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Q: Looking for discontinued eyeglasses ( No Answer,   3 Comments )
Subject: Looking for discontinued eyeglasses
Category: Health > Beauty
Asked by: chattanoo-ga
List Price: $50.00
Posted: 27 Apr 2002 20:37 PDT
Expires: 23 May 2002 15:08 PDT
Question ID: 6406
Where can i buy these eyeglass frames: 
Model 872 
Size 48 
Color 7 
They were discontinued last year. I have checked with local eyeglass
sellers, and contacted takumi directly.
For a successful answer i will need a way to contact the seller -
email address or phone number. 

Request for Question Clarification by blader-ga on 30 Apr 2002 12:31 PDT
Greetings from Google! 
I called about a dozen sources, and I received replies from a few of
them. They all say that your model number can not be found, and that
all Takumi frames start their model numbers with "9". Sorry.
Good luck on your search for your eyeglass frames. 
Best Regards, 

Request for Question Clarification by katwoman-ga on 30 Apr 2002 16:49 PDT
Hi chattanoo, 
I have found the following Takumi models: 9767, 9746 and 9718.  
If any of those are of interest to you, please let me know and I can
give you information on where to find them. In each case, there was
only one pair that was available.
Also, when you say that you have checked with your local sellers, what
city are you referring to? I ask because I am also calling around.
I will continue to try to track down the glasses for you. 

Clarification of Question by chattanoo-ga on 30 Apr 2002 17:13 PDT
I bought them at Site for Sore Eyes in San Francisco in mid-2001. They
were the most popular model so they were hard to keep in style.
re: model numbers, they were a small company and they got bought by
aspex. the new company changed manufacturers apparently so instead of
threee-digit numbers they now use four-digit numbers starting with 9.
The original pair was about $450 for the frames ($600 complete) and i
would happily pay double that for another pair. the new takumi's are
all different.
There is no answer at this time.

The following answer was rejected by the asker (they received a refund for the question).
Subject: Re: Looking for discontinued eyeglasses
Answered By: roguedog-ga on 01 May 2002 08:45 PDT
Rated:1 out of 5 stars
Dear Chattanoo, 
Thank you for your inquiry. 
At present I and other researchers have contacted several resellers on
your behalf from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Napa, New York and
Tennessee.  Unfortunately, none of these places had your model in
stock.  I can, however, give you a small glimmer of hope.
I contacted the main distributor of Takumi in North America, Aspex. 
They can be found at &lt;a href=&quot;<a href=""></a>&quot;&gt;<a href=""></a>&lt;/a&gt;.  I called them and
the lady on the phone said that your local reseller could call them to
request a warehouse search on your behalf.  Their phone number is
(800) 707-8834.
I hope this path will help you in your quest. 
Best of luck!  

Clarification of Answer by roguedog-ga on 01 May 2002 11:36 PDT
Dear Chattanoo, 
Apologies if you did not like the answer I provided. After calling
several resellers, it seemed that the most expeditious route would be
the one I had suggested, that is, contacting your local reseller to
request a warehouse search on your behalf.  The folks at Aspex do not
deal with the general public.  My thinking was that if the product was
discontinued a year ago, quantities may be low, if non-existent, and
so you would want to get on this as soon as possible.
However, if you would like to repost your Question go to:
&lt;a href=&quot;<a href=""></a>&quot;&gt;<a href=""></a>&lt;/a&gt; .
Good luck in your search, 
Reason this answer was rejected by chattanoo-ga:
it's worth $50 to me to find the glasses - but i already have the
phone number they gave, and i have already called several places to
find them myself. it's not acceptable to me to pay $50 for nothing. i
put a year expiration thinking that it would stay open until someone
found the glasses. however, all the replies were negative so I don't
think it's worth reposting.

if you think i can get my glasses found by reporting, then i will be
happy to repost it. the $50 means nothing to me - i just want those
glasses. i was going to put $250 in as the reward for answering the
question, until i found out that the maximum is $50.

chattanoo-ga rated this answer:1 out of 5 stars
i already called them, as i mentioned in my original post. if you
don't have the answer, please don't close my question out.

how can i get my question re-opened?

Subject: Re: Looking for discontinued eyeglasses
From: seeker-ga on 28 Apr 2002 13:08 PDT
I am not sure about the exact model, size and color that you are
looking for
but a general search provided a few sites that sell Takumi eyeglasses.

It seems that Takumi offers a magnetic version of the clip-on, which
is easier to put on than the more traditional clip-ons.

Please check the sites below:

All the best
Subject: Re: Looking for discontinued eyeglasses
From: katwoman-ga on 01 May 2002 13:28 PDT
Hi chattanoo,

I called ALL of the Site for Sore Eyes stores in San Francisco
yesterday and none of them had the Takumi glasses.

Based on the calls that I've made and the questions I've asked of the
store workers, it seems that there are only two options:

1) Call the (800) 707-8834 number. However, they've been reluctant to
deal directly with individual buyers, so you'll have to have a local
reseller call for you.

2) Continue to call local eyeglass stores. (I'd focus on the major
metropolitan areas like SF, LA, Miami and NY.) The feedback that I've
received is that if you're going to find them, more than likely it'll
be because a store just happens to have some left over in their

As I mentioned before, I was able to find three pairs of Takumis in
the areas that I called. (That was based on calling *30* stores.)

If you really want Takumis and you're willing to go with another
model, I can give you the contact information for those three pair.
(Models 9767, 9746, and 9718)

Subject: Re: Looking for discontinued eyeglasses
From: chromedome-ga on 23 May 2002 13:46 PDT
Hello, Chattanoo-ga!

I've been browsing the question files, looking for questioners like
yourself who have not been able to get the information they've needed.
 Aspex Canada put me in touch with J C Mazaira, a regional manager for
Aspex at the New York office.  He is one of those responsible for
overseeing Takumi frames within Aspex's dealer channel.

Unfortunately, I don't have good news for you.  Mr. Mazaira was
frankly astonished that you were able to find a pair of these frames
as recently as last year.  He says it has been closer to three years
since these were discontinued!

Perhaps you might be able to buy a pair privately from someone who has
them, but it would appear that the retail channel is a dead end.

Sorry I couldn't bring happier tidings!

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