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Q: Best Spray-On Truck Bedliner ( Answered 3 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Best Spray-On Truck Bedliner
Category: Sports and Recreation > Automotive
Asked by: goonie-ga
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Posted: 07 Sep 2002 20:31 PDT
Expires: 07 Oct 2002 20:31 PDT
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I am looking for comparisions of the leading spray-on truck bedliner
manufacturers(Rhino Linings, Line-X, ArmorThane, etc.)  Specifically I am looking
for durability and user satisfaction comparisons between the
spray-ons.  Ideally I would have a "consumer reports" type of
comparison of three of the leading spray-on manufacturers(Rhino,
Line-X, and one other).  In terms of a question I am asking which is
the best spray-on bedliner in terms of durability and user
satisfaction. I would like to see references to user survey and user poll results.
Subject: Re: Best Spray-On Truck Bedliner
Answered By: knowledge_seeker-ga on 11 Sep 2002 20:35 PDT
Rated:3 out of 5 stars
Hi there goonie!

Alright, here you go .. you asked for user opinions, we’ve got them!
Check these out:


The stuff  [RHINO LINING ] does work well at deadening road noise when
applied to a pickup bed.  The local Rhino-Coat guy quoted me a cost of
$300 to do the (small) bed of my VW pickup.  He also told me it would
add approximately 40 lbs of weight to the

Rhino Linings can be used in a lot of places. Best bet is
to take the vehicle to a Rhino dealer and ask them for
some solid advice and cost. It really is a good product.

We put Rhino linings on several trucks where I work, and they turned
out so well I am planning on having the interior of my Bronco coated
with it. We did have a problem with two liners peeling up but it was
because of surface prep problems and the installer fixed them right
away, no charge.

I had a RhinoLining put in my new truck about 4 months ago.  So far, I
have carried firewood, Belgian Block (cobblestones), bulk sand, and
various other materials.  Not one problem-- just take the hose and
wash it out.  I am more than happy with it.  I heartily recommend it.

Just wanted to share my experience with Rhino Liners. Rhino Liners
seem to be good if you get it from an installer with a good
reputation. I have a co-worker that is happy with his, but I got mine
from an installer just getting started and it's a piece of junk.
The "lifetime warranty" that is offered is only as good as the dealer
you buy the liner from.

I'm not a big fan of anything I view as a fad and in the beginning I
thought that Rhino
Linings were just that. I WAS WRONG! Several trucks I've seen in the
past three years with it have held up very well; They are all used as
oilfield service vehicles, and they are not treated very well.



I got the Line-X in my 99 F-350 8' bed in December of last year. Still
as good as new. Look at the side walls of a Rhino. That turned me off.
Rhino cold sprays it and it looked like it was sagging. Line-X hot
sprays it
and it looks molded to the bed.

Harry, Ive had a Line-X in mine for almost a year and a half, with no
problems. I have a couple of friends that are in the home remodeling
business. They go through trucks every couple of years. One has a
he had sprayed in and another who bought a new truck with a rhino
already installed. The rhino looks like shit, already in a 99 model
truck. The rhino has tears in it, like it is kind of a rubbery
with fibers in it. Line-X still looks good, and they both take pretty
much equal abuse.

I am a Line-X Store Manager in New Orleans Lemme give you the skinny
Line-X is a heated HIGH pressure system, Rhino is a Cold LOW pressure
System Whats the diff. you ask. The Curing process!......the Cold
urethanes take from 24- 72 hours to cure through and through...during
this process they swell slightly,
making them slightly thicker but it leaves for a softer compound,
(Less Durable)

My work truck has line X in the bed and is very thin and getting
chalky looking (its black) after only 8 months of rather easy duty.
is why I went with rhino lining, it is a full 1/4" everywhere in my
tub whereas the line X in my work truck is an 1/8 "

I tend to think that the Line-X liner's texture and appearance is
nicer than Rhino.  In fact, it looks kind of like a factory paint job.
Every feature, curve, and fillet in your bed will be visible.  The
Rhino tends to cover up more of this.



