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Q: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons ( Answered,   9 Comments )
Subject: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: jim1946-ga
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Posted: 12 Apr 2006 13:49 PDT
Expires: 12 May 2006 13:49 PDT
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I have Pigeons in my yard, on my deck etc. I live in the suburbs of
NYC. Is there a proven and safe way to rid these bird form my
Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
Answered By: belindalevez-ga on 06 May 2006 05:18 PDT
<Pigeon deterrents

There are different reasons why pigeons roost on buildings. If they
are fed, they come close to the source of food, waiting there for
their fanciers or an opportunity to eat. In such cases, it is
advisable to talk to the fancier, i.e. the feeder, who caused the
problem. Public feeders might be persuaded to feed pigeons in parks
instead. Pigeon droppings would then be deposited on trees rather than
on façades. If pigeons use a building only for roosting, you can
attempt to spoil the quality of the place by making noise repeatedly.
Pigeons are highly sensitive to bangs, and they will leave the place
for good if they are persistently disturbed by clapping of hands.
Complete freedom from pigeons can be achieved by blocking openings by
means of nets or wirescreens, or by installing ledges not wider than 6
cm or at a 60-degree angle to present a slope on which the bird cannot
roost (Haag-Wackernagel 1997b), or by installing specially made spike
systems on the ledges. Net or wirescreen, and spikes, must be fitted
properly to prevent pigeons or other animals from perching, and also
from getting trapped.

Studies have found that systems that  try to keep pigeons at a
distance like ultrasound, all kinds of scarecrows and  visual
repellents are ineffective in the long run. Woronecki 1988, Griffiths
1988, Bomford & O?Brien 1990.

Systems that keep pigeons away by contact like spike systems are
generally more reliable. Plastic spikes are efficient and harmless.

Source: Prof. Dr. Daniel Haag-Wackernagel.

The RSPB gives the following advice.
Prevent access to food.
Use a pigeon proof feeder if feeding smaller birds.
Use netting to stop access to recesses and buildings.
Use spike strips or metal coils or convert the ledge to a slope.
Source: RSPB.

PiCAS International recommend the use of spikes.

Suppliers of spikes.

Prices are from $2.80 a foot.

Large choice of products including spikes that are available in a
choice of 7 colours.
6ft box of spikes from $27.95

Jones & Son
Pigeon spike manufacturers
Prices from £4.20 + VAT a metre>

<Search strategy:>

<pigeon deterrents>

<Hope this helps.>
Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: daniel2d-ga on 12 Apr 2006 18:11 PDT
If your neighbors consent - you can use what is called a propane
cannon.  It uses propane and sounds a cannon like blast every so
often.  The birds get tired of it and leave.  OR  get several
artificial owls position them around where the birds are.  They need
to to repositioned every so often.
Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: probonopublico-ga on 12 Apr 2006 22:31 PDT
Some dotty old women actually encourage them by feeding them.
Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: myoarin-ga on 13 Apr 2006 05:00 PDT
Some cities have tried posting plastic owls or hawks on lampposts.
Don't know how successful this was, however.

This site offers many possibilities:
Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: lifesgreat-ga on 13 Apr 2006 18:00 PDT
Hi there

I used to live in a high rise council block of flats with balconies,
and pidgeons used to nest there, making there coo-ing noise at 4am.

The council put lime (chalky powder from the ground) down on the
balcony, this burns the soles of their feet and will move them on to
somewhere else, this is ok as long as pets and children are not likely
to come in contact with it.

Hope this helps

Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: stanmartin1952-ga on 15 Apr 2006 13:01 PDT
I clicked on one of the Google ads at the top of the page and, with a
little digging around, found this gadget that broadcasts pigeon
distress calls:
Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: omnivorous-ga on 16 Apr 2006 10:10 PDT
Jim1946 --

Stan Martin's suggestion is a good one.  Though I couldn't find a
reference on the web, when you do a tour of Seattle's Safeco Field,
they point out that they keep seagulls and other scavengers out by
playing an audio tape of hawks and other raptors.

Best regards,

Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: kingpinchy-ga on 20 Apr 2006 09:19 PDT
if you feed pidgeons enough rice or corn they will explode as it will
block up their digestive system meaning air can't get out. A more
enjoyable method of pest control
Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: probonopublico-ga on 20 Apr 2006 10:27 PDT
Hi kingpinchy-ga

Exploding pigeons, huh?

Well recently there was a similar suggestion regarding seagulls. See
Question ID: 718537

Evidently it's just an Urban Myth!

Subject: Re: How do oyu get rid of Pigeons
From: santo2006-ga on 05 May 2006 21:47 PDT
Hi,you can use a dog to scare the pigeons.

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