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Q: Chicago area dance clubs for 40's-70's music ( Answered 1 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: Chicago area dance clubs for 40's-70's music
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Asked by: ironmike-ga
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Posted: 30 Aug 2002 14:37 PDT
Expires: 29 Sep 2002 14:37 PDT
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I'm looking for a dance club in Chicago or the West Suburbs with a
large dance floor that caters to older music from the 40's-70's,but
mostly 50's on a regular basis during the weekends
Subject: Re: Chicago area dance clubs for 40's-70's music
Answered By: tlspiegel-ga on 30 Aug 2002 15:32 PDT
Rated:1 out of 5 stars
Hi Mike,

I've found a long list for you in the Greater Chicago area - with
information on locations, prices, schedules, directions and a general
description of the establishments.  It includes Ballroom, Latin,
Swing, Country & Western, Jitterbug, etc.

Because of the disclaimer it would be a good idea to phone and make
sure the information is still accurate: (site was last modified on
October 12, 1999) "While I make every effort in ensuring validity and
timeliness of the information in this page, I cannot be held
responsible for any inconvenience that may result from the usage of
this information."

Dancing in Chicago

Happy Dancing!


Clarification of Answer by tlspiegel-ga on 30 Aug 2002 15:33 PDT
Google search strategy: "dance club" "chicago area" "50's music"


Request for Answer Clarification by ironmike-ga on 31 Aug 2002 06:11 PDT
Dear tlspiegel,
     Yes ,you've found a long list,something I've had no problem doing
on my own.Your efforts are commendable ,but did not answer the
specifics.A ballroom is not a dance club,and I'm looking for a
nightclub atmosphere,not an instructional facility.Also,if I've missed
the part of 40'to 70's as a consistent theme in your advertised
answer,please point out my mistake.
Enjoy your weekend.

Clarification of Answer by tlspiegel-ga on 31 Aug 2002 09:54 PDT
Hello again!

Well... to say the least, this is bringing back some fond memories of
my 13 years living in Chicagoland!  And I also love to dance.  (Many
of the places I used to go to don't exist anymore.)

In answer to your clarification - I did a quick check at a site on the
net I use for my area, but limiting it to Chicagoland, and have come
up with lots and lots of dance places.  Not ballrooms. Really neat
places!  I hope you will agree!  ;)

I'm going out of town for the day - my friend is entering one of her
dogs in an AKC Dog Show and I've been selected to help.  I'll be back
later tonight - I'll try to answer more thoroughly tonight if it's not
too late.  Otherwise I'll start first thing Sunday morning and have
many more for you sometime on Sunday.

It would help me a bit if you would clarify one thing.  I know
Chicagoland is a huge area.  Probably a lot bigger than when I lived
there back in the early
60's through the mid 70's.  Would you be able to identify any specific
locations that are not good for you.  Otherwise I'll concentrate on W.
Chicago and West Surburbs.

So...  if you can wait a little bit longer I'll be working on this for
you as soon as I can devote more time.  I appreciate your patience.

Thank you ironmike,


Clarification of Answer by tlspiegel-ga on 31 Aug 2002 10:43 PDT
Hello ironmike,

I've been able to work on your clarification request after all. 
Please go to the following site:
Digital City Main - Make It Your Town (SM)

Type in either a zipcode or Chicago, IL
Select Chicago
Select Entertainment Guide
Select either Bars and Clubs or Live Music

In the Bars and Clubs category, select an area, (ignore keyword)
select Go.
**Note**  The selections go from A-Z

In the Live Music Events Finder (which also has dance)
Select category
Select and area
Select dates you wish to go
Click search

There just seems to be way too much information for me to wade
through.  It would be best for you to actually look through the many
listings and for you to actually make the calls.  Because only you
know the type of music you’re interested in dancing to (40’s through
70’s is an enormous venue) and to narrow it down to the 50’s isn’t
possible for me on this end.

I'm sure if you call the various places that interest you, the
personnel will be happy to give you the information on type of music,
size of dance floor,  whether it's a nightclub atmosphere, etc.

Also it might not be a bad idea to ask the personnel at some of the
places for more recommendations for you.

