be street legal (law of kit cars)... I'm looking into it now
and will post more infor when I find out more...
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: r35forums-ga on 20 Feb 2005 16:59 PST
look at to find info on the 2007 gtr.
Subject: Re: Import Nissan Skyline into the US
From: skylinewanted-ga on 02 Mar 2005 05:37 PST
What is the name of the company in Florida that will import skylines as parts cars?

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