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Q: Healing strcturally damaged chakras ( No Answer,   4 Comments )
Subject: Healing strcturally damaged chakras
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: niklesod-ga
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Posted: 29 Mar 2006 07:34 PST
Expires: 30 Mar 2006 04:28 PST
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In a past life i was attacked by two psychic entities. One that
attached itself to my third eye, and another to my spile and crown
chakra. They were sent to attack me specifically to shutdown my crown
and third eye chakras. In this lifetime, that attack was successfull
in that my crown has been is blocked and has almost no energy flowing
through it. There is some energy flowing through my third eye, but
very little. The rest of my chakras work fine, I guess in relation to
my life and thoughts. I beleive my crown and third eye arent working
because they were structurally damaged.

Also I've been told that i died in my last life because a pole had
gone through my head and shattered glass had penetrated my chest,
affecting my heart chakra. Many of the general chakra and aura healers
I've tired basically havent done anything to help me open these two
chakras. I used to have chest pains all the time, but after a recent
healing, I dont get chest pains anymore.

So with this background information, my question is this. I'm looking
for a specific type of healer that specializes in damaged chakras due
to psychic attack by entities that have attached themselves to my
body. The two deamons I've been told attached to me in that past life
were a "shapeshifter" on my spine and crown, and a "bat demon" that
attached to my third eye.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 29 Mar 2006 12:46 PST

You might want to explore around a bit at this site:

as they seem to have quite a strong focus on healing damaged chakras.

Let me know if that's of any use to you at all.

Best of luck,


Request for Question Clarification by sublime1-ga on 29 Mar 2006 14:12 PST

Damaged chakras are not that uncommon, and there are plenty
of resources out there. Realistically, it may take a fair
amount of patience, time and discipline. This is not the
kind of thing that a healer can repair with the wave of a
hand. It will depend more on your own dedication and adherence
to a regular discipline of meditation, visualizations and
similar techniques.

A good general discussion of healing chakras is here, on
the Lipstick Mystic site:

A book that looks promising, called 'Seven Ancient Secrets for
a happy life - Chakras' is available from Exalted Living:

The Table of Contents is here:

From my own experience, I would recommend the regular use of
a guided meditation that uses music, affirmations and colors
associated with each chakra. Paul Solomon, one of my spiritual
teachers, created such a meditation:

'Seven Terraces To Higher Consciousness'

The other tapes on that page will be useful, as well.

Once you learn the guided meditation on this tape, you
can dispense with the tape and do it in silence, if you
wish. I still use the meditation.

Another excellent tape which is very well done is by
Dr Emmett Miller, with the talented Georgia Kelly on
harp. You can listen to a sample, and order it, here:

This tape is meant to be listened to passively and repeatedly.

Using such meditations and tapes 2x a day, every day,
will go a long way toward healing any problems you may
have, and are designed to interact specifically with 
the chakras. Yet, again, patience and dedication are

Let me know if you consider this a satisfactory answer.


Clarification of Question by niklesod-ga on 29 Mar 2006 16:51 PST
No this is not usefull at all. I've tried everything in the last 5
years. Meditation doesnt work for me. Meditation is a function of the
mind's eye, the very same thing i'm trying to repair. You're telling
me to go practice my driving, when I dont have a car to practice with.

So no, I cant do any of those visualizations and meditations because
the part of my energy body that governs that is damaged and incapable.
I know that sounds dumb to you, but it has sounded dumb to practically
everybody. So no, my situation is very UNCOMMON in that i have a
damaged crown and third eye. I've tried like 20 healers and they've
been unable to help, meaning what they've been doing has helped
nothing. I've spend nearly $6,000.00 bucks on them, and nothing.