In Canada (ArmorThane - Rhino's counterpart), the cost to applying
white was
the same as the black with the exception of a possible charge to
change the
color ($50.00 - purging previous color from pumps, lines, etc.)  Don't
understand the UV problem - most truck boxes are not covered and
has a lifetime guarantee.

I have a sprayed in boxliner called "Armorthane" and it is
and I do mean indestructible! I have my 5th wheel rails bolted to it
there is no movement or squishing down of the material at all. It is
popular in the oil patch here in western Canada and they are always
very heavy oily stuff. I have also spilled lacquer thinner on it and
didn't even bite! Just my opinion but if you are looking for a good
liner to
last the life of the truck go for the sprayed in type.

Personally, I have been impressed with the Armorthane stuff - it seems
have some "give" to it that the other guys don't.  Check out the
to see for yourself.  Just my $ 0.02.

I had mine done by Armorthane.  They did a WICKED job, NOTHING got
thru that
crap.  I even moved one of those huge Coke machines around and it
didn't make a
scratch.  I think it's around 400.00 or so.

No more on Armorthane… 


I don’t think we’re going to find any more honest user comments than
you see in these discussion threads.  People are going to post their
rants for and against pretty clearly. A lot more honestly, in my
opinion, than you’ll you’ll ever see in a publication.

I encourage you to browse deeper into those threads. You see in the
upper right of each page it will have a link to VIEW COMPLETE THREAD
and will show any more articles that are in the thread. Open them up
and take a read. Some of them get more technical and explain the
differences in the process and the result of applying the different

As for the Line-X bomb protection, here’s the government report on

It’s a 17 page report, but doesn’t name Line-X by name. It only
discusses the use of  a “commercial spray on truck bed liner product…”
  (See page 3 of the report).  It does not specifically compare truck
bed liner products but just tests the one as an aid to preventing
bomb-blast response in walls. (which the product does remarkably

I’m not sure how useful the report will be to you in your choice of
bedliner, but it’s a pretty interesting read in any case.

So, that should give you enough different perspectives by users that
you can make your decision.

Should you have any other brands you want user reviews of, I would
suggest doing what I did and go to Google Groups  and search for the brand you’re interested
in.  I’m sure you’ll get results.

Thanks for the question. If anything I’ve said isn’t clear, feel free
to ask for clarification.

goonie-ga rated this answer:3 out of 5 stars
good as it can be for an open ended question

Subject: Re: Best Spray-On Truck Bedliner
From: nellie_bly-ga on 08 Sep 2002 17:33 PDT
I've not found a comparison of various spray on bedliners, but there's
a comparison of spray on verson drop-in at

Check also a Penda Corp  press release at
Penda, of course, manufactures drop-ins  so this may not be
unprejudiced information.

But, note that a competitor disputes all the findings by Penda

June 14, 2002 

Manufacturer of spray-on bedliners disputes research by drop-in
bedliner company

San Diego, California - Rhino Linings, a manufacturer of spray-on
pickup bed
linings, has disputed the findings of the Penda Corporation, a
manufacturer of drop-in bedliners. As reported in CanadianDriver on
June 5th Penda Corporation claimed that spray-on bedliners were less
durable than drop-in bedliners. Brian Marks, director of Marketing at
Rhino Linings USA Inc. says Penda's research was flawed."
Subject: Re: Best Spray-On Truck Bedliner
From: nellie_bly-ga on 08 Sep 2002 17:40 PDT
Dodge Dakota owners discuss their ratings of spray on bedliners at
Subject: Re: Best Spray-On Truck Bedliner
From: goonie-ga on 11 Sep 2002 09:29 PDT
I'm not sure this question can really be fully answered but I will be
with more links to user opinions.  Also Line-X claims the governement
tested many spray-on technologies for bomb protection qualities and
theirs was the only one that met the government standards.  A link to
this government report might give a good comparitive analysis.

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