Hope this helps,


Clarification of Answer by tlspiegel-ga on 31 Aug 2002 13:53 PDT

I'd like to point out to you:  If your question is not answered to
your satisfaction when you post at Google Answers, you have the option
of asking for Clarification BEFORE giving a low rating.

Researchers are notified by email that a customer has asked for
Clarification. That gives the Researcher an option to look further for
the customer.  Google Answers is set up so a Researcher and Questioner
can have more than one exchange of information.

ironmike-ga rated this answer:1 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: Chicago area dance clubs for 40's-70's music
From: seedy-ga on 30 Aug 2002 22:00 PDT
Searching through the long list provided by tlspiegel resulted in the
following link which seems to fulfill your requirements:

Subject: Re: Chicago area dance clubs for 40's-70's music
From: tlspiegel-ga on 30 Aug 2002 23:49 PDT
Thank you seedy,

Subject: Re: Chicago area dance clubs for 40's-70's music
From: seedy-ga on 31 Aug 2002 08:36 PDT

We are determined to get you out dancing on the weekends in the
atmosphere you desire.

1.   I did look through  and for
Chicagoland but didn't find any clubs exactly in your specification
categories....The three that were closest (although Lombard is not
exactly close) are:

A.   Minx Cafe & Lounge
     111 W Hubbard St
     Chicago, IL 60610
     Phone: (312) 828-9000
Nice martinis, including the fruity Starlet and a smooth house martini
with blue-cheese-stuffed olives. Friday nights, ladies drop in for the
Bubble Lounge, featuring complimentary champagne from 9pm to 11pm and
DJs spinning French disco and hip-hop. Otherwise, expect to hear
downtempo lounge, old-school and house.

The "old school" and "house" may be too young for your tastes....

B.     Deja Vu
       2624 N. Lincoln Ave.  
AdmissionsNo cover before midnight Saturdays, Sundays Thursday/Fridays
$4-$5Bar StylesLounge, Live Music, Dance Club, After HoursDance
StylesUrban/Contemp., Swing, Latin/Salsa  FoodNo

This one may still be too "comtemporary" for your requirements.

C.     Living Room
       801 E. Butterfield Rd., Lombard  

find a dance club, wine bar or neighborhood pub feedback
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INSIDE: The Living Room
A suburban supper club with a loungy feel

By Sara Stewart

Living Room
801 E. Butterfield Rd., Lombard

Sights: What the Living Room is going for is a suburban supper club
feel, and it mostly gets it right. Echoing the recent urban resurgence
of dark, loungy spaces, this room is swathed in fabric (most of which
looks like it could have come from the Linens 'N' Things down the
street). Leopard-printed curtains are visible as you walk in. One side
of the room features overstuffed couches and easy chairs, while the
other offers both regular chairs and tables or bar stools and tables,
according to your fancy. The bar area is awash in blue light, which
sets it distinctly apart from the more warmly lit couch area. The
washrooms have valets, and are spacious and clean, if a little on the
nouveau-antique ornate side.

The Living Room is a suburban supper club that attracts plenty of
dancing action on the weekends.
Photo by Genyphyr Novak

Sounds: On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, live music is featured.
It would be fairly easy to mistake the '80s cover band for
participants in some sort of karaoke night, but the regulars seem to
like them pretty well. Several bands are in rotation so you never know
just who you're going to get. The other nights feature deejays,
sometimes in-house and sometimes not.

Again, hit or miss with the music and Lombard is halfway to Milwaukee

Although you may not like the ballroom atmosphere, it appears that is
the only place you are going to get the consistency of music you
specify.  Did you check the clubs listed in the ballroom listing to
see if any of them are still open??

225 W. Ontario, Chicago

Faces is a nightclub and bar adjacent to (and owned by) Magnum's
Steakhouse. Nice 30x30 sq. ft. dance floor, with seating on two sides
of the floor and a long bar along the two other sides, offering a chic
atmosphere. Faces is located at the corner of Ontario and Franklin.

Salsa and Merengue dancing every Wednesday night starting at 6pm.
Music is DJ every week, with live bands once a month. Admission is
complimentary, except when live bands play, call for details. Small
dance floor. This event is run by the same management as Excalibur.
The crowd is classy and generally over 30.