Request for Question Clarification by sublime1-ga on 29 Mar 2006 20:40 PST

You seem (sadly) adamant in holding to beliefs that are not only
not serving you, but are in opposition to the facts accepted by
metaphysicians for centuries. The visualizations being recommended
are the purview of the 3rd chakra - the same center which governs
dreams and connection with the subconscious. If you never dreamed,
you would quickly become psychotic, so I know that can't be the 
case. It's from the 3rd chakra - the solar plexus - not coincidentally
located in the same area that swells during pregnancy, that one
becomes "born again"...not in the fundamentalist sense, but in 
the metaphysical sense (though they are related).

Healing higher chakras means activating and energizing the lower
ones first. This allows the energy to become purified and gradually
directed upward to activate and heal the higher chakras. 

There are no shortcuts, as such, although my comment about beliefs
earlier contains the seeds of wisdom. In the long run, the chakra
system is a convenient and effective belief system, which allows
you to direct and guage your progress in a rather tangible manner.

So, as my teacher did with me, I'll recommend that you read a book
by Paul Brunton called 'The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga'. The gist
of it is that everything we experience is dependent on our beliefs,
so, while we can believe in chakras and benefit from the understanding
that results, we can, more simply and directly, change the beliefs
that are limiting us from experiencing what we might hope to 
achieve through years of meditating and working with the chakras.

In the book, which is biographical, Brunton describes an extended
stay in a cave under the supervision of a transcendent being who
showed up only occasionally. On one of these visits, when Brunton
was famished from fasting, he instructed Brunton to pick up a stone.
Before his eyes, the stone was transformed into a hunk of bread.

Let's just say this woke him up a little.

As that book may be out of print, I'll also mention a course called
Avatar which is the most effective training I know in teaching about
the basic elements of the process of creation and discreation, i.e.
awareness, consciousness, attention, will, beliefs and belief systems.
The homepage for the organization which delivers the course is here:

Stars Edge

None of this costs you anything unless a researcher posts a formal
answer, so don't feel disappointed if none of it is ultimately
helpful to you. It may be helpful to future readers.


There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Healing strcturally damaged chakras
From: pinkfreud-ga on 29 Mar 2006 12:28 PST

Quite frankly, my belief system is such that very little of what you
have said makes sense to me. However, I'd like to offer a bit of
advice. Several times in your question you say "I've been told...", so
it seems reasonable that, rather than asking total strangers on the
Internet, you might do better to go back to the person or persons who
told you these things, and consult that person or person for further
Subject: Re: Healing strcturally damaged chakras
From: niklesod-ga on 29 Mar 2006 12:36 PST
i've asked over a billion people, literally. they've been of
absolutely no help. these are my last resorts.
Subject: Re: Healing strcturally damaged chakras
From: pinkfreud-ga on 29 Mar 2006 17:25 PST
As I mentioned above, I do not share your belief system, but it seems
to me that if a person receives a diagnosis, and all treatment fails,
it's quite possible that the diagnosis was wrong. You seem to have
been told a number of things about yourself, the kinds of things that
are not subject to usual methods of verification or proof. Could it be
that some or all of the things that you were told were not true?
Subject: Re: Healing strcturally damaged chakras
From: larryg999-ga on 29 Mar 2006 17:48 PST
Personally, I?d be tempted to approach this problem somewhat
differently.  You mention that you?ve invested $6,000 thus far.  I
would offer a payment of $1,000 to the first healer who produced the
results you desire ? but to be paid only AFTER you were completely
satisfied that the results were permanent and to your complete
satisfaction.  (You could deposit the $1,000 with a trustee or escrow
agent.) Publicize your $1,000 offer in magazines and on web sites
frequented, in your judgment, by the most highly qualified healers.

In preparation, write out specifically how you will know
experientially that you?ve been cured ? changed internal states, new
dream-states, visions, new belief systems, etc.  Once you have written
this out, you may also find therapists who will accept your offer, and
work toward these desired experiential outcomes directly.

Note:  If you find too many healers wanting to accept your offer and
they?re wasting your time, you could charge them $50 per hour of
theraputic session, to be placed in escrow, to be paid back to them if
you?re satisfied, but to be paid to you if you?re not completely

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