Frankies Blue Room
16 W. Chicago Av., Naperville, IL

Big band swing on Wednesdays. As of 1997, the Big Swing plays live
music on Wednesdays. The band has some of the former members of Mighty
Blue Kings. Their music is very dancable. Free swing dance lesson
starting at 7pm, then open dancing 8pm-1am. Frankie's also has dance
lessons on Thursdays, call to enquire.

Jukebox Saturday Night
1227 Maple Ave. Lisle, IL 60532

Swing Lessons Every Tuesday Starting at 7pm followed by DJ Music. $3
Cover with food and drink specials.

Schuba's Tavern
3159 N. Southport, Chicago, IL 60657

This is a restaurant with a dance floor. Lessons are sometimes offered
before the band, at about 7:00, but it's not consistent; call before
showing up for lessons. There is usually a sizable crowd of regulars
who one can dance with.

If you are ever in Boston, Moseley's on the Charles in Dedham, MA is
the exact place for you although I haven't been there in many years, I
assume they are still open and satisfying.

Hope these listing help...

Subject: Re: Chicago area dance clubs for 40's-70's music
From: starrebekah-ga on 31 Aug 2002 16:39 PDT
Hi Ironmike!

    I'm not from Chicago, so forgive me for that -- but I always feel
for someone who hasn't found the answer they were looking for, so I
decided to try to give it a shot myself.  After a few minutes, here is
what I found.

1. The Black Orchid - (230 W. North Avenue, 312-944-2200) a 40s themed
dinner/dancing type venue.  I found out (you may want to call to make
sure the prices are still accurate), but it's $85 for the Dinner,
floor show, & dancing afterwards, $45 for show only, and $20 if you
just want to go and dance (after 10pm).  Here's the description:
"The Art Deco splendor of legendary clubs like the Copacabana and
Rainbow Room has been rekindled at this private supper club. The stage
of this showroom is devoted to the 16-piece Doug Lawrence Orchestra.
The brick backwalls and bar stools of other clubs pale in comparison
to the Black Orchid's glamorous '40s feel. The gleaming metallic
finishes in the room shine and so does the staff, which is polished
right down to its spats. There's even a corps of cigarette and picture
girls working the room like something out of a Fred and Ginger flick"

Google Search Strategy: Chicago + dance + 40s music

2. Green Dolphin Street - very similar to the Black Orchid is that
it's the same type of dinner, restaurant venue, but also dancing.  The
difference here is that music starts at 9pm not 10pm, and there is
also a full-service bar.   Here is a part of the description:

"The largest Chicago jazz club (named after the jazz standard) is
popular with a crowd so dressy, cocktail-drinking, and cigar smoking
swank (excellent for people-watching) that you'd swear it was run by
the mafia. The high ceiling, polished wood floor, and white
tableclothed tables, which sooth those yearning for the old hotel
ballroom, also remind of the golden days of jazz and add to the
consciously retro '40s feel. The Chicago Tribune calls it "one of the
best of Chicago's dinner-and-show facilities."
New sound system has improved the originally poor acoustics (critics
complain that Cafe Absinthe creators Sam and Don Menetti, who spent $2
million converting the junkyard/auto glass repair shop to a
restaurant/club should have spent less on the decor), but it's not an
intimate place, and the drinkers tend to talk over the band. Still,
some of the city's best bands play here (ranging from latin jazz and
big bands to acid jazz. The club aspires to attract national names,
but so far hasn't needed to. There are free swing dance lessons on
Wednesdays (after paying the cover) from 7-8:30."

Search strategy: Chicago + 40s dance music + nightclub

3.  Here a found a listing (not too much other information) for a 50's
type club:
      "Walter Payton's Studebaker's
1251 E. Golf Road, Schaumburg
"Fun food and the '50s." (Dress Code"


I looked them up on the web but didn't find much else about them. 
Will keep looking, you may want to try to call them, or pass by.

The 60s and 70s, I've found, it's much harder to find the type of
place I think you're looking for..  Places offer this type of music,
but for younger folks, with DJs, etc.  Let me know if you want these
listings, and I'll provide them - and I'll continue to look for you.

Hope this helps (let me know if I did), or if you need anything else. 
Have fun & Boogie Down!